Bimboclones: Building Only The Best

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PROSPECT REPORT #06729a 8/5/2064

SUMMARY: The Canadian billionaire Everson Bouchard has submitted a formal inquiry regarding our services, around both genetic enhancements and behavioral control. He indicated that he would not be the patient. His message was non-committal but very specific and hinted that he was anxious to receive further information; no doubt he has many questions before making any decisions one way or another. Our research confirms that none of his multinational business dealings have any competitive interests against Bimboclone Technologies. His patterns of behavior show a consistent ability to remain anonymous and discrete. Most importantly, he has been referred to us by another long-standing client.

CONCLUSION: The Board had deemed Bouchard as an excellent potential customer. We therefore approve a favorable reply, inviting him for a personal visit to our facilities – provided he signs the standard nondisclosure agreement, furnishes the required retainer in the currency of our choosing, and forwards data on the individual(s) to receive treatment, including photoscans and medical details.

Monsieur Bouchard is approved for tours at Level 1 (€100 million retainer) through Level 5 (€500 million retainer); Level 1 fees are non-refundable and will be applied against the final account for any services provided.



PROSPECT REPORT #06729b 18/6/2064

I have moved forward on the Bouchard inquiry through his designated representative, offering him the choice of any tour from Level 1 (in the Quebec regional office) through Level 5 (at the Self-Governing Zone headquarters) and explained the differences and requirements. Upon inquiry about the prospective subject, he indicated that his current wife (designated “B-1), ex-wife (subject ‘B-2’) and two executive assistants (subjects ‘B-3’ and ‘B-4’) should receive total bimbo transformations, utilizing the complete series of genetic and behavioral modifications. He expected none of them to enter treatment voluntarily so a contract rider for the standard Bimboclone Technologies Secure Pickup and Transportation service will apply. Subjects B-2 and B-4 are currently married, so cooperation from their spouses will be negotiated or coerced via our usual techniques. An additional contract rider will be added to allow generation of clones of any of the subjects at a later date, at no additional cost, at the request of either Bouchard or Bimboclone Technologies. Bouchard would wish all four of his cumsluts to track through the process concurrently to allow simultaneous delivery back to him. If the contract is signed, all four will be trained together and will perfect the lesbian portion of the conditioning upon each other.

Note: Monsieur Bouchard did make an unusual last-minute request. He is not interested in visiting a sales office. His interest is in the cloning, bimbofication, and behavioral treatment facilities in Geneva. I informed him that this is strictly against our protocols. He explained that he was merely curious for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the techniques. Suspicious of espionage or sabotage, I countered that any access of this type would require additional extensive background checks and non-disclosure agreements, executive approval, and a Level 7 retainer of €750 million, excluding costs of the Pickup only he would be allowed to tour our facilities.

Surprisingly, Bouchard’s representative agreed. Based upon his eagerness to provide the retainer and authorization for the background checks we will accelerate the onboarding and processing of his new whores, moving them ahead of a number of other patients already in the queue.

*UPDATE 1/7/2064: Based upon successful negotiations, all reasonable requests by Monsieur Bouchard for a one-time private lab tour are granted. *

Our assigned representative and tour guide will be Katherine 6. As a Katherine clone, she is a blonde of medium height and possesses classic Scandinavian features. She is conditioned with a delicate balance of sales professionalism and a sultry uninhibited nature. Katherine 6 was selected based upon physical and personality traits that Monsieur Bouchard selected in his detailed bimbo feature questionnaire. She was also an ideal candidate given her proven attraction to tall Afro-Caribbean men like Bouchard and Dr. Branse. Katherine’s temporary transfer from Dr. Branse’s staff for this assignment is approved. Any requests from Katherine for assistance from additional staff are also approved in advance.



PROSPECT REPORT #06729c 28/7/2064

The sales prospect arrived in Geneva precisely on time, flown in via an unmarked corporate autojet. He has been provided every luxury during travel. By the end of the flight he had received nonstop personal service from the flight attendant, a freelance Shinatsuhiko clone highly rated for both personal satisfaction and professional expertise. Monsieur Bouchard güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri put Shina13 through her paces and gave an extremely favorable review.

