Cuckolding My Son Ch. 02

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It was time for phase 2 of my punishment for my son. I went out the next day, dressed as slutty as possible; I squeezed into the tightest pair of jean shorts I owned. My thong was peeking out of the top and my ass was hanging out of the bottom. It was time to find the perfect cock. I had never been attracted to black men nor had I ever been with one but I had always heard the rumor that they had the biggest cocks. I had always been curious myself so I figured why not? The first black cock I came across, I grabbed him by the hand. “How big is your cock sir?”

“What the fuck?” the black man responded.

“I need a big black cock. My husband has been dead for 20 years and I haven’t been fucked since.. Can you help me?” He took my hand and placed it on his crotch. His cock was soft but still, it had to be at least six inches. It was perfect. I took him back to my house, his name was Tyrone. I got so nervous, it was like losing my virginity all over again.

My son wasn’t going to be home for a few hours so I figured I’d get warmed up first. I dropped to my knees and began unbuckling his shorts. His cock began to get erect in his boxers and I started to rub it with my hands. I kept eye contact with him the entire time before finally getting the courage to ask, “Please sir, may I see that big black cock? You know I’ve never had black cock before…” I continued pulling his boxers down, the head of his cock was caught on the waistband so I gave one big pull. It exploded out and bounced up and down right in front of my face; it was fully erect. “Holy fuck; It’s huge” I gasped. He could tell that I was a bit in shock. I grabbed it with one hand and moved to the base of it, taking it in, in all its glory. From the base I began licking all the way back down the shaft and to the head and proceeded to lick back down the shaft to the base. By the time I made it back to the head, I stroked it once and precum shot from the tip. I quickly opened my mouth and let it drip onto my tongue. He was so sweet.

From there, instinct took over. I stood up and shoved him back onto my bed, he fell back and I jumped on top of him. I placed his hand on my ass and began sucking his thick cock. I closed my eyes and began thinking about my son’s thick cock.. The entire time I sucked his cock, I couldn’t stop thinking about my son’s cock. My panties were soaked. Maybe this wasn’t going to work. I needed more cock, just to be sure. Just to get the thought of my son’s cock out of my head. “Do you have any friends you could call? I think I need more cock, sir.”

Of course he had a friend he could call. He called his friend Shane and when he arrived, we met him in the kitchen. I was still fully dressed and Tyrone was still standing there with his hard cock in hand. Shane grabbed me by the hair and began kissing my neck, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close. He lifted my shirt above my breasts and pulled my bra down under them, exposing my tits. He spun me around and bent me over the counter top. He pushed down on my back, holding me in place and continued to kiss my neck and down my back. Tyrone had slid my skirt above my ass, around my waist and was slowly pulling my thong down, exposing my ass. I couldn’t believe myself, I had two black cocks standing in my kitchen, frothing at the mouth to fuck me. Was this really what I wanted or was it what I needed to do? First I wanted to fuck my son and now this? What kind of sexual deviant am I turning into?

They forced me down to my knees, my breasts and ass exposed. They shoved their cocks down my throat one at a time taking turns, switching back and forth fucking my face. Tears began to run down my face; it was almost time for my son to be home. Part 2 was about to begin. Shane pulled me up and began pushing his casino siteleri big black cock between my ass cheeks, pressing into my vagina. “Wait! Not so fast, you can’t fuck me yet. My son will be home soon.” I told him. “Go into my room until I’m ready for you.. I have a surprise for my son.” I was going to make my son watch his mother get destroyed by two of the biggest blackest cocks he’d ever seen.

I removed what little clothes were left on my body. All I had now were my white thong, stockings, and garter belt. I laid back on the couch with my legs spread wide open, my pussy pushed forward, dripping juices down to my asshole. I pulled my thong to the side and slowly began moving my fingers in a circular motion around my clit. Matthew comes in the front door, right on time again. “Shit! Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were-”

Except this time I didn’t yell at him or act shocked. Our eyes locked and he closed the door behind him. I kept rubbing my soaking wet cunt. There he was, my own son watching my play with my pussy. His cock began to grow in his shorts; I was going to cum, I had to stop touching myself. I sat up straight at the edge of the couch and slowly rubbed one hand across my tits and up to my neck. I kept one hand on my cunt and gave my son a look of seduction. “it’s okay baby, this is what you wanted isn’t it? All that spying, I’m sure you wanted to watch mommy fuck herself at least once, didn’t you?” My hand moved down from my neck across my tits and down to my pussy. I slowly got off the couch and onto my hands and knees. I crawled over to my son slowly, biting my lip. “You want to fuck mommy and treat her like the whore you’ve been fantasizing about, don’t you?” Matthew’s eyes were wide, he had no idea what was about to happen.

