Call It Whatever You Want Ch. 02

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The daily routine and quality of life sure had changed for Colin Moore since his sister Kayleigh had moved in with him a three weeks ago. Prior to that, a typical night for him would consists of coming home from work, ordering pizza, and playing computer games and masturbating to porn all night.

The only thing that was the same was that he still ordered pizza frequently. Almost everything else had changed.

He woke up this morning not to the sound of his alarm cock, but instead he was awoken by the sensual feel of his sister’s lips wrapped around his cock. He woke up every morning with a semi-hardon and since Kayleigh usually woke up before him, she made sure that semi-hardon turned into a full erection. She loved waking him up with blowjobs.

Colin looked down as he lay in bed and watched his blonde sister suck on his prick. His dick was fully hard this morning and she was happily sucking him off in bed. His little sister had blossomed quickly into a gorgeous babe. She had bleached blonde hair, a nice tan, gorgeous lips that were full and plump, and a set of big, fake F-cup tits that made people stare wherever she went. Kayleigh had a body and complete image of a barbie doll porn slut. She’d make a great porn star, but what she really aspired to be was a lingerie model.

It didn’t take long before Colin’s prick was dripping wet as Kayleigh sucked and drooled all over him. She looked up at her brother as she flicked her tongue over the slit at the tip of his cock, where his precum had been steadily oozing out. Her tongue was soft, warm, and wet as she let it glide over the swollen end of Colin’s cock. Seeing that he was awake and enjoying the affection, she smiled up at Colin, flashing her bright white, perfect teeth which were framed by full, plump lips and said “Good morning!”

“Morning, sis. That feels goooood!” he said. Kayleigh was now smacking his penis up against her lips, giving it a kiss each time the shaft thwocked up against her face.

“I know my big brother loves morning blowjobs!” she said happily.

Colin felt how wet and slippery his prick had become, and he had a great idea. “I sure do, but this morning I think I want to fuck those big tits of yours.”

“Yeah!?” Kayleigh squealed in excitement. Ever since she got her boob-job, she was addicted to using them and receiving attention focused on her breasts. She loved hearing Colin talk about how much he loved her massive tits, and whenever they were out in public she wore tight, low-cut shirts to expose gratuitous amounts of cleavage, she had an almost unquenchable crave for the lustful stares she drew from just about everyone. She soaked up the attention her boobs got her and she loved it all. She needed to have eyes on her, and she loved the gawking stares she drew, not just from her brother, but from everyone. “I’d love to milk your cock with my boobies.” she told Colin. Most of all, she loved to use her new set of jugs to tittyfuck.

Kayleigh scooted down off the bed and knelt near the foot of the bed, as Colin slid down so he was sitting at the edge. She placed her hands on the insides of Colin’s thighs, leading him to open them a little further, and once he was spread nice and wide, she moved closer to her brother. Colin’s member was arching up eagerly and was still dripping with drool, and soon it was being pressed up to Kayleigh’s firm tummy. Once she let the penis make contact with her body, she started to slide down further, so that the smooth underside of his shaft slid along her body until it was positioned perfectly between her breasts.

All Colin did was lean back on the bed, and he even used a couple pillows to help prop himself up as he leaned back on his elbows. What a life! His little sister did all the work from here on out. His blonde sister placed her hands on the outside curves of her swollen boobs and squeezed them together, trapping the slippery rod in between them. Colin’s prick was wrapped up tightly in Kayleigh’s titflesh as she squeezed those gorgeous boobs around him. They were the perfect size for tittyfucking. Kayleigh’s jugs were just made for slapping a cock between.

Colin started to pump his hips upward, sending his shaft sliding through her cleavage. Even with his hips pumping up and down, Kayleigh lifted and lowered her boobs up and down too, fucking Colin’s shaft with her round, ballooning bubbles.

On Colin’s bedside table was a half-full bottle of baby oil that they had bought a few days ago. Once they had started using it, it became really hard to not use it. So even though Colin’s prick was still wet and slippery from Kayleigh blowing him earlier, he yearned for that bottle of baby oil just a few feet away. Adding the baby oil to a tittyfuck made it so much better.

“Hold on, Kay, let me grab the oil.” Colin said, leaning back. He reached as far as he could and was just barely able to grab the bottle with his fingertips without having to let his cock slip out from his sister’s incredible rack. It was probably the most impressive casino siteleri physical feat he had ever done.

