Cousins Explore Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Story is a combination of real life experiences and writing liberty. All the characters are above 18. Comments and feedback are always welcome. Kindly reach me through my profile.

After my cousin Ravi fucked my ass and I fucked his sister Kanchan, it was time to assemble all of them on one bed.


My cousin Ravi was unsure about how to react when I offered him the deal of fucking his own sister Kanchan, if he can wanted. Kanchan was hot as hell and Ravi sure had his eyes on her like every other brother. He did want to fuck his sister but getting an offer from his cousin was something to digest first.

“So, how will you manage it Viren?” He asked. It wasn’t a no, nor it was an angry reaction. The bastard wanted his sister.

“That’s my job. Just be sure that you want to fuck your sister and I will arrange everything,” I asked him again.

“Yes,” he was more sure this time.

“Great. It’s too early in the morning. Allow me some time to make the arrangements,” I got out of the bed. We were still naked from the night when Ravi mercilessly fucked my tight asshole. Everyone in the house would be asleep. I began to walk towards the door naked.

“Where are you going naked Viren, don’t you want to put something on?”

“I don’t think I want to give your little sister the hardship of undressing me again,” I winked at me. I crossed the door and shut it behind me.

Kanchan was still asleep in her bed. I climbed her bed silently and hugged her from behind, pressing my already hard cock in her ass crack.

“Someone will come Viren, what are you doing?” she said half asleep.

“How could you tell it was me baby?” I kissed her neck.

“Who other than you want to fuck me in this house? And ‘baby’?? Why that much love?” she laughed.

“Don’t underestimate your sexy body Kanchan. You make other dicks hard as well. It’s not just me in the family. You just don’t know it.”

“What are you saying? Who else?”

“Tell me first, once we talked about group sex, do you still want it?”

“You want me to fuck some other cousin of mine along with you?” she turned around and faced me. I pressed my cock on her pussy. She closed her eyes and bit her lips. She was always ready.

“No other cousin?” I grinned.

She opened her eyes and asked me silently. I smiled. Her eyes had a puzzled look. I frowned.

“Your big brother,” I whispered in her ear.

“Ravi!!!! He is a caring brother. Perhaps his care for me wanted a reward from me,” she was lost in thoughts.

“So? What do you say?” I kissed her lips softly.

“I don’t know? When? Where?” she was mumbling her words.

“Come to his room in 5 minutes. It will be a morning to remember,” I kissed her passionately and left her room.

“How did it go?” Ravi was nervous as I re-entered the room.

“It’s your lucky day brother. Your sister is coming in next 5 minutes and she is ready.”

I climbed the bed next to him. His cock was standing straight pointing towards the ceiling so was mine. He was so aroused that he would fuck his mother at that moment.

“I am very nervous and excited. I need to relax,” he grabbed my neck and pulled my face to his cock.

“You should wait for the fresh pair of lips brother,” I said as my lips touched his cock.

“You will always be my favourite bitch baby. Just make me ready for Kanchan.”

I began to kiss and suck his cock softly, taking his shaft in my mouth and making it wet with my saliva. It was so exciting for both of us. Kanchan was a beautiful young girl and she was very open for things in bed. It was going to be a joy ride.

“Did you enjoy that baby?” He said to me. I was always a bit unnerved when Ravi spoke like that to me. He was much more straight than I was. But somehow in this strange situation I didn’t mind it. Thinking of us being so dirty in the same bed where he will sleep illegal bahis with his sister in next 5 minutes was a turn on.

There was little I could do when Ravi climbed onto me and straddled my chest. His hard, glistening cock was in my face. It touched my chin and rose up as it twitched. He looked down at me with his usual mischievous eyes. I hesitated at first but then took the tip in my mouth. As I started sucking, he cooed and grinded onto my chest. My cock started to come back to life.

Ravi grew rougher and more wanton. He pushed his cock down my throat, making me gag, fucking my mouth harder. His cooing turned into harder moans. Just when I felt I couldn’t breathe, he pulled it out and came all over my face. I was surprised by how much cum he had left after the previous night.

When he rolled off, Kanchan came into the room. Her shirt was back on and her hair tied into a ponytail. He had a cup of coffee in her hand.

“I heard you boys stirring. You look like you had some fun without me,” she giggled. “Mmm and Viren, your face looks so yummy!” She said before coming next to me and cleaning up her brother’s cum. Ravi turned white with fear. He felt as if he was caught in gay action with his cousin by his sister.

