Bad day?

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I hear your key in the door. Surprised since I haven’t heard from you since this morning. But pleased, as I smile to myself. I get up to meet you in the living room.


You brush past me, throwing your bag on the couch, on the way to the kitchen and pull out a corona from the fridge. You like them so I keep them. I stand in place trying to gauge your mood, probably all excited and stressed. Good.

“I just don’t know why I bother.” You throw out as you emerge, bottle in hand.

“I get this E-Mail today about the phone upgrade I’ve been, that the vendor can’t meet the schedule we agreed to, because of manpower problems. what the fuck is that supposed to mean? I had to push my upgrade project back ANOTHER month! My boss is all over my ass about doing her work! AND the network went down again, and I had to spend half the day fixing it cause the network engineer in charge of it was off site in a class!!! uuunnnnghh!”


You look at me as if seeing me for the first time.

“I’m sorry, I’m just havin a bad day.”

“I see that. No warning.”

“I know I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d mind, ya know?”

“Oh, no I don’t mind. Why I got this place so close to your job and gave you a key.”

You smile a little embarrassingly, and look down at the floor.

“Yeah, sometimes it feels good to have a ‘MISTER’.” You giggle a little thinking about it while studying the hardwood.

From tornado to schoolgirl in two minutes flat. Sometimes I struggle to keep up.

“So, you’ve had an exciting pressure-cooker of a day, and you stopped off here for some stress-relief?”

“Uh-huh.” Staring at me sheepishly from under your long brown hair.

“I see. And you think you can just barge in here, without warning and disrupt my life completely. Expect me to drop everything just to help you with a little problem?”

“Uh-huh.” Softer and hesitantly.

I move to you quickly, and grab you around the legs, throwing you over my shoulder. Spilling some beer in the process as you yelp in surprise, now helpless to resist. I carry you into the bedroom, careful not to slam your head into the doorway, Taking your corona in one hand and setting it down on the dresser. From the foot of the bed I throw you down, your body unfolding on your back. You bounce up once, the startled look on your face as you search mine for understanding.


You look at me casino oyna questioningly, as if you don’t understand.

“Stand up and strip your clothes off, now.”

“No, you do it.”


I lunge at you and you lamely move your legs, but not fast enough. I grab one and yank you down the bed to me. One hand undoes your jeans while the other holds your leg. Your looking into my eyes, waiting, watching. I see the smoky haze of your desire lingering behind your sparkling hazel-ish pools. I yank your leg around to keep you from fighting my other hand off your jeans. Button open, zipper goes down easy. You curl yourself up to get your hands on me, but I yank hard, laying you out on your back again, then twisting you over onto your stomach. Getting your jeans halfway over your tight ass in the process, panties coming with them. You don’t wear them tight so it makes it easier. You struggle and try to turn back over, you hair flying around you on the bed. With your jeans down by your knees I flip you again and cover you with my body.

“Resistance is futile.” I breath in to your open mouth, eyes locked momentarily. My body pinning yours, I grab an arm in each hand. Holding them up and above you as my mouth attacks your throat and cleavage in your two button collared shirt. You twist your head to and fro as I lick and tease your exposed flesh. I grab your wrists in one hand and use the other to and my leg to get your jeans and underwear all the way off. And get up off the bed.

You sit up fast and jump off the bed on the other side from me, looking at me like a caged animal trying to escape. Hunched over knees bent, your shirt covers your exposed lower half. I hear you breathing hard, as I remove my T-shirt. Our eyes locked once again, searching and finding. I undo my belt and pants and let them slide down to the floor. I am the hunter, you are the prey. I just signaled my intention to take you, and we both know I will.

I smile, and you lunge for the door. I intercept you as you get to it catching a glimpse of naked flesh below your ruffling shirt. My arm goes around your waist, and I lift you off the floor. You try to elbow your way free as my other hand finds your naked ass and I lift you higher turning you and throwing you back on the bed. You tumble once stopping as you glance off the wall sideways on you hands and knees. Your naked ass profiled as you look at me through disheveled hair. My cock slot oyna twitches and grows in my underwear.

