Bllowing Out The Candles

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What Tina, the leggy brunette with dark chocolate brown eyes, wanted more than anything else for her birthday was a threesome, but not with two women and a man. Tina wanted two men or even more if Billy could muster the manpower to do it. She had thought about it for years and now Billy, her current boyfriend, was willing to please her and had planned the party just the way she wanted it. So when she walked into his apartment and heard the Beatles playing “They say it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday to you” on the stereo system, Tina knew her dream was about to come true.

As she walked through Billy’s apartment, she found a birthday card on the kitchen table addressed to her. Inside it had a sweet sentiment, which made her smile, and underneath the poetic verse were instructions as to what Tina was to do. First she was to completely undress in the living room, Naked, she was to walk towards the bedroom door and knock on it. Excitedly she undressed, her nipples hardening at the thought of what was to come and her pussy swelling with anticipation.

As instructed, she walked to the bedroom door, knocked softly on the wood, and waited. The door opened slowly and she entered. The bed had black satin sheets and candles were lit and situated about the room casting long shadows. Above the bed was a mirror perfectly aligned for optimum viewing which was a new addition to the room and it made Tina smile. She climbed on the bed, laid on her back, and looked up to view her naked body in the mirror. She ran her hands over her nipples and plucked at them and continued to pull at them until she heard a voice coming from a darkened corner.

“Would you like help with that?” came a deep masculine voice.

Tina canlı bahis şirketleri smiled and licked her lips.

“Why yes, I think I do,” she said in a sultry voice.

As if on command, a naked huskily built man with jet black hair came out of the shadows and knelt on the bed. He smiled down at her as he pushed her hands away and began kneading her breasts with his fingers. Tina moaned softly as she looked at the stranger and then to the mirror. His cock began to stiffen with the sensation soft mounds of flesh in his hands. In response to his touch, Tina took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it feeling the ridges and thickness that she so desired. She took a deep breath as he pulled at her nipples and as she exhaled another man appeared from the other side of the room. A tall blonde thin man approached the bed with just as hard a cock as the one she stroked in her hand.

This man climbed onto the bed on his hands and knees and rubbed his cock on her lips and his precum dripped over them and onto her chin. She eagerly took the shaft into her mouth and began to suck on it while the husky man continued to rub her breasts and she rubbed his cock. Her pussy grew wet and her juices dripped onto the sheets begging for attention. Tina watched in the mirror as she sucked the cock in her mouth and stroked the other cock in her hand. She felt her desire grow, the two cocks driving it.

Much to her surprise another man entered the room. He was a shorter man, trim, buffed and with a cock that was made for fucking. He stood at the end of the bed and watched the cock in Tina’s mouth go in and out and listened as she moaned with her enjoyment of it. His cock grew hard and he stroked canlı kaçak iddaa it till it jumped in his hand with the anticipation of what was to come. Slowly he climbed on the bed and pushed Tina’s legs apart exposing her swollen hot wet pussy. He leaned in to slide his cock inside of her, not with a gentle persistence to enter her swollen begging sex, but with determined thrusts taking her with a pounding that not only excited her, but made her suck deeper on the cock in her mouth eager to drain the cum from him.

The shorter man jammed his cock into Tina again and again slamming his rod so hard that his balls slapped against the soft flesh of her ass. Tina released the cock from her mouth and took the other she had in her hand and brought that to her mouth where she sucked hungrily on the engorged shaft while the thin blonde man stroked his own cock and watched. Tina began writhe on the bed as she watched what was happening in the mirror, her moans muffled by the thickness of the pumping cock in her mouth. The smaller man kept rhythm as he pummeled her pussy with his cock as if to split her in two.

Suddenly without warning, the men traded places and the smaller man who was in her pussy was now kneeling beside her and he placed his musky juice coated cock into Tina’s mouth and pumped it while the dark haired husky man climbed between her legs and was now pounding her pussy with his cock. The blonde thin man stood on the other side of Tina’s face and slapped his cock against her cheek and she alternately sucked his with the smaller man’s shaft all the while watching herself being fucked in the mirror above the bed.

She could feel her climax begin to rise. She was lost in an ocean of sucking and canlı kaçak bahis fucking. She was losing control and knew she would cum at any moment, but it wasn’t the way she wanted it. She wanted more.

“I need you both to cum in my mouth at the same time,” she said to the men kneeling at her face.

The two men eagerly obliged by stroking their cocks in unison hovering their engorged shafts just above her mouth. The husky man fucking her pussy began to feel his own orgasm rise from his balls as he watched her open her mouth readying it for the cum explosion. The tightness streaming along his shaft was ready to burst from the head of his cock and he grit his teeth to hold back.

Tina began to moan loudly as the smaller man began to shoot his cum into her mouth which triggered the blonde thin man to shoot his load as well. Cum dripped over her lips and she lapped it up with her tongue. Her orgasm rose and her pussy clamped onto the cock that was fucking her. The husky man lifted her legs and draped them over his shoulders for deeper penetration and glanced up at the mirror as he did.

Cum covered her face as she climaxed and it shuttered throughout her body. The cock inside her delved deep into her pussy and the husky man growled that he was ready to cum.

“Cum on me,” Tina called out between gulps of cum.

On her command, the husky man pulled out and shot his white hot stream over her pussy and stomach emptying his full load onto her body. With his hands he rubbed the thick white cream into her soft skin relishing how she moaned with pleasure as it soaked her.

With the last shudder of the last orgasm of each, the men backed away from Tina, blew her a kiss, wished her a Happy Birthday and left the room closing the door behind them. Tina, face and body soaked in cum, satisfied, fully fucked, fell asleep reminding herself that in the morning she would thank Billy for the best birthday present she ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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