It felt so dirty to be covered in the remnants of his cum and her saliva. But it was good dirty. Kanchan glanced at Ravi and he was looking away. She then looked at his still hard cock. Fucker had a great cock. And she smiled at me.

“You were right Viren, my brother has a big cock,” She then sat down next to me on the bed and held my morning erection in her soft hand while sipping her coffee.

“So you fancy your sister, big brother?” she asked Ravi who was still reluctant in making eye contact with her, “don’t use your words, your cock it letting out your secret. Don’t worry you will be fine once you see your sister naked.”

Kanchan turned her back to us and slipped off the shirt. All she had on under was a tiny, pink panty. When she turned around Ravi finally got to see the chest he had been coveting since I told him about her. Her breasts did not disappoint Ravi. They jiggled slightly as she moved. Her delicate, hard nipples matched her thong in color. I could already see that her pussy had been freshly waxed.

I looked her up and down in awe. She smiled with confidently.

“Fuck yes!” I heard Ravi exclaim, “you are perfect, sister.”

“Told you, you will like it when you see it,” She laughed and moved closer to us then sat sideways on my left thigh, facing her brother who was next to me. I put my hand on her soft back and gently rubbed up and down. She oozed sensuality.

With both hands, she held her brother’s face and kissed up deeply. I put my hands on her hips to hold her straight and enjoyed the show. Ravi got so into it he stood up with her, pushed her up against the wall and continued to kiss her as if I wasn’t even there which left me unsure about how to react. My cock, however, was much more certain than me. He was bursting out of my pants. I was tempted to unzip and really enjoy the view but didn’t want to rush the party. Before long, though, the decision was made for me.

Kanchan broke away from Ravi and pulled me up. She kissed my lips, cheek, chin and moved to my neck. Gently sucking and biting. Her hand searched up my shirt and started caressing my chest. She pressed in closer to me and allowed my erection to push up against her tummy. She then reached for my belt, unbuckled and unzipped me before yanking my pants and boxers off. I stepped out of them remaining naked from the bottom half.

Kanchan continued the sensual kissing on my cock. I was surprised at how fast everything was moving but wasn’t going to complain. I felt Kanchan’s tongue on my balls. She held my cock in her hand and swirled circles around my balls. The sensation drove my crazy. It was so hot see her angelic illegal bahis siteleri face at my crotch, balls in her mouth and cock in her hand. The sensation of her hand delicately massaging my cock caused some pre-cum to leak out.

I almost forgot Ravi was there until he walked up to us, and kneeled down next to his sister. He kissed her passionately, inches away from my hard cock. Kanchan broke the kiss with a chuckle and went back to her licking. Ravi took the cue and wasted no time in putting his mouth on my cock.

I wasn’t sure how to react. It was the first time a Ravi’s mouth was on my cock. I gave in and just enjoyed it. His sucking was intense which mixed nicely with her more delicate licks. She eventually switched to gently suckling my balls, one at a time. They were both moaning and the vibration drove me crazy.

Just when I felt I would cum in both of their faces, they broke it off and stood up. Kanchan pushed me onto the bed to lie on my back. She then lay down on top of me, her back against my front. As I put my arms around her to hold her, and sucked her neck, Ravi took her panties off.

He then leaned down to lick up and down her pussy. Because of Kanchan’s position on top of me, my cock was blocking her pussy. As such, with every lick, he was also licking me. My cock oozed more pre-cum.

After making her pussy dripping wet, Ravi stood up and put his hands on her hips securing her position on top of me. Thus I was able to move my hands to her chest and massage her supple tits. I felt Ravi’s cock rub against mine as he very slowly pushed it up against his sister’s opening. She moaned as he entered her. When he was fully inside, I felt his balls pressed up against mine.

As he continued to thrust into her, I enjoyed both the sensation of his cock rubbing up against mine as well as her soft warm body pressed up against me. With the gradual increase in intensity, I pinched her nipples harder and harder. Ravi started to grind his pelvic bone against her clit which felt great for my cock which was in the middle. All three of us began to moan.

To my surprise, Kanchan was the first to cum. I was relieved because it would have been embarrassing to be the first to cum and then be stuck there with a useless, soft cock. As she shuddered to an orgasm, I felt her body warm up and become tender with a few beads of sweat. Her scent made me want to kiss her all over. I could smell her pussy as well, I wanted to taste it so badly.

