Courtesy Fuck: Jack’s Turn

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After the other night with his wife I wasn’t sure whether I expected Jack to show up at the bar or not. But there he was, just like he was every Thursday after the closing bell on Wall Street. And there I was too. Sitting at the bar, in my usual spot, nursing my drink and saving him a seat next to me.

He sat down just as he always did.

“Marc,” he asked with mock bravado patting me on the back, “How’s it going man?”

“Fine,” I said, grinning, “Now that you’re here I have someone to talk to.”

He looked at me and smiled back, and then turned to order a beer.

Once the bartender had set a bottle down on the counter, Jack turned back to me again. He had that stupid grin, the one that I found so attractive. I stared at his face carefully. He took a swig of his newly arrived beer.

Here we were, just a couple of guys.

“How’s Debbie?” I asked casually.

“Still recovering,” he replied, his smile disappearing.

His face took on a very serious countenance as he began to stumble over his words, trying to get his feelings out.

“Man, I appreciate what you did,” he said, struggling to get out the words, “…it was…I…I really enjoyed it.”

I went back to my Scotch for a minute. Took a sip of the liquid, and let it evaporate on my tongue, filling my throat with its warmth.

“Jack,” I started, “Getting to fuck your wife was a reward in itself. She’s a fine looking woman. More than fine actually. She’s quality. Any able man would have been honored for the opportunity to fuck her.”

“You think I don’t know that?” he said, for the first time with a hint of tension in his voice.

“No offense intended, man,” I told him, not wanting to upset him.

“I know that,” he muttered.

“So what is it then, Jack?” I asked him, “What’s the matter? Every Thursday you come here, sit next to me and shoot the shit. Then out of the blue one day you ask me to fuck your wife. And before you say anything Jack, I’ve fucked other men’s wives before. I’ve watched them fuck their wives and they’ve watched me do it. A lot of the times we do it together. It’s fucking hot man. But there’s something different about you Jack.”

There was a very pregnant pause as he composed himself.

“Why did you kiss me that night, Marc?” he asked, in that vulnerable tone he’d used the other evening.

“You looked like you needed it I guess.”

He turned his attention back to his beer to think.

“I did need it,” he said finally, not caring who overheard him, “I do need it. Would you do it again?”

“Jack,” I said suddenly, not sure why, “I’m not queer.”

“Neither am I,” he replied, “Or at least I’d don’t think so. But don’t give me a load of crap. Straight men don’t kiss other men like that. Fuck, straight men don’t kiss other men period.”

I looked at him carefully.

“Plus,” he added, “Straight guys don’t look at me the way you look at me.”

I raised my eyebrow slightly, inquisitively, encouraging him to go on.

“I like it Marc. It makes me feel…different. Good.”

I looked deep into his eyes and I said, “Jack, I want to fuck you too.”

There it was said, done. The whole business was out in the open now.

“But I thought you weren’t queer?” he said, with a bit of a grin now.

“I’m not queer,” I said, breaking eye contact with him for a minute, “I’m not some closeted homosexual. But that doesn’t mean I don’t find you attractive.”

“So you’re bi then?” he asked, in a tone that I assumed was meant to be rhetorical.

I answered the question anyway, in my own vague fashion, “It happens, but very rarely. I haven’t felt like this in a long time.”

We both paused to think about that, taking a sip of our drinks.

“So…” I said finally.

“So…” came his response.

It seemed obvious he didn’t know how to make the first move. I didn’t either really.

“So,” I started in again, pressing my point, “What do you want to do about it?”

“Debbie has a class on Thursday nights,” he said, “That’s why I started coming here.”

I paused again to wet my mouth with another drink from my glass.

“Let’s go to my place then,” I said.

I didn’t wait for an answer. I got up and left him sitting there. Behind me I could hear Jack get up and follow. I didn’t look back, but I sensed that he was in step behind me as he followed me through the bar and out to my car like a trained dog. He opened the car door and took his place in the leather seat of the passenger side, glancing at me once or twice on the drive home, but saying nothing.

We arrived at my place, as I parked the car and we headed upstairs to the sanctuary of my apartment.

Our silence continued as we walked up the steps to my door, the only sound in the stillness of the hallway was my keys as I turned them in the lock. The door opened and I strode into my bachelor pad. My place did not have a feminine touch, but my interior designer had managed to capture a sort of simple, luxurious elegance that was much to my satisfaction.

