Celebrating the Miracle of Life

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I celebrated this anniversary every year. 29 years ago today I was fortunate enough to have an accident save my life, and my family had made sure to celebrate the miracle of life ever since. But this year was different: I was celebrating it with Ashley. I had invited her to come celebrate with me. She knew the story, and tomorrow she was going to see the place where it happened: Dorking, where I grew up. Tonight, though, we headed to Borealis, a favourite restaurant of mine in Kitchener.

She looked amazing in her long dress that seemed to flow with every move her body made. And I thought I looked pretty good to in my charcoal grey shirt and light-coloured khakis. We smiled and joked and laughed our way through a delicious dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. It was a great way to celebrate life, but we didn’t want it to end there, so we went to a bar near my apartment to continue the celebration.

We grabbed a table and settled in to listen to some live music and have a few more drinks. I switched to rum and coke while Ashley continued to enjoy some red wine. At a pause in the music I decided to get up and go to the washroom, and as I was leaving, I noticed this cute blonde watching our table. I smiled at her, and when I came back I noticed her eyes were skipping between Ashley and myself.

“Interesting!” I thought to myself. “I wonder how interested she is.” I knew that her tight athletic frame was exactly the type Ashley tended to enjoy, and so I pointed her out to Ashley, being completely obvious so the blonde would know that we were talking about her.

“She looks lonely,” I told Ashley in a teasing voice, “I think we should invite her to join us.” Ashley paused, holding my gaze with her expressive eyes. I could see the mischief dance in them, but was holding my breath, waiting for her decision. With a smirk, she broke our eye contact, and waved the blonde over to us.

The blonde, whose name turned out to be Meghan, joined our table and was soon laughing and joking with us like she had known us her whole life. We learned that she was 22 and attended the local college. I mentioned having attended there for one semester, living in room 420 in residence. She raised her eyebrows at that bit of information, and I could tell she was up for a good time. Meghan also seemed to enjoy the idea that Ashley and I had met at college ourselves, and still stayed friends years after our college days were over.

Eventually the music stopped, and the bar started slowing down. I suggested we take the party back to my place, and Ashley and Meghan both agreed. We walked the short distance from the bar to my place, where I opened a bottle of wine as the girls settled in on my very comfortable couch.

The girls were giggling, probably a little drunk by this time, and they shifted so that Ashley was on one end of the casino siteleri couch, I was on the other, and Meghan was in the middle. As the wine flowed, the conversation got more flirtatious. Ashley and I knew pretty much everything about each other, and were enjoying shocking Meghan, and teasing out the details of her sexual experiences and fantasies.

During one lull in the conversation, as Ashley poured more wine, I leaned over to whisper a suggestion in Meghan’s ear. Ashley looked over at me with mild curiosity, and I did my best to look angelic, knowing that I didn’t even come close. She knew something was up but she didn’t know what, and I liked that.

Before Ashley could sit down, Meghan set down her glass and grabbed Ashley’s hand. I set my glass down too, and we led her to my bedroom at the back of the apartment. We stood at the foot of my bed, and Meghan began kissing her softly, while I stood behind her and ran my fingers gently along her back. I knew that nothing excited her more than someone playing with her back. As the girls continued to kiss, I bent my head to kiss her neck, while sliding my hands up to the zipper on her dress. I pulled it down, and let the dress fall from her body revealing her nice lithe body in only a black lacy thong.

We continued to kiss and caress her body, touching her all over. I turned her head to kiss her from behind and Meghan slowly ran her mouth down Ashley’s front, stopping to nibble on each of her beautiful breasts before dropping lower. Her hands went ahead of her mouth, sliding the thong down Ashley’s toned legs, and letting Ashley step out of them before spreading her legs, and kissing her newly exposed pussy.

With the distraction of Meghan’s mouth on her, I slipped away and grabbed a chair from my guest room. Ashley sort of noticed me as I came in, but it didn’t really register with her. Maybe she thought I was going to watch her and Meghan. She knows that’s a fantasy of mine, but that wasn’t my plan. I set the chair down, and Meghan stood up, pushing Ashley into the chair. I grabbed two ties from my closet, and tied her arms to the arms of the chair. She was stuck, helpless, wondering what we would do to her now.

We did nothing, to her at least. Instead, we turned and Ashley watched as I kissed Meghan for the first time, savouring the familiar taste of Ashley’s juices on her lips. Her hands slowly undid my shirt, revealing my hairy, muscular chest. She pushed the shirt off my shoulders, then I pulled her shirt over her head. I reached one hand behind her, releasing the clasp on her bra. I lowered my mouth to her perky breasts, teasing her nipples with my tongue, running circles around each one before sucking and biting them lightly. I straightened up to kiss her again and she slid her hand down my body to rub my hardening cock through my pants. I moaned in slot oyna pleasure as she caressed the bulge.

