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Freshmen year. —Work in progress—

I knew my freshmen year was going to be a crazy one. I was ready for changes that I had never experienced in high school. Things I knew that happened all the time, but that I never ended up doing because of my over protective parents. I was ready for the big one. Get a boyfriend.

Having a boyfriend, of course, has its perks. One being that you can call them at any time of the day and they’ll be there to help you. Another is that those strong sexual urges that come along with puberty can finally be subdued with some practice.

Practice, that is, that I got a lot of my freshmen year. Jacob was my first boyfriend of my college life. Really, the only real boyfriend I’ve ever had. Considering that I had parents involved in my last relationship. Jacob was fun. He was crazy. He was everything that I wanted in a boy for my first real relationship. He understood me in more ways that anyone ever had.

One day in my dorm room, we started to kiss. It never really went any further than this most of the time. My roommate always came in at the wrong time, or his roommate was busy in his room with his girlfriend. It was always inconvenient. We started slow like usual, with a light kiss on the lips while watching a casual tv show. Then a more pressing kiss followed. His lips were so soft and he always had such a captivating smell to him that I could never resist. He smelled like clean laundry. Mmmm.

I wrapped my arm around his neck, feeling the hair on the back of his neck stand up ever so slightly, like I tickled him. Cute. We kissed tenderly for a while. Soon the kisses got rougher and we were sprawled out on the bed, him on top of me, making out. His tongue searched bahis firmaları my mouth feverishly. I could tell he was getting antsy. I looked at the clock on my bedside table. I still had about an hour before my roommate was suspected back. Great.

Jacob, I whispered. Lets…

He smothered me with a kiss.

I know, he whispered back. I’m getting there.

With that, he took his cold hand and gently glided it up my stomach. I gasped at his touch. It was so cold. He lightly traced around my bra, not quite touching my skin yet. I helped him by unclasping it in the back. He pulled off my shirt and along with it came the bra. He tossed the garments to the floor. Automatically his face went to my cleavage. He traced his tongue around my nipples, instantly making them harden. My nipples weren’t the only thing hardening either.

With him on top of me, pressing me down as he stripped me, I could feel him hardening in his pants. Even though we’ve fooled around many times before, I never quite got over the way that made my heart flutter ten times faster than it was before. He thought I was pretty, was what his buldge was telling me. Good, he better.

I pulled his shirt off and touched his chest with my fingers. I gave him goosebumps with my cold hands as well. He was still at it with my nipples. It felt so good. I unbuttoned his pants and tugged at them. He moved so that he could get them off. While he was doing that, I quickly took off my pants and threw them to the floor. He got back on top of me and kissed me roughly on the lips. His tongue searched mine while we held onto eachother for support. By this time, Jacob had a full on tent in his boxers. I smiled. He looked down and saw what I was looking kaçak iddaa at.

Would you like to play with it? He asked me playfully.

I pulled his boxers down just enough to see his dick sticking straight out in the air. I left his boxers on because I thought it was sexier to feel like I was invading him. Slowly I grabbed his dick and started to rub it up and down. He liked this, obviously. I formed a rythum of up down up down up down. Squeeze down squeeze up. With all his overwhelmingness of his dick being played with, he forgot to play with me. I reminded him when I stopped.

Why’d you stop? He asked hungerly.

It’s your turn. I replied.

You can’t just leave me hanging like this, honey.

I just did.

With that, he smiled and decided to play my way. He repositioned for a better view of my pussy and very gently used his finger to tickle my clit. He was almost not touching it. Making me beg for it. I grabbed his hand and pushed it into me. I was very wet by now. He noticed. He felt the insides of me and started his own rythum. Tickle, tickle, up and out. Tickle tickle, down and down. It was intoxicating. I was so close to cuming.

Wait, I panted.

Wait for what? He asked.

I want you in me.

He gave me a goofy grin, something like this he had been waiting for for a long time. I had denied him so many good times. But I wanted it now. I wanted it bad. I reached over in my bedside table into the drawer and pulled out a condom.

Let me put it on you. I said.

I unrolled the condom and placed it on the tip of his dick. I slowly rolled it down his length. I watched his face as he tried to control himself from cumming all over me right then.

Next, we kaçak bahis repositioned ourselves with him on top, me on bottom. He set his dick on the folds of my womanhood. He left it there for a couple seconds, teasing me. He used his hand to guide it around my lips, not quite entering yet. He used it to press against my clit. He circled it around and around. So much movement in that area, I just couldn’t hold myself. I felt a ripple of pleasure flow through me, all the way down to my toes. I watched him looking at me as I climaxed. He smiled and then slowly placed his dick back at the lips of my womanhood. He slowly laid down and pressed in.

He was there. It was happening. I was no longer a virgin.

Wait, I panted.

He paused and we laid there for a full minute before I would let him start moving. I felt so full with him inside me, I had to get used to it before we started. It felt wonderful, yet painful at the same time. He was so big, I couldn’t believe it all fit inside.

He slowly pulled back up. His length almost made it back out, when he pushed himself back in. He repeated his step over and over. I could feel myself building again. I can’t imagine how he felt, I had already cummed once. His strokes got faster and faster, friction building. Our bodies slapped against eachother. His face was contorted in concentration. He pulled in and out, in and out. Every so often he would slow and circle his fingers around my clit to get me more excited. In and out. I’ll never forget that feeling. Somtimes, he would almost come all the way out, one time he did. The fullness left for half a second, but then he was plunging back inside me. Finally, he came. Our bodies lay breathing fast together. I could feel his beating heart on my own. I was not ready yet though.

Lets do it again. I said.

But we just did it. He replied.

I want something different. I’m not done with you yet, Jacob. I smiled.

He pulled out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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