Chloe and Allen Ch. 07

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Chloe and Allen Ch. 07 (Chloe and the party)

This is entirely fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

Note there are heavy exhibitionist elements in this series and always will be. Sometimes more than the other stuff. This is filed under Incest/Taboo because the central love story is between a daughter and her father. Hope you enjoy the whole combination as much as I do!

FYI, there’s minor pee discovery here. Easy to skip where it happens if uninterested.

This is Chapter 7. I recommend reading Chapters 1-6 first. I’m happy you’re still here!

The party

Allen was up late watching TV well after Kathy had headed to bed. He told himself he wasn’t waiting up for Chloe. He didn’t even know when she’d be home from her party. So, he caught up on several episodes of some recorded shows.

He was surprised when his phone buzzed. It was Chloe. He answered. “Chloe? Everything OK?”

“Hi, Mr. C. It’s Amanda. Um. First of all, everyone is fine.”

“OK. OK, thanks for saying that first! What’s going on?”

“Well, here’s the thing.” She paused. “Uh, Chloe, she…well, she had a bit too much to drink.” Then she continued quickly in a torrent of words. “I know from talking with Chloe that you’d want to know and you’d be OK with it and want me to call you and it would be OK and you wouldn’t be mad and she’d be OK and she wouldn’t be in trouble or anything like that and–“

Allen processed the news. And Amanda was right. “Hi, Amanda. Yes, you can relax, sweetheart. You did exactly the right thing. You’re correct; Chloe is not in trouble. I really appreciate you calling me instead of letting her drive.”

“No problem. That was never going to happen. I can drive her home for you, Mr. C., if you want. I have my car here, and unlike this young lady hanging on my shoulder, I didn’t drink.”

Allen then heard a “Hi, Daddyyy! Thass my Daddy. Gimme!” in the background, followed by a giggle and Amanda shushing his daughter. Allen smiled.

“Ha, I think I hear her now! No, it’s OK. I’ll come get her. Can you stay with her until I arrive? I’m heading out right now.” Allen was in just his lounge shorts and a t-shirt. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, of course, but he doubted that would come up in conversation! He had grabbed his keys and was already in the garage.

“Of course! Sure thing, Mr. C.”

Allen arrived to find the party still going on inside, but Amanda was sitting on the front steps with Chloe resting her head on her shoulder. Amanda looked up at him as he approached, and Allen noticed for the millionth time how beautiful his daughter’s best friend was. Her pretty brown eyes were deep pools, windows into what he imagined to be a complex and generous soul.

He had watched her grow up, and he loved her personality more than anything else about her. She was funny and warm and kind, and he was so happy she and Chloe stayed close all these years. She seemed like an amazing friend to his daughter. Tonight being one more perfect example.

As he walked up and greeted Amanda, Allen tried not to notice the teen’s long and shapely legs, leading up to what looked like an impressively short skirt. Her knees were bent and pointing toward him as she sat. He was glad (mostly!) that she kept her legs together, since he would have a clear view of her crotch otherwise, in that skirt. He tried not to wonder what kind of panties she was wearing. In contrast, his tipsy daughter’s legs were spread wide. Thankfully, there was a bit more to her dress, so she wasn’t currently on full display. He could hear her lightly snoring.

He chuckled and thought Chloe looked adorable, with her small, lopsided grin. “Ha, hi Amanda. Will you look at that!”

Amanda looked down at Chloe with affection then back up at him. He tried not to get lost in her doe eyes. “Yeah, turns out she’s a bit of a lightweight. We had both originally said we weren’t going to drink, but then she decided to try just one, just to see what it was like. That was long before either of us had to drive anywhere. I was surprised how tipsy she got after one, and her decision not to drink apparently then flew out the window. You probably already know this, Mr. C., but she’s pretty hard to talk out of something once she makes up her mind. And frankly, she was kind of hilarious. She only had two more, but here, sir, is the result.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, so I knew for a while I’d be calling you once she was done. I stayed with the original plan, so I could drive home. And drive her, if necessary.”

“I really appreciate that, Amanda. I do. You’re a pretty special friend. I’m glad she has you.”

Amanda blushed and unconsciously moved her knees slightly. They nearly parted. Allen almost had to look away, but everything stayed hidden. He tried not to think about the view he had just missed.

