Chronicles of Chris Ch. 02

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Thank you to my editor drbob80. Also thank you to lancerinLA and leftylooo for their input.

I neglected to mention in the first installment that this is essentially the true life story of a very close friend of mine. Some of the stuff is not chronologically in order for reasons of legality, but, the descriptions are of actual events.

If you haven’t read Ch. 01, the beginning might not make any sense, so I suggest that you do. Otherwise, the story should stand on it’s own.

If you read Chronicles of Chris Ch. 01 and have been waiting for the next installment, I apologize.

This is part of a long writing jag that found me writing many chapters, so the subsequent chapters will be submitted soon and much more frequently.

I went home that night and just fell into bed. I fell asleep quickly, having had a very full day. My dreams were of Joni and Eva. It was weird because I woke up several times during the night because the dreams seemed so real. My dream of Joni started with me watching her from afar, as I did all through high school, hoping she would acknowledge me. The dream morphed into the hand job at the pool and I woke up abruptly with a hard-on and a smile before drifting back to sleep.

After I fell asleep, again I dreamt of Eva. The dream was more complex because I’d been having dreams of her for the last three years. The dreams had always included all my unrealized desires and now that most had been achieved, the dream was more like a memory of actual events. When I remembered that the night had really happened, I woke up, mostly in wonder that it had actually happened, again with a hard-on and an even bigger smile. As a result of the dreams and the aftermath, I did not sleep very well.

The next morning I was lying in bed, awake, trying to wrap my head around the events of the previous day, when the phone rang. I let it ring several times before I remembered that my mom was at my sister’s house. I scrambled out of bed, grabbed the phone, and answered somewhat breathlessly.

“Jesus, Chris!” Joni’s husky voice laughed into the phone, “Are you STILL fucking Mrs. P?”

“Whwhat do yyou mmean?” I stammered into the phone. She had caught me COMPLETELY off guard. I didn’t expect her to call and I certainly wasn’t prepared for that question.

At first, all I heard was unrestrained laughter. Then, she finally composed herself enough to answer my question.

“I just meant that you were out of breath when you answered the phone. I was simply teasing you.” Joni said. “But, the way you responded was interesting. So, are you?”

“Am I, what?” I asked, trying to buy some time.

“Fucking her, right now, Studley,” she said. “But, I think you knew that, didn’t you?”

I was quiet and I think she got anxious.

“Chris,” she said softly, “I’m teasing, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.” I said just as quietly.

“Chris, Sara and I ran into the guys last night at the movie. I asked where you were and Danny said you had a headache from the sun and he thought his mom was taking care of you.” She explained. “I think I know the part of you for which she was caring. It may have had a head, but it wasn’t on your shoulders. Am I right?”

I still didn’t answer.

“Not gonna tell me are you?” She asked. “Well, it’s good to know that you don’t kiss and tell. Why were you out of breath, then?” Finally, she changed the subject.

“I was lying in bed and forgot that my mom’s not here and when I finally remembered, I had to run for the phone,” I said.

“Oh, that makes sense.” Joni said.

“Joni?” I said.

“Yes, Chris?” She answered.

“Why are you calling me?” I asked.

“I told you yesterday to call me and since I saw the guys last night, all I can think about is you and how you’re gonna be leaving.” The tone in Joni’s voice had changed from a teasing tone to one that sounded almost shy. I found that interesting because I hadn’t thought Joni had a shy bone in her body. “I really want us to get together and I was afraid that you wouldn’t call me.”

“Actually, Joni, I was lying here thinking about doing just that.” I said. “I just didn’t have the energy, yet.”

As soon as it cleared my lips, I regretted saying it. I’ll give Joni this; I think she really tried not to laugh. I heard the snort and then the sound of the phone being covered up. I think it was too much for her and, finally, I heard the laughter from the phone, again. I figured I deserved it for the careless remark and just waited her out.

“I’m sorry, Chris,” she said as soon as she had sufficiently recovered, “I was trying not to laugh again, but, I just couldn’t help it. It was just too funny.” She finished with a giggle.

“I know, I deserved it,” I admitted. “I simply made it too easy for you. Anyway, I was going to call you and see if you wanted to do something today. You just beat me to the call.”

“Yes, I do want to see you today and do something.” Joni said excitedly. “Did you have anything in mind?”

“I’d casino oyna like to go over to the island, if that’s OK with you.” I said. “The weather is great and nobody ever goes over there.”

