Coming Home

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This is a story about consensual sex between two adults. If, in any way, this offends you, is illegal for you personally to read, then stop reading – now!

* * * * *

That’s the trouble with being apart for months at a time! When we get together, all we can think of is sex!!

From the time I meet her at the airport, we can’t keep our hands to ourselves. When we meet there, at the bottom of the stairs, we kiss and it always develops into a long hard kiss; mouths straining against each other, tongues flashing, bodies pressed against the other; almost as if trying to become one; nerves jangling and very aware of the heat and the feel.

When we stop kissing, we hug and end up kissing again, pushing against each other as if trying to climb inside the other! My face will bury itself in the crook of her neck and I can smell her odour. It’s not something I can describe; it’s simply “her” smell and I’m suddenly at peace again and content to just stand there and breath her into my head!

At some point we will wake up enough to join the flurry of getting her baggage and finding our way to the shuttle into the city… but there are always touches and dumb faced grins at each other, until we are settled in the back of the shuttle van. Then, within seconds, we are hugging and kissing all over again; hands, ultra sensitive to heat and touch, are on the move; a breast cupped here, a hand on a thigh, grasping and searching, mouths glued together, trying to swallow ataköy masöz escort one another. The outside world is a blur, it really doesn’t exist any more; all that is, is encompassed in our straining bodies.

Now do you see why we are in the back seat?

But, really, who cares what the other passengers see or hear; who gives a damn, if the driver spends more time than usual checking the rearview mirror? The outside world is gone and mostly forgotten; “our” world becomes a place of touching and feeling; exploring, as we renew our acquaintance with the other; nothing else matters!

The trip into the city goes quickly but somehow seems to drag. Soon, however, we reach the drop-off point and transfer to a taxi; a short seeming run through blurred streets; holding hands or kissing again and again; glancing almost shyly at each other; smiles so wide they feel like your face will break; hand ever so softly to cheek; another kiss; softly this time; tongues extending, licking lips, faces; tasting and titillating.

At last, the Hotel; nerves jangling; bodies shaking; faces flushed. Still glancing at each other, smiles on cracking faces, touching and standing very close together. Check in, papers; unseen clerks and staff; down the corridor to the room…

Inside, bags on the floor, drapes pulled, door locked and ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign quickly place on the outside handle; bedspread (maybe?) pulled back. Another long, long kiss; hands flashing; ataköy otele gelen escort butts held and squeezed. There’s no space between us; heat from our bodies transfers easily through our clothes; breathing, impossibly, quickens even more; our breathing and an occasional murmur of delight and a mumbled “I love you” the only sounds in the room.

Somehow clothes disappear; well not really, there are heaps here and there; discarded pants and jeans; shirt and blouse snuggling together, in a heap; underclothes together or where they fell. The bed is soft but breasts are softer; the bedspread feels smooth and cool to the touch but skin is warm and its soft smoothness feels so good under probing caressing fingers and hands; eyes follow hands or gaze totally bemused into other eyes, reflecting passion, excitement, desire, and expectation; kisses rain where hands touch, tongues lick and taste, saliva leaves cool trails on heated skin; bodies vibrate and tremble; blood engorges; need and desire exclude all else; fingers probe gently and slide into wet slick orifices; hands and fingers encompass and gently pull and slide.

Mouths, open with laboured breathing, slick with saliva and other juices taste, explore, and torment; and utter moans and groans of pleasures received and encouragement to continue. Bodies writhe and spasm to burning hot, wet torture; limbs spread and blood swollen orifices open, in wet swirls of pinks and red; a now ataköy rus escort wetted penis head enters, painfully slowly; sounds of groans and moans reach a crescendo, as hot wet flesh parts to enfold its passage; deeper, deeper still, until two are joined as one, in a pool of pleasure.

The feeling of being in a hot, velvet vice; the feeling of being filled with a hot, hard but soft instrument; the throbbing, twitching, and slow filling and wet, sliding friction; nerve ends screaming their pleasure, transmitting electrical shocks; pleasure coursing through ultra sensitive limbs, pooling in genitals. Like a brook, rushing down the mountainside, slowing for seconds in deeper waters, then rushing on again, swirls and eddies constantly appearing and disappearing, sparkling in the sunshine and dulling in the shade, rushing, slowing but ever moving, ever dancing.

The raging battle of sexual intercourse; the overpowering urge to come; the reluctance to enter the final moment; the desire reluctance, the gradual peaking to a fine pinpoint of white light behind the eyes; every muscle taught, straining, concentrating on the pleasure.

The quickening speed of entry exit; the pounding finale; the wet smacking sound of swollen flesh; the quick, hard plunges – the slight pause – the final, long, hard plunge and grinding of flesh against flesh at the end; the spasms, gripping, and milking; the frantic twitching and ejaculation, struggling to be deeper; the orgasm!

The quieting of breathing, the murmured love words; the residue of nerves subsiding from pleasure; the relaxation; the soft loving time of small quick kisses, “God, I love yous!” The time of lingering caresses, loving touches, long sighs of contentment; the lingering aftermath of orgasm.

The coming home!

(c) Copyright Cagey 2003. All rights reserved.

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