Confessions of a Wife Ch. 05

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It wasn’t the way I imagined it, though I am thinking my imagination could not have done it justice. The perfection of that night still astounds me in the clarity that it comes back to me. I remember every detail, every touch, every stroke, every caress and you. I will always remember you.

The day had been so very hot, the kind of heat where all you do is stand and not move and sweat will come rolling off of you. We had spent our time driving around in the air conditioning going from one family function to another and just keeping ourselves busy as we stayed out of the oppressive heat as much as possible. Before dinner we stopped back at the hotel room to shower and change before another bout of family interaction and as we waited for the doors to open to the elevator so we could go to our room I looked at you with the sweat on your brow and your strong muscled arms showing through the arms of your tank top and suddenly I became impatient with the elevator.

You looked at me like I lost my mind as I pressed the button as if I hadn’t already pressed it and your sarcasm hung heavy in the air as you said “Let me know if that works.” I giggled as I realize how silly I had acted and blushed as I sometimes do when I’m embarrassed as I watched the numbers count down to the main floor. Finally the doors opened and we entered and I pressed our room number and leaned against the back wall of the elevator and you stood next to me. I almost moaned aloud in frustration as two more people entered and I nodded at them as if I didn’t want to kick them off of the elevator at that precise moment so that I could kiss you and fondle you and tell you what I plan on doing with you as soon as we got to the room. My hand slipped over to yours and our fingers intertwined as my thumb slowly moved back and forth over your palm. You looked at me and smiled completely unaware of the wave of lust that had hit me just a bit ago and I smiled back at you as my foot began to tap impatiently as you made small talk with the other patrons of the hotel. In my mind we were already in the shower doing naughty things to one another.

The couple exited on their floor and the elevator seemingly crawled upwards as slow as possible and we were 5 floors away from our floor when I couldn’t resist anymore and I backed into the corner and pulled you with me, my hands reaching up behind your neck pulling you in for a kiss as I stare into your eyes, keeping my your gaze as our lips touch and our tongues caress and my eyes close as you pull me closer with your arms wrapped around me and deepen the kiss. Your hands slide to the small of my back as you hold me against you and I moan as I enjoy your contact. Too soon the chime of the elevator sounds and we pull apart smiling and we exit the small enclosed space to go to our room.

As soon as we enter the room I close the door and lock it just to make sure that we will have no interruptions. You’re a few steps ahead of me and you go to the dresser to pick out the clothes you are going to change into when I grab you from behind and push you onto the bed. You are laughing and joking, saying something about abuse as my hands go to your belt and you go silent. I’m smiling now, but I’m determined as I strip off every last piece of clothing you are wearing and I tell you to stay there and watch as I disrobe in front of you. I take my shirt off slowly over my head to show you my pink bra underneath and I throw it behind me on the floor and I turn around and bend over as I slide my shorts down over my butt showing you my pink lacy thong that matches my bra and I hear your gasp and I look back at you as you are about to bakırköy üniversiteli escort get up and I shake my head at you. “Don’t move, honey, or no fun.”

You lay back down and I face you again as I undo the front clasp on my bra and lean forward and shake a bit so the cups spring open and you can see the movement of my breasts now unencumbered. With the bra off and the thong still on I walk over to you lying so perfectly still on the bed and I grab your hands and pull you off of the bed and I lead you toward the bathroom and you follow with no resistance. I tell you to wait as I will be giving you your shower today and I bend over the tub to turn the water on as hot as I know that you like it. I smile as I feel your hands on my back knowing that you have shown such restraint so far and as I start the shower I ask you if you would take my thongs off for me. You comply gladly and pull the sides of my thong down so very slowly as I stand up and you pull them down my legs and take them off my completely and turn me around so I face you and we kiss.

