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Nervously Amy walked into the bar, she couldn’t believe she was planning on doing this. As she stepped through the doors into the air conditioned room she slowly lifted her head and looked around her. She could feel her nipples hardening under the thin white silk of her blouse as she walked the length of the bar to the back patio. She was aware of the stares of several of the men there and it gladdened her to know she could still turn heads after ten years of marriage, although she just wrote it off to her being seemingly alone in the bar. Stepping out onto the patio she stopped and just looked around as the light wind carried the sound of the waves rolling on the beach a little ways away.

Spotting an empty table near the edge of the sand she made her way over to it, enjoying the feel of her mid length white skirt moving against her bare legs as walked. Sitting down she demurely kept her legs closed.

“Not yet,” she thought to herself as she looked over the people sitting around her.

After placing her order with the waitress Amy just sat there watching. During the rest of the evening she sat there drinking slowly and at times eating, but always making sure she could see around her. She knew others there were watching her as well. Twice she had to tell someone that she wasn’t interested in company for the evening, but she did so politely.

Later in the evening she could hear the faint sounds of thunder in the distance as another group of people walked onto the patio. When they sat at a table near her she looked them over. One of them, a younger guy in shorts and a sports shirt was facing towards her. She liked the looks of him, and from the way he was acting with the rest of his group, (two couples,) he was the odd man out.

Leaning back slightly she stretched, reaching up above her. She could feel her blouse pulling tightly against her chest as she did so. When she lowered her arms she glanced over at the young guy and watched as he looked quickly away. Smiling to herself she sat back in her chair and slightly spread her legs knowing that he could see what she was doing, and that she was still completely covered.

As the threatening storm slowly blew in from the ocean she slowly moved around in her chair. Every time she twisted or shifted she made sure to innocently hike her skirt up a little higher. By the time it had reached her knees the young man was having a hard time keeping his eyes off her. By the time it had reached mid thigh he was openly staring. Amy could feel herself heating up as she was doing this. She knew he would get an eyeful soon and that was what was keeping her doing this.

When she reached for her drink the next time she moved enough to bring her skirt up higher as she spread her legs again. Without moving her head Amy glanced down and saw her skirt had ridden up enough to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. Looking at the young guy she saw him staring and knew he could see she was clean shaven. As she moved a little more, opening her legs slightly wider, she could see him swallow and knew he could see just how turned on she was. Finally he dragged his eyes away from her crotch and lifting them saw her looking at him. Startled he started to turn his head when he was stopped by her smile. As he kept looking at her Amy smiled even more while nodding at him.

“Oh god I can’t believe I’m going to do this, but oh how I want to.”

Raising a finger to her lips as if telling him to keep quiet she looked around until she caught the eye of the waitress. Motioning her over Amy paid her tab. When she looked back at the man she saw him still looking at her. As she got up she saw him thinking that she was leaving, (which she was,) but then he smiled himself as she motioned with her head out towards the beach where several bonfires had been lit. Grabbing her purse she started walking out onto the beach, heading towards the water. As she walked into the area between two of the fires she casino oyna could hear the soft padding of feet in the sand behind her. Before long those feet caught up with her and turning her head she saw the guy from the patio. Even as the first drops of rain hit the sand around them he started to talk.

“Hi I’m Mark. I couldn’t help noticing you there in the club, and I couldn’t help noticing that you’re alone tonight.”

She almost groaned as she heard him starting his pickup line. As the rain started coming down even harder she raised her fingers to his lips silencing him then pulled him close. Tilting her head back she opened her mouth in invitation. As she felt his mouth lower itself to hers she started running her hands over his tight body.

As his hands slid down her body she pressed herself tighter against him, loving the feel of his body against hers. Breaking the kiss she glanced around quickly. Seeing the other people from the beach heading in to get out of the rain she pulled away from Mark and grabbing his hand led him down the beach towards the water. She loved the feel of the cool rain against her body. Hearing him gasp Amy turned her head to look at Mark and noticed her was staring at her body. Glancing down she saw that her blouse had become almost transparent with the water and was hugging her chest allowing him to see every curve.

As they reached the surf line Amy stopped next to an abandoned life guard stand and let go of his hand while turning towards him. His eyes opened even wider in the faint light as she reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse.