“Just casino oyna throw your stuff anywhere man,” I said nonchalantly.

He’d come in after me and shut the door behind him. In taking my own advice I took off my suit jacket and pulled off my silk tie. Jack was similarly clad, having just come off work at the brokerage firm not too long before making his appearance at the bar.

“Do you want a drink, Jack?” I asked him.

“I think I’d better,” he told me.

“Whiskey? Vodka? Beer?” I asked him, indicating my liquor cabinet, “What’s your pleasure, I’m fully stocked.”

“Uh, beer’s fine,” he said.

“Beer’s in the fridge behind you,” I said, “Help yourself.”

He turned around to the kitchen area where I’d indicated and took a beer out of the fridge. My apartment was a loft like space and the dining room, living room and kitchen where really all one big open area with very little to differentiate them.

I poured myself a Scotch, and I realized watching Jack taking in his surrounding that I was really packing at that point.

I gazed at him standing there, beer in hand. I thought to myself that there were moments, they were rare, but there were moments, when I would have liked to be swept off my feet. Like a VCR on fast forward the countless number of times in my life that I’d instigated sex, too numerous to mention, ran before my eyes. I breathed a sigh. Thinking of all that work, all that follow through, every time controlling the fucking. For that moment, that one moment, I thought it might be nice for someone to take me in their arms. For that someone to do to me what I usually did to others. Someone who’d just take me any way they wanted.

I would have liked it to be Jack. But it was not to be. The moment passed.

Jack stood there so shyly, waiting for me. So I didn’t disappoint him. I walked over to him and set my drink down, took his head in my hands like I’d done the other night and kissed him soundly on the lips.

I kissed him and then I was going to fuck him.

We groped like school kids trying to pull off our clothes. I ran my hands over his chest, his back. He in turn felt my six-pack, my ass, held my powerful biceps in his hands, bracing himself from my relentless tongue-lashing.

Then we both lost our minds for a little while.

As Jack’s passion built, so did his courage. As I made love to him there in the middle of my living room on my couch, he began to make love back to me. He began to strive for dominance, enjoying this moment.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I hoped and prayed that no woman would decide this was the night to pay her old fuck buddy Marc a visit.

After a few minutes, when the initial heat of our passion subsided, it was time to get down to more serious business. We were both naked at that point, every last stitch of clothing scattered around the room. With my hands I pushed Jack down onto the floor in front of me as I lay back on the leather sofa. I beckoned him closer and he knelt before me. His eyes glued to the sight of my cock.

He’d seen it before the other night as he’d watched me fuck his wife. He knew how long and thick I was.

Jack took his hands and placed them on my crotch. Then, gingerly at first, he took my hardened rod into his hand and squeezed me. I groaned in pleasure, and he continued several experimental tugs and pulls, getting a feel for my smooth meat.

His fingers played with my tool for a while, but then he began to trace his fingers along the curve of my balls as they hung low against my ass. Gently he rubbed each of them.

“Suck me off Jack,” I whispered to him, “Take it in your mouth.”

Holding my proud boner steady, he opened his mouth and began to feed on what I offered. He was salivating. His mouth and tongue wet against me. Then he began sucking lightly on my flesh, enjoying my taste and the smell of my musky scent. He took in as much of me as he could, but soon his mouth was crammed full after just the first few fat inches.

He sucked and licked my cock, making loud slurping sounds as he worked on it. I felt my firm cock grow into steel like hardness and rigidity inside his moist orifice. His jaws were forced wider and wider to accommodate my head pushed upwards, swelling to immense proportions.

Jack pulled his mouth off of my gigantic rod and gazed at it with awe and wonder. He was eager to work and he traced his tongue up and down my thick shaft. I was clearly amazed at how turned on he was blowing another guy. I was being sucked like a popsicle on a hot summer day.

“Oh, that’s right Jack,” I said to him, “You’ve waited a long time for this. That’s it, you’ve got it. Suck that big cock, Jack. Suck me good and hard.”

He groaned around my cock.

Then I groaned in ecstasy, grunting as he sucked me. Jack groaning and grunting in turn, reaching down with one hand to stroke his own tool.

“Let me fuck you now Jack,” I told to him plaintively.

Jack got up and sat on the couch. I pulled him up so that his ass was exposed to slot oyna me.

