Bad Town Ch. 02

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Cathy’s Dirty Secret


Thanks for clicking on our story.

My name is Steve, and I am one half of a husband and wife writing team. By that, we mean that this story is a kind of a ‘transcript’ of one of mine, and my wife Carrie’s best loved fantasies. She likes me to sometimes whisper really dirty fantasies to her, when we are horny in bed, or as in this case, on a picnic somewhere, when we are away from the kids.

A while ago we thought it would be extra fun, to write down some of these fantasies and put them on this site. So it is my job to type them out, and then Carrie (who is actually a school teacher and can spell) does some edits. And then we post them for you to read, and hopefully to enjoy.

We are a kinky bisexual non-monogamous couple, who have done lots of wild sex with lots of people over many years. As a result, we set our stories in a fictional place called ‘Bad Town’, as a way to explore some very ‘dark’ themes in our fantasies. So, we have created ‘Bad Town’ as a place where we can let our imaginations run wild, because unless we make our fantasies ‘very edgy’, they tend to be somewhat less dirty than the sex we have done in reality! And that of course is the aim of fantasy, to take us beyond our every day lives.

If you have already read our first ‘experimental’ Bad Town story, ‘The Comfort Room’, you can probably skip the rest of this introduction, and get straight into the fun. We hope you enjoy.

If not, maybe you would like to click on our profile, and go read ‘The Comfort Room’ first … or at least take a moment to read a little about Bad Town below … to set the scene …


‘Bad Town’ is just like the town where we actually live, except that at some time in the past, Bad Town became ‘different’.

If you would like to build a picture of what our ‘Bad Town’ is like, think of a time 60 years ago, when the world might have turned away from the path that has lead it to become the way it is now. Imagine instead, the various nations at that time deciding not to spend their resources on more weapons or war, but instead to cooperate to devote all human effort to protecting the environment, controlling population growth, promoting tolerance, and beating disease. Imagine then, just for a start, that sixty years on it has become safe to touch someone intimately, without some latex barrier between you and them. Would not that be nice?

Also, as a result in part of this ‘sex safety’, imagine a world where sex, has lost most of the social stigma, and many of the taboos that it still has here in the ‘real world’ today. So it is a world where a lot of people do a lot of sex … women with women, men with men, with lovers and partners, with friends, with strangers …. and with family

That is not to say that in this bad world, everyone is sexually happy and liberated all of the time. Where would the fun be in that? In Bad Town, people still do sneaky nasty sex stuff. It is just that, on the sexual side, the consequences of being caught can be serious personally, but not life ending. In Bad Town, a husband might be upset if he catches his wife in bed with the boy next door, and he might leave her, and the people along the street might disapprove of her – but society isn’t going to send her to jail for it.

So before you read on – Bad Town stories may involve at the least, descriptions of sex between older and younger people, and also incest. You should stop reading now if that will offend you. We put no ages on our characters – we leave that to your imagination … but if you have imaginations like ours, you would not be imagining anyone who is so young, that they cannot make un-pressured decisions about their own sexuality, or who are younger than the legal age of consent.

So these are real fantasies that we, as an average couple, share. Yet we also want you to know we actually do know the difference between fantasy and reality. Please don’t think we actually do the taboo things here. In our ‘reality’, taboo is still taboo. Bad Town is fantasy.

Having said that, we will leave you to sort out your own ideas on the morals of this story. We hope you enjoy visiting Bad Town, and we hope you go away having ‘happily, hornily come’ … at least once. We add our little story to the vast list of great ones already on this site, because we are curious about what you the reader will think of it. Do please let us know.

Finally, just to help you read our story; We have received some comments, that the regular ‘switch in the story’ between our real ‘whisperings’, and Tim and Cathy’s fictional Bad Town words, can be confusing. To help, we wish to point out that the bits where ‘we two real people’ are discussing the fantasy, always start with a text device as follows :

>>> “Ooooh tell me! How big is his cock!?” my dirty little wife moans beside me. She loves detail about clothes and cocks. So I set out to describe the trolley-boy’s huge lewd penis in as much loving detail as I could muster!

The casino siteleri bits about Cathy and Tim, (the ‘fictional Bad Town’ couple) and where they talk, are just in plain and un-marked text.

We are sorry also that we called our fictional wife ‘Cathy’. We realise now that the name is confusingly similar to my wife’s real name of Carrie. I have asked Carrie to change hers … but she has said no.