“Well today’s your lucky day baby..” On my knees, I slide one hand up his leg while rubbing my clit with the other hand. “Mommy’s about to give you the absolute best..” My hand is on his waist band, my fingers inside his shorts. “Show of your fucking life. Sit down.”

I shoved him back onto the couch. He was confused as I was horny. “Now” I yelled. One of my black cock slaves walked into the room without even looking at my son, grabbed me by the hair, opened my mouth wide, and began fucking his cock with my throat. I locked eyes with him, my back arched and ass sticking out right in front of my son’s face. Slobber and spit started pouring out of my mouth and onto the black cock; I didn’t think he was ever going to stop. Finally he let me up and I gasped for air, spitting all over his cock, I yelled “FUCK!” Tears started rolling down my face again and he shoved my head back down onto his cock.

“Seriously mom, what the fuck is this?” Matthew asked.

The second nigger cock walked into the room. My son was blown away. “Are you kidding me? You’re going to fuck two niggers in our own house? In front of your own son?” Matthew asked again. I looked him in the eyes and turned my head towards the black cock, never breaking eye contact with my son. I opened my mouth wide and grabbed Tyrone by the leg, pulling him closer and closer until his cock was on the tip of my tongue. Without flinching, I stared my son in the eyes and swallowed his cock as far as I could, about half way before I started gagging on it.

Tyrone grabbed me by the hair again and pushed my face towards my son’s. He got down with me as we both started Matthew down. “I’m sick?” I asked. “Says the boy spying on his mom in the shower, jerking off with my thongs, and fantasizing about fucking me. Now you’re going to have to sit there and watch these two black cocks fuck me the way you wish you could.”

I stood up, black cock in hand and began making out with Tyrone. I stopped for a brief second and said “Now get slot oyna over here and take mommy’s thong off.” and continued kissing Tyrone. Matthew slid off the couch onto his knees and timidly grabbed my ass with both hands, softly spreading it. “Go ahead. Take it off. Enjoy the view.” He ran his hands over my ass to the top of my thong and began slowly pulling it down, pushing his face and nose as close to my ass and pussy as I’d allow him. “Okay, that’s enough. Back to your seat.” I directed him. “Mommy has been dying to fill her holes with black cock.”

“I’m sorry, you two don’t mind if my son watches do you?” I asked.

“Nah, we don’t give a fuck.” The black men answered.

“Good.. Now fill this little white cunt like you own it.” I demanded.

I placed one knee on the couch and extended the other leg to the floor, bent over I took one of the black cocks in my hand and looked back towards the other. I signaled for the other to come closer with one finger in a “come hither” motion and a smile on my face that I couldn’t hide. Before I could even finish my next sentence, Shane was on his knees diving face first into my pussy and ass with his tongue. I let out a sigh of relief, I hadn’t felt this in almost 20 years. The force of his face in my ass, shoved me forward and Tyrone grabbed my head shoving it into his cock, right down my throat. By the time Shane was done with my ass, there was so much pussy juice and spit dripping from my vagina, down my legs. He placed both of his large hands around my slim white waist, grasped as hard as he could, and pulled me back. Just like that his round black cock was buried deep inside my cunt. My lips were wrapped tightly around Tyrone’s cock, sucking it like it was the last cock I’d ever suck, while Shane continued to fuck me roughly from behind. With every stroke my mouth was forced wider and deeper onto Tyrone’s cock.

Tyrone reached over my head and slapped my ass as it was pushed and spread up against Shane’s cock. I screamed in ecstasy.

“God damn white boy. I don’t know what you did to piss your mom off but thanks. Ya moms is a freak with a tight ass pussy.” Shane told my son.

Shane removed his cock and turned me to the side, he got down on his knees again and spread my ass wide exposing my asshole and my cunt. He looked to my son and said “Get a good fuckin look at that shit, son. I bet you wish you could taste that, hell I bet you even wish you could touch it. Too bad that’s ya moms.” Shane patronizingly said to my son, just before spitting into my ass.

I laid on the couch, with my head in Matthew’s lap, I threw my legs up and made him hold one back for me. Tyrone mounted me and began pounding away, Shane kneeled on the couch beside Matthew and I while I took his cock in my hand. I think it’s safe to say, Matthew was embarrassed.