There was a small island in one of the Northridge lakes. It was good for being out in the sun, but it was also good for being alone. Danny, Moose, Steve and I hung out there all the time, but we rarely saw anybody else out there. If you were on the east side of the island, no one could see you from the road or any of the condos. We had cleared out and smoothed a space to throw out a blanket, or in some cases, sleeping bags.

“The island would be great, we can get some sun!” Joni readily agreed to the plan. “I’ll pack a lunch, if you’ll bring a cooler.”

“OK, I’ll throw some sodas in a cooler and I think Mom has some fruit in the fridge.” I said. “When do you want me to be at your house?”

“Fruit sounds great,” Joni, answered. “Um, how about if you get here about noon? That’ll give me plenty of time to fix lunch and get ready.”

“OK, I’ll see you then, Joni.” I said, getting ready to hang up.

“Uh, Chris?” Joni said hesitantly.

“Yeah, Joni?” I answered.

“Thanks for asking me,” Joni said, “I was afraid after I laughed you might be mad.”

I smiled, “Actually, Joni, I love it when a woman laughs. It means she’s happy and I figure that’s probably a good thing for me. Besides, it excites me a little to hear your sexy laugh.”

Joni didn’t say anything and I was afraid I’d pushed too fast.

“Joni?” I said. She didn’t respond. “Joni, are you there?”

I thought, ‘Peters, you dumbass, you have fucked this up already. You didn’t even get to go out and you’ve really pissed her off.’

“Joni, I’m sorry if I offended you, but I’ve always loved your sense of humor, your throaty laugh, your husky cheerleader’s voice and sweet attitude.” I was trying to save this and I figured I was toast with her.

“Chris, it’s OK. You surprised me, that’s all. No-one has ever referred to me as sweet or sexy and I didn’t know what to say.” Joni said in a whisper. “I’ve been told I’m hot, I’ve been told I’m pretty and I know that sounds conceited, but I don’t mean to imply that I believe any of it for a minute. I’ve been told those things, but, never sweet and never sexy. Thank you, it means a lot to me that you think of me like that. I like to think I’ve got a good sense of humor, but the guys I dated never seemed to appreciate it. I love to laugh and have fun, and I love it that you find that appealing.”

“Wow, Joni,” I answered, “I didn’t know it would be that important to you.”

“Chris, it’s important to me because you obviously see more to me than a nice butt and boobs.” Joni said. “You see me as a whole person, and I find that very sexy and I’m getting a little excited at the prospect of being alone with you.”

“I am too, Joni,” I said, “I think we’ll have fun this afternoon.”

“Just as long as you’re not worn out from last night, Studley!” She was back at it.

“Jeez, Joni!” I whined.

She just laughed and said goodbye.

I went and found the cooler. There was very little ice in the freezer so I knew I would need to go to the store and get some. Fortunately, my sister had picked up Mom and they had left Mom’s car for me to use. I took a shower, found a clean, dry bathing suit and got dressed. By the time I got done, I had just enough time to pack the cooler, go to the store and pick up Joni.

I pulled up in front of Joni’s and she ran out to the car. “Chris, I need a couple of minutes. Could you come in?”

I pulled into a parking space and got out. Joni bounced over to me, threw her arms around me and gave me a big kiss. I must have looked as startled as I felt because when she stepped back and looked at me, she started laughing.

“What?!?!” I said somewhat defensively.

I seemed to have a knack for making Joni laugh because she just laughed harder. I wasn’t pissed, but, it certainly was annoying. Again, my annoyance must have been written all over my face because she was laughing so hard she was having trouble breathing.

“Chris! Stop that!” Joni gasped.

I didn’t know I was doing anything and was confused. “Stop what?”

She calmed somewhat and said, “Making those faces!”

“What faces?” Evidently, I was doing it again, because she started up again before turning away, grabbing my hand and dragging me to the door.

“OK, when you get in here, you ought to know my Dad’s home.” Joni said. “He’s never been anything but nice to any of my boyfriends so you don’t need to worry.”

I slammed on the brakes. “What? You’re gonna make me meet your Dad? Why? I thought we were just gonna have some fun before I leave for basic.”

Joni stopped and looked at me. “Is there any reason you DON’T want to meet my Dad? Are you a serial killer or something?” She had let go of my hand and was standing there with her hands on her hips glaring at me. “My Dad meets everyone I date. So if you’re slot oyna refusing, this afternoon’s off!”

