Becoming a City Boy Ch. 01

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Parts of this story have been told to me by a person. I am narrating her story.


Sanju was 19 when he had to move to the city for higher studies. He was a simple country boy with almost no knowledge of city life. Sanju did not have an accommodation at the city and he did not like the “paying guest” facilities, which were available. Finally, Sanju’s mother put him at his cousin’s house. The cousin’s name was Sima. She was married to Tarun. Sima and Tarun did not have a child.

I earlier worked worked as secretary to Tarun’s father. He had lots of properties and investments. After his father died, Tarun requested me to stay on and continue to do the work. Tarun was about 32. He was a service engineer in a multinational firm and had to travel a lot. Sima was about 30 and was a psychologist. She was a bookish type – tall, gentle and affable with a bright smile. They were a nice couple and never interfered with my work. I was, in fact, quite friendly to Sima and we used to spend time together. I came from a nearby village. I was 39 and had a 20 year old son who was studying Engineering living in a hostel. My husband had deserted me and I stayed at Tarun’s house. Since I had a lot of free time, I also used to take care of domestic work. That kept me busy and the house, tidy.

I took a liking to Tarun from the beginning. He was skinny, with uncut moustache and beards. Like his cousin, he had a friendly smile. Sanju seemed to miss the serenity of the country life for a first few months. It took some days for him to adjust to the crowd, the pollution, the dust, the din of the traffic and general lack of concern. The city boys and girls were unsympathetic to his plight. It was only when he scored the highest marks in the First Semester that he was acknowledged by his friends.

Meantime, I took pity on Sanju and took it upon myself to educate him in the ways of the city. I would take him to the market and shops and teach him how to bargain with shopkeepers, not to be outsmarted by them, how to cross roads in rush hours without traffic lights, how to protect himself from conmen and pickpockets, how to argue with a cab driver and many other ways of the world. In between, we would walk together, find out a park and eat peanuts sitting on empty bench and gazing at the falling leaves. There was no doubt that we liked each other’s company. We sometime held hands. I always wore white sarees. Sanju asked me why I would not wear something bright, I laughed and said that I would do so when my husband came back.

Soon, Sanju’s college closed for summer holidays. Sanju spent two weeks at his country home and then returned to the city. In between my son also visited me for a couple of weeks and then left for the village to my parents. The college was closed and Sanju spent most of the time either at home or at the library.

Our house is a large one storied bungalow. In the front there is a car parking space and at the back, there is a small garden with a few trees. The entire area is cordoned off by a tall boundary wall. Because of the trees and the boundary wall, the ground is not visible from outside. There were two bathrooms inside – one adjacent to Tarun’s room which is used by Tarun and Sima and the other at the back. Sanju and I used the bathroom at the back. However, every afternoon, unless it was raining or too cold, after my duties were over, I worked out in the garden for about an hour and then did my washing and took bath at the back of the house where there was a water tap. The washing machine was also kept there under a shed. Sanju also took his bath in the bathroom at the same time and we used to have our lunch together.

A few days after Sanju came back from the country, I was washing clothes outside. Suddenly I heard a sound from the bathroom. I looked up briefly and felt like something is going on at the window of the bathroom which was at a height. I continued washing and in the pretext of hanging the clothes to dry on the rope, had a look at the window. I could clearly see Sanju was peering through the window. He must have got on to the stool which was kept in the bathroom to look furtively at me. I should have got angry, but instead, I was excited. I knew it was wrong but I could not help myself feeling wanted and happy. I had never been a tease but felt an irresistible desire to play along with the young boy.

I came back in the open and pretended that I had not seen anything. I turned my back to the window and slowly unhooked my blouse. I took it off and threw it in casino siteleri the washing basket. I had dropped my pallu and was wearing a bra inside. I raised my hands and stretched. I then unclasped my bra and threw it away also. I then lowered the waist of my saree and untied the knot of my petticoat. The petticoat slipped from within and I stepped out of it. I lowered the waist of the saree a little further so that the crack of my ass showed. I arched and hoped that Sanju was still looking. I then covered my breasts with the end (pallu) of my saree and turned. Sure enough, Sanju was looking. I then sat and washed the clothes. I allowed the pallu to drop a little but never too much. I knew that I had an attractive figure and a muscular body and when bare, it would look good. My breasts were not too large – 34C – but they were erect. I washed my clothes, didn’t take bath in the open on that day and carried the wash bucket back.

During lunch, Sanju looked devastated. He fumbled. I asked him “are you unwell?”

He said “No, no … I am fine.” He kept himself confined to the room after that and went out for a walk in the evening.