But no matter how hard they fucked me, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted Matthew’s cock inside me.

Tyrone grabbed me by the throat and pulled me to my feet, he spit in my face, slapped me and then turned me around to where my head was being pushed into Matthew’s lap. I could feel his hard cock on my cheek. Tyrone began spitting, licking, and tonguing my asshole. He slipped a finger in and said “You know what I’m bout to do boy? I’mma stretch your moms asshole with my big black cock.” Tyrone was going to fuck my ass.

Shane was laying at the other end of the couch, stroking his cock. Tyrone wrapped one of his arms around my waist and lifted me into the air, placing me on Shane’s cock. I felt the girth of his cock stretch out my cunt. He shoved me all the way down to the base, taking his entire cock and began to spread my ass as wide as he could with both hands. I knew what was coming, I just didn’t know if I could canlı casino siteleri handle it.

I felt the tip of Tyrone’s cock begin to penetrate my ass, “Beg for that shit, you fucking black cock whore.” Tyrone demanded. I looked over my shoulder to Matthew and begged “Please daddy, put that big fucking black cock in my tiny white ass.” I’ve never been more turned on in my life, for the first time both of my holes were filled at once. I glanced over at Matthew once more and to top it all off, his cock was out and he was stroking it! My own son, watching his mother get both of her holes filled with nigger dick and he was masturbating to it.

The sight of Matthew stroking it was too much, I can’t even explain what I did next or why. “Are you happy now son? Your mother is a whore, just how you wanted her.” I smiled. “Why don’t you come over here for a minute, Matty.” His face went pale and he stopped stroking his cock. He slowly walked over to us, “Tyrone, would you mind taking your cock out of my ass for just a minute?” Tyrone obliged and took a few steps back. “Matthew, I want you to get on your knees now.” My son did not hesitate to follow my orders. I looked Shane in the eyes and pressed my forehead against his, “Spread my ass as wide as you possibly can.”

With my ass and asshole spread wide open, without looking at my son I instructed him to place his face in my ass. “Look at mommy’s asshole, you want to taste it don’t you?” I asked. “Go ahead. Stick your tongue out and put it in your mother’s asshole.” And of course, without hesitation.. The nasty little fucker did it!! With a black cock engorging my pussy and my son’s tongue deep in my ass, I came harder than I ever have in my entire life.

I came so hard, that Shane couldn’t help but let his big fat black cock explode, deeply into my pussy. Without removing the cock from my cunt, I spun around so that I was now reverse cowgirl on Shane’s cock, with my pussy staring Matthew right in the face. Tyrone was dying to cum himself but I wasn’t quite done with my son. Slowly I arched my hips forward, letting my son see the length of the black cock slide out of my wet cunt. A bit of his cum dribbled out onto the tip of his cock and slowly slid down to his balls, “Don’t worry, honey. Mommy will take care of that.. But I do need one favor from you. I need you to eat Mommy’s pussy and clean it up real nice for her, can you do that for me baby.”

My son looked up from his knees, making eye contact. He was hesitant. Slowly I ran my fingers through his hair, “It’s okay baby. This is what mommy wants.” I balled my fist, grabbing a full hand of his hair and pulled him towards my cunt. He resisted but as soon as he caught a whiff of my pussy, his jaw dropped and his tongue flew out. He went wild on my pussy, like a dog lapping up water. Tasting my pussy and Shane’s cum, he didn’t care. “You’re such a good boy, Matthew. That’s perfect, don’t stop. Mommy is gonna cum again.”

I stood, my legs trembling and I took a squat in the middle of the living room. “Get over here, Tyrone.” I said. “I want all that nigger cum on my fucking face.” Tyrone didn’t take kindly to being called a nigger but I loved it. He grabbed me by the throat again, took one hand and opened my mouth wide and started fucking my face. He spit in my face and slapped me real hard, my ears rang. The room was spinning, I went down to my knees. He took his cock out and yelled at me to stroke it. I followed his every word. I stroked his cock hard and fast until he started spraying a huge load of cum into my mouth, onto my face, into my eye, and all over my lips. I was a mess. I collapsed into a heap on the floor, my knees pressed i into my chest. I was in the fetal position, I was exhausted. I had just had my holes ravaged by two large black cocks and my son witnessed the entire thing. With all the strength I could muster up, I looked at Matthew and said

“I hope you learned your lesson, baby. Mommy would hate to have to do this to you again..” Or would she?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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