Brother and Sister Watch TV Ch. 01

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This happened many years ago, but is still as fresh in my mind today as ever. Even now as I pass into my mid-fifties, I still become aroused and excited as I recall a time when things were much more innocent.

I was the only boy among many sisters, all of whom are older than me except one. I suppose over the years I had been fortunate to catch the odd glimpse of a sisters’ breasts, perhaps the occasional naked bottom, and I do recall seeing the pubic hair of one of the older girls once. All that was way before the incident I am about to share with you.

Although I was at an age when I should have been going with girls, at 18 I was a bit shy and still very innocent (having not actually been with one). I lived a very sheltered life until I was much older. I took a lot of flack from young men my own age who I worked with; they were constantly asking when I was going to “break my duck”. I hated them for it.

Our house was full of girls; I was becoming more aware of how delightful the female form was, and so I was also increasingly horny, and as time went on, I became desperate. In the early 1970’s television stations used to shut off around midnight, and you hardly ever saw any naked flesh on the screen except perhaps in the late night horror flick shown on Friday nights. I always stayed up late after everyone had gone to bed in the hope of seeing a pair of tits (you could almost guarantee some nakedness in the old Dracula films) and I would wank myself off as I ogled these lovely ladies, keeping my ears open for any movement from upstairs.

One particular night I was gearing myself up to watch a horror film as everyone had wandered off to bed, but one of my sisters, Christine, who was about a year and a half older then me, decided to stay up and watch the TV with me. I was totally disappointed and quickly switched the TV to another channel so my sister couldn’t see what I was about to watch. After a few minutes of watching something totally boring, Christine suggested we turn over to see what else there was on. She slipped off the settee and knelt in front of the box turning the channel selector. She eventually came to what she thought was the best selection of the three channels we had. “Is this OK, Mart?” she asked. I said it was; but then, I knew it was: it was my horror flick. We sat together on the settee and began to watch it.

Soon the brides of Dracula began to appear and they looked as sexy as hell in what looked like transparent white gowns,you could clearly see the shape of their tits and also their erect nipples. If I had been alone as usual my cock would have been out and I would have been stroking it. I could feel myself getting hard as I watched the screen. Christine glanced over at me and teased, “So this is why you stay up late on Fridays!” I tried to defend myself, saying it wasn’t, but she was having none of it.

“You naughty boy, Martin; I didn’t realize what my little brother was up to.” There was a smile on her face, so I knew she was only teasing but I still felt embarrassed.

Again I attempted to voice my innocence. She told me not to worry and that she was only teasing.

We continued to watch in silence, and I was getting hornier by the minute as things got hotter on the box. It was perhaps nothing compared to today’s standards but pretty racy for then, especially when you are watching it with your big sister.

There was a scene which I will always remember because it was so hot and it had such an effect on Christine.

There was a particular bride of Dracula who was extremely voluptuous (very similar to Christine) and sported a heavy looking pair of breasts. She was writhing about straddling this gravestone, dressed in a gown which seemed to hug those big tits, and she was gyrating her hips, swaying to and fro. After a few moments of this suspense, she slowly removed her gown! Fucking hell! What a magnificent pair of tits and most certainly worthy of a wank. I tried not to look at Christine; both of us were glued to the screen. Dracula’s bride gyrated her hips vigorously and her heavy tits swayed. This was the hottest of horror flicks I had seen and I was desperate to stroke my aching cock, if only Christine wasn’t here with me. Next, the bride lay down on top of the gravestone and began to writhe about, her hands moving up and caressing those big, heavy tits. She was thrusting her hips upwards, and soon a hand moved between her legs; you couldn’t see anything much but we knew she was rubbing her pussy through the material of her panties. She kept thrusting her hips up and down lifting her arse off the ground. Christine threw a quick glance over at me. I was glad we were lit only by the dim flickering glow of the television screen.

The scene seemed to go on for ages, but eventually it faded out and the film continued.

Christine looked at me and drew in a deep breath and blew it out again in a heavy sigh before speaking. Her voice was shaking as she whispered, “Phew! Bloody hell, that was sexy, wasn’t it?” At first, I didn’t know how to react, casino oyna but in an equally shaky voice I agreed. We sat and watched as more erotic scenes unfolded before us. I sensed that my sister was feeling edgy. She was fidgeting and she whispered again, “I can’t believe what we just saw Mart.” I smiled nervously, and when she asked if the films were always like this, I told her that sometimes they are. Christine teased me again saying she could see why I liked to stay up now. I smiled at her again; what else could I do?