Next day, again in the pretext of hanging clothes for drying, I looked at the window and, sure enough, Sanju was looking out through the window. I have to admit that I was excited. I was not sure whether it was right, but I could not resist myself. I never knew that I was an exhibitionist but I decided to give him a better view. I faced the window and dropped the pallu. I took off my blouse and bra. After a long time I felt that uncanny tingling in my breasts and up my legs. I looked down at myself – feeling proud of my small but firm boobs – which were like rubber balls, located a little nearer to the shoulders, rounded and full and my dark brown nipples, the areola around them leaving a large long valley and my flat belly with a deep navel. That someone was appreciating my boobs, taking pain to look at them through a window made me feel young once more. I took some almond oiI on my palm and rubbed it on my arms. Then, while rubbing it on my back, I thrust my boobs forward. I massaged my belly and inserted my little finger into my navel to clean it. I sang to myself in a soft voice and wriggled under Sanju’s gaze. I rubbed my boobs and tweaked my nipples.

I then pulled down the knot of the saree and splashed water on my body with a mug a few times. Gleefully, I jumped up and down – like a small girl – making my boobs bounce and then, one again, massaged my boobs. I squeezed them and raised them from below, washing the skin underneath. The very thought that someone was looking at me almost made me come. The nipples became erect and hard. I pulled down my saree and poured water through it on my legs. The saree clung to my body but since I was wearing a petticoat, I knew nothing was visible in the lower half. I then turned around, opened the knot of the saree and discarded it. I was at the highest level of excitement. Should I now drop the petticoat? Will it be too much?

Actually I wanted him to see me naked. I wanted him to touch me everywhere. But I was not sure whether he would do it. I was not sure whether it would be proper. This way, it was safe. If there was any problem, I could always say that I did not know he was watching me. I untied the knot of my petticoat. It was wet and clinging to my body. I peeled it off, shaking my waist and butt. I stepped out of the saree, with my back to the window. I was not broad sideways but my butt was slightly raised. I could not gather enough courage to face the window. There was a small stool which I used to sit on when I washed clothes. I placed my saree on the stool and sat on it. I could not hold myself any further. I had reached a point of no return. With my back to the window, I spread my legs and fingered myself. My pussy was dripping and I came, rather violently, after four or five strokes. I shook, cried out and slept from the stool, falling on the ground. I kept on rubbing and shaking with pleasure, first on my back and then rolling on to all four, till I was completely spent. When it was all over, I just lay down, looking at the leaves of the trees above my eyes and scattering beams of sun percolating through them. I masturbated regularly but I could not remember when I came so fast with so much pleasure. Slowly, I picked myself up, had a quick bath, dried myself and dressed up.

Sanju came out of the bathroom after five minutes. He too looked absolutely spent. He must have masturbated more than once. I asked him slot oyna “what’s happened to you?”

-“Nothing didi, absolutely nothing,” he said.

-“then why aren’t you talking?” I asked, smiling.

-“I was just thinking about my studies.”

I felt pity. I rubbed my palm against his cheek. He took my palm in his hand, held it against his cheek and then touched it to his lips.

In the evening, Tarun was studying in his room, lying on the bed. I went over to his room to give him a cup of tea. Tarun had fallen asleep. It was hot and he was wearing only a brief pair of shorts. He had an erection. He must have been dreaming since he was smiling and his penis was throbbing. I sat beside him and touched him lightly on his cheek. I then bent down to look through the opening in his shorts. It was dark but it was clear that he had a firm and slender penis, foreskin intact, which was a pleasure to look at. As I was doing this, there was a sound from outside. I looked up and found Sima at the door -looking at me with a fixed gaze. I knew that what I was doing to her cousin brother was wrong and was scared. But Sima was smiling.

She put a finger on her lips and tiptoed into the room. She sat beside me, put a hand on my shoulder and also bent down. The penis was still throbbing. She almost laughed out loud and I had to place my palm on her mouth to suppress the sound. We then came out of the room.

“My God … the boy has a lovely stuff,” Sima said.

“yes, true,” said I.

“How long have you been doing this?” she asked.

“Meaning?” I asked.

“Meaning, how long have you been watching my cousin brother on the sly?”

“It’s actually the opposite,” I said. I then narrated the story of the past two days. I was trembling with shame as I was describing the incident to her. I told her that I knew that I had been acting like a pervert and that it would not happen again. However, she would be quite within her rights if she turned me out of the house.

Sima moved close to me. She held me tight and then suddenly, she embraced me and kissed me on my lips.

“You are not a pervert. You are in love. I fully sympathise with you. In your position, it is really difficult to avoid falling in love.”

“But how can I explain doing this to someone half my age?”

“You have been close to him. Love can be blind but also can grow out of interactions and communications. In your case, on one level, you have been close friends. He is a handsome young boy and you are beautiful. On the other level, he has surreptitiously looked out of your window and has really tempted you to proceed further. There is only one problem in this.” Sima said.

“What is that?” I asked.

“The society will never accept your love. You cannot marry. But you can always be a friend, in mind and in body but you have to indicate to him that you do not belong to him alone. It is difficult for you, but you will have to do it, for the sake of the future.”

“How is that possible?” I asked.

“There will be opportunities,” she said and added “but it is up to you whether you can utilise them.” She left me with a mysterious smile.

Next day was a Saturday.