I was stunned and threw my hands up. “Whoa, Joni, I’m sorry. You took me by surprise. I’m new to this dating thing and I didn’t expect it. If your Dad needs to meet me, so that I can see you, it’s not a problem. Again, I’m really sorry.”

Joni’s expression softened. “I’m sorry, too, Chris. Nobody has ever objected before, so I guess I over-reacted. Let’s go in.”

I stopped her. “Wait.” I pulled her to me and kissed her. “I really am sorry.” I said when I released her.

“Thanks, me too,” she answered. With that, she grabbed my hand and dragged me through the front door into the foyer.

“Daddy,” she called out. “Daddy, where did you go?”

We had stepped into the living room and Joni’s Dad walked out of the kitchen. “Here I am, sweetie,” he answered. “So, is this him? Is this the young man who has stolen my daughter’s heart?”

“Whwhwat!?! Ststolen hhher hhheart!?!” I turned and looked at Joni and she was laughing and running upstairs.

I turned back and Joni’s Dad was laughing, too. “Don’t worry, kid. I’m just jerkin’ your chain. I started doing that to boys when Joni started bringing them home. Sometimes they bolt out the front door, sometimes they just stare and I even had one piss himself. We only saw him once, though.” He started laughing again and then stuck out his hand. “I’m John Williams.”

I took his hand and shook it. “John Williams?”

He laughed again, “Yes, John Williams, no, not the composer. Sometimes, I wish that his bank account and mine would get mixed up.”

I laughed nervously and said, “I thought you were kinda young to be THAT John Williams. And, really, I couldn’t figure out what John Williams would be doing living in Northridge Lakes.”

He laughed once again, “Good point, kid, really good point.” Then he changed the subject. “So, what are you guys going to do today?”

“I, uhh, we are going to get a boat and go over to the island.” I explained. “My buddies and I have made a little picnic and camping area over there. I thought Joni and I could have a picnic and go swimming.”

He started frowning at that statement. “Are you planning on taking advantage of my sweet innocent daughter, young man?”

“I, I, I, uhhh, wwe, wwe, uhhh,” I was stammering and had really nowhere to go with my statement, when I noticed that he was trying to suppress a grin. Finally, he just started laughing. I figured out where Joni got her sense of humor and her laugh, because this one was a hearty belly laugh.

“Jeez, kid, you’re every bit as easy as Joni said. I’m still jerking your chain.” He said when he finally stopped laughing.

I know I was getting red because I could feel my ears burning. It was from a combination of embarrassment and anger. They were having a great deal of fun at my expense and it was getting old in a hurry.

“Dad! That’s enough. Chris is not going to wet himself like that dork Frank did, but I can see he’s getting pissed.” Joni said as she rescued me.

“OK, OK, sorry kid, I just get a real charge outta fuckin’ with Joni’s boyfriends.” John said, sticking out his hand.

I took it and shook, not really sure that he was being sincere, yet.

Evidently he was, because he said, “Have a good time, Joni, don’t be too late. You know how your Mom worries.” With that, he left the room.

Joni turned to me with an embarrassed smile, “Uhh, are we OK, Chris?”

I decided to let her sweat a minute, so I didn’t smile; I just looked at her. She started to tremble like she was going to cry and I didn’t really want to deal with that. Besides, she had a beach cover-up on that was covering her bikini, such as it was……or wasn’t. I could see there wasn’t much to it and I really wanted to see it without the cover-up; so I grinned at her.

She knew immediately that I was fucking with her and she slugged me. “Asshole,” she grumbled before getting on her tiptoes and curling my toes with a kiss. “I know I deserved it, though. Thanks for not REALLY being mad.” Joni said, laying her head on my chest.

“Come on, Joni, let’s go,” I said gently. “I like your suit and I want to see more of it.”

She looked up at me and smiled a dazzling smile. “Bye Daddy,” she called as she took my hand and we went out the door. She had a couple of big bags on the porch and we each grabbed one and threw them into the car after putting the food in the cooler.

It just took a minute to get to the boats and another five to get one loaded. Joni sat with her back to the front of the boat and faced me as I rowed. She had loosened the cover-up and her suit and skin were momentarily exposed as the gentle breeze ruffled it. What I could see of her tits looked spectacular in the sunlight that was shimmering off the water. As she leaned back in her seat, I could see between her legs and it seemed that the bikini bottoms were barely covering anything. I was really looking forward to this afternoon.