The buxom bride reappeared on screen, clothed this time but with plenty of her ample cleavage on display. Christine sighed again as the film kept showing blurred flashbacks to the gravestone scene as the bride supposedly recalled the passionate moment. She seemed fidgety, so I turned to her and whispered, “you alright, Chrissy?”

“Yeah, I’m alright Mart.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, it’s just so bloody sexy, don’t you think so?”

“Yeah, I do.”

Then Christine surprised me as Dracula held his victim and nuzzled her bulging cleavage: “Bloody hell, I’m getting all hot and bothered here, Mart.”

Again I was stuck for what to say. I inadequately asked, “Are you really?”

“Yes, I am; aren’t you?”

“Um, uh, well maybe.”

Christine was definitely getting worked up and her inhibitions if she had any seemed to melt away as she continued openly, “Blimey, Mart, I really am randy!” I swallowed deeply and just looked at her in silence. She continued, “Aren’t you then?”

She was waiting for an answer. “Well yeah, sis, I am a bit.” I was actually as horny as fuck and I was desperate to tug myself off. Oh, if only she had gone to bed like the rest of the family! There was a rush of blood to my head and I felt dizzy as I heard her whisper, “Are you hard, Martin?”

“Bloody hell sis! What?!”

“I’m only asking Mart ’cause I’m as randy as hell, I just wanted to know if you were too.”

I was shocked at first and she prompted me for an answer: “Well? Are you?”

I cleared my throat, “Ah, well, yeah, I am.”

“Thought so.”

“What do you mean?”

She chuckled. “Even in this light I can see it.”

“Bloody hell sis!”

“It’s OK, Mart, it’s natural, ennit.”

“Yeah, I know, but you shouldn’t say that, it’s a bit embarrassing.”

“Why? It’s only words, ennit.”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

A few minutes passed and Christine spoke again, “You still hard, Mart?” I felt slightly more at ease now but hesitated as I said I was, then followed it up by asking if she was still hot and bothered. She told me she was and would be till later. Now it was my turn to probe.

“What do you mean later?”

“Use your imagination, brother dear.”

I smiled knowingly at her, and somehow found the courage to say, “Me, too.” My big sister who was still without any sexual experience herself was seemingly quite wise in sexual matters and was also comfortable enough to suggest, “I bet if I wasn’t here, Mart, you would be unzipping yourself and getting him out.” I was shocked at her nerve and openness but I felt another jolt of excitement rush through me, as my nerve grew stronger along with my cock. I answered her just as openly, “Yeah, you are probably right, sister dear.” She was smiling like a Cheshire Cat as she urged me on, “Go on, then; what’s stopping you?”

“Um, its pretty obvious, isn’t it?”

“Go on, don’t let me stop you; you know you want to,go on: I dare ya!”

As much as I wanted to do it I was afraid to, but I really wanted to shock her for her brazenness and I was so damned horny. Christine’s eyes focused on my groin as I attempted to coyly hide the lump beneath my hands.

“Go on Mart; I bet you’re uncomfortable like that. I bet it hurts all squashed up, move your hands, lets see it.”

My resistance was beginning to melt as my arousal grew, and her constant teasing and encouragement only made things worse. I said no more and moved my hands away from my lap; I was proud of the swollen lump in my jeans and the excitement I felt was unbelievable as my sisters eyes fixed on it.

“Blimey!” She blurted.

I went to cover myself again but she was quick to tell me not to. In fact she questioned me more, but this time she was a little more reserved. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, Marty, but do you always get like this watching these films?” I explained that I did, and added, “Who wouldn’t after seeing someone as sexy as Dracula’s bride on TV?” She inquired as to what I found so sexy about her, and I sheepishly told her that mostly it was her huge breasts, but I loved the way she was moving and touching herself too. Christine was about to shock me again, “But they aren’t any bigger than mine are they?” She covered her breasts and lifted them up and down.

“Probably not sis, but I haven’t seen yours, have I?”

“Do you want to?”

I was dumbstruck, and sat there open mouthed.

