Chad and Chelsea Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Oral Seduction

Thanks to WhiteWave48 for editing assistance! I’m looking forward to working with you more in the future, and my humblest gratitude for your quick work and excellent suggestions on this second chapter. Thank you!!


To the reader: This is the second chapter of my first submitted story, Chad and Chelsea: Mutual Display. While I’m certain that this chapter could be enjoyed by itself, I recommend and humbly ask that you read the first chapter first. Thanks for looking!

Chelsea’s shower was refreshing. After the little tryst she’d just shared with her twenty year old brother, it was difficult for the new high school graduate to not continue thinking about sex. It had, indeed, been too terribly long since she’d had an encounter with a guy, yet she wasn’t entirely certain that having a mutual masturbation session with Chad was necessarily the answer. It was still fresh in her mind, though, and her body tingled with excitement.

The pretty brunette didn’t bother with all the makeup this time, nor with the fancy clothes. She wasn’t going anywhere tonight, so why should she? Instead, she tossed on a cut off shirt, some cotton panties, and a pair of sweat shorts before practically skipping into the kitchen.

Her face flushed when she saw Chad from the corner of her eye. He was in the living room, playing that stupid video game again. Chelsea grabbed a soda from the fridge, took several gulps, and finally decided to get out her books and do some light studying.

It wasn’t long before the logic and the history and the foreign language all began to make her head spin. As she began to put away her books, her brother graciously called to her from the couch.

“Hey, Chel? Pay-per-view starts in, like, ten minutes. Pop us some popcorn, and get your cute little ass in here!” He’d hesitated and almost hadn’t added that last little bit, but he, too, was still thinking about the show they’d put on for one another. “And, bring me a soda. Please.”

Doing as she was asked, her thoughts distracting her all the while, Chelsea soon arrived in the living room and dropped onto the couch. This time, instead of sitting on the opposite end of the couch as she had earlier in the day, she landed right next to her brother.

“What’s on, anyway?” she asked, not even really caring.

“It was either Charlotte’s Web or Night at the Museum, so I picked the dinosaurs over the pig. That okay?”

The wet ponytail Chelsea was now sporting flopped up and down on her neck as she nodded in agreement. That was fine. Anything was fine. Not that she’d be thinking about the movie anyway.

The two sat in thick sexual tension for the most of the flick, gently poking fun and flirting with one another now and then. Once, Chad put his arm around his sister, then thought the better of it and promptly removed it. Chelsea, being in a teasing sort of mood and also undeniably horny at this point, tortured her brother by placing her hand in strategic places on his lap or stomach whenever she saw the opportunity. Now and then, she could see the swelling of his interest and mocked him. He returned the favor by grabbing a boob as often as he could, mostly to distract himself and thereby avoid full erection.

The night had certainly been a crazy one so far. Neither sibling had ever dreamed nor thought about the other in such a sexual way, and for both of them to find themselves so hot and bothered as to be led to masturbating in front of one another was a bit of a shock. For now, though, their minds were still in ‘hot and bothered’ mode, and they weren’t really thinking about the implications and consequences of their actions.

Mostly they were just thinking about the actions themselves – and the ones they hadn’t gone far enough to explore together. Not yet, anyway. And that ‘yet’ was a big one in both of their minds the entire evening. At the movie’s conclusion, they said some very awkward good nights, and made their way to their own bedrooms.

From the kitchen, the bedrooms were up a case of stairs and along an open walkway above the living room. Along the walkway were three doors; the first was Chad’s, and then the bathroom, and then Chelsea’s. The two bedrooms were connected on the interior by the adjoining bathroom. Each sibling usually kept the bathroom door to their bedroom locked, but tonight was different.

Chelsea was first to use the facilities, and purposefully left the door unlatched. It was pushed to, but not latched. Chad entered a few minutes later and noticed that illegal bahis his sister had ‘forgotten’ to shut her door, so he followed suit then returned to his room.