I canlı casino siteleri landed the little boat on the shore of the island, jumping out into the water and pushing it further onto the dirt. Then I helped Joni out so that she wouldn’t fall. I went back and pushed the boat all the way onto the shore, not wanting it to drift away. Danny and I had lost a boat that way one night on a campout and that had been a bitch, swimming after it in the morning and dragging it back. I was making certain that it did not happen again.

Joni had already started getting stuff out of the boat, pulling a blanket from her bag and laying it out and then starting to set up our picnic. I got the cooler out and carried it over to where she had set up. She even had a couple of small pillows laid out on the blanket. Since it was past noon, the shadows from the small trees on the island had started to shade our picnic spot and it was quite a nice setup. Joni finally got everything the way she wanted it and dropped down to sit on the blanket.

“Do you want a soda, Joni?” I asked.

“Sure, whatever is on top and cold is fine.” Joni said with a smile. I handed her a Diet Coke and took one for myself before sitting on the opposite side of the blanket from Joni.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Joni said while patting the blanket beside her. “You come snuggle up to me, Studley!”

“Joniiii!” I whined as I moved beside her.

She just laughed and kissed me after I got settled. Then she sat back and threw off her cover-up. She looked more amazing than I could remember seeing her. I must have been staring, because she started blushing.

“Do I look OK, Chris?” She asked quietly.

“Better than OK,” I answered, “you look awesome!”

“Thank you,” she said, “do you want something to eat?”

“Yeah, I didn’t eat breakfast so I’m starving,” I answered. “Actually, I haven’t eaten any food since the party yesterday.”

I paused, realizing what I had said. “Shit.”

I looked up from the food and saw that Joni’s face was blood red and she was trying not to laugh.

I sighed and said, “Go ahead. Either laugh; say it or both.”

Joni just howled, falling back on the blanket. I thought that it wasn’t all bad that she was lying down and laughing. Her body was shaking and all the girl parts looked pretty good swaying and shimmying. I sat and watched her and her tits were shaking so hard that her pink nipples were starting to peek out from the bikini top. This was getting better by the moment. Soon she started calming down, finally stopping completely. She looked up at me, catching me staring at her tits. I glanced up to see her smirk at catching me and seeing me realize that I was caught.

“So, Studley, what DID you eat last night, since you didn’t eat any food?” Joni giggled again at my embarrassment. “Not going to tell me are you? OK, I won’t pry any more, especially since you seem to have found something else that interests you.” She sat up a little, reached behind her back and untied the bikini, leaving her breasts covered as she lay back down.

“If we’re not gonna eat for a while, I think I need some help with some sunscreen.” Joni said coyly. “It’s in my bag, would you get it?”

I scrambled over to her bag, knocking it over in my haste, spilling all her stuff onto the blanket. Once again, she found my actions amusing and started giggling.

As I picked it all up she said, “Are we a little anxious, Studley?”

Having put all her stuff back and having retrieved the elusive sunscreen I turned back to her. She had removed her top while my back was turned. Her tits were now fully on display and they were beautiful. In my limited experience, they seemed a little bigger than Eva’s and were covered with a light blush of freckles and nipples that were pinker than I expected. Evidently, displaying her breasts to me was exciting to her because I could actually see the nipples growing and becoming erect.

I had never actually seen a woman’s nipples grow and I was fascinated. As I moved toward her, I glanced to her face and she was watching my reaction intently. Without thinking and really without her consent I reached out and touched her nipple with my fingertip. It felt mostly the same as Eva’s, but different. It was somehow softer and more tender to the touch. I gently rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and elicited a little moan from Joni.

I was startled by the sound of the moan and quickly withdrew my hand. I looked at Joni’s face, her eyes were closed, and the tip of her tongue was peeking from her lips. When I pulled my hand away, her eyes opened and she frowned.

“Chris?” she asked softly, “why did you stop?”

“I’m really sorry Joni,” I answered, “I did that without thinking. I should have asked if that was OK, first.”

Joni smiled, “If I didn’t want you to look at me and touch me I wouldn’t have taken off my top. Please don’t stop, that felt so nice.”

I leaned and kissed her as I reached back up and caressed her breast. It was full and heavy in my hand, firm and plump. I sat back up, opened the sunscreen and squeezed some out into my hand. I started at her neck and covered her shoulders and arms, the scent of strawberries wafting up from the lotion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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