She asked me again, “You wanna see ’em, Mart?”

“Stop messing about Christine!”

“I’m slot oyna not Mart; you wanna see em?”

“You serious?”

“Yeah, of course!”

I called her bluff, “Go on then.”

“You first,” she said.

I asked her if she was backing out and she said that it was only fair, hers for mine. I was pretty damn horny by now but I wasn’t sure if we were really going to be silly enough to do it.

“How do I know you will keep your part of the bargain?”

“Trust me Mart, I will.”

I thought for a while and reasoned what harm would it do if I just let her see it?I lay further back into the settee. The bulge could easily be seen in my jeans, and my chest was pounding at the thought of her eyes on me. I lay my hand upon the bulging lump and squeezed it, making sure she was able to see the outline of her brothers cock better. How was she feeling? What if someone came down and caught us? Then I thought to myself no one has ever come back down before, so as long as we remained quiet and stayed vigilant everything should be alright.

“You sure about this sis?”

“Yeah, get on with it.”

I slowly popped the top button open, then slid the zipper down. I pulled open the flaps of the jeans and my white underpants could be seen. She was mesmerized by what I was doing and moved closer to me. I raised my backside off the cushion and eased my jeans down to my knees,and as I lay back into the seat my straining cock was eagerly tenting my pants. Christine’s eyes were wide open as she stared at my bulging pants, so I took hold of the tenting shape and squeezed it, and once more the shape of my cock was easily visible to her eyes. I played with the lump like this for a while, and oh god it felt unbelievable with her watching. Her voice trembled as she whispered, “Go on then Mart, let me see it.” I said nothing, and with shaking hands I gently eased my pants lower, I again raised my arse off the seat, this allowed me to slip my underwear down over my bum cheeks and more importantly down past my aching erection. The instant the waistband cleared my hard-on it sprang to attention then smacked against my lower belly. Christine gasped quietly, “Blimey Marty! It’s big!”

Oh, she will never know how good it felt to hear that.

Now I know I’m not particularly that well endowed but it does look impressive when nice and hard and this night it really was hard, harder than it had ever been previously; was it because of Dracula’s bride? I think it was more likely because of Christine, my sexy sister. I lay still for a while with my throbbing cock resting against my body, my balls were tight and drawn up under my dick, my head was thumping with the blood rushing around my brain as I contemplated what to do next. Christine moved even closer to afford a better look, I made it twitch and she smiled as it lifted away from my body and fell back down heavily, my balls moving of their own accord.

All the nerves and thoughts of embarrassment drained away as Christine sat looking at me and all I could think about as my excitement level went through the roof was letting her properly see her brothers cock. It was too late to stop now.

We looked at each other and smiled, and as my hand moved towards my lap her eyes followed it. At first, I took hold of my balls and gently held them, then made my cock twitch again and it jerked violently. My nerves did return slightly as I was about to take hold of it, but it was the excitement more than anything that made my hand tremble. I wrapped my fingers around the solid shaft and held it so it stood at right angles to me pointing straight up at the ceiling. Man, did it did look impressive! Feeling brazen I asked her, “What do you think,sis?”

“I love it Mart, love it!”

“Good, seen enough?”

“No! You must be joking!”

I could have easily started to wank myself off right in front of her, but for all my bravado I kept from doing so. Christine wanted to see more. She was so eager!



“Can you pull the skin back?”

I decided she wasn’t going to have it all her way. “Maybe, but its your turn now.”

I thought she was going back on her word as she hesitated, but then her fingers toyed with the buttons of her blouse. She looked away for a second or two, then loosened the top button. My heart skipped a beat; she was going through with it! Then the second and third button popped open and I could see her ample cleavage. I still had my cock in my hand and really wanted to pump it but I didn’t.

Christine undid all the buttons and her blouse fell open. She was wearing a white lacy brazier, and my god her tits looked big! She grinned nervously and folded her arms across her chest, so I felt I needed to coax her a little. I offered a few words, “You look lovely Christine, don’t be shy.”

“I cant help it Mart.”

“I know, it’s OK, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“I want to, though.”

“I know you do.”

