Betrayed Pt. 01

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Brandon knew that what he had with Lizzie was normal. His millennial generation did not need to define their relationships the way others did. Labels like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” were obsolete, and there was no expectation of exclusivity. Lizzie and he were hooking up, that’s all.

Still, it hurt him inside when he thought too much about it. It wasn’t like he was sleeping with anyone else. And Lizzie for sure was, he saw the pictures on Facebook of her out with other guys. He wished he could ask her to be his girlfriend, but he knew she’d laugh in his face.

There was also the way she treated him. Like after they fucked one night, and she went through his Netflix history making fun of him. “Two whole seasons of Gilmore Girls? Really? I didn’t realize you had a vagina.” Or when he took her out to dinner, and she egged him to donate fifty bucks to a homeless man. “Holy shit, you know he’s just going to spend it on drugs,” she said, cackling, “How can you waste your cash like that!?”

It didn’t help that even three months into his freshman year of college, he hadn’t made many friends. His roommate Lucas and he were friendly, but the guy was pledging a fraternity and wasn’t around much.

One afternoon, he got a text from Lizzie. “Duuuuuude,” she wrote, “Is this your mom’s instagram?” Brandon checked the link, and it was. His mom had recently started an account for her fashion blog, a site she operated in tune with the brand of her boutique clothing store.

“She is hot as balls!” Lizzie texted back, “Can you invite her over next time we fuck? I want this hottie licking my asshole.” Crude as always, but Brandon saw something endearing in it. At least she wanted to fuck him again, and she had to like him somewhat to tease him like that.

She followed up with a screenshot of a post of his mom in a low cut dress. “I bet we wear the same bra size,” she said, zoomed in on his mom’s cleavage. “Big as fuck.”

The next day, she was laying in his bed watching an episode of The Walking Dead and smoking weed. He was looking forward to sleeping with her that night, but Lucas barged in.

“Hey man,” the roommate said, greeting both of them. It had been two weeks since Lucas had been back to the single room they shared, since he had been spending all his time at the frat house.

“These two weeks have been intense,” he confessed, “I was scrubbing toilets, chugging bottles of vodka, carrying the brothers around campus in a stupid looking chariot. But three more days and then it’s initiation.”

“Congrats,” Brandon said, “I know how much it means to you to join this frat.”

“Tell me about it. I just have to get a date for it and then I’m golden.”

“Well that shouldn’t be a problem,” Brandon replied, “You are with girls all the time.” Brandon knew, because whenever Lucas brought a girl back, he had to sleep on the floor outside. Just a month ago, Brandon had heard a girl screaming her lungs out as Lucas filled her with dick in their room.

“Yeah, well, it’s kind of a challenge,” he said, “Like our final test. We all drew papers out of a hat for a special kind of woman we have to bring to the initiation as our date. Redhead, Asian girl, model. Something not too common, but broad enough. And if we don’t fuck her that night, then we have to wait another month for initiation.”

“Shit dude,” Lizzie said, excited at the talk, “What’d you draw?”

Lucas held out a slip of paper, on which was written clearly in black letters: MILF.

“Haha fuck,” Lizzie said, laughing, “You’re lucky I was here. Brandon’s mom is a Prime A MILF.”

“No shit,” Lucas replied, “Really?”

“Absolutely. Check out her instagram.” And she handed her phone across the room as Lucas scrolled through pics of the mom in yoga poses and bikinis.

“Fuck,” he said, his eyes wide, “She’s gorgeous. She’s really your mom, dude?”

“Yeah,” Brandon admitted sheepishly, “That’s her.”

“Well fuck,” Lucas said, still scrolling, “Well, since she’s your mom I promise I’ll treat her right. When I fuck her tits, I’ll warn her to close her eyes before I bust in her face.”

“Very funny,” Brandon said, snatching back Lizzie’s phone as she laughed her ass off on the bed next to him.

“Yeah, I’m just joshing. Of course I won’t fuck your mom, you’re my buddy. I’m sure there’s plenty of MILFs around that I can snag.”

“You’re too kind,” Lizzie said dismissively, “If I were you, I would be shoving my cock down that bitch’s throat immediately.”

That night, since Lucas was back, Lizzie went home to her own place. Brandon was disappointed, since he had been hoping to get laid. Instead, he sat on his bed with blue balls doing homework with Lucas casually checking his phone.

“Shit dude, I went back to your mom’s instagram and she really does look great. Had to double tap some of these pictures.”

“Yeah, she runs a women’s clothes boutique so she’s very conscious of her looks.”