He was transferred to an automated limousine at the tarmac to be greeted inside by a pair of sumptuous Adiona clones, 2 and 15, who provided drinks and entertainment. They were under instructions to provide constant oral stimulation to one other for his approval. The limo was stuck in traffic for some time but the three passengers found plenty of activities with which to keep themselves entertained.

Addendums to this report will be made once the tour is complete.


Bouchard was shown into a private office on the main floor of the lab. After introductions and refreshments our stunning representative began the conversation.

“So, Monsieur Bouchard, please tell me how we can be of service.” As she spoke Katherine 6 unbuttoned the top button of her tight white blouse and leaned towards him. Her long blonde hair and French accent made the scene even more alluring.

Bouchard fidgeted a bit, nervous to be engaged in such a conversation – even if she was hot as hell. “Well, it’s just a thought, I’m not sure it’s anything I want to go through with. Just gathering information for now, Ms…”

“Katherine 6. Please call me Kay6. Believe me, I understand. You need to be sure of what it is you want, and that you actually want it. This is a huge decision for most of our customers. Perhaps you can tell me how you first became interested in BT?” Kay6 put the end of her pencil in her mouth and began to twist it lightly between her lips.

“Well…I’ve heard the rumors. Talk about genetic modifications, behavioral changes, cloning, the works. It’s doesn’t seem possible. There must be a catch. Some kind of trick.”

“Go on.”

I’ve developed a taste for certain – fetishes.” He hesitated a bit as Kay6 pushed up her glasses, then licked her glossy red lips suggestively and put the fingers holding her pencil to them.

“Don’t be nervous, sir. All conversations are held in strict confidentiality and professionalism. I can assure you that all of our services are just as advertised: a full range of genetic modification techniques guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Almost anything is technically possible, though many procedures are.. contraire à la loi in most jurisdictions. That is why our corporate HQ is in one of the self-governing zones and why our services are so expensive. They are cutting-edge, patented by BT and admired by our colleagues and customers all over the world.”

“Take myself, for example. I freely confess I am a clone, created by BT specifically to serve in their sales department. I love my life and my work because I was conditioned to do so. It is my nature. My original was the secretary of one of BT’s customers.”

Kay6 glanced up at the scheduling hologram floating at her side. “Now, our lab tour is the day after tomorrow. I’ve arranged some entertainment to fill the time. Two of my sister clones, Katherine 3 and Katherine 7, will be joining us for dinner – with your approval of course. Perhaps I may I escort you to your hotel, Monsieur Bouchard? We’ve booked the Louis XIV Suite at the Villa Soleil. I’d like to hear every detail about those fetishes, oui?”


The dinner was memorable. I walked into the restaurant dressed to the nines with three identical, magnificent women at my sides, each wearing a different color of the same evening gown. Pearls adorned their pale, plunging necklines. I stood a head taller than the three of them. All eyes were upon the three alabaster-skinned blondes and their tall, very dark date as we ate. We skipped dessert. There were other French sweets to be feasted upon.


My tour guide’s earlier composure had evaporated, replaced with pure animal lust. Her evening gown was bunched uselessly around her tiny waist as she sat in my lap, the pale bald pussy cumming over and over as I pistoned in and out of it. Her juices ran down onto my skin. I discovered each Katherine clone had her designation tattooed on her right ass cheek and on the back of her neck, useful because otherwise I might not have known which one I was fucking at any given moment. Not that it mattered; I had three captivating females with nine sumptuous holes to fill in any order I wished and I intended to fill them all. Kay7 mewled with lust on the bed as the slut-clone’s long legs were pushed to her shoulders by Kay3, who then reached down and pulled the gushing, lipstick-covered pussy open with her other hand and wiggled in two fingers. Kay7 squirmed on the bed and screamed, her head thrashing back and forth as she orgasmed on Kay3’s hand. Oily tits rolled back and forth, heaving with her breath. Kay3’s fingers moved to Kay7’s mouth and were eagerly sucked clean. I marveled at the show and spurted hard into Kay6. Kay3 moved to us and kissed the clone embedded on my cock. She gently pulled Kay7 off of me güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with a wet sucking sound. Kay3 then took her time, gently sucking my spent unit back to hardness. Wiggling her own slut body up onto my lap, her sweet cunt took its turn engulfing my prick. The woman immediately shuddered. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and with head onto my shoulder came hard. One arm tight around her waist, I held my hand to the back of her head and stroked her hair as we fucked. “Oh, oui, Monsieur Bouchard. Oui.”, she mewled softly into my neck. Her juices ran down my thighs, now mingled with Kay6’s.