Somehow this did the trick, because Christine reached canlı casino siteleri behind and unfastened her bra, then she did that thing ladies do and wriggled herself out of it while still keeping her top on. She lay it on the seat next to her and crossed her arms again. WOW! This squashed her big tits together making them look even bigger! I could feel my cock twitching all on its own now and she could see it too. Slowly Christine allowed her arms to drop and her blouse slipped open a little. I could now see her heavy breasts hanging but the nipples were still hidden under the blouse. She looked at me. I smiled and nodded my head, and she read this as a signal that it was alright to continue, so with her left hand she moved one half of her blouse to the side. OH MY GOD! The blood really did rush to my head, I felt dizzy and my chest thumped. Christine’s breast was absolutely the best sight I had ever seen, far superior to Dracula’s bride on the TV.

“Christine, you are gorgeous,” I breathed. I had never seen anything so lovely or sexy and that included anything I had seen on the television.

She liked me saying that and proceeded to open her blouse fully. Now both of her beautiful, heavy, round breasts were fully exposed for me to view. I again told her she was gorgeous but more importantly I whispered lightly, “My god, sis, you have amazing breasts, just amazing.”

“Thanks Mart.”

“You aren’t just saying that are you?”

“No I’m not sis. I mean it.”

Her tits were very large and heavy, but they held a lovely shape and didn’t sag. I guess it was the sight of her big hard nipples that had me drooling, dark in colour, crinkled and knobbly and just so long! I was in heaven. We sat a while just looking at each other. I could see Christine was a little ill at ease for being so exposed, so I kept telling her how lovely she looked then she asked me if she looked as good as the “bride”.

“Definitely sis, definitely.”

“Thanks Mart.”

My cock was now at bursting point, and I seemed to have no control over what I said and I couldn’t believe what I heard myself saying.



“Can I touch them?”


“Can I touch you, I mean them?”

An uncomfortable second or two of silence ended when she said I could, but she reminded me of what she asked earlier.

“I want to see it with the skin pulled back.”

“Yeah OK, I’ll do that for ya.” I reached up for her breasts, but she stopped me.

“Ah! Wait a minute, you have to show me what you do with it when you get hard like this.”

Oh my god; Christine was changing the rules now. I wasn’t sure I could do that in front of her; maybe that was going just a little too far.

“Um I dunno,” I said.

“Go on Marty! Do that and I’ll let you touch me.”

I thought really hard, and although I was desperate to shoot my load I didn’t think I could or should do it in front of my sister.

“Bloody hell sis, I just don’t think I can.”

“I think you can.”

I tried to cut a deal, “Tell you what, I’ll show you what you want, but I’m not going all the way.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know; I’ll show you what I do but I’ ll stop before the end.” I couldn’t bring myself to say cum.

“That’s OK Mart, I didn’t expect that anyway.”

I breathed a sigh of relief but now the nerves really did return, I could feel my hand shaking as I began to show my naughty sister what she wanted to see. I felt even worse as she shuffled up closer to me.

“Go on then,” she urged.

“OK.” Holding my rampant cock between my fingers and thumb, I gently slid the loose foreskin back to reveal what was now a very swollen, angry-looking, purple head. I looked at Christine; she never diverted her eyes from it.

“Crikey Mart!”

I could feel it throb and twitch as she looked on, and I thought to myself how my cock took on a different appearance now that the head was on show. Before it still looked kind of innocent because, although hard, the head remained hidden from her gaze but now there it was, right in front of her, it was like a loaded gun cocked and ready to go off. She had her wish, well, part of it.

“Oh Mart; I love it!”

“Thanks Chris.”

“You gonna show me then?”

“If you want me to.”

“Course I do.”

This was to be the horniest thing I have ever done; even to this day I don’t think I have ever felt more excitement. Still holding it between my fingers I slowly began to move the skin up and down, the head would disappear and then pop back into view again. I did it so slowly, just as well really because it wouldn’t have taken much to start spilling my stuff, even the thought of it was having an effect on me.

“Is that it Mart? Is that what you do?”

“Yeah, to start with.”

“To start with? Show me what else then.”

I curled my fingers around the shaft and held it firmly. Once again I could feel it throb, and then I did what she wanted me to, I began to slowly wank myself off.

“This is it Christine, ooh! This is what I do, ah!”

“My god Mart does it feel good?”

“Ooooh, yeah!”

I had to stop, even though I had just started. I knew things were almost too close for comfort.

“What you doin?”

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