With the bottle of baby oil in his hands, Colin removed the cap and then squirted a stream of the warm liquid up and down his shaft until it was coated and slick. Next, he turned the bottle toward his sister’s rack. He started at her right nipple and squirted the slippery oil back and forth across her boobs, soaking them with the lubricating liquid. Now that they were slick and slippery, Colin set the bottle aside and started humping his hips again.

“That baby oil feels so good on my boobies.” Kayleigh said sweetly, as she felt the warm liquid soaking into her bosom.

“Good, I know, it makes it so much easier to fuck your tits, too!” the older brother replied.

It certainly did help him tittyfuck Kayleigh. As he moved his hips up and down, Colin’s prick was able to glide with ease up and down between Kayleigh’s big, perfectly inflated tits. Her boobs were smushed slightly as she squeezed them together hard, and they created a tight mold around his hard cock. Kayleigh’s little hands couldn’t grasp her tits without them overflowing. Her ballooning jugs simply were too big for her to cup in her hands, but she could push on the outer curves of them to squeeze them around Colin’s dick.

Kayleigh raised and lowered her rack up and down her brother’s slippery cock. They were gliding together so easily now and the motion of Colin fucking her boobs was making slurping noises in the bedroom.

The busty sister didn’t need him to warn her that he was about to cum, she could sense it was coming. As Colin started to cum, his first rope of jizz squirted from the tip of his cock, flying up from between Kayleigh’s boobs, and then it landed on the top of her swells. He kept his dick buried in between her melons and she continued to massage his prick with her orbs during his intense orgasm. Colin’s next two blasts of semen were delivered between her breasts in a gooey mess. Finally, he finished by pulling his dick out and squirting his last drops of cum across one of her nipples. His white, gooey sperm was dripping down over her tan skin.

Kayleigh crawled up onto the bed, her bosom slick and dripping with cum, and relaxed on her back beside Colin. He absolutely loved that he and Kayleigh had become so close and intimate that he was fucking her boobs on a daily basis, but he longed for more. He wanted to take things to the next level. The problem he had run into was he had convinced Kayleigh that it was okay to do what they were doing because it technically wasn’t incest. In doing so, he had basically drawn a line of what was on and off limits. It was ironic then, that exactly what he had defined as off-limits was exactly what he was craving the most.

He really loved the blowjobs and titjobs, but more and more often he found himself wanting to slide his cock inside her pussy and fuck her. He had painted himself into a corner, figuratively speaking.

Just then, Colin noticed the clock on the bedside table. “Holy shit, I’m an hour late for work!”

After throwing on some clothes and getting a kiss goodbye, Colin flew out the door and ran to work. His job was at a deli just a few blocks away, so he was able to walk to work. Despite being so close, he had been late almost every single day for the past few weeks. These morning romps with Kayleigh were great, but he always lost track of time.

Once her brother left for work, Kayleigh curled back up in bed. Her tits were still a slimy mess of baby oil and jizz, but she liked leaving Colin’s cum on her breasts for a while. Usually if she gave him a titfuck before he left for work, she’d let his load stay splattered across her breasts for a good hour or two, letting the fuckjuice soak in, before she’d clean up. It felt nice. She felt validated when she was coated in sperm.

Kayleigh opened her bedside table drawer and pulled out her pink dildo that she kept there, and she started to play with herself in bed. She only had enough time this morning to make her brother cum, and now that she was alone she would spend the day in bed playing with her pussy. The toyed with the dildo, imagining that it was Colin’s cock.

“Oh Colin, why don’t you fuck me?” she whispered to herself as she steadily pushed the dildo inside her pussy.

Kayleigh hadn’t been fucked in about a month, and for her that was a long time. Colin was the only man around in her life right now, and oddly enough he was the only man who had ever said no to her. Despite her aggressive sexual advances, her brother seemed opposed to having sex with her. She gave him blowjobs and tittyfucked him almost daily, but he never asked for more. She didn’t understand it, and she couldn’t really take it much longer. He seemed to believe that it was wrong to take things to the next level.

Kayleigh played with herself, using the dildo, and imagined that the plastic sex-toy was Colin’s dick inside her.