Kay6 watched us for a time, fingering herself as my cum leaked out of her. Sitting up she reached for a tube of pink lipstick, added a heavy sheen to Kay7’s cummy lips and then to her own. She pushed Kay7 onto her back and pressed her sperm-filled cunt down over her clone’s open, eager mouth. While Kay7 slurped loudly and expertly to suck the freshly-fucked cunt dry, Kay6 lowered her own mouth to my cock and licked the black shaft as it slid in and out of Kay3’s soft bubbling cunt. I ran my hands over Kay3’s body. I nibbled her warm neck and took in her smell. My balls lurched. Kay3 now had my sperm as well.

Soon it would be Kay7’s turn to be filled. The Bimboclone Technologies sales pitch was definitely underway.


After two days and nights with the Katherines, Kay3 and Kay7 showed themselves out. Kay3 looked over her delicate shoulder at me wistfully before closing the door. I hoped to see these ladies again, especially Kay3. Though in theory they were identical, Kay3 and I had clicked emotionally in a special way. We had fucked, yes. But we had made love.

I would miss her.

Kay6’s exquisite mouth provided me the morning’s first blowjob while I ate the room service breakfast. We fucked in the shower, then dressed. An autolimo awaited outside the hotel to whisk us to the lab facilities. Kay6 was stunning in black vinyl pants and a black top that hung off of her shoulders. Upon arrival we walked through a vestibule adorned with gigantic statues. Nude statues. Presently we arrived at the lab entrance and were scrutinized by a voluptuous guard. She wore a security hat, thong, necktie, and nipple pasties with “V13” emblazoned on them. The pasties were far too small to cover her huge, dark areolas. A weapon holster hung from a belt around her small waist and a ring sparkled in her belly button above the belt. Kay6 explained that every security station was handled by a Victoria clone. We were admitted to a hospital-sized state-of-the-art lab brimming with research equipment, medical facilities, researchers, doctors, nurses and aides. As three researchers passed us in the hallway, they all looked up and smiled at me simultaneously. Identically. Kay6 affirmed my suspicions; a large percentage of staff members were clones. I turned to look at the lab coat-covered forms from behind, their heels clicking in rhythm against the tiled floor.

Kay6 ran smoothly through her tour agenda as we visited different areas. Most were rather boring, though the 15 minutes spent in the observation area of the cloning facility offered some interest. After some time we were admitted to a different wing. The sign on the door read Testing Area. Kay6 spoke to V5 and she let us pass. We walked in and stopped at a nurse’s station in the center. Closed rooms, numbered T-1 to T10 were all around us. The attendant winked. Kay6 stopped, looked at me, and put a finger to her red lips. “Listen.”

I heard quiet moanings and the occasional thump or squeak.

“Is this what I think it might be?”

Kay6 and the attendant both smiled. “Oh, oui, Monsieur Bouchard. This is where our patients are tested. Tested again and again. Very, VERY thoroughly.” The door of room T-10 opened and two stunning, nude blonde women emerged, their hair wet and lithe, athletic bodies heaving, sweating and gleaming in the hallway lights. Their faces and chests dripped with lipstick-stained cum. They smiled with contentment, wearing white spiked heels, white latex corsets, and bondage collars. The attendant attached leashes to the collars of the twin sluts-in-training and led them away while they concentrated intently on scooping the thick spunk from each other’s faces and consuming it. Their naked asses rolled deliciously as they sauntered down the hall. A middle-aged man in a suit and lab coat came out of the room, zipping his pants and straightening his tie. He noticed my clone guide and looked her up and down. “Hello Katherine.” Presently three other men emerged from the room as well and went their separate ways.

Kay6 wrapped her arm around mine. “Hello, Dr. Branse. Did your new patients do well?”

The doctor frowned. “Oh, yes, as you can tell by those slimy faces they did well. But they did not do extraordinarily well. They are natural-born twins, not clones, and the training often takes more time in such cases. More conditioning and much more practice is called güvenilir bahis şirketleri for. They must suck and fuck according to Bimboclone Technologies standards and I’m afraid they need much more conditioning. Dr. Branse smiled at me. “You’re a lucky man today, my friend. Kay6 here definitely fucks to the proper standards.” He rubbed his hand possessively over her pussy. “Fuckslut, put time on your calendar and come to my office next Tuesday at noon. I’d like you under my desk for 30 minutes. Draining my balls will be your lunch. You’ll have to suck and swallow quietly if I’m in meeting.”