>>> My sexy wife Carrie and I, are on a picnic blanket in a park near a beach on the coast of the country we live in. We have wine in glasses, there are people nearby. Cathy pulls a travel rug over us, snuggles her arse up against me ‘spoons style’. Then she says … “Tell me more about Bad Town. What happens after the Comfort Room?”

>>> “Sure!” I say. I love to talk dirty to Carrie … it makes her sooo horny! So I slide the hem of her denim skirt up, and rest the palm of my hand over her black cotton panties, on her nice round arse cheek, and add … “But you will have to remind me what happened. How did that story go?”

>>> Carrie slaps my hand away “Ooooooh! Don’t tease! You know what happened perfectly well! Remember the ‘sex room’ in the chain store where ‘Tim the husband’ went? He went there with that boy, while his wife Cathy was having sex with the big-dicked trolley boy in the aisles? That dirty thing you told about him! How the husband ended up in ‘that room’, fucking the cute young guy in the bum while the wife was outside getting it too, but while he and the boy were doing that, they both watched the young guy’s father, and his two other twin brothers, fuck the mother!”

>>> Of course I remember. It was a story with a new twist on an oft visited theme of ours … young guys with big cocks fucking older women. It also explored a more recent cunt churning interest of Carrie’s and also mine … mums who take their son’s cocks inside them! “OK” I say … “I will tell you more of Cathy and Tim’s life. But be warned … the story is about to get very dirty!”

>>> And so on our picnic blanket, relaxed and a little horny, I begin to tell my lovely wife about the aftermath of Cathy and Tim’s ‘trip to the shops’ in Bad Town. I explain how Cathy already has known all their life together that Tim ‘likes guys’ … and with the more ‘naughty’ swinging sex they have been doing in recent years, (more and more often at her instigation) she lately indeed encourages him. She loves to see him with men, and young guys – to see him take – and to be taken.

So when Cathy and Tim are are in bed later that night, and Cathy is excitedly telling how she felt with the ‘trolley boy’s’ cock going up her, Tim is also happy and horny to share the bit about himself and the young guy ‘Nicky’ in the Comfort Room. He tells first of sucking on the hard smooth ‘boy’s’ cock, with the lad leaning back against the wall. The feel of it sliding down his throat, the dribble of precum on the end which he licks away with his tongue.

Cathy listens, eyes closed. She begins to finger herself. Tim strokes his own cock, and moves along to the bit about turning the kid around, pinning him up against the wall … and then starting the tip of his ‘man’s cock’ into the boy’s cute slim arse. Cathy beside him on the bed is very horny. She is laying back, legs spread wide, the covers kicked off. She is bucking her cunt against her fingers. Soon Tim knows she will beg to be fucked!

But then Tim’s ‘recount’ gets to the bit where there is ‘incest’ between the other sons and the mother! The part where Nicky and Tim fucked up against the wall, while they watched as Nicky’s mother on the other side of the room, lay on her back, on the comfort room couch, her sensible skirt rucked up around her waist, her husband and one twin son at her sides, coming in her mouth, and on her tits, while the other twin up on the couch between her spread legs fucked his cock up into his mother’s open cunt.

Tim has some trouble then. He pauses for a moment wondering whether to go on. There are things about incest he isn’t sure about, and stuff that maybe he doesn’t want even his wife to hear! How for instance could he possibly explain the ‘jolt of lust’ he had felt in his cock, while pushing it up a young guy’s arse, as he watched the mother open her legs for one of Nick’s two younger brothers?

So he stops his story, and plays an old trick of going back to the bits, just with the young guy and him. The detail he knows Carrie will love. The peeling down of the boy’s lycra shorts, and how the hot stiff smooth young cock sprang up demandingly in front of Tim’s face.

But it doesn’t work! Cathy just knows there is more. After ‘all their years together’, she knows her man, and she isn’t happy with just ‘half of the story’. She wants the whole deal! The father, the mother, and the twin sons. She knows they were in the Comfort Room also. “What did they do in there?” she demands!

Tim is more uncomfortable. “I don’t want to talk about that! It was a bit much.” he says limply. He feels lame, and uncertain. He takes his slot oyna hand away from his cock, and Cathy stops fingering herself, and turns to look at him closely!

