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Justine had always loved to attend the local nude beach when we dated 15 years ago. When she called me up and invited me to return, it excited me to think of what views might be in store. My recollections of the nude beach were that there were many sagging balls and gay men, many nipple, and other assorted piercings but very little actual pussy! This assured Justine of being the center of attention.

When we arrived at the nude beach we noticed a sign for a Greek fest at a neighboring beach. It sounded like it might be something worth checking out on the way home.

We proceeded to a nice spot and laid down our towels and stripped. Justine’s ass was still beautiful at forty, she really took great care of herself. I just loved her apple breasts, despite the onset of years they were still delicious to look at and to taste. I dabbed a little sun block on her back and massaged her, trying my best not to impale her with my hardening cock. I tried to be as discreet as one can be as I used my cock and balls to spread a blob of sun block across her ass cheeks. I think a neighboring couple spied us though. I simply didn’t know how to behave at a nude beach!

Watching Justine frolic in the surf was everything I remembered it to be. She was a playful nymph, her bouncing breasts a metronomic invitation for all eyes on the beach. Watching her dive head first after a Frisbee into the surf made me realize that Justine was still the woman I remembered. After 3 full hours of sun bathing and frolicking in the salty surf, we casino siteleri put our suits back on and began to head home. We spotted the sign for the Greek fest once again and decided we would check it out before the long drive home.

When we entered the beach area we noticed that everyone in the parking lot was black! Some might have been a little intimidated being the only white people at such a gathering, but certainly not us. Justine took me by the hand and asked me to bury her in the sand. She was such an entertaining sprite. First she asked me to bind her hands with cuffs as she reached into her bag. I was to bury her up to her neck in the sand while bound. I had to admit the thought excited me, to see her head in the sand with so many young and virile men nearby.

My mind was racing as I first dug a hole, cuffed her and buried her. (What did this pervert have in mind once I buried her? Why here? Did she want? No!….not my Justine!) I completed the job as she had asked and then applied her favorite shade of declarative red lipstick for her. Her mouth looked very appetizing. She looked at me with a huge Cheshire cat smile. As I turned to see who was watching us at the Greek fest an eighth of a mile down the beach; 5 well built black men suddenly were upon us and asked if we had been invited to the party. Justine immediately spoke up, “We were driving by and thought that a Greek fest sounded interesting.”

One of the men answered, “This party is for Greek fraternity members and their guests only.”

Justine slot oyna suggestively asked, “Well seeing as I’m a little tied up here…and a little hot and bothered by you all looking at me like that….what could I do that would let me stay?” The men looked at her and smiled at each other. The invitation her full lipped mouth created was a dream for them or any man. My cock was rock hard just from the lusty leers they were lavishing upon her. One of the men looked at my pup tent and scornfully dismissed it with; “Awwwww….isn’t that cute”, as he whipped out a huge ebon Black Mamba snake from his trunks. “This is your admission ticket to the party….you can both come in when it cums.” The other four did the same with their black schnitzengrubens, each larger than my own as they enveloped Justine with Grade A meat. I was so excited by the sight that I simply took my cock out and started stroking it.

Justine looked directly at me before feverishly going to work on the meat placed in her vicinity. She licked and sucked each cock and balls as it was presented to her awaiting mouth. She felt the heat of each man’s cock on her face, as they slapped her with them. One man turned around and presented his anus to Justine and she delved into it with abandon. The others took turns doing the same. As each man started to cum, she swallowed as much as she could. More men and women came over as they could see that there was something kinky going on up the beach. Beautiful young black women with clicking digital cameras soon canlı casino siteleri were capturing the action as Justine sucked cock after cock. Her face was soon drenched in cum and she asked me to help by fluffing the men who got in line, I seriously thought about it, but instead tried to get the women who had begun fluffing their own men to fuck me. I hated to let Justine down, but I had never sucked a cock. Once I started I might become a~dick~ted. The young women simply stuck out their beautiful black asses and told me I could toss their salads. Who was I to pass on a salad? Salads are good for you!

After 50 or so men came, one of our wildest submission fantasies fulfilled, I dug Justine up to the applause of those who remained at the Greek fest. When I offered to clean her up, she asked me to leave the drying cum on her face for a while, she said, “It makes me feel salaciously sexy and submissive.”

As we drove home along the LIE, she told me that she had always known that the Greek fest was a black festival. She had also dreamed of a sand bondage scenario with me. With me using her at my will while she was bound in the sand. She also wished that I had already been fucking her mouth when those men appeared.

My cock stirred again as she reached over and grabbed it in her well manicured hands. She took over and started to suck it as I drove. I could smell the semen of all those men on her as she sucked, I wasn’t sure when she had become so shameless but I craved this dark side of her. As she brought me to a climax and made me cum in her mouth she looked up at me and smiled. Justine, the juice extractor was at it again. Every month she thrills me with a new adventure, and I think she’s finally starting to make me more open minded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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