She trembled when he finally reached up and pushing her hands to the side took over undoing her blouse. She could feel the heat of his skin through the thin fabric of her shirt as his hands slowly worked their way down. When he was done she grabbed the edges and started pulling it off and gasped as he bent his head down and started kissing her nipples. His lips and tongue felt hot against her rain cooled skin. Pulling the blouse off she let it drop to the sand and reaching down undid the two buttons holding her skirt closed. When she let go of it her skirt unwrapped slightly and fell, puddeling in the wet sand at their feet. Somehow Mark had missed this so Amy grabbed at his hands and guided them down to her now naked ass. She gasped as she felt his hands grabbing her cheeks. Before he could do more than squeeze lightly once she pulled back slightly and reaching between them started undoing his shorts. As she was doing this she whispered for him to take off his shirt. Within minutes he was as naked as she was. Reaching down again she found his manhood straining between them. Feeling how hard he was she knew he wouldn’t last long. That wasn’t in her plans. While she wanted to get fucked by a stranger she wanted it to last more than a minute.

Dropping to her knees in front of him she took his hardness in her mouth and started sucking. She loved the feel of him between her lips. Although he felt different somehow he was about the same size as her husband. Reaching up between his legs she gently felt then squeezed his balls while sucking him for all she was worth. With a moan he rewarded her by blowing his load in her mouth. Even before she had sucked him dry he lifted her to her feet and guided her to the lifeguard stand. As he lifted her and placed her on it’s rough wooden seat she leaned back while spreading her legs.

This was perfect for what he planned. She was just a little below head height for him as she reclined. She felt him lifting and guiding her feet so they were resting on the seat next to her ass. Now she was laying back looking at the stars with her legs spread wide open for his view in the dim lighting from the bonfires up the beach. She moaned as she felt his lips and tongue descend on her exposed sex. She reveled in the feel of him sliding it up and down her slit before finally penetrating her hole. Even as his tongue was busy she slot oyna felt his hands roaming over her body until they came to rest on her breasts. He slowly kneaded her flesh, his hands completely covering her breasts as his tongue worked it’s magic on her. She could feel herself heating up even more. She knew he could feel and taste her juices starting to flow out of her. Hell she could feel them starting to flow down the crack of her ass.

When he pulled his hands away from her breasts she wondered what he was going to do next. She wasn’t surprised when she felt him grab at her cheeks, slowly massaging them. Her husband always said her tits were too small but she made up for it with a shapely ass. She was surprised though when he spread her cheeks apart and slid his tongue down between them. This was something her husband had never done.

Mark slowly worked his tongue down her crack from top to bottom carefully avoiding her tiny hole. When he reached the bottom of her crack he started up again, repeating this several times he had her shivering. She couldn’t believe someone would do this. The feel of his tongue down there was so erotic she found herself moaning. When his tongue stopped it’s motions she groaned in disappointment, then gasped in surprise when she felt him place it’s tip against her tightly clenched anus. Pulling it away again he slid it back up and down her crack, then ran it over her parted lips again, delving deep inside of her as he did so. Finally he slid it back down and again pressed it against her anus. Now he shifted a hand and started playing with her cunt with his fingers, spreading her lips and sliding a finger deep inside of her while rubbing at her clit with his thumb. Suddenly she screamed out her orgasm as she felt his tongue not just resting against her tightest hole but gently pressing it was inside of her. She could feel her muscles clamping down around his finger and tongue as he snaked his way even deeper inside of her. Amy was gasping for breath as her chest heaved in the lightly falling rain as she came down from this intense experience. Shaking her head she lifted it to look down at him standing between her legs smiling up at her.