“OK … if that is the way you want to run this, then fine – but you must tell me sometime.” she says, “We shouldn’t have secrets!”

Tim is alarmed! Cathy seems genuinely angry. Lately she has become more demanding in their sex. The swinging ideas and advances he had introduced to their marriage, (as more and more people that they knew, began to take up the so called ‘modern sexual freedoms’) are often now instigated by her … not him. He knows for instance that she has had sex with some senior students from her school. He would never have thought she would do that, back when they started with just some ‘couple swapping’, ten years before.

So Cathy’s growing sex insatiability is sometimes now getting to be a little ‘on-the-edge’ for Tim. “I’m sorry … I will tell you.” he whispers … “Just let me think it though. It was pretty wild! I think maybe I am becoming more conservative than you? It is funny isn’t it? After how we started?”

“O.K.” …she says cutting him off …. “Not now … You don’t have to tell me now … But soon … soon I must know! Remember, no secrets! We need to be open.”

They each begin to masturbate again, but now in silence. Then she moves into one of her favourite positions, and they begin to fuck without saying a word. She is on her knees, ‘doggy style’, her face turned to one side, her tits pressed against the sheets, her arse presented passively up to his thrusts!

As he pounds his cock into Cathy, his randy wife starts to moan.

She is fingering her clit underneath. As she begins to come, her moans turn into words. She starts repeating over, and over … “Ooh baby … baby … put it in momma! … put it in momma” …. then as she comes, she shouts out loud ….. “Yes stick it in my momma’s cunt! Blow it up me!!!”

The thing that makes Tim really shocked, and completely uncertain again, is the way that Cathy’s blatant ‘incest fantasy’ makes her come so hard! And the way that makes him plunge furiously into her swollen wetness, to come in pumping – huge – gushing spurts up her cunt too!


Later, as Tim is laying awake beside his naked sleeping wife, his sperm running from between her legs, he wonders at where they are both heading. Sex with others has been a great addition to their marriage, and when they started it seemed to bring a real spark to Cathy’s every day life. It seemed to lift some kind of ‘shadow’ from Cathy’s sexuality when he first proposed that they not put so much weight on ‘monogamy’ in their relationship … and they get out and meet some people and have some different kinds of sex fun.

But there are negatives as well.

Just lately, (with even HIV at last completely beaten) all these new sexual freedoms have turned out to be a bit of a ‘double edged sword’ for Tim. Of course, he loves the sex when they fuck others, especially in threesomes with bi guys, but he also worries that their sex life is getting out of ‘his’ control. Being ‘out there’ means that Cathy is coming into contact with more guys in a sexual sort of way … often men who are more successful than he is – who could offer her more than he can. Indeed, there have been plenty of men, (and a few women) who he believes could try to ‘take her away’ from him.

But then on the other hand, Tim feels that it is his willingness to ‘let’ his horny little wife fuck around, that has kept them together, particularly when there have lately been some strains on their home life.

His business is not going well, and their kids seem to have cost a fortune as they have gone through their teens, so money has been quite tight. There have been a few fights of late over that. And Cathy wants to ask old Jim, (her near 70 year old father) for some money to get a new car they so badly need to buy, so Lilly can have their old one.

Tim knows the in-laws have always thought him a failure, and Cathy’s ‘total bitch’ of a mother, Marlene, is forever moaning about what ‘spend-thrifts they are’, and how they should ‘live within their means’. If Marlene ever found out about the many thousands of dollars, over the years, that dear old Jim has given to Cathy, she would go through the roof.

Cathy’s sister Michelle after all has always been the ‘good girl’ of the family, and her mother’s favourite. On the other hand Cathy has always been Jim’s girl, and he often seems to find more time for her at parties, to share a private joke, or some quiet time away from the crowd.

Lately Tim has started to wonder about these times Cathy spends with her dad. And the wonder has brought at times a strange kind of excitement, mixed with a definite tinge of anger at the way his in-laws have always treated him. Marlene, making his life hell, and Cathy’s special relationship with her father are complexities Tim increasingly can’t seem to handle. So he, therefore, really doesn’t want them to take any more of Jim’s money, and that has been a particular canlı casino siteleri sore point of late between he and his sexy wife.

But all of that ‘in-law trouble’, pales into insignificance against this latest question of exactly whose sperm is it really acceptable for a wife, and mother, to take up her cunt? Late in the night, un-rested and anxious, he resolves to never again go near the subject of incest. It is just too confronting!