Both of them were lying restlessly awake in their own beds and breathing heavily as each thought and fantasized of the other. Finally, Chelsea began to succumb to the sleepiness and slowly began to drift off to sleep. It was in this mid-sleep state that she became aware of the bathroom door opening, and her brother entering the room.

Wearing only his boxer shorts, Chad made his way beneath the blanket on his sister’s bed, and quieted her when she startled and almost knocked his head clean off his shoulders with her arm.

“Whoa, there! It’s okay! It’s just me.” He laid his hand on Chelsea’s shoulder to comfort her.

The girl sighed in relief. “Crap, Chad. You scared the shit out of me. What are you doing in here?”

“Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I’m sorry, Chel, but I’m so fucking horny right now it’s not funny. Do you have any idea how hot watching you today has made me?”

“I have somewhat of an idea,” Chelsea admitted as she closed her eyes and got comfortable once again. “Why don’t you tell me anyway, though.” A sneaky little smile spread across her face.

Chad was delighted at his sister’s sneaky little invitation. He was leaning on his elbow, taking in what he could see of his sister’s body in the dim moonlight. She truly was gorgeous, and he was at a loss as to how he’d missed that fact before today.

He curled up behind her in a spoon position, the two lying on their right sides and facing away from the still open bathroom door. His left arm curved around Chelsea’s head, and he couldn’t help but begin to play with the wet, blond locks of hair that had strayed from her ponytail.

“Alright, I will,” he said. “I was thinking about your gorgeous, tanned shoulders.” His left hand gently began rubbing the softness of his sister at exactly the points he described. “And I was thinking about how your chest rises and falls so quickly when you’re all worked up like that. Your tits…”

Chad lay back and drifted off into his own thoughts for a moment. He couldn’t see his sister’s body just now, but he could certainly remember the picture in his mind quite vividly and allowed himself to do so for a little while. He licked his lips as he thought about her darkening areola, and how much her nipples must be protruding even right now.

“Yeah?” Chelsea’s sultry voice served to egg her brother onward in his descriptions. A verbal seduction wasn’t something he’d do for just any girl. No, Chad reserved that for when he really, really wanted a specific girl. Chelsea had managed to just inspire his words without him even thinking about it. Somehow, the familiarity of his sister’s voice and the smell of her body, combined with the semi dark lighting of the room made it so easy.

“Mmm, your tits are the perfect size. Just right to fit in the palm of my hand.” He let himself cup her breast in one hand, his thumb tracing the radius as close as he dared to the center point and then out again. “Your little nipples are so pert, and it was so cool to see how far they stuck out when you touched yourself.”

And it was then that he let his fingers gently scrape across Chelsea’s nipple. The catch in her breathing made it more than apparent that she was enjoying this, and so he continued. Rolling her nipple gently between his index finger and his thumb, he lightly kissed the line of her collar bone before speaking again.

“Your body curves just like a woman’s body should.” His hand traced her breastbone to the base of her ribs, and then across the bottom of her ribcage to her side before trailing south toward her pelvis. “Your tan and workouts really show. It’s obvious that you take care of yourself, and that’s so hot.”

In an act of bravery, Chad began to nibble at his sister’s ear as he allowed the palm of his wandering hand to massage the bony edge of Chelsea’s hip. His soft fingertips teased the place on her leg where her panties would end, if she’d been wearing any.

“Mmm, shit Chad. Chad, don’t stop. Please?” It wasn’t like Chelsea to beg, but she’d never, never, never been spoken to like this in all of her sexual history. She could feel her cunt begin to ooze, her passion rising higher than it had been allowed to do in several months. Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Keep going.”

Only now did it dawn on the guy that his sister had been lying alone in bed, completely naked. Did she always sleep in the nude? He illegal bahis siteleri had no idea, but he made a mental note to check sometime. Fully erect and waiting, his cock twitched as he tried to clear his head for the next few moments. His sister would need a few more words, most likely, before she was ready to take things to the next step. How far would they go? Chad had no idea, but he certainly had his hopes, and they were the highest.