He had an athletic backside, tight and round. I slapped it once or twice before I reached in and used my tongue to probe his hole, to rim around him. He squirmed in delight experiencing a sensation he’d never felt before. His asshole spasmed around my tongue.

Jack rested his head in his hands and waited with curiosity for the sodomy to begin. I spread his muscular cheeks. His ass was so tight looking, the muscles clenched together. I really wanted him then.

My dick is so big that I often need KY even with women. I happened to have some and soon I was slick enough that I was ready. I then pressed the head of my cock against his hole. He was resisting me involuntarily and my dick just couldn’t fit at first.

After a few moments of insistent pushing I told him, “Jack I can’t get it in. It’s too tight. You need to relax your muscles.”

Jack looked like he was trying to relax, but that was no easy task. He bit his lip in pain as my fat tip slowly stretched his anus like the tip of a baseball bat was going up his ass. The rim of his ass muscle clamped down around my mushroom tip. I worried that maybe I was ripping him apart. But neither of us would be happy until he was fully impaled upon my enormous rod. His legs were braced again the couch with me stuffing a few more thick inches between them, up his ass.

“How does it feel Jack,” I asked him, one-third of the way inside.

He looked into my eyes, sweaty, “It hurts so much, but I can take it. Please keep going Marc. But go slow.”

His walls slowly began to expand around my anal probing. My enormous pole insinuating itself deeper and deeper into his bowels.

I think an odd sense of pleasure was beginning in him. After a slow eternity, I felt my massive, hairy balls rest obscenely against his flesh. The blunt head of my cock buried inside his warm moist hole. He moaned softly from the filthy pleasure of it all.

My cock was buried within him for a long time. But then I slowly began to pull out, leaving a void behind me. Then just when he was feeling the sense of emptiness from my absence I thrust the head of my mighty cock forward again. He moaned and I grunted, relishing in the feeling of filling him again and again.

Aside from the obvious, it really wasn’t any different that fucking a woman in the ass.

It became easier the longer I fucked him. My cock, now slick with my pre-cum and my saliva, slid smoothly in and out of his smooth ass, which was still expanding almost to the point of breaking. But I was so turned on from this kinky situation that I looked forward to each delicious stroke. He was soon bucking back at me I thrust into him, skewering his tight asshole on my massive pole.

“That’s how it feels to have a man inside you,” I told him.

“Ohhhhh!” he grunted, trailing on, “Oh, fuck … fuck me Marc.”

My balls really began to slap against his ass as I plowed into him.

Jack began to writhe in pleasure as his asshole tingled, spasming around my cock. Encouraged by his wild gyrations, I began to increase the tempo of my thrusts. I rammed my steely log up his bowels, causing him to squirm and moan in tormented delight.

“Fuck me, Marc! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” he called out.

I was cock-crazed. Lost up in the sex. Through half closed eyelids I saw him start to play with himself.

He groaned with unexpected pleasure when he felt my hand wrap my fingers around his throbbing boner. I pumped his raging member once, and he shot off immediately.

Then I felt myself swell even larger and as the flood was released from my balls, I knew I was about to cum.

“Oh, Christ, Jack! I’m going to cum!”

I panted and grunted and I thrust my engorged dick inside him. Convulsing as I felt the cum explode from me inside of him.

He groaned as he felt it. His ass squeezed every drop of my semen from my massive balls until finally my cock had been completely milked.

Finally my softening meat grew smaller, and more or less fell, sloshing out of his ravaged asshole. No longer plugged up with my huge instrument in his ass, it began to resume its normal shape. Rivulets of hot cum oozed out of his asshole as I sat down on the floor.

Jack lay back. His look was a cross between pain and ecstasy, his eyes glazed over. We lay there for a bit, just grinning at each other.

“Your turn Jack,” I finally said gently, smiling at him.

I got on my knees and looked at his cock. I brought my lips down around it and took him inside my mouth. He gave out a long sigh of pleasure.

This was not something I did very often, something I had in fact really done only on a handful of occasions. And I’m pretty sure, judged against the blowjobs I received from women, I was not very good at it.

I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock, and then licked all around the shaft, holding his swollen rod at its base. When I had gotten a good taste of him, I opened my mouth and sucked the head of his cock into canlı casino siteleri my mouth. His salty pre-cum tasted interesting, and I realized I’d forgotten what it tasted like. So different from the sweet taste of pussy. Whereas I wasn’t sure I liked the taste, I found that I did like sucking Jack off. The fact that it was him in particular. His thick rod went down my throat, and I took a great deal of it in before I felt my gag reflex begin at the back of my throat.