Tarun had decided to take us for a vacation in a jungle resort nearby in the weekend. It was about 4 hours’ drive from the city. First two and a half hours’ journey was through the highway. After that we reached a muddy lane which ran through forests on both sides on a hilly terrain. There was very little sunlight, no a sole in sight and no car. Seema, who was in the front, closed up to Tarun. Occasionally she would give a light peck on his cheek. We were at the back. Sanju had dozed off. His head was on my shoulder. I held his hand. It was soft and warm.

Located at the base of hills, by a gushing river, the resort consisted of small cottages in the woods. The facilities were basic. There was no electricity except in the dining area. We reached in the afternoon and immediately after a quick, vegetarian lunch were taken off for a boat ride down the river. We were put along with others, after strapping on life jackets, in rafts. In between, the river turned rough and I held on to Sanju in fear. Sanju put his arms around my shoulder. Eventually, the river calmed down and we alighted on a small island. The sun was setting and the sky, beyond the hills, was turning orange and violet. Tarun and Sima were sitting apart as both of us were sitting together, our feet in the running water, talking about how peaceful my life was in the canlı casino siteleri village. I asked Sanju “do you feel lonely here?”

Sanju said “no. As long as you are with me.”

I was very happy. We were holding hands. I eased down my head over Sanju’s shoulder. It smelled of sweat, soap and coconut oil. I ventured further. I kissed Sanju on the cheek and said “good boy. You must do your studies well. I shall be there till you complete your studies.”

Sanju looked at me and said “I need you even after that.”

We moved back to the camp. They asked us to assemble for a bonfire party at the bank of the river. There were some games, in which we participated. There were drinks. Tarun had whisky. Sima was drinking red wine. Sanju and I had soft drinks. All the campers were singing and dancing around the fire. We were watching. Sima suddenly asked me to dance. There was a country music playing. I was a trained dancer but had not practised for some time. I resisted in the beginning. But Seema insisted. Finally I got up. I arranged the pallu, narrowed it and tucked it in my waist. I then pulled down the waist of the saree and hitched up the length, converting it into a skirt. I loosened my hair so that it fell free on my back. I adjusted my rhythm, slowly at first, picking up speed and then dancing at a frantic speed around the fire. In the beginning all others were dancing too but eventually everyone gave up. They circled around me and clapped. I was dancing in a trance, singing the song. Sanju was mesmerised. I stopped after 15 – 20 minutes, exhausted and slumped down beside Sanju. There were claps all over. Sanju did not clap. He appeared to be awestruck by my performance.

We had dinner. There was appreciation all around. The guests and the management congratulated me. I was silent. We moved back to our camps. We were all tired and after chatting for some time, we decided to retire to our rooms. It was earlier agreed that Tarun and Sanju will sleep in a cottage and Tarun and Seema and I in another. As Tarun and Sanju move together, Seema stopped Sanju. “Sanju, you and Rumi can use that cottage. Tarun and I will use this one.” Sanju was surprised and so was I. But Seema did not give us any chance. She held Tarun’s hand and pulled him into the cottage and while closing the door waved us goodnight.

Sanju and I had no option but to move to our cottage.

It was pitch dark other than the stars glistening on a black canvas on top of the hills. Sanju said that he wished to sit for a little while on the deck. I agreed. We sat on two wicker chairs side by side. We did not speak. I might have dozed off for a little while. When I woke, I placed my hand on Sanju’s thigh to ask him to get up. Sanju was wearing three quarters pants. I was shocked to find I that his thigh was bare and he was breathing rather heavily. Instinctively I moved up my hand and reached his waist. Sanju had definitely taken his pants off while I had dozed off and while I was touching him he had frozen. I felt pity for the boy. My hand moved inwards. And then it touched his silky pubic hair. I proceeded further and felt the base of his penis. His hand was holding it. It was erect. He must have started but had frozen in the middle of his job when I touched him.

I brought my chair closer and wrapped my fingers around his penis. With the other hand I clasped his tight balls. I felt that his foreskin was intact. I scratched his balls and without a word Sanju clasped my hands. I rubbed his balls with one hand, squeezing them and moved my other hand back and forth. Sanju thrust his pelvis from the chair and the chair squeaked. After a few strokes, I felt warm juice gushing out of him, landing on the floor and on my hands. He collapsed on my shoulders. I got up from the chair. There was no word spoken. Nothing was needed and, putting our hands around each other’s waist, we moved into the room. Sanju picked up his three quarter pants, but did not wear them.

There was a wicker lamp burning in the room and I saw him in the flickering light. Naked. It was a pleasure to behold a skinny young boy, with a flat stomach, lightly bearded, with strong legs and a sprightly penis which retained its health even after it was spent. I would have loved to suck him again but I was also feeling sleepy. Instead, I hugged him. I kissed him for the first time. It was a long kiss. My aged, experienced lips on his young, rosy lips. Sanju wanted to put on his pants but I stopped him and guided him to bed. He fell asleep almost immediately.

I let the lamp burn because there could be snakes and insects in the forest. I went to the bathroom, discarded all my clothes, wrapped myself in a saree and lied down beside Amit, maintaining some space. I also immediately fell asleep.

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