“Your legs are so smooth, Chel.” He blew very lightly past his sister’s ear, and began to nibble, kiss, and suckle at her neck. She began to whimper, and his cock twitched again and again against her rear in this spooned position. His hand made its way down her thigh to her knee, and back up again. With each stroke, his hand inched towards her treasure. He didn’t have to wait long.

Chelsea lifted her leg, whimpered, and wiggled backwards just a bit toward her brother. Her slight nod gave Chad all the signal he needed.

“I could smell you from way over there, just like I can now. You have the sweetest smell.” Whispering directly into her ear, Chad let his fingers pet the smooth outer lips of her pulsating pussy. Her moans filled the air, and Chad pressed his erection firmly into Chelsea’s backside through his shorts.

When she returned his motions, he pressed his fingers into her waiting snatch. Chelsea sucked in all the air her lungs would hold, and began moving her hips involuntarily. Now it was Chad’s turn to moan into the air as he moved his strong fingers in and out of his sister’s body, holding her as she fucked his hand.

“That’s it, Chel. Get what you need, girl. I’m right here.”

She did just as she was told, pressing her body against the strength of his hand for a number of minutes. Finally, in haste, she flipped to her back and bit her brother’s neck with enough force to cause his breath to catch.

“Lick me,” Chelsea breathed hotly. She began feverishly licking, kissing, and biting at Chad’s chest, moaning in her husky but feminine voice as she did so. It was a brave move by the girl, to ask for oral sex. And it was even braver of her to ask it from her own brother. She was nervous about his reaction.

Would he push her away, at the maximum grotesque level? Was he really only playing a pretend fantasy with her, too chicken shit to follow through with his body’s promises?

But, like any man with good sense, Chad smiled and complied, slipping down the girl’s body with kisses and suckles until he reached her bare sex. Slowly, he began lapping at her outer lips. He could feel her knee in his ear, and her moans prompted him to open her juicy cunt with his fingers almost immediately.

Chad knew it would frustrate her, but he couldn’t help but stopping to admire what he could see of Chelsea’s gorgeous pussy. Maybe it was the clarity of the view provided by her fresh shave, or maybe it was the lighting of the moon through the window, but something about this particular pussy – his sister’s pussy – caused Chad’s blood to pump faster than he’d ever known it to pump.

Ravenously, the twenty year old plunged his tongue into his barely-legal sister, making sure that not one fraction of an inch of this precious fruit was missed by his tongue’s caress. He teased her clit for only a moment, and began his assault on the outer and lower regions of her hole.

“Mmm, Chel, you taste so sweet! I’ll lick your pussy any time, sweetie. Any time.”

“Ooooh, good. You’re so fucking good at this, Chad!” It was obvious that Chelsea’s passions were rising, and rather quickly. Her voice involuntarily stuttered all of her vowels, and she repeated words — each repetition had more emphasis than the one before it.

“Oh, lick, lick, lick me more! Right, right…” Chelsea pulled her brother’s face up just a little by the chin to direct him to her tender, swollen clitoris. “Right there! Mmm!”

Lapping and sucking hastily, knowing his sister was close to her climax and loving her voice – whatever it was she was saying – Chad devoured her pussy not only for her pleasure, but for his. It truly was the sweetest tasting pussy he’d ever eaten.

Her body’s convulsions signaled to Chad that his sister was on the edge of her climax. He gave two long licks down the center of her slit, and then brutally sucked at her clit while finger fucking her hole. As if he’d found the magic combination, Chelsea screamed in pleasure. She arched her back and Chad had to be careful so that he could breathe and still continue sucking. He’d never seen a girl react quite like this, canlı bahis siteleri her pussy pouring juices into his mouth faster than he was being able to drink them.

Whatever hardness he’d lost in the course of the time it had taken to bring his sister off, he regained almost instantly when he realized that the smell of this honey gushing from her hole neither smelled nor tasted like urine. No, his sister was having a true female ejaculation, and he’d caused it.