“Well, Mr. C., uh…I gotta say she has a couple special people in her life, then. I…I hope you…um…don’t mind me saying that. I really casino oyna hope you realize how truly special the bond you two have is. I’m…it’s…well…I’m kinda jealous of it sometimes. But she sure deserves you and what you have together.” She turned again and gave Chloe a light kiss on the top of her head.

Allen was moved. “Amanda, wow. I don’t really know how to respond to that. That’s an incredibly nice thing to say. I told you you were a special friend! Now what do you say we get this little drunkard home and to bed?”

“Good idea!” Amanda beamed at Allen, and his heart fluttered a bit. He reached out a hand to help her up, looking away in case her long legs spread with the action, winning (kind of!) a brief, internal battle over whether to sneak an available peek at his baby girl’s best friend. He used his other arm to reach for Chloe and bring her to standing at the same time, with Amanda’s assistance.

Amanda shook Chloe gently and cooed her awake, caressing one hand across her cheek, the other hand on her waist, helping Allen to hold her up. Chloe’s eyes fluttered, and she looked around, momentarily confused. She blinked a few bleary times and then added up what she could, drawing the wrong conclusion.

“Daddyyyy! Look, Amandie, iss my Daddy!” She exclaimed. “You came t’the party for…with me!” She reached out with a slight stumble and put her arms around Allen’s neck, and he had to catch her around her slim waist to keep her from falling. “Less danss!” She pushed away and tried to grab his hand and lead him back inside, apparently to the dance floor. So far, Chloe was about the cutest drunk he had ever seen. He couldn’t help but grin.

“Haha, hold on there, champ. There’s a two against one vote here that says it’s time for you to go home.” Allen held Amanda’s delicate, warm hand in solidarity. She squeezed his hand as she nodded her agreement. She didn’t let go. Her hand felt very nice in his.

“Ganging up to me, are yuh? Well, two c’n play in that game, buck…buckie…buckerinos!” She collapsed between them, one arm around each of their necks, pulling all three of their faces close together.

Chloe’s eyes lit up with a slightly blurry twinkle, and she looked lovingly into both of their faces and said, “eenie meenie minee mineemo!” swaying back and forth between each of their faces as she counted, landing at Amanda. She launched a kiss onto Amanda’s mouth, to her girlfriend’s amused surprise. “Mmm. Yummy! Thassnice. You, too, buckeroo!” Chloe exclaimed as she turned and planted a very enjoyable if sloppy kiss on Allen’s mouth. “Yummies, you twos! Thessum good kissings I got right here,” she happily declared, hugging both their necks and therefore pulling their faces all even closer together.

Allen heated up a bit and tried not to let his freely-hanging penis stir in his shorts at being so close to these two captivating teen girls. Allen could smell minty breath, he presumed from Amanda. “Oh! Ooh! Oooie! Make’t even. Now youze!” And she grabbed both of their heads and tried to push them into a kiss. Their mouths were already just inches apart.

Time slowed as Allen looked deep into Amanda’s fabulous, intelligent eyes and couldn’t help but wonder how good a kisser she was, how her young body would fit with his in an embrace. If she would taste minty. If her lips were as soft and kissable as Chloe’s. And that was enough time, of course, to actually do the right thing and pull away with a light, nervous chuckle that broke the spell. “Ha! Well! Uh…very funny, Chloe! Huh!” He looked at Amanda and wondered if he saw disappointment flash across her eyes before she joined in with him to politely refuse Chloe’s request.

“Ah, poopieheads!” Chloe giggled. “My two fav’rite poopieheads! You shud kiss. Ser’ously, I tell you I can since I have been a kisser for both of youze that you would like it v’ry much! Trussme on that one, buckos.”

Allen and Amanda could only look at each other and wonder if Chloe was right.

“S’whatryou here for if not to danss me up or to get good kissing?”

“To take you home, precious.”

Chloe stood and swayed a second as she looked at Allen and blinked. “Yeah. S’probly a good idea. C’n Amandie come, too?” She looked between them hopefully, eyes big.

“Ha, I’d love to, sweetie, but I have a feeling you’re going straight to bed and will sleep for a long time. You call me tomorrow, though. Promise?”

Chloe nodded like a bobble head puppy.

Amanda turned to Allen and paused. She seemed to make a decision and moved in close to say quietly in his ear, “Please be sure she calls me tomorrow, Mr. C. And…uh…seriously…thanks for being so…um…cool about…well…everything.”

Then she kissed him on the cheek, cupping his other cheek in her warm hand. She lingered a little long, but he didn’t mind a bit. Based on that experience, he confirmed her lips were indeed wonderfully soft.