Meghan undid my belt and my pants, and fished my cock out through my boxers. Ashley moaned in appreciation, and (I hoped) envy as my hard, uncut cock appeared and Meghan continued to caress it. She dropped to her knees, and I let out a gasp as I felt her warm mouth on my cock as she continued to pull the foreskin back and forth with her soft hands.

My right hand held her head in place as she brought me to the edge of climax. I stopped her, pulling her to her feet and kissing her again. I could feel my hard, wet, cock pressing against her stomach. I reached down again and undid her jeans before pulling them and her panties off. I led her to the side of the bed and pushed her down so that Ashley would have a great view as I leaned down and began to run my tongue over Meghan’s completely bald pussy. She bucked her hips into my mouth as I fucked her with my tongue, teasing her in between by running my tongue in circles over her clit. I ran my fingers up inside her and sucked her clit hard into my mouth, once again causing her to buck her hips and moan in pleasure.

She was ready for me, so I stood up, pulled off my pants and grabbed a condom from my night stand. I walked over to Ashley, standing right in front of her as I rolled the condom down my shaft. I ran my fingers up her legs, feeling her excitement over being tied up and forced to helplessly watch the action. Again, I turned away from her and went back to Meghan who had been watching in amusement.

As I slid my hard cock over her opening, lubricating it for the coming action, I took one last look at Ashley, and then, with a smirk, thrust hard into Meghan. All three of us moaned. Meghan at the intrusion, me, at her tightness, and Ashley, at the sheer eroticism of the moment. I slowly built up momentum, leaning over Meghan as she lay on the edge of the bed. After a few minutes I pulled out, repositioning her on her knees, so I could fuck her from behind. With all the stimulation I knew I wasn’t going to last long, but I knew I didn’t need to. After a couple minutes I felt myself closing in on my orgasm and reached beneath Meghan to tease her clit and help her cry out in pleasure as she felt my cock twitching inside her.

I pulled out, pulling the condom off, as Meghan turned to watch. I went to Ashley and untied her from the chair, but didn’t let her go. I forced her to lick my cock clean before I let her up, and guided her towards Meghan and the bed. Knowing it would take some time for me to be ready for round two, I planned to sit in the chair, and watch my fantasy of Ashley and another woman come to life. I couldn’t help but smirk as my ass hit the chair. The seat was soaked! Ashley must have really enjoyed the show.

My attention was quickly diverted canlı casino siteleri by the two lithe bodies kissing and caressing each other on my bed. I had whispered the secret to Meghan about Ashley’s back, and she was taking the lead, having Ashley lie down on her stomach while Meghan caressed her back, running her hands all the way down to Ashley’s ass, and even sneaking caresses of her pussy between her legs. Ashley was very vocal in her appreciation of everything Meghan was doing.

Soon, Meghan rolled Ashley over, and they were embraced in a passionate sixty-nine. It seemed like they almost became one body, they were so in sync. I could hear muffled moans from both of them as they caressed and licked each other. Very soon I felt my erection start to stir again, and I decided to stop watching. There was something else I wanted; something I had been waiting a long long time to experience.

Meghan looked up at me as I approached. The look on her face was pure mischief as she grabbed my cock, and guided it in to Ashley’s waiting pussy. I could hear the muffled gasp as I pushed it in all the way. I began to build a comfortable rhythm. wanting to fuck her hard, but not so hard that she couldn’t continue to pleasure Meghan.

I could see the look on Meghan’s face, and could tell from her breathing that she was getting close, and soon she let out a loud moan as Ashley took her over the edge. Sated for the moment, she rolled to her side, off Ashley. This allowed me to get Ashley on her knees and fuck her from behind. Doggy style is great in general, but especially with Ashley I knew it would be good because I was able to run my hands along her back, drawing her excitement to a new level as I thrust my cock deep inside her. I teased her, running my hands lightly up and down her back, letting my nails lightly scratch her skin. Her voice reached a high pitched moaning or mewling and I could feel her pushing back against me with more urgency. I grabbed a handful of her hair to pull her towards me and remind her who was in charge. She tried to fight back at me by squeezing my cock inside her, milking it with each thrust. I fucked her harder, my hips smacking against her ass, echoing throughout the room.

Meghan leaned in, excitement in her eyes, anticipating the climax she knew was coming for both of us. That reminder of her presence pushed me over the edge. I dragged my fingers along Ashley’s back, down to her hips and held on as I deposited my seed with one final thrust. At the touch of my fingers on her back, Ashley’s orgasm took her over too, as she collapsed in a loud exclamation of pleasure. My body dropped down covering hers, as we both lay there in exhaustion. I rolled over on my back, my softening cock falling out as I held her close.

“Meghan, come here,” I commanded as my fingers slid down to spread Ashley’s lips and felt my cum leaking out. “Clean us up.” Was all I had to say and Meghan was softly lapping away at Ashley’s satisfied pussy, then sucking on my cock before coming back up to kiss and cuddle with Ashley as we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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