His cock stood hard and proud, protruding from his boxer shorts as Chelsea’s orgasm diminished into heavy breathing. Chad lay beside his sister, watching her panting in her recovery. He couldn’t help but lay a hand on his own sex and begin to slowly stroke it, his sister’s naked body in full view.

After Chelsea had recovered, she opened her eyes and looked across at her brother. Leaning over to kiss him lightly on the cheek, she noticed what he was doing with his hand and quickly realized Chad’s predicament. She did a double take, mentally moving between her brother’s face and his cock, the realization of his still pending satisfaction slowly sinking into her brain.

“Um, sorry,” Chad murmered. “I told you – you’re so fucking hot! Guess I’ll go take care of this.” He began to get up from the bed and head back to his own room, with the full intention of finishing himself there, alone. Chelsea, though, had other plans.

She grabbed the elastic band that held his boxers around his waist, and yanked him back onto the bed. When she let go of him, the elastic snapped back up against his thighs just below the curve of his rear. He yelped a bit, but grinned as his sister slid the garment completely off of his legs and let it drop to the floor.

“No way. Fair’s fair, remember? My turn.” With a sly grin, Chelsea lowered herself to align her mouth with his full, hard cock. She cupped his balls in one hand, and let her tongue trail the rim of his swollen head.

Chad moaned, tossed his head back on the pillow, and closed his eyes. That was all the permission she needed, and she lowered her head. Her tongue circled his pulsating knob, wetting it before her lips encased him. She remained there on the tip of his cock for just a moment, providing a little suction before slipping her tongue out to wet as much of his shaft she could reach.

Little by little, Chelsea lowered her head and moved her lips down his long rod. She’d never seen a dick as big as his, let alone had one in her mouth, and her technique was a little thrown because of it. She had to back up and start down again a couple of times. Yet, it wasn’t long and most of Chad’s member was in his sister’s mouth. Chelsea adjusted herself to swallow as much of him as she could without choking.

Finally, she began her bobbing up and down on her brother’s lap. Her lips were wrapped around her teeth so as not to scrape him at all. A little at a time, she quickened her pace and always remembered to hold his balls close to his body. Now and then, she’d pause to circle the head of his cock with her tongue. Once every few strokes, she’d force her throat further onto his hardness and wiggle up and down in tiny motions until she felt her gag reflex start.

“Oh! Chel! Suck it, baby!” Chad said a lot of things that weren’t coherent really, a lot of things that were coherent but made no logical sense, and a lot of things Chelsea would have blushed at hearing him say at any other point in their lives. Tonight though, all was well, and his voice encouraged her pace and force. “Shit! I’m gonna… gonna… I’m gonna cum!”

Almost immediately, short spurts of sticky liquid spewed into Chelsea’s mouth, and she gladly swallowed them all. After all, fair was fair. She continued her sucking until her brother’s moans subsided, and his cock felt limp in her mouth. Giggling and wiping her face, she crawled up beside her heaving brother.

“Feel better?”

Chad only nodded and smiled in response, then kissed her head as an afterthought. In a few minutes when he could speak, he pecked her again.

“Yes, much better. Thanks. You?”

“Of course. Thanks.”

They lay there, recovering. Finally, Chelsea felt herself drifting into sleep again, and reached down for the covers. Pulling them up to her chin, she found Chad already asleep. She lay her head gently on his shoulder and covered them both before closing her eyes. Waking only slightly with his sister’s motions, Chad smiled dreamily and wrapped one arm around her.

“Night, Chel.”

“Night, Chad. See you tomorrow.”

“Mm, hm.”

Sleep overtook the two, wrapped in each other’s arms. Neither ever thought of what tomorrow might bring, and if they did, they just didn’t care right this moment. Tomorrow would worry about itself. If only they could’ve guessed how much worry tomorrow held…

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