Amanda gave him another quick kiss a little closer to his mouth, holding onto his slot oyna arm gently with her other hand, and then she pulled back and looked up into his eyes, her emotion there deep but unreadable. She nodded and turned to walk to her car. Allen tried not to watch her hips sway as she strode away.

“You two take good care of each other!”

Allen finally poured Chloe into the passenger seat of the car, her limbs loose and comically flailing everywhere as he had tried to help her walk and instead just picked her up and carried her. “Ooh! My handsome prinss!” she cooed, her arms around his neck. She rested her head on his shoulders and sighed, “I like it here v’ry much.”

He got her buckled in and walked around to his side of the car. He opened the door to find Chloe leaning over from her side, her two hands on his seat, looking up at him. “Peekaboo!” she giggled. He tried not to admire the view down her dress too much, her skimpy lavender bra on amazing display. He chuckled and had to beg to be let into the car. She finally relented with a “C’mon, big boy!” and flopped back to her side of the car.

As they drove home, Chloe kept up chatter he knew she was very unlikely to remember the next day. But Amanda was right, Chloe was pretty hilarious when drunk. She was so happy and animated, you couldn’t help but smile and get caught up in her bit of drunken sunshine, accented by the yellow of her cute dress.

Chloe was again all arms when Allen tried to get her out of the car, but he finally managed. His hands ended up in a few less-than-honorable places as he tried to get a good grip on her, but eventually, he got her upright and managed to have her walk with him to the front door, holding hands, though her path was decidedly less straight than his.

Inside, he ended up behind her, one hand on each hip, in a mini version of a conga line, minus the kicking. Allen guided Chloe up the stairs and steered her toward her bedroom, with her still chatting the whole way.

He had managed to shush her to whispering with an affectionate chuckle before they entered the house. He would explain to Kathy tomorrow what had happened but didn’t want to wake her now. But even her version of whispering was comical and adorable, her eyes alight, and her hands animated with wide gestures that made him smile. And duck a couple times. He guided Chloe into her room, turned on the light, and closed the door quietly behind them.

It was only then that he realized he hadn’t thought through what to do from here.

He, uh, had to get her ready for bed. He had no idea where she kept her pajamas or how she was going to manage to get into them without hurting herself. And she had to brush her teeth, right? And she probably needed to pee.

Chloe must have sensed his hesitation. “Wassamatter, my Daddy? Never been in a girl’s bedroom b’fore?” she teased. “This s’where all th’magic happens! Whoops!” She had twirled with her arms wide to present her room to him and ended up falling on the bed. She sat up on the edge, chuckling. “I fell down,” she said simply.

“Yes, you did. Good thing it was on the bed.”

“Ha, yup. Good th’ng,” she nodded, her head wobbling a bit. Then she looked up at him, “Y’know, thiss double bed has room f’r two. I think you shud shtick around and make shure I don’ fall out.”

“Ha, I see. Well, let’s first try to get one of us into the bed, shall we?”

Chloe looked up expectantly as if waiting to hear who that was.

“I mean you, silly.”

“Oh, right. Righterino! But I cand…can…cand…cannot sleep in thiss.” She started ineffectively plucking at her dress.

“I know, sweetheart, but where do you keep your pajamas?”

Chloe started laughing happily, her eyes tearing up. She pointed at him a couple times while laughing and trying to catch her breath, a couple cute snorts thrown in for good measure. Allen knew he was missing something.

“What?” he asked simply.

“Pajamas? I don’t need no stinkin’ payamas!” Chloe declared with a final chuckle. She looked at Allen wide-eyed, as if to gauge his reaction.

“Wait, what?”

“Thassright, mister. No jammies for this girl! Jusslike my Daddy! You sleep nakies; I sleep nakies! You so right about that, Imusssay. Smart boy. Smart boy.” she patted his arm from where she still sat on the bed. “Okeerino, less do this!” She reached out her arms for his help standing and got to her feet. She swayed her way to the center of her room, stopped and turned back to him, then just stuck her arms straight up in the air. She looked at him in innocent anticipation. “Lessgo, bub.”

What? Allen was still processing the fact that his beautiful daughter slept naked like he did. He of course shouldn’t be surprised at one more thing about which they were completely alike. But then it dawned on him what Chloe was expecting.

“What, me?”