You turn to face me, hiding your nudity from. sitting on your legs, pulling your shirt down in front to cover your pussy with both hands. Which pulls your shirt tight over your breasts, enlarging your cleavage. Such a tease, knowing or unknowing. I smile again, you look back at me puzzled. You look down quickly and realize that you’re posing for me, like a playmate in playboy. I know this both excites and revolts you, but I still can’t see your nipples get hard, even through the stretched thin cloth covering them.

I remove my underwear, letting my semi-rigid cock bob free. I see your eyes move down to it and you shuffle yourself, ass on the bed now, legs sideway under you, as if to protect your pussy from seeing my cock. Pressing yourself back against the wall.

“My lover, you have to learn. Once you’re here there is no escape, no getting out without me getting what I want. What you came here for. What you put me in your life for. What you want so badly.”

Your looking back at me blankly, as if weighing my words. I move in quicker and grab your arms wrestling you down on your back. I wait for you to open your legs then put my lower body between them. Still struggling with your arms, I have you vulnerable. You know it and increase your struggles, which only seems to make your pussy rub against my body more. Legs thrashing on either side of me, my full weight on you, I shift a little bringing my cock up to your exposed pussy. My hands now pressing against your shoulders holding you down. I look into your eyes and we stop.

“I’m going to fuck you and cum in you and I’m gonna use you like you want me to.”

Your breath seems to freeze, then you start your struggling again. My cock now rubbing against your outer shaven pussy lips. Your wetness now starting to coat my cockhead quite pleasurably this way. I move my forearms to pin your upper arms, stifling your ability to struggle. I grab your wrists with one hand quickly and use the other to put my cockhead at your pussyhole, and plunge it in hard all the way. This gets your full attention, as your eyes go wide staring in to mine. Your body tenses all the way up as your tight pussy is filled with my cock up to the balls.

The terror in your eyes gives way to something else. The smoke starts wafting through them, making it’s lazy way through canlı casino siteleri your body as it relaxes to my touch. I grind my hips to yours, allowing my cock in you to massage your inner cunt. Finding and stroking your G-Spot within and your clit against me pelvic bone. Around and around, I see your eyes continue to soften and glaze. The fire still there, but burning for a different reason now. Your head turns away as if your are embarrassed for me to see your pleasure. Like showing me would make you more vulnerable. That could not be, your innermost part is wide open to me, like you want it to be.

I start fucking your wet pussy hard, grunting and grinding against you in an animal passion that causes you to curl your legs up and put them across my ass. I fuck hard and fast, turning up the heat with every thrust. My rock hard cock, in your wet, warm, soft, giving pussy folds. Piercing your tension with every stroke, opening your soul to me with greater and greater intensity.

I feel your arms enveloping me as you pull me closer. We are now fucking each other with unbridled passion. Our bodies slapping together, grunts mixing together. The plowing of your cunt mashing in our ears. Sweat dripping off us in the non-air-conditioned apartment. Melding and mixing until there is no telling where I begin and you end, one.

My hands push your shirt and bra up and off roughly over your head. Your large beautiful tits bouncing free, nipples rock hard. I push my face down into them, rubbing in between your cleavage, and biting and teasing them like bobbing for melons. The animal has been unleashed in both of us and we are along for the ride. I feel the tingle form my balls and know It won’t be long. I slow and go deep and long, massaging your special spots heavily. My thumb finds your clit and I rub it fast.

Your hips start to arch. Opening yourself up to me even more, grinding my cock on your G-Spot. I know you’re with me and continue to fuck my cock into your sopping pussy deep and hard. I feel you start to tense I go deep than all the way out over and over, until you start to buck, and you cunt tries to strangle my cock. I push through all the way in deeper than the rest and when my cockhead brushes against your cervix I start hosing my cum into your womb. I hold there while you grind against me, wracked with a shuddering spasming orgasm of your own, which only heightens mine. I feel the need to start fucking you again, the itch running whole length of my cock insatiable, and it needs to feel your cunt enveloping me again and again. My mind and body liquid melting together with yours, our heat, sweat and cum all become one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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