“Tell me about it. I’ve never seen clothes so slutty but so classy at the same time.” illegal bahis He showed a picture of Brandon’s mom in a long elegant dress, with a sort of stitching cut out around the cleavage. It was as if she were dressed to meet a royal court, but her tits had popped out to say hello.

“Very interesting styles,” Lucas repeated.

A moment later, the phone chimed loudly.

“Hey, she followed me back,” Lucas declared, “And she sent me a coupon for her store. Maybe I should go in tomorrow and use it. I see she has men’s stuff too.”

When Brandon finally rolled over to go to bed, Lucas was still awake tapping away at the phone.

The next morning when he woke up, Lucas was already gone. Still horny from last night, he texted Lizzie to come over.

The moment she stepped through the doorway, she stripped off her shirt and pants and leapt nude onto his bed. Her big tits jiggling, she straddled his face and pressed her pussy to his mouth.

“I want you to eat me so good,” she commanded, her thick ass resting on his chin. Brandon munched away at her wet snatch, dripping down his cheeks.

“You know, I bet I know why Lucas isn’t here right now. I bet he’s out hunting for MILFs. And if I were looking for a busty MILF to plow in two days, I know exactly where I would go first. I would go right to your tease of a mom’s store and see if I could interest her in an orgasm.”

Brandon wanted to respond, but she gyrated her hips closer so he could barely breathe, nevertheless speak.

“And lookie here,” she said, bringing her phone to his face to show him a Facebook post, “Lucas just ‘checked in’ at the boutique fifteen minutes ago.”

He felt a wave of pleasure run through Lizzie’s body, pulsing through her pussy and into his mouth.

“I wish I had visited your mom’s store this morning,” she taunted, “I’d have her sexy little body on her knees licking my pussy instead of you.” Despite her comments, Brandon’s dick was rock hard as he watched Lizzie’s body squirm above him.

“I can tell you’re ready to blow,” she said, reaching behind herself and touching his prick, “And you’re not even inside me yet. Think you can last a few strokes between my tits before fucking me to my climax?”

But the second she slipped his dick between her breasts, Brandon came, shooting ropes of cum between her cleavage and into her face and hair.

“Fuck,” she exclaimed, wiping herself off with his pillow, “Now I have to do it myself.” She spread open her legs widely, pushing Brandon off the side of his own bed. With the four main fingers of her left hand, she rubbed deep inside her pussy. With her right hand, she flipped open her phone and found Brandon’s mom’s instagram.

“Just a little something to get me off,” she admitted with a devilish smile, as Brandon watched from the floor as she pressed her clit to climax.

That night, Lizzie said she was busy, and Lucas didn’t come home. Instead, Brandon watched a Batman movie and made popcorn. But when it was over, he was still worried about what they each had said about his mom. Lizzie was always going to love teasing and pushing his buttons, and Lucas probably was just playing along with that check in. He decided to call his mom.

“Hi sweetheart,” she answered, “It’s so good to hear from you. How is school?”

He told her about his classes, hoping that he wouldn’t have to ask her point blank if his roommate had come into the store today. But when she talked about her day, she never mentioned a young man.

“Mom,” he said, deciding to just come out with it, “You didn’t happen to have a college student in your store today, did you?”

“As a matter of fact yes,” she admitted, “I did. Someone came by this morning trying to buy customized underwear.”

“Customized underwear? Is that a product you even make?”

“Well, not yet,” she confessed, “But you know I’m trying to develop the men’s line. And if the college students want something like this, then maybe it’s profitable. The man was very adamant about how hard it was to find stylish underwear that fit his particular dimensions.”

“Particular dimensions? What do you mean, mom?”

“Well, this gentleman was very gifted, in his, um, member.”

“His member? Gifted?”

“Son,” she said, “It was his cock. He had an enormous cock. Almost 11 inches by my measurements.”

By her measurements? What was she saying?

“You mean this man revealed himself to you? In the middle of the store?”

“No not at all,” his mom said reassuringly, “I asked him to show it to me. Er, well, I asked him to disrobe so I could take his measurements. I didn’t expect it to whack me in the face the way it did.”

So Lucas’s cock had already touched his mother’s face?

“So then what?” Brandon asked, “After it, uh, grazed you.”

“That was it,” she said, “He placed the order and I gave him the slip to pick it up tomorrow. I’m actually working on making the underwear right now. It’s very tricky drawing it correctly in my sketches. This is like the fifteenth illegal bahis siteleri drawing of it I’ve done to make sure the schematics are correct.”