Kay6 positively beamed and rocked back and forth on her toes as if hearing the best compliment imaginable. “Oh, oui doctor! Mon préféré!”

I began to grasp the extent of Bimboclone Technologies’ capabilities.

The achingly beautiful clone took my hand and we moved on to another security area. She sighed heavily and looked earnestly at me as we walked. In her sweet French accent she asked “I can barely stretch my lips around Dr. Branse’s cock. Kay3 is better at it than me. You tell me, does Kay3 suck better than I?”

I found myself jealous at her comment about Kay3. For some reason I didn’t like the thought of her as another man’s plaything. Was this some kind of test? “No. She doesn’t”, I lied. “But Kay7 does”, I chuckled. She smacked playfully at my shoulder. We walked on.

“Highlight of the tour just ahead”.

Once again our credentials were checked by another of the efficient but distractingly busty Victoria security guards. Before opening the door, Kay6 smiled naughtily at me. “Their are five rooms just like this one. Dr. Branse calls them the the ‘Pavlov Rooms’. I call them ‘les salles des pompes’ .” She smiled wickedly and we went inside. I followed the amazing latex-clad derriere into a circular laboratory-style chamber.

Inside, seven form-fitting exam tables were arranged in a circle. Seven people were firmly strapped down on them with white latex sheets molded tightly to their torsos, emphasizing their body shapes. All wore black bondage collars around their necks. Two of the patients were men. In the light if the monitors above them, their faces looked identical. Though appearing to be about 30 years old, I suspected they were probably freshly grown clones.

Five women were strapped down in the remaining positions, ranging roughly twenty to thirty years of age, each extraordinarily beautiful. Two were probably clones, perfectly identical, their lean bodies held tight under their sheets (but legs sticking out), tussles of long dark hair cascading over the ends of their tables. The patient next to them was much more voluptuous with very pale skin and shoulder-length white-blonde hair. She was well into a full bimbofication process. Next to her was a breathtakingly beautiful Latino. Her breasts and long nipples bulged under the tight sheet atop her tiny frame. The face of the last patient was olive skinned, deeply tanned, and sported tattoos on her calves. Her auburn hair was nicely styled despite being tied down in her current prone position.

Curiously, all five women’s legs stuck out from under their latex sheets. They were splayed wide, pulled up high and spread very far apart. Their ankles were strapped firmly to the corners of an overhead framework by black ankle bracelets with short chains. More curiously, each smooth female leg sported the same style of black thigh-high stockings and shiny black spiked heels. All ten ankles dangled helplessly from their restraints, all ten sexy heels pointed at the ceiling.

The seven patients appeared to be awake but none moved from the neck down, except for an occasional squirm. None of them spoke to Kay6 or to myself, but instead were focused intently on the video screens housed in white apparatuses suspended a few feet over each of their heads. Leads had been attached to their foreheads and a clear plastic hose dangled from each device to just above the patients’ mouths. Small LED lights illuminated the hose and the face of the patient beneath. I could make out a bubbly liquid suspended in each hose. In most the liquid was clear, but for the two men and one of the Asian women the liquid was thick and whitish.

At the ceiling in the center of the room, a device the size of a small table made a gentle humming noise. Tubing trailed from the machine to each of the patients’ monitor devices. Eight additional tubes ran from the central machine to between the patient’s legs under the sheets.

Kay6 pulled me close, standing behind me, her chin on my shoulder. Her breath was seductive in my ear. “Now watch..”, she whispered hotly, “..what a bit of twisted science can do.” She reached around and began to rub my cock through my slacks as a tone rang out. All seven men and women moaned loudly and opened their mouths wide. The tubes dropped into their mouths and they began to suck loudly, even desperately – trying to drink as much liquid from the tubes as they could get. After a moment of drinking, all trembled in orgasm nearly simultaneously, confirmed by additional monitors around the walls. The voluptuous pale bimbo’s orgasm was so intense that her thrashing caused the drinking hose to fall out of her mouth and drip all over her face. She lay moaning, face wet, watching at the video screen above her.

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