Cabin Fun, with Mom

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Please read, “Cabin Fun”, first to get the full effect.


My mom, Jennifer, Jen for short, and me, Chuck, were left alone at the cabin. My sister, Ashley was taken into town by my father, to see a dentist. My mom was very fit for her age, thirty nine, and was eager to go see the lake. I was also very fit, being only eighteen, but I was still a little tired from Ashley and me having sex all night. Mom and dad had no idea of what took place between my sister and me while they were gone.

“Mom, it’s a pretty rough hike through the woods. It may be a little tough going at times. Are you sure you want to go?”

“Oh sure, it won’t be a problem. You took Ashley there and she seemed to make it a point I go see it, so—lets get going before it’s too dark.”

Mom and I hiked the same path to the opening with a view of the lake and some rocks to sit on and drink in the scenery from. It was some sight. Mom thanked me for showing her this spot and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I kept looking at her ass as we were walking. I was feeling a little horny after my romp with my sister, Ashley yesterday. I sat with mom for an hour, just laughing and talking about life and then we headed back to the cabin.

“Ashley must have really liked the view too, honey. You both seem to be getting along well, very well. Were there any problems you two had? Did something happen that I should know about?” Mom asked.

“I thought Ashley got a tick on her, mom, but I think it was just a piece off a branch that caught her. I told her it was a tick, but I just wanted to see how she would react.”

“How did she react, honey?”

I couldn’t tell mom that we screwed ourselves silly after our examines of each others bodies,

“She took it very well and only got a little upset, mom.”

When we arrived at the cabin, mom started to make dinner. I helped peel the potatoes and set the table. I started a fire in the fireplace and lit some candles as it was getting dark out. Mom’s cell phone was ringing. Mom answered the phone.

“Hello. Yes, yes I think that would be better. Yes, I love you too. Call me when you finish tomorrow, bye.” Mom put the phone down and walked over to me.

“Your father and Ashley are heading back home. The dentist in town suggested they use her regular dentist as it might casino siteleri take more than one visit to fix. Dad will call tomorrow when they know more.”

“Don’t worry mom. Everything will be fine. Too bad it’s such a long drive. I don’t think dad is going to get much cabin time.”

Mom and I ate our meal, with only a little small talk between us. After cleaning up we sat on the front porch until the insects bothered us too much. We went back in and mom headed for the small bathroom to clean up. I would wash up when she finished, if I still had hot water.

When mom came back she was wrapped in a towel. She looked sexy. Bare feet and no make up. Mom was hot without any help from a bottle. I could almost see a nipple in the low light. She sat on Ashley’s sleeping bag and was brushing her hair. I went to wash up and changed into my shorts and tee shirt. As I came into the main room, I saw my mom looking at my sleeping bag. Ashley and I had forgotten to clean up my cum that I had shot all over my bag.

“Chuck, what is this? It looks like dried sperm.”

“What mom? I must have had a wet dream mom.”

“Right, but I think you had a little help. What the hell happened, and I want the truth. Don’t bullshit me and don’t leave anything out either. I will also ask Ashley and your stories better match. Got it?”

I couldn’t bring myself to look mom in the eye. I knew I was caught and hoped that Ashley meant it when she said she didn’t care if our parents found out. Really, what could anyone do? We both were old enough to make our own decisions. I know mom and dad sure wouldn’t go blabbing to the whole world that their son and daughter were fucking each other.

“OK, mom. I’ll tell you the truth, but don’t forget you asked for it. Ashley and I were screwing our butts off last night. We had more sex while you and dad were gone than we had in our whole life. I might also add, it was the best and hottest sex I could ever want.”

Mom was silent. She sat there, but her mind was a million miles away. I didn’t want to hurt her and I didn’t want hold back anything. I was worried that mom would go crazy and yell, but she stayed silent.

Mom finally got inside her sleeping bag and pulled out the towel she had wrapped around her body. She said something, maybe good night; I’m not sure and turned slot oyna her back on me. As we both lay there I knew neither of us would be able to sleep much. I did somehow doze off for a few minutes and I awoke to a familiar sound.

