Beach Ball Brad

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A friend showed me Literotica over a year ago today. Some of the stories are fascinating, others… ho hum. However, I had an experience upon my high school graduation that I have never forgotten, and I thought I’d be brave enough to submit it to you.

I’m rather busty now at 24 years old. I developed rather fast compared to other girls growing up. In junior high I was a C-cup. By freshman in high school I was easily D. Needless to say, I was hit on quite a lot. Even though I had many temptations, I was always faithful to my boyfriend all through high school right up until graduation.

Because I grew my breasts quickly I gained many names from the self-titled “studs” in the school. Stupid names like Twin Peaks, Major Melons and of course Tits Tina. Every one of those assholes that called me names had asked me out one time or another, I think solely because I had refused their advances.

Another boy in the school had also gained a title, his name was Bruce. Because Bruce was severely overweight Bruce was called Beach Ball Bruce. Bruce weighed in at roughly 340 pounds, a giant compared to my meager 5’5″, 115 pounds.

Bruce was a big teddy bear, he was always sweet to me and very encouraging. Everyone knew that Bruce thought I was the most beautiful girl in the school. Bruce would always tell me that everyone else knew it too, they just had to much pride to admit it. I didn’t exude an abundance of confidence back then, so it was nice to hear.

Upon my graduation I was moving across the country to go to college.

It was very late at our last party together and most everyone was drunk. I drank very little, I was afraid I would just cry because I was leaving all my good friends behind. Bruce was also very straight. Bruce and I spent lots of time together that evening chatting and reminiscing.

My boyfriend was becoming quite jealous of Bruce. After awhile he pulled me away from Bruce and said, “Do you want to know why they really call that freak Beach Ball? His testicles are huge, he can’t walk with his legs together because he’s so freaking disfigured!” This really made me angry, and of course we had an awful argument. I left to go upstairs to cry in one of the bedrooms.

As I lay on the bed I thought of what my boyfriend had said about casino oyna Bruce. The thought of his testicles started to run rampant through my imagination. Seconds later, Bruce knocked on the door. I let him in and told him what my boyfriend had said about him that had caused the argument. Now understand Bruce is very big. He has a very big belly, a very large head, huge hands, legs and arms. So, I thought that the testicles thing could be true. Bruce shyly told me that he did have strangely large testicles. I was amazed he told me.

I had to ask if he would show them to me, I must have turned completely red. I couldn’t believe I had just asked my good friend to show me his testicles! After a short term of silence that seemed to last a life time, he replied to me something like, “Tina, you are a very gorgeous woman and your figure fills the imagination of every man I have ever known. Show me your breasts, and I’ll show you anything you want. ” Hard bargain, but completely fair.

I locked the door and sat back down on the bed. I started to slowly and shyly unbutton my blouse and removed it. Then I undid my bra and let my breasts go free in front of him. My breasts are very firm and completely natural, so I knew he would get an erection. I didn’t really care about that, I was just engrossed with seeing those testicles. As he undid his enormous jeans I could see his penis beginning to strain against his pants. He gently undid them and dropped them to the floor. Through his underwear I saw the largest package I have ever seen. I became frightened and excited. He lowered his underwear and this tremendous penis came out semi-erect. But below his penis were two orange sized testicles.

At that point my breasts were very sore. My nipples were so hard it was beginning to cause some pain in my boobs. I asked him if I could hold his testicles, he hesitantly agreed. They were so large, it amazed me. As I played with his balls, I didn’t notice that his penis was getting very hard. I took my eyes off his balls and saw his penis which was a good nine to ten inches and had massive girth. I became so hot, I remember heat waves coming over my body. He was scared and told me he had never been with a woman before. I wasn’t thinking of doing anything sexual with him. However, I had so slot oyna much compassion on him as he said this to me, I just freaked out for a moment and took his erection and began to run my tongue along it. He stopped me and said he would cum, and to please stop. I was embarrassed anyway, but horny as hell.

Bruce was enormous compared to my boyfriend, but I really wanted him in me at this point. He was big! We had come this far, and my curiosity was overwhelming me. I pushed out my breasts at him and looked seductively at him, Bruce seeing that I was open to him, lifted me up and set me back on the bed pillows, lifted my dress and was getting no where at removing my panties. I told him to just rip them off me. Before I had finished saying that, my dress and panties were torn off of me and laying on the floor. This frightened me, I didn’t expect him to use so much force, and I also remembered that my boyfriend was also in the house. But, as I looked at Bruce climbing up to me, and seeing his enormous erection squish into my stomach, it was over… I was horny. He may not fit in me, but I needed to try.

I spread my legs for his large erection, but he didn’t know how to get it in me. He asked me to help him, I looked down to see his cock, and the head was soaking in precum. I thought he would squirt as soon as it entered me. I held his cock gently, my hand went only half way around the shaft. Between both of our fluids he could have easily shoved it in all the way. Thankfully, he eased it in. I could feel his size opening me wider, I lost my breath, but he kept going in more and more. Just when I thought he got it all in me I gasped and kept saying how big he was in me and to go slow. Although he didn’t move up in me physically anymore, his erection just seemed to keep getting larger, and going deeper.

I felt his erection nudge up against my uterus, this made me jump in pain and I tried to get away, but his size had me pinned. He kept saying things like, “I can’t believe I’m inside the most beautiful woman in the world”, “You look like an angel”, etc. I felt my uterus contract with the head of his erection resting upon my uterus. My legs were squirming, my back was trying to arch. Alls I could gasp was, “you’re big, you’re big”. My eyes must have looked like a dear canlı casino siteleri caught in headlights. Then a strange thing happened, my uterus opened and let the head of his cock up in me even further. I told him to please not move, he was like a rock, totally unmovable as his cock continued to grow. My pain subsided and I soon began having an orgasm. My legs locked up, my vaginal walls contracted on him and I let out such a squeal. I had my first vaginal orgasm!

He pulled his head out of my uterus, then shoved it back in again. This was only a total of about a 1 inch thrust, but it caused my vagina to convulse again. He told me that something inside me was squeezing the head of his cock. My breasts were numb, my legs were in a locked position around his large frame, and my clitoris was straining from beneath his gigantic frame. The small movements he made inside of me caused my (now very hard) clit to stay stimulated, it was the most incredible feeling being underneath this man.

Suddenly, he started to jerk, with each jerk he groaned. He pulled out, and then shoved in slowly once. Then he pushed his body down on mine and his full erection came inside of my uterus again. His erection enlarged again as hard, pulsing streams of cum came out of his large shaft. Spraying cum pulsed against my vaginal walls and uterus. The spraying was so violent that I cummed twice during his one long orgasm. The hard pulsing streams of cum came squirting back out of me and against his pubic hair. His testicles, as large as they were, came draining out on both of us. He slowly pulled out and collapsed next to me on the bed.

Cum was all over his erection and testicles, it was an amazing site. We literally wrecked the bed comforter with cum.

A fear came over me, we were loud and I knew it. I had nothing decent to wear. I tied a coat that was in the closet around my waist, put on my blouse and left the party as fast as I could. Luckily nobody stopped me.

The next day I got a call from one of my girlfriends telling me that my boyfriend saw the mess we had made. When they went in the room the cum was all over everything still. Everyone said he was pissed, I never heard from him again.

My pussy ached from being so sore for 3 solid days. I couldn’t believe it. I masturbated lots over those days.

Bruce never told anyone what had happened, but everyone knew anyway. I haven’t been with many men in my life, but no matter how many men there are in the world, Bruce is one experience I will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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