This kiss consumed us with fire and passion as you pulled my naked body to yours and my hands moved down over your body to your gorgeous ass and I pinched it playfully as I pulled away. “Time for your shower you silly man” I said as I motioned for you to step inside the tub and I quickly followed. I gasped in shock as the hot stream of water hit my naked body till I got used to it and put my focus on you, and you watched me as grabbed the rag and the soap and lathered it up to clean you thoroughly. You’re hands couldn’t stay away from me and as I washed your neck and your chest I moved in close to rub myself against your body, to taunt you as the soap covered your body and was transferred to mine. Before I washed your front completely I had you turn around so I could wash and massage your back, I wanted to get you relaxed and I know that this would do the trick. You let out a little sigh of relief as I slowly got rid of your tension and the aches that the heat had caused and leaned your head back with your eyes closed.

You look so amazing at this moment, so trusting of me and letting me do whatever I want to you. I smile wickedly as I have you turn around and I kneel in front of you with the rag still in my hands and I see how very hard you still are. Softly, so gently I wash you and stroke you up and down, cleaning you so thoroughly, but don’t give you a release. I take the handheld shower massager that thankfully the hotel had thought to install and rinse you off completely. You just stand there; letting me move you any which way I want to as I act as your own little shower slave. When you are completely clean I reach for the soap so I can wash also and you take it from me as you push me to stand under the showerhead and I await your ministrations. You move me to the back of the shower and kneel in front of me and I start giggling as you first wash one foot and then the next. You know how ticklish I am and you are so taking advantage and finally you move up higher washing my legs and moving ever so close to my aching puss. To where I so want you to touch and you graze over it with the soapy cloth, just lightly touching it, teasing me. I bite my lip trying not to make a sound of frustration as you move up washing my hips and stomach and you stand as you make me turn around so you can wash my back leaving my breasts untouched also.

You give me a massage the same as I gave you and as you move up to my neck I practically purr as the cloth seems to roughly drag across it and I lean back toward you wanting you bakırköy bdsm escort to touch me everywhere. Your hands come around and you drop the wet cloth and your hands start at my ribs and move upwards so very slowly to my aching breasts sliding up over them, getting them all soapy and my back curves thrusting them into your hands even more as my arms go back and wrap around your neck. My nipples are so very sensitive and without too much trying since I am already so horny your fingers go to my nipples and rub them and I’m cumming as I stand wrapped in your arms in the hot, steamy shower. My moan was long and low as I tried to stay quiet as you gently pinched my right nipple making me melt against you as your left hand travels down to where you just skimmed over before. My breathing becomes shallow as you circle your fingers around the outer lips, just teasing me and then your fingers slip inside and find my clit and I gasp as circle it and I know it won’t be long till I cum all over your hand.

Just when I’m there and my moans are getting louder and higher pitched you stop and I growl at you to continue, but you ignore me as you grab the shower massager and proceed to rinse me off. As you rinse off my neck and my back you place kisses so gently on the back of my neck and then you suck just a little bit and my knees go weak. Your hand wraps around me as you pull me closer to you and I feel your cock against my back and I gasp as you rinse off the front of me paying extra attention to my nipples and again I almost cum, but you stop and move down lower and I know what you are going to do next and I’m moaning before you’re even there. You make me spread my legs as you hold me in place and the massager rinse the soap off of me that you had applied before, but you leave it there, letting it relentlessly pound at my clit till I’m almost there and I know you know I’m about to have my release because of how loud I have gotten. You don’t move, only hold me still so I can’t and I feel it welling up deep inside of me till it feels as though I’m going to explode and the first wave hits me and I sag against you and you still hold the massager at my clit prolonging the pleasure as wave after wave hits me and finally it ends and you let the shower head fall as you hold me up. My eyes are closed and I don’t want to open them as you shut the water off and you help me out of the shower and dry me off.