Mom was on her back and making a moaning sound. I realized that mom was also finger banging her cunt. I laid there watching the show. As mom got closed to an orgasm, I cheered her on using her name.

“That’s the way Jen, rub that cunt, yeah baby, have a little taste, oh yeah, fuck that pussy.” Each taunt made her squeal louder. I was getting a hot show, but when mom opened up the sleeping bag, I couldn’t take anymore. I pulled out my cock and started stroking right along with mom.

Mom cried out. “Fuck me Chuck, Fuck me hard baby, come on, stick that rod in deep and give me all your cum, I need some cock, fuck me baby, fuck me baby.”

I mounted mom and drove in all my cock in one swift move. I had visions of us being porno actors, just following script, like we’ve done this scene a hundred times before. Mom was working my meat hard. Where did she learn to fuck like this? Mom had a craving for cock and it seemed like she was a marathon fuck. I could smell the sex, and each pounding made a slapping sound. Mom was gushing her juices, making them splash on our thighs and making a puddle on the sleeping bag. I hammered my cock into a hungry cunt mouth, spilling my seed to mix with mom’s hot offering.

We laid in that mess for several minutes, kissing deep and letting our fluids mingle. I felt a heat from mom’s cunt that was being fed by lust. A fire that had been smoldering, waiting for just the right time to burst into a consuming inferno of passion. I didn’t feel just love, I also felt need coming from my mother.

“Jen, what was that about? Doesn’t dad give you enough cock? Your one hot lay. Do you always put that much into a fuck?”

“Chuck, you got me so hot telling me about Ashley and you. Now that we’ve crossed the line we can’t go back to being mother and son. Your dad isn’t a cock master by any means. If I get laid once a month he thinks that’s enough. I was pretty popular in college and got a lot of hard dick. After marrying your dad, I just kind of forgot about the good times I could have. Now honey, you can have Ashley or me just about anytime you want.”

“Jen, canlı casino siteleri lets clean up a little and maybe you can let me explore your body and I can see what I’ve been missing. I’m now a motherfucker and I might as well enjoy the title. I want you on my cock, fucking or sucking, the rest of tonight.”

“I think I can handle that baby. I remember a few tricks I used to keep a guy hard for hours. I’m sure we’ll enjoy using them.”

We cleaned up and even remembered to clean up the sleeping bags. Mom put a large blanket on the floor, and I cuddled with mom, sucking her tits and taking in her warm body.

“I’m going to work on your father to get some beds in here, soon. This floor is just too hard to give a real fuck on.” We laughed.

Mom stuck a finger in my ass, at the same time she was sucking my dick. I got hard instantly. Mom guided me into her furry box and we started humping, slow, hard thrust. Mom’s cunt was pulling my cock to its full length. I could feel the head of my cock getting bigger. Mom was pulling so hard on my cock I was getting light headed from the lack of blood. Mom rolled me over; my throbbing cock still buried deep inside her twat, and worked her ass up, down, and around my dick. I blew my load and mom squealed as she added her sauce to this incestuous recipe of lust.

Mom was quick to roll me on my stomach, lifting my ass to her mouth and darting her tongue in my asshole, probing for just the right spot. Ahhhhhh, she found it. Hard once again, mom got on all fours and had me butt fuck her. What a ride! This hot slut of a mother was giving her son more than he could handle. Her asshole was smooth and hot, very hot. Mom could only meet my pounding; I was in the driver’s seat and I knew this ride was all mine. Mom was fingering her cunt to get off, I didn’t care about that. I was humping this booty for my pleasure. I blew a small load deep in her bowels, holding my plug like cock in her ass until she got herself off. My cock was squeezed until it popped out like a cork.

“Jen, you’re a fuck machine. I can’t keep up with you. I’m drained and you’re still ready to fuck.”

“Honey, I was thinking. Maybe we could talk Ashley into a threesome. What do you think about that?” Mom said.

“Mom, why do I get the feeling it will be Ashley and me, trying to keep up with you? Of course I’ll talk to her; I need all the help I can get.” We kissed and laughed into each others mouth. Mom was pinching my nipples and I felt a twitch in my dick. Here we go again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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