As she regained her strength she scooted forward on the bench until her legs were dangling over the edge. Mark reached up and helped her down, holding her until her feet were firmly on the cool sand. Turning in his gasp she pushed him back against the stand and told him to sit on the step there. Kneeling between his legs she was slightly surprised but not disappointed when she found him still soft. Leaning her head down she started in by sucking his nut sac into her mouth, loving the way his balls moved as she worked her tongue over him. After a bit she pulled back and slid her tongue up his slowly hardening shaft until she reached the end. Now she formed her lips into an “O” and slid them down over him. Slowly she started bobbing on him as she felt him growing ever harder in her mouth. When he was hard she pulled her mouth away from him, and much to his disappointment stood up. Grabbing his hand she ran laughing across the sand to the water, pulling him with her as she plunged through the small waves and waded out until the water was at her neck. Only then did she let go of him and turning grabbed his hair pulling him down for another kiss while pressing her body against his. She could feel him pressing against her between their bodies as she tried to devour his mouth. After a bit of this she knew she needed more. Breaking the kiss she reached up and grabbed his hands, pulling them down until they rested on her ass then reaching up again and putting her hands on his shoulders. When he grabbed her she lifted herself slightly until he took the hint and lifted her clear of the sandy bottom. As she felt his cock sliding down her belly she rejoiced. Finally it was resting between her legs. Reaching down between their bodies with one hand she guided it inside of her as he slowly lowered canlı casino siteleri her.

Amy gasped loudly as she felt him slide into her for the first time She moaned when she felt his pubic hair pressing against her bald mound. She knew then she was impaled fully upon his shaft. Wrapping her legs around his waist she felt him start to slide out of her. She loved the feel of his hands on her ass as her nipples rubbed against his chest. As he slowly slid in and out of her, making her head bob above the water, she could feel him shifting his hands beneath her. She loved the way her nipples rubbed against his chest, and his fingers tracing their way against the crack of her ass as his cock stroked up inside of her. Amy had never done it in the water and enjoyed her lover being able to hold her up against him as he fucked her.

When his finger tips pressed against her ass she groaned but knew what he wanted. Without thinking about it she relaxed her muscles there and felt him slowly slide a finger up inside of her even as his cock slid up inside of her pussy.

Amy didn’t bother trying to say anything. Instead she gripped his waist with her legs and grabbed his shoulders whit her hands. Pushing and pulling herself up and down she started to ride him, thrilling at the feel of his hardness sliding deep inside of her. Even as she was doing this she couldn’t believe she was doing it. She had never cheated on her husband, in fact he was her first lover ever. Maybe that was why this was so exciting to her.

As she rode his cock she could feel both of them getting closer and closer to their orgasms. She was breathing harder as the first strokes of pleasure started running through her body. She could feel him getting harder and slowly growing slightly inside of her as he stroked faster and faster. Her excitement was causing her to clamp down on him, making him come closer to blowing his load as he tried to stroke inside of her ever tightening sex. Finally she came with a scream, holding tightly around his shoulders and dimly hearing his yell as he shot his load inside of her.

Standing there in the ocean they slowly came back to earth. Amy could feel him slowly shrinking inside of her as she nestled against his chest in the warm water. Without either of them moving other than from the movements of the small waves she felt him slowly slide out of her, leaving her feeling empty. With a sigh she pushed away from him and stood in the water telling him she had to leave. She had to get back home. Turning she waded back to the beach and stopping only long enough to pick up her clothes and purse walked towards where she had parked her car earlier in the evening. As she passed the now dieing embers of one of the fires she saw her husband slowly following her with their video camera held in front of his face. She knew he had caught most if not all of the action, and she couldn’t wait to see the tape when he was done with it. Laughing to herself she felt a blossoming of a new freedom inside of her.

She didn’t care if people saw her walking nude through the parking lot, in fact she enjoyed the looks of shock on some of their faces as she passed by. Reaching the convertible her husband had given her as a birthday gift she threw her damp and sandy clothes on the back seat while she climbed in and started it up. She even enjoyed putting on her seat belt, feeling it pass between her naked breasts as it crossed her chest. She thrilled to the feel of the wind across her naked body as she drove.

Having taken the long way home she wasn’t surprised to see her husbands car sitting in the carport as she pulled in. Even though she didn’t see him she knew he was around someplace so took her time getting out of the car, bending over the side of the car to get her clothes, then walking into the house knowing anyone who had been on the street had gotten a good look at her. Walking into the living room she collapsed laughing on the couch exhilarated by what she had just done even while not fully believing it. She was still laughing when her husband walked in with a large smile on his face, the camera in one hand, and undoing his pants with the other. Amy knew this was going to be one hell of a night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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