“Yuppers. This dress ain’t gonna take isself off,” she grinned. “We have ‘stablish’d I cannot probably do it for my own, so…lessgo, canlı casino siteleri bub.” She emphasized her point by thrusting her upraised arms into the air again.

Oh, my. “Um…OK. I…well…uh… Chloe, I don’t think…” She just stood there expectantly (and adorably), not giving him any sympathy. Yikes. “Um…well…ah…well, OK…if you really need the help.” Allen approached his little girl and tried to decide how to proceed.

He put his hands on her hips but then circled around behind her. There was no zipper or anything, so it seemed Chloe had the right idea, and he should just pull her dress over her head. He tried to determine where best to grab it. He quickly decided the obvious and reached down mid-thigh for the cute, frilly hem.

As Allen lifted the dress off his teen daughter, her fabulous bubble butt was the first thing to come into view. He tried and failed not to stare at the perfection of it, barely covered by her skimpy and sexy lavender panties. There was so little to the back of the panties, it was almost like a thong. What color was there just emphasized the creamy smoothness of her skin. If his hands weren’t full of his daughter’s dress, and if she weren’t standing drunk in front of him, he could have grabbed onto both perfect buns at the same time, for the first time. That would be one definition of heaven!

Allen finally pulled his eyes away, for now, and proceeded to lift the dress the rest of the way. It got a little awkward at the top as more and more material gathered in his hands, but he figured it out.

He also only barely managed not to stare at every inch of his baby girl as he revealed more and more of her flawless skin.

As the dress became completely inverted with only Chloe’s head and hands inside, she started wiggling to help get it off the rest of the way. Allen could only helplessly stare again at her perfect ass and what view he had of her swaying breasts from behind. She bent forward to continue taking the dress off, and that pulled Allen with it, directly into contact with his young daughter’s nearly naked butt and her bare back.

Allen couldn’t hide his unintended reaction to this sexy situation, and Chloe clearly felt his presence from behind. “S’that a penis in your pocket, or are you happy t’see me?” she giggled, pushing back and swaying her butt against his erection. She didn’t even realize she had messed up the joke.

As they leaned over farther together for the final tug on her dress, he was completely draped over his little girl, his hard-on solidly wedged between her perfect ass cheeks, his shorts really the only barrier between them, given how little there was to her panties back there.

He belatedly realized doing this from behind was a big mistake! But what was done was done, and they finally dropped her dress to the floor.

Chloe ended up bent far forward and nearly fell the rest of the way. Allen caught her and hauled her back up, as gently as he could, his hands studiously only around her waist or on her sculpted shoulders but still completely full of only her warm, smooth, bare skin. Once she was upright, he could finally take a step back and remove his hardened cock from inside the crack of his daughter’s gorgeous ass.

That had felt much too good for safety, as was evident from the wet stain on his shorts. He wasn’t sure that was all from him, either!

His baby girl turned around with a knowing smirk that belied her inebriated state. He struggled mightily but forced himself to look only in her eyes. She grinned at him and declared in a conspiratory whisper filled with fond amusement, “You’re not v’ry good at thiss, are you, mister?”

“Ha, no. Apparently not.” Thank God that was over.

“Well, mister, thass one down, two t’go,” she stated, hands on her hips, facing him with a slight sway, wearing just her skimpy, incredibly sexy underwear, apparently quite pleased with her counting skills.

What? “Oh…uh…oh my. No, sweetheart. That…um… I think you can handle the rest on your own.”

“Oh, no you don’t, mister!” Chloe admonished Allen in what was probably her first clear sentence of the evening. She waggled her finger at him, and her mock-stern expression was so cute it made Allen’s heart melt a bit. “You always say…fin’sh what you start, amIright?” She raised her eyebrows and looked at him expectantly, hands turning to fists on her hips. Allen felt caught, but she was so damn adorable, he didn’t mind that much. When he didn’t answer, she assumed agreement. “S’what I thought. So…lessgo, bub.”

Oy. OK. He could do this. Allen figured the bra was obviously next, and he finally allowed himself to take a good look at what he had to work with.

He groaned as he studied the skimpy lavender lace covering the most perfect breasts on the planet. Well, covering was not quite accurate. There was so little there. The top halves of her areolas were exposed, sticking out of the low-cut lace that barely covered her hard nipples. And the lace itself was sheer enough that he could see her entire, gorgeous brown tips.

Even in her inebriated state, Chloe seemed quite aroused, as her areolas were deliciously puffy, and her nipples stood at attention like diamond drill bits.

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