—- —- —–

Colin hurried slot oyna as fast as he could, buttoning his shirt as he ran down the sidewalk. He felt stupid being over an hour late to work even though he lived just a few blocks away. To make matters worse, he had been late to work almost every day for the past few weeks, and he was running out of excuses to give his boss, Mr. Grunk. When you live just a few blocks away, excuses like car trouble and traffic just don’t work.

He arrived at Grunk’s Deli and ran through the back door, still tucking his shirt into his pants. Mr. Grunk spotted him from his office and screamed at Colin to come in and see him.

“Colin! Get in here!” Grunk yelled from his office.

Colin shuffled in, his head hanging low. He knew he was in trouble. His heart was racing, he hadn’t even thought of an excuse on his run to work. “Hi, Mr. Grunk, sorry I’m late.” he said.

“Late!? If it were an hour ago you’d be late. You were supposed to clock in an hour and twenty minutes ago!” Mr. Grunk wasn’t happy. The white-haired, cranky old store manager was never in a good mood. His brow was wrinkled from years of scowling.

“I know, I’m sorry sir. I know I’m late, but its not my fault. I uh… I was really sick this morning. Food poisoning. I was throwing up all night and this morning. It must have been something I ate. I feel better now though!” It was the first excuse he could think of. As the words spewed out of his mouth, he tried to hide the fact that he was out of breath.

“Nice try. You used that excuse twice last week. You’ve been late to work …” Old man Grunk paused and looked at a piece of paper on his desk, tallying the amount of times Colin had been late, “thirteen times in the past three weeks! That’s totally unacceptable.”

Colin gulped as his heart pounded. He didn’t want to get fired. The 25-year old really needed this job. He had worked at Grunk’s Deli for the past seven years, ever since he got out of high school.

“You used to be a good employee, Colin. I don’t know what the fuck happened to you.” Grunk said.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Colin whispered under his breath.

“I guess you just can’t be bothered to show up to work on time any more. Colin Moore, you’re FIRED!” Grunk screamed at him.

Colin shivered. This was the only job he knew how to do. He really didn’t want to look for another job, and actually learn something new. He liked things easy, and familiar. “Oh God no, please don’t fire me!” he pleaded, his voice quivering.

Colin begged and pleaded with Mr. Grunk for another twenty minutes, but the cranky old store manager wouldn’t listen. His mind was made up. Colin was forced to turn in his name-tag and he was sent packing.

As he left through the back of the store, Colin looked down at his phone; he had one new text message. He checked and saw it was from his sister: “Have a gr8 day at work! xxx ooo”

“Fuck.” he said.

Colin was stunned as he started walking. He didn’t start walking home, though, he just started walking… aimlessly. Thoughts were flying through his head. Now that he had no job, he had no source of income. Without money he wouldn’t be able to pay rent. Without an apartment, Kayleigh would move out. He’d already lost his job, but in the next month he’d lose his apartment, his sister, and his only sex life.

He walked into a convenience store on the corner of a street and bought a 40z of malt liquor, and started drinking it around behind the store. As he sat on the ground, drinking to numb the pain, he started thinking about his father and how his dad had always said he was a failure and a loser. His father was now right, Colin thought. This must be rock bottom.

For a moment, Colin thought about walking out into the street and letting himself get hit by a bus. Now, that was rock bottom.

After a few minutes, when he finished his 40oz of malt liquor, he tossed the bottle into the dumpster, and walked home. He had to face the music and tell Kayleigh that he was fired, broke, and that she’d probably need to find another place to live.

—- —- —–

After a few hours of wandering around, Colin returned home to the apartment. He unlocked the door and shuffled inside unhurriedly.

“Oh, you’re home early! Yay!” Kayleigh squealed as she noticed him.

Kayleigh had been cleaning the apartment in her underwear – she was wearing a matching sheer pink bra and panties. The tight bra cupped her big, ballooning tits and held them up high. The cups of her bra were so low cut that her dark nipples were half visible, slipping out slightly at all times. The matching pink panties clung to her tan buns, and her slim, slightly toned stomach was fully exposed proudly. Her impossibly sexy figure always amazed her brother.

“Yeah…” he said unenthusiastically, walking into the living room.

Kayleigh threw her arms around Colin a big hug and squeezed him tight. The tight squeezing hug crushed her big boobies up against canlı casino siteleri his chest. Those big, luscious tits always made him feel good. He hugged her right back, enjoying the feel of her warm hooters pressed up to his body.

“That feels good.” he added.