>>> “Are they going to fight?” asks Carrie beside me under the rug. “I like Tim … I understand his concerns … The wife should not be to hard on him!”

>>> “No they won’t fight.” I reassure her … “There is some tension though! Bad Town is a nice place – and people do lots of nice stuff there. But there are always some ‘edges’ in every real relationship, and Cathy and Tim have maybe found theirs.”

>>>”O.K.” Carrie says. “You know I hate fights. But I do like excitement … so please go on.” She lies on her back, and takes my hand and slides it back up under her skirt. This time she puts my hand on top of her ‘mound’ in her panties. They are already wet and sticky.

So Tim makes it through his night without having to reveal all … without Cathy prying out of him his long hidden ‘secrets of incestuous lust’. Its a relief! Where would it stop? Would she want to hear about that stuff when he was a kid – before they even met?

He wakes tired in the morning, but is further reassured by the lovely and gentle … indeed totally ‘normal’, husband-and-wife fuck they enjoy before getting up.

But then, at breakfast, it starts all over!

Tim is half way though his bacon and eggs when their daughter Lilly, comes bouncing into the kitchen … She is wearing a tiny, almost see through baby-doll nightie which shows clearly the shape of her pert breasts, and offers also the barest hint of cherry pink nipples. Furthermore, her skimpy panties, are just covering her tight little arse. To Tim, his loving and lovely daughter is a daily exquisite torture!

He knows he shouldn’t look, and he tries not to when the the family is around – but Lilly is a ‘tease’ … and he knows she likes his attention, and for years she has been using her flirty ways to get things she wants from him. Lately indeed, she has been ‘forgetting’ to fully close her bedroom door when she dresses, and the blinds on the bathroom window she never seems to shut tight … and she has been dropping what seem like hints that there will be ‘more’ if he is a ‘nice Daddy’ and takes Grandpa’s money for a new car, so she can have the old one. And for Tim, it has been hard not to be tempted to go along with a little ‘fun’, so to speak, to ‘give in’ to her, especially since she is soon to be married, and move out of the house.

So he grabs a few long hard stares while she is at the kitchen sink, obviously flirting again with him, and lifts his head as she bushes a kiss across his cheek … rushing past and upstairs to get dressed for work. He then turns and follows with his eyes …

Up the stairs goes that tight twitchy arse …. “Oooh yum!” he almost says out loud.

Then she pauses, and calls back down … “I’m heading for the shower Daddy. Try to remember not to run the water in the sink!” And then, (most immodestly) she reaches under the hem of her nightie, wriggles her panties down around her ankles, steps free of them, and bends over to pick them up. This gives Tim a cock-twitching view of her arse, and the hair fuzz around her cunt lips.

He is transfixed!

Then she bounds the last few steps up to the first floor … and is gone. Tim sighs, (out loud this time) and almost involuntarily his hand moves to caress his rigid cock poking out of the fly of his pyjamas under the table. He gives a few soft pulls, and wipes his thumb over the pre-cum slickened tip, then sighs again, pulls his pants back into place, and turns back to his bacon and eggs.

Yet when Tim returns to his meal, to his ‘cock-wilting’ mortification, he discovers that Cathy has come silently into the kitchen from the dining room. She is leaning against the door jamb and is watching her husband intently.


She smiles. “Well Tim! That was a nice little show wasn’t it? I had been wondering why you wouldn’t share your little ‘happy family Comfort Room story’ with me? Now I think I know! I think you have been enjoying imagining a little ‘family fun’ for yourself.”

Cathy has her hands on her hips! He feels like one of her school students she has caught looking up her dress – or worse – talking in class! He drops his head in shame, staring at his congealing eggs and cooling bacon. He is speechless with guilt.

“Hey! Don’t look so shocked …” Cathy continues. “Your secret peeks at our daughter have never been very careful! Lilly and I do talk you know, and she is a sexy teasing little minx isn’t she? And you shouldn’t think she isn’t more than a little ‘experienced’! You know I think it is actually nice for you two! And soon the poor girl will be hitched to that stupid dull boy! Go on …. at least let yourself enjoy some fun flirting … while she can still get it! It’s all fine you know these days. Why are you denying yourself and your family all the time when we could all have such nice things?”

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