Brandon pictured his mom hard at work, drawing pictures of his roommate’s cock over and over.

“Mom,” he said, trying to think of a way to warn her of his roommate’s intentions, “Just be careful, okay?” His mom laughed.

“I don’t know what you’re worried about,” she said, “He paid in cash already. It’s not like he can screw me over.” But screwing her over, and over and over, was exactly what Brandon was worried about…

In the morning, Brandon noticed Lucas had never come back. That made two nights in a row again he had stayed out, and he had said that his nights of sleeping at the frat were over. Brandon was appreciative that for whatever girl he was fucking, he stayed at her place instead of making him sleep outside.

That night was Lucas’s initiation, so Brandon wasn’t surprised when the roommate came home around 4pm to change into a suit.

“Hey man, how’s it hanging,” he greeted him.

“Lucas, remember what we talked about the other day? About the MILF?”

“How could I forget, your mom has those amazing breasts.”

“Well, remember how you said you were going to find another MILF? That’s what you did, right?”

“Of course,” Lucas said, grabbing his formal suit from the back of the closet, “I meant that truly.”

“Okay,” Brandon said, confused, “You mean you didn’t go to my mom’s store?”

“Go to your mom’s store? What are you talking about? I told you that was a joke.”

Brandon breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe it wasn’t his roommate preying on his mom. Maybe it was just some college kid who really did need custom underwear.

“The MILF I ended up with isn’t nearly as hot as your mom. I mean, I wish she had the big ol’ jugs your mom’s got. But I’ll still enjoy screwing her tonight anyway.”

Lucas disrobed to put on his suit, and that’s when Brandon noticed the underwear Lucas had on. It had his mom’s brand label stitched right in the side. The fucker was lying.

Brandon’s throat went dry, and he was too hoarse to speak.

“See you later dude,” Lucas said running out the door.

Immediately, Brandon dialed up his mom. No answer. His phone buzzed with a text:

“sweetheart can’t talk on phone I just did nails and migraine this to Siri can we triathlon Skype”

Reading through the dictation errors, Brandon dialed his mom’s Skype account on his computer.

The webcam image popped open and his mom lit up the screen. Her hair was professionally styled, sitting elegantly in a sexy bun on top of her head. Her nails were wet, but flawlessly done, and her makeup made her look like a nubile high school sex bomb. She had on a dark blue elegant dress, clearly one of her designs, because her huge tits were exposed through a series of slits on the fronts and edges of the garment, giving her both voluptuous cleavage and expansive side boob.

“Hi honey,” she said smiling, “Glad you got my text. I have to run out to an event in a second but wanted to make sure you’re alright.”

“Mom,” he said, panicked, “Is this with the guy who ordered the underwear? You can’t go to this.”

“In fact it is,” she admitted casually, “He said he’s having an event with the fraternity and it may be a good opportunity to spread my brand awareness. I’m looking forward to it.”

Brandon knew that if she went, it wouldn’t just be her brand awareness she’d be spreading.

“Mom, you don’t understand, it’s a trap, the guy is my roommate, and-“

“What’s that? Bad connection. Hard to get this Skype to work. Anyway, I’ll talk to you another time son, my Uber is here.” And she hung up.

Depressed and with nothing else to do, Brandon dialed Lizzie’s number seeking comfort. “Yeah, come over,” she responded, and he dashed to her dorm.

On the verge of tears, Brandon pressed his face against Lizzie’s wide bosom, burying his face in her thick deep cleavage.

“There, there,” she said, almost sincerely, “You’re overreacting. It’s just a stupid frat thing. So what if he fucks your mom with that big prick of his. Everyone has a few orgasms and goes home, it’s not the end of the world.”

Brandon’s eyes shot open when he heard her say this. Lifting himself up from his jiggling chest, he asked her a question.

“How did you know that Lucas has a big prick?”

Expecting her to be caught off guard, instead Lizzie burst into laughter.

“What do you mean how do I know? By sucking it, of course.”

Brandon thought she would be ashamed of this revelation, but she wasn’t.

“Come on, you had to have suspected this all along. You knew we weren’t exclusive. I thought it was pretty funny when he made you sleep outside as he filled me up with cock, but I figured you could recognize my moans as I came onto his dick. You’re telling me you didn’t realize any of the times we fucked with you on the other side of the wall?”

Brandon’s look of defeat reached canlı bahis siteleri her.

