Bullets of Water Ch. 01

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Feeling the water strike my skin was soothing to me. The tickling, hot, tingly sensation on my breasts and face as the steaming water caressed me almost tortured me. The steam made it somewhat harder to breathe, but I enjoyed the feeling. The hot water felt so good, I felt like if I dozed off too long I would faint and fall.

He had broken up with me. Of course, a typical excuse for every girl who’s whining for attention. But I truly thought he was the one. I thought he would look past the prostitution and past relationships, and love me for who I truly was. I was nothing but peaceful and kind to him. I never cheated on him. He had cheated on me.

All these sorrows washed away along with my tears, as I wept in the tub. I sat down in the white bath chair behind me, continuing to weep.

When I finished crying like the coward that I was, I realized my sex drive was sparking. It did that whenever I was in a hard situation. But it wasn’t just sparking. It was ravenous. I needed something to quench my thirst for sex. I frantically looked around the bathtub, looking for something-a vibrator, toothbrush, anything.

But I felt too depressed to even bother getting out of the chair. I quickly stopped caring. A spark kurtköy escort that went ablaze, and then got smothered by the feeling of crushing loneliness.

I looked up at the hot water rushing to my belly. I moved my hand to my pierced clitoris, gently rubbing on the tip, wiggling the ball bearing gently in circles.

As I masturbated, I felt my sex drive spark again. It overpowered my depression. I felt in control again. My fingers moved to the rest of my clit, stroking up and down, in circles.

As I did this, my breathing increased. Adrenaline began to spread through me. Yes, this was good. This was good.

I looked up at the shower head, curious. I never before thought that a shower head could be used as a tool for masturbation. But as my sex drive sky-rocketed, so did my desire to satisfy my curiosity.

I pulled myself off the chair, lifting the shower head from its hook. I pulled it down, and moved it slowly to my right nipple.

It was a little too hot for this. Oh, but it felt nice. My nipple was erecting. My breasts were getting gradually more tender. I loved it. I just held it there, for several minutes.

My breast soon became raw from overdoing the contact, so I moved aydıntepe escort to the other breast. A whole new sensation, all over again, just as wonderful as my right breast was. I gasped, then moaned. I rubbed my other nipple, which wasn’t as tender now that it had a break.

But then, I wondered what it would feel like if…

I sat back down on the chair, and brought the shower head close to my pussy, on my thigh. It hadn’t even been touched by the water and it was already so wet. As the water struck my inner thigh, I teased myself by inching closer and closer, super slow-like.

But soon the water hit me, down there, right on the spot. I had immediately hit it just right. Right above my piercing.

I spread my legs, and then the lips of my pussy. It was such a gorgeous sensation, the running water stroking my beautiful pussy. The pleasure was so hot, it was warmer than the hot water.

Slowly, I began to feel something pass through my body. It was intense. It was ferocious. My moans started to get gradually louder. The water was closer to the piercing. Louder. The water hit the clit piercing and my whole body jerked. Louder. My moans turned to shrieks of incredible pleasure. Louder. More tuzla içmeler escort water, I moved it back to the piercing. It didn’t hurt, it pulled the skin a little. It was so beautiful. My body crouched forward in an involuntary slouch. I tried to moan again, but no sound came out. My mouth was just gaping, as I tried my best to keep the water right there.

I felt an orgasm begin to approach. It crept closer, closer. I kept screaming. The pleasure was so hot.

I felt like I was on the peak of orgasm. I felt all my muscles tense up at once. I rubbed my pussy spastically with my other finger, which amplified the pleasure.

The orgasm was right there, right there-!

I pulled away immediately. I came, letting my body take over. The muscle spasms were strong, and the coming process took ten whole seconds to calm down.

Oh, my god, I thought. That was fucking wonderful!

After I recovered, I decided I wasn’t done yet. Really quickly, I got out, dried off, and got a drink of water before getting back in. I felt dizzy. I needed to sit for a minute, while my body slowly recovered from that wild experience.

I laughed, and looked at the shower head, nodding. “You are quite effective,” I said to myself euphorically, laughing as the endorphins rushed through me.

Once I recovered, I got straight back in, with my legs spread nicely wide open, ready for round two, with a new challenge: higher pressure.

This story continues on Chapter 2.

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