Brother’s Briefs Ch. 01

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I have been visiting and enjoying Literotica for years now and have finally decided to submit some original work, please let me know what you think!


He was going for a run, yes! Kyla celebrated mentally as she felt the familiar tingle of arousal begin to creep up her spine. A run meant sweating and sweating meant his briefs would smell. Her breathing got a little faster while she thought back to the last pair and the thrill she got from using them. A second wave of arousal began to build, this time mixed with a bit of shame.

“He’s your brother for god sakes,” her inner angel would often remind her.

“Look at him though,” would come the dark side reply. And today she would embrace that dark side, she usually did, the guilt would come later. Naughty and depraved she relished in her incestuous fantasy.

And who wouldn’t when it came to Trey. His casual demeanor and baby blue eyes easily seduced the over eager girls at the college they attended together. His athletic body didn’t hurt either, nearly six feet of well toned muscles made sure he rarely slept alone. There was always some new tramp showing herself out in the morning. Renting an apartment with her brother ensured Kyla was always witnessing her brother’s latest conquests. It also made sure she had easy access to his laundry; enabling her dirty fetish.

It disappointed Kyla that none of those tramps looked anything like her. Maybe if she was his ‘type’ then one day she could live her ultimate and most sinful fantasy. Her slender five and a half foot frame and ‘b’ cups couldn’t compete with the curvy double ‘d’ bimbos he always seemed casino oyna to bring home. Their overly made up faces and long blonde hair stood in contrast to Kyla and her conservative look topped off with red hair.

“See you in a few!” he announced on his way out the door. A knowing grin crossed her face, it was time to prepare.

“First things first,” she told herself as she reached into the cupboard for a glass. Into it she poured a double shot of rum over ice and mixed in some cola, it was always better with a little buzz. Kyla downed the first swig on the way to her bedroom. The familiar burn of the liquor making its way into her hurt a bit, but she always had liked a bit of pain.

Sitting on edge of the bed she placed her drink on the nightstand and opened the drawer. Hidden under a magazine she found the subjects of her search, a tube of lubricant and a condom. The next items came from under the mattress. One a former broom handle cut to three feet, with one end the rounded off one of course. A few sheets of sand paper had made it nice and smooth. The next prize was two clothespins linked with several feet of string. Kyla was particularly proud of this little piece of creativity and smiled at her ingenuity. She walked to the corner of the room and put her collection on the floor, next to a pair of hooks that had been screwed down firmly through the carpet. All that was left was the waiting and her cold drink of course. There were always fun ways to pass the time.

She lay out on the bed and took another drink but didn’t put it down this time. Her middle finger circled her belly button a bit and slot oyna slowly weaved its way up until her hand found the edge of her shirt. Downing another sip with her other hand she gradually raised the shirt until she exposed a nipple, already hard. No need for a bra at home she had always said; hoping her brother would notice of course. The tiny areolas and pointy nipples stood out easily against the fair skin of her breasts. Like most redheads she didn’t exactly tan well so she was quite fair indeed.

The cute redhead closed her eyes and pictured Trey as she had seen him just the day before. Fresh out of the shower she had caught a glimpse of his toned butt as he slid on his boxers, taking Kyla from zero to aroused in no time. He turned around and there was his bulge with what looked like a semi-hard on, maybe he had just masturbated? The mental image sent her heart racing. She longed to see his member, hold it, and make it hers.

“The best place for that is inside of me,” she told herself. She wondered what his semen tasted like; just then he caught sight of her. “Shut the door this isn’t a locker room!” she yelled playfully. Turn the tables, a classic female strategy but it worked.

One hand made its way to the wetness between her legs while the other brought the drink to her breast. She touched the bottom of the freezing cold glass to her nipple; the sensation brought out a gasp and sent the fingers further south into a flurry of activity. Moans escaped her lips as she moved the drink to the other breast. When it made contact she penetrated herself with two fingers, then three, spreading her fingers canlı casino siteleri to stretch herself out while slowly withdrawing them. She didn’t want to get too excited too fast. Then again she never had a lot of will power when it came to sex. The sopping wet fingers made their way to her nose while she emptied the glass a bit more. The smell of her own juices always excited her, she often wondered if that made her a lesbian. She put glass down and sent that hand between her legs, it was cold and the sensation heightened her arousal further. Her scent was firm; smelling her fingers while she massaged her sex made her feel dirty, and she wanted more.

“Do it,” her dirty side said.

“That’s nasty, who does that?” replied good Kyla.

Good Kyla lost and the wet fingers made their way into her mouth. The taste of her own pussy was too much and she lost control. Her fingers ground hard against her clit as fast as they could with images of her brother in her head, on top of her, sweating and thrusting. It was his words that really did the trick though.

“Dirty slut, who fucks their brother? Sniffs his briefs, and tastes her own pussy? Fucking whore!” His cutting words made her feel humiliated, guilty, and terribly horny. That did it, her body began tensing; the orgasm began to take her. The fingers in her mouth moved to her nipple, she squeezed it and pulled hard. The orgasm intensified and she didn’t even try to control the moaning.

“Such a slut, I’m such a slut.” she told herself as the orgasm finally began to subside.

Kyla relaxed a bit and let her breathing slow. A bit of guilt now took hold as she grabbed for her drink. The rum and cola was getting watered down now so she finished it in two good gulps. She put the glass back down as she heard Trey opening up the front door, grumbling about the humidity and wanting a shower.

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