“Aw man, don’t look so sad. Look, you know I love what we have. You eat me out better than any other man I’ve let in my pants. But I’m a freshman in college with a rocking body and huge tits. I’m not looking to settle down. I just want a good variety of dick.” This didn’t seem to make him feel better. “And pussy,” she added, in an attempt that also didn’t work.

“Come on,” she said again, shedding her top and letting her world-class tits shake in his face. “I’ll give you a pity fuck. I’ll give you the best pity fuck you’ve ever had. I’ll pity fuck your brains out, Brandon.”

Engulfed in her tit flesh, Brandon’s cock couldn’t help but get hard. She lustily dangled her breasts around his shaft, slobbering down his head and cupping his tender balls. Soon, despite the sinking feeling in his chest, Brandon mounted her distrustful cunt and had her gripping the bedsheets, begging him to go deeper.

“Fuck me harder,” she pleaded, “Fuck me like that big dick that’s fucking your mom as we fucking speak.”

Despite the insult, Brandon only went harder in her pussy, filling it with his rage.

He felt her genuinely cum as he fucked her, her white ejaculate foaming at the base of his dick. It was the hottest sex they ever had, and her moans were waking neighbors three dorms over. When he did cum, he filled her up with cum, spraying everywhere inside her unprotected cunt. When he retracted his dick, her twat oozed semen like a rest stop urinal cake.

That night, they slept like a real couple, with her head rested tenderly on his chest. He believed he may have finally fucked some sense into her as they drifted to sleep. But in the morning, she was gone from her own dorm room, with only a note left behind.

“Went over to your place, to share in the conquest of your milfy milfy mom. Great job last night, tiger.”

Brandon crumpled angrily and marched over to his own bedroom across campus. Busting into the room, he found the slumbering aftermath of what looked like a carnal explosion.

Four used condoms were thrown around the room, with too landing on his very own bed. Two enormous bras, one Lizzie’s, one his mom’s, were on the floor crumpled. And laying in the bed was that lying son of a bitch Lucas, with the two women curled up onto him.

On his chest was Lizzie, her natural breasts spilling over his sides as they pressed against him. She had a dribble of fresh cum down her thighs, a different load than the one Brandon had planted in her. But more remarkably was the large slab of dick that Lucas was packing. Brandon’s gaze followed it upwards, from the fat heavy balls between Lucas’s legs all the way up the veiny shaft to where he expected to see a puffy cockhead. Instead, he saw his own mom’s pink lips wrapped around the shaft, sucking it tenderly in her sleep.

With the smell of sex inflaming his nostrils, Brandon fought a confusing mix of emotions. He was disgusted at his mom’s naked, well fucked body in the arms of his lying roommate. He was infuriated at the big dick asshole who had bedded his sort-of-girlfriend and his mom like common whores. But he was also deeply aroused at a cellular level, between the thick smell of fucking and the two buxom beautifies curled with this hung college freshman.

Instead of yelling or waking them up, he rushed to the communal bathroom and jerked his dick over the toilet. He shot three loads into the water, ignoring the giggling girls who heard him spanking it in the coed bathrooms. With the image of his mom sucking the dick of his roommate, he finally drained the rest of his dick and returned to confront them.

But the room was different. It was perfectly clean, no signs of condoms, and his roommate was alone in the bed, wearing pajamas even.

“What the fuck,” Brandon said aloud, confused. Did he dream it all up?

“Morning,” Lucas said, stretching awake, “Have a good night?”

“Yeah,” Brandon said slowly, full of doubt and confusion, “What about you?”

“Had a great night. Fucked the shit out of my MILF and was officially initiated as a brother.”

Could it have been a stress-induced hysteria? Worried about finals, did he imagine the label on his roommate’s boxers, the Skype call reception twisted his mother’s words? Did he hallucinate the semen soaked bodies of his mom and lover, convinced by Lizzie’s cruel but insincere words?

Maybe, he thought.

Brandon brought it up to Lucas gingerly, but the frat boy laughed and said it was silly. Lizzie said she too didn’t know what he meant: she and Brandon had been together the night before, and even showed him the crumpled up note she left saying she went out to get breakfast, not laid. Brandon washed his face with water and asked himself if he was having a break with reality.

Three and a half years later, after Lizzie and he had gone their separate ways, after Lucas had long since retreated to his Greek system life, after all finals and even graduation, Brandon looked back on the incident as an insane couple of days, mostly paranoia. But as he deleted all his college emails and planned to leave it behind forever, he got one last message sent with a winky face and a video attachment that he quickly opened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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