I open my eyes and look at you as I come out of my euphoric state and I grab your towel and finish drying you off, pausing to kiss and lick you on your neck and back and then around to your chest as I move down to my knees in front of you and can’t resist taking you in my mouth. I love hearing you gasp and moan my name as my tongue swirls and circles around your cock, getting you so close to a release. I stop and you moan, but that’s not where I want you to cum tonight. I do so love the taste of your cum, but I want to try something new tonight, tonight you’re going to get something you’ve been wanting for awhile. I leave you in the bathroom and I go to the suitcase where I had packed the one thing we would need for tonight and I got it out and set it by the bed on the nightstand. Smiling to myself as I bent naked over the bed and face the bathroom waiting for you to come out so I could tell you what I had decided.

You walked out into the room completely naked and so hard and I felt a burst of nervousness as you looked at me odd.

“What are you doing?” You ask me as you stand there so cute.

I smile back at you and I say “well, I was thinking if you wanted to, then maybe we bakırköy elit escort could try anal since you’ve been asking about it for awhile.”

“Oh, are you sure?” You ask as a look of delight crosses you face. You know the reason we haven’t tried before is because I was nervous about it hurting, but you did so want to try it just once.

“Oh, I’m sure, Honey.” I said as I grabbed the bottle of lotion that I had taken out just a bit earlier and handed it to you as you walked toward me. “You just need to make sure I’m completely relaxed, though I’m pretty much am, I’m just a bit nervous about this.”

You nod as you took the bottle of lotion from me and stand behind me and I waited for your next move as I heard the lotion open. I jumped as I felt the cold lotion on your hand as you touched me from behind, sliding your hand up to my clit and you circled it as you know I like. I was so very sensitive from the shower that I was soon writhing and moving against your hand as your fingers entered my puss and soon I was grinding against your hand and cumming as I felt your fingers tease my ass, gently touching it, letting me get used to the sensation. You add more lotion to your hand just to make sure and put some on your self to get ready for the tightness. I will my body to relax as I feel one of your fingers slowly slide inside of me and you moan that it’s so tight. I pull away from you for a second, but then I move back and you put two fingers in and I’m still focusing on relaxing that I can think of nothing else and you stand so close behind me and I know it’s time. My body tenses at first as I feel the tip of your cock about to enter and you tell me to relax and I do, I trust you.

You rub your cock up and down the crack of my ass as you try to get me to relax and soon I’m moving back toward you enjoying the feel of the sensation, not even realizing I’m moaning and you hold me still as you enter my hole and I freeze at first, almost tensing, but then relaxing and I breath as you move so slowly bit by bit till your all the way inside my ass and I feel so full. You just stay there for a minute letting me adjust and you ask me if I’m okay, but I just nod, afraid that if I talk it will disrupt my concentration on relaxing my body. You start to move in and out still going slowly and my hands grip the bedspread and I moan as the sensations that are going through me are wonderful and I don’t want them to stop. Not even realizing I was saying anything till I heard myself speak, I asked you to fuck me harder.

You were so happy I gave you permission that you wasted no time as you worked your way up to the right speed, not wanting to go too fast too soon no matter what I had said. I was pushing back against you moaning and telling you to keep fucking me and I came like I had never cum before, and I still didn’t want you to stop as I kept pushing back against you and your hands gripping my hips held me in place as you fucked me over and over. I was close to cumming again and I wanted you to cum also and I said “Cum, Honey, please, cum in my ass.” As soon as I said that I could feel you inside me tightening up and your whole body stilled as I felt your cum coat my insides and I came again as you emptied yourself inside of me.

You fell on top of me and we just lay there spent and exhausted, neither of us wanting to move and yet knowing we would have to since we were due at the restaurant in half an hour. Gradually we got up and went back to the shower to wash off the sweat we had just worked up and soon we were ready to go out for dinner completely refreshed. As we were leaving you stopped me at the door and held me tightly to you and kissed me on my lips and said “thank you.” Just a simple thank you and I melted knowing that you meant it and I kissed you back.

I leaned up to your ear and said “You’re welcome, honey, anytime.” With that we left for dinner and like two teenagers we couldn’t wait till it was over so we could get back to our room and have some fun.

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