Pretty good for someone with little experience at this.

Remembering what the girls did to me, I quickly established a bobbing and sucking rhythm as I massaged his balls and the part of his shaft I didn’t have pumping into my mouth, getting all of his cock well coated with my saliva.

After several minutes of this, I pulled my head off of his cock and lay down on my back on the floor. There I lay, cock in hand, and spread my legs a little so that Jack could have a nice view of my ass. I have a pretty muscled ass, firm, toned and powerful from all those hours squatting in the gym. Jack eyed it with pleasure.

I figured this was the part he was really looking forward too.

Jack got off and crawled slowly between my legs, opening them up even further. He grabbed the base of my cock and fed it into his mouth in one smooth motion. He was not a half bad cocksucker himself, and it was exciting this feeling. He seemed to take to it more naturally than me, cause he was really able to take the first five of my nearly ten inches all the way. Then he pulled back until just my head was in his mouth. He did this several times, before I pulled him away lest I cum again too soon.

Breathlessly, I told him to swing around so we could get into a sixty-nine. He didn’t need any coaxing, but swiveled his legs around, straddled my head and lowered his hips so that his cock was even with my mouth. I reached up and grabbed his dick, brought it to my lips and sucked it into my mouth. In this position, I could get a little more of his cock into my throat and Jack rolled his hips to thrust as much of his hot cock into my mouth as I could take. At the same time, he bent his head and resumed sucking my cock, and for several long, unbelievable minutes all you could hear was the slurping sound of hard cocks going into hot, open mouths.

Our hands gripped each other’s asses as we gave ourselves over to pleasuring each other. I nearly came again when Jack pulled my ass cheeks open and began to finger my asshole.

I couldn’t believe how hot I was for this guy, now that I’d taken the plunge.

I could tell from the way he was thrusting his hips that he was getting close to the edge, and I knew how close I was again. Jack pulled himself off of me.

“Can I fuck you Marc?” he begged, panting.

I nodded my consent, and smiled at him.

Jack took some KY in his hand and rubbed it all over his dick to mix with his pre-cum and my saliva. I knelt over the sofa, with my ass in the air, prepared to give him his turn. Jack probed my ass with his fingers. I began to stroke my dick very lightly.

He didn’t wait long, I felt the head of his cock squeeze past my ass muscle, and I felt his hot, cock throbbing as it sank into my rectum. I gasped in pain at the intense feeling of having my ass violated with a live hard cock for the first time in a long time. I squeezed my eyes shut and clamped my jaw together to keep from crying out like a girl.

Jack’s dick was hot and he filled me up righteously and fucked me steadily, with almost grim determination. After a few moments, I began to adjust to having this large thing inside me.

I was steadily stroking my own cock in time with the rhythm of Jack’s cock in my ass. Jack used his hands working my ass cheeks as he gripped my hips for better leverage. I love to have my ass stroked during sex. I could feel the motion of his cock as he began to pump harder and faster back and forth in my ass, and I was keeping right up with him as I stroked my own cock. Then the pain lessened to a mild ache and it began to feel good. Pleasure through pain.

I lifted my head up and groaned at the wondrous feelings his hard, hot dick was giving me.

And this all too soon brought me to another orgasm. My balls churned and I loosened my load all over my leather sofa. Oh, well, at least it would be easier to clean than the carpet.

Jack gave a choking grunt, he pushed recklessly deeper into my ass than he’d done before. I felt the sensation of his cock swelling, and then bursting in a series of shots deep into my ass. He emptied himself completely as I bucked back against him to get every drop. For long minutes his cock spasmed and twitched as he shot oozing droplets of cum deep into my ass.

Finally, Jack wrapped his arms around my chest and slumped onto my sweaty back, his cock still embedded in my ass. I just knelt there in position, my head lolling against the back of the sofa as I soaked up the afterglow of one of the most surprising sexual experiences of my recent life. After several minutes, his cock quit twitching in my ass and he pulled it out, followed immediately by a stream of cum that dribbled out my gaping asshole and down the back of my thighs. This sensation was strangely erotic in that I felt my cock begin to revive somewhat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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