While I was lying there thinking all this, I heard Ravi grunt as he filled his sister’s pussy. He did a final deep thrust before withdrawing his wet, soft cock which left some sticky semen on my own, still-hard dick.

Ravi moved toward the side of the bed and lay down next to us, catching his breath. I held onto Kanchan and enjoyed the feel of her. As her orgasm subsided, she reached a hand down to my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to taste her pussy.

I shifted positions and she rolled off of me. I then climbed off the bed and moved to between her legs. She opened wide for me. When I put my face against her pussy, she wrapped those toned legs around my head and held me tight. I enjoyed the taste of her pussy mixed with her brother’s cum. It was not the first time I was tasting another man’s cum. The fact that it made her pussy so wet was probably the biggest turn on for me. I had never felt a pussy so sloppy before. She was pretty well-stretched after Ravi’s thick cock.

I stuck two fingers in to stimulate her G-spot as I continued to lick her clit. Her moans grew louder so I maintained the pace. It felt like forever and my hand was killing me, but she finally began to buck and shuddered her way to a second orgasm. I again enjoyed the taste of her pussy and in the process probably ate all of Ravi’s cum.

With my own cock still rock hard, I climbed onto Kanchan, straddling canlı bahis siteleri her midsection. I put my cock onto her chest and squeezed her tits against it on either side. I heard Ravi moan as he watched the view. While I tit fucked her, Kanchan tilted her head so the tip would go into her mouth. She sucked as I moved back and forth, pressing those tits together as hard as I could.

When I finally came, I collapsed onto the bed, on the opposite side of Kanchan. I heard her swallow my cum which almost gave me a second erection instantly.

By this time, however, Ravi was ready again. I was impressed. His sister saw his hard cock and climbed onto him hungrily. I never thought she’d be someone with such a strong sexual appetite.

I slid myself next to Kanchan on the bed, her eyes were closed in pleasure, and when she opened them, she was surprised to see my own erect cock inches from her mouth. She took me in and worked me over with her lips and tongue. She felt incredible. Usually, Kanchan liked to use her hands while sucking my dick but she was in a position that her hands were unavailable, and she had to rely solely on the skills of just her mouth. It was different for me and so sexy at the same time.

I could hear Ravi speaking in a low, hushed tone, “You are so fucking tight sister. I can’t believe how tight your pussy is. It feels so good. You’re going to make me cum. My God you are so wet and tight.”

Neither Kanchan nor I talk too much during sex because we always did it discreet, so this was something new for her. I could tell she wasn’t sure if Ravu was looking for a reply or just talking to no one in particular. He was too engrossed in the pleasure of fucking his own sister.

I could see Kanchan’s legs wrapped up and around Ravi’s back, she was thrusting her body up and into him, timing herself flawlessly with his pushes back into her. She was looking for maximum penetration and looked like she was getting it.

She stopped sucking my dick, there was just too much going on, and she couldn’t concentrate on two cocks at the same time. If was her first time with two cocks and even worse her first time with her brother.

Ravi’s breathing became a little more frantic, he almost sounded as if he was panicking. His thrusting pace accelerated he was grunting, then I heard him almost yell, “I’m going to cum.”

That’s when I understood why he was panicking, he had no idea where he was supposed to dispel his load, we had never gone over the ground rules for his finish. Was it acceptable for him to shoot his cum inside his sister or was that breaking some rules? The safe play would have been for him to pull out and finish on her stomach, but Kanchan was not going to allow that to happen. She pulled him deeper into her with her legs tight on his back. I think I even saw him try to pull away, but her grip was just too tight. He moaned and grunted and twitched and convulsed and spoke in some language I had never heard before. It was evident he just released himself all inside his sister’s wet and willing pussy. The push of seminal fluid inside her set Kanchan on another orgasm path, and she used the intense physical pleasure to pull her hand free and began wildly stroking my own cock while her other hand rubbed her clit taking her over the top of yet another orgasm. Ravi’s spent dick still inside his sister now serving as a prop to heighten her third orgasm.

I was so close to finishing before she took hold of me that it only took a few quick strokes of her hand before I released my own load all over her beautiful face. One or two of the late discharges even reaching her young tits.

My head was still floating in this haze of physical and emotional erotica, and I looked over at Kanchan, her face was radiant, she was glowing. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips and told her, “That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Me and your brother love you so much.”

She looked right back into my eyes and whispered, “I love you too. But I want to remain yours forever. Ravi is just a one time because you wanted it this way. He fucked me great but my pussy belongs to you Viren.”


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