“I have something I want to tell you.” Kayleigh told him.

“I do too.” he said, sulking. “You go first.”

“Ok!” she said, releasing him from the hug, and she clasped her hands together happily. “I’ve been thinking… we’ve been fooling around for weeks now…”

Colin nodded, “Yeah.” wondering where this conversation was headed.

“… And we are really comfortable with each other.” Kayleigh continued. “And it’s been like, a long time since I got laid. I really need it bad.”

Colin blinked in surprise. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” he asked.

“Yeah. I really want you to fuck me!” she said, grinning.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting you to say that.” Colin responded. This was a dream come true.

“Well? Are you going to make me beg?” she said, crossing her arms underneath her large breasts.

“No way, you don’t need to ask more than once! I’ve been wanting more for a while now, I was just afraid to ask.”

“Why would you be afraid to ask, sweetie?” Kayleigh said to him, giving his arm a squeeze.

“I don’t know, I thought you might think I was weird.” he shrugged.

“So what was it you wanted to tell me?” Kayleigh asked.

Amid the wonderful thoughts of how good it will feel to slide his cock inside Kayleigh and actually fuck her, he had forgotten about the rest of his shitty day. Suddenly he remembered that he got fired earlier today.

“Oh umm…” he stuttered. He couldn’t tell her now, kill the mood, and effectively mess up any chance to fuck Kayleigh again. The bad news could wait. He would tell her later. “I uh… I guess I forgot. It must not have been that important.” he forced a laugh.

“Are you sure? Because —” she said, but was cut off.

“Just shut up and kiss me.” Colin said, and pulled her in close to kiss her.

The two of them started kissing passionately and Colin’s hands began to grope and squeeze Kayleigh’s tight little ass. His fingers squeezed her tight buns as her breasts were pushed up against his chest wonderfully. The simple act of squeezing her up against his body was enough to make her tits pop out of her bra. Soon, he felt Kayleigh’s bare nipples pressed to his body, with only his shirt separating them.

Colin bent down slightly and sucked her nipples into his mouth one at a time. He started with her right nipple, and nursed and sucked on it for a few moments, then switched to the left one. Kayleigh’s nipples were hard little nubs of flesh that Colin absolutely loved to suck on. It felt right to nurse on those gorgeous, big, fake fuck-melons. As he sucked on her boobs, his dick grew harder and harder until his jeans couldn’t hold his cock any more.

Kayleigh knelt down in front of her brother and helped him by undoing his jeans, and she slid them down his waist to his knees. As she pulled the jeans down, the stiff rod inside popped up and bobbed up and down as she freed it. The long, thick, fuck-pole stared directly at her with it’s one eye. Soon, clear precum began to ooze out of the tip, like an animal salivating at the mouth before it’s meal.

She spit across Colin’s dick, letting her saliva spray across the tip and upper half of his shaft in gooey streaks. She then slapped it with her palm a couple times, and then began to suck on it. Her full lips were plump dick sucking pillows that wrapped his shaft perfectly. Kayleigh sucked and slurped noisily, devouring her brother’s dick with a slutty thirst.

Her sloppy blowjob left drool oozing down her chin that splattered down onto the inner curves of her tits, getting her bosom nice and moist. While getting his dick sucked, Colin was gazing at her bouncing boobs, and once he saw enough of her saliva spilled across them, he pulled his cock free from her mouth and then shoved it between her juicy tits.

Kayleigh gasped up at Colin as he just plunged his wet prick between her fuck-jugs and started humping them. Her arms held her bulging melons together while her brother fucked them, happily smearing his precum across her soft skin. His dickmeat and her breastflesh felt like they were made to be pressed together.

“Fuck, that feels so good. I could cum between your tits every day, sis, but I really want to fuck you first.” he told her.

“Well what are you waiting for?” Kayleigh replied, walking over to the bed. She bent over at the end of the bed, pulling her panties down just enough to expose half of her buns, the crack of her beautiful booty sticking out toward Colin.

With his hard prick throbbing, Colin walked up behind her and slapped his dick in between her buns and rubbed his shaft between her cheeks for a few strokes, hotdogging her beautiful ass. Then he grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her knees, exposing her perfectly smooth pussy lips, between which her hole was already glistening with moisture.

“I can’t believe we’re finally going to do it. I’m going to get to feel that gorgeous dick inside me!” Kayleigh moaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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