Back to School

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One of the biggest regrets I have, in my life, is dropping out of college in my late teens. I was a lazy and arrogant teen and struggled with school but went off to college anyway. I only lasted a semester and a half before I gave up and quit.

Later in life, as I saw my future going nowhere, I decided to go back. I was worried I would struggle and quit as I did before, but this time it was much easier, even with a family and a demanding full-time job. Being in my early 40’s I thought people would see me differently, but everyone was welcoming and friendly.

I decided to work towards a degree I thought would be fun and rewarding, so I chose journalism. A few things stood out to me, one being the ease of the work, I asked myself if school had always been this easy and I was just lazy. Another was how the female students dressed. Maybe it was the beautiful Arizona weather, or the need for attention at a young age, but they were quite the distraction walking between classes. And lastly, I was a little shocked by the amount of attention one of my journalism professor game me.

Professor Richards was always helping me with whatever I needed and being the driving force behind my desire to succeed. She was the head of the journalism department and that meant I would be seeing a lot of her over the course of my enrollment. She was a former news anchor from a big city on the East coast and she dressed the part every day of class.

She showed up in heels, tight skirts and blouses so tight the buttons were about to pop off and reveal her more than ample breasts. She had long silky-smooth legs with thick thighs, almost as if she was a professional dancer. She had a walk like no one else and when she walked down the hall with her heels clacking against the tile floor, every head turned to look.

I’m not sure if she saw something in me that deserved extra attention or if she just liked the company of someone close to her age, but she asked me on many occasions to stay after class and work together on a story. She would sit next to me at the computer and her perfume, combined with her breasts trying bahis firmaları so desperately to break free of her clothing often clouded my mind, but I stayed focused. I swear one of the after-school sessions I saw the top of her stockings and the garter strap holding them up when she went to sit next to me.

Towards the end of my time, I was invited to a fancy reward reception at a large banquet hall. When I asked if any of the other students were going, she replied with a no, it was just me and her. I showed up in my best suit and when I saw her at the top of the escalator waiting for me, my heart skipped a couple beats. She looked steller in a black sequined evening dress. It had a deep v neck that expertly showed the inner sides of her tits, a long slit on the side showing her smooth silky thigh, and black heels with red bottoms that drove me crazy.

She greeted me when I got to the top of the escalator and took my arm as we walked down the hallway, her heels clacking along the way. I felt as though people were staring at her and wishing that her dress would fall open or some other form of miracle would take place where her clothes would vanish off her body. We made it to our table, everything about the place was classy, nice tablecloths, waiters with the white towel on their arm. It turned out to be a luncheon for the college as they handed out awards to past students.

We sat next to each other and watched to show until about three quarters of the way through, I felt a hand on my thigh. I jumped a little at the unexpectedness and I looked over at her, she was still watching the ceremony and saying hi to the people she knew as they walked by. The hand squeezed my thigh softly and the fingers crept around to the inside until the tips were touching my balls through my slacks. I felt a little uncomfortable and nervous but my cock began to stiffen. She felt it too and as she discovered its girth and length her head turned towards me in a snap.

I tried thinking of my wife and family to get it to go down, but her hand felt right, it felt justified as she squeezed the shaft over my slacks and kaçak iddaa ran her fingers down the length. She was enjoying this, I could tell. She started to slowly pull the zipper down when, with sweat forming on my forehead I stood up, making sure the napkin covered my bulging erection and excused myself to the bathroom.

I kept thinking about my wife and how I should just leave and go home, but I washed my face in the sink of the bathroom and just stood there thinking for a few minutes. After a while that familiar clacking sound began to get louder and louder, when it stopped, I looked in the mirror to see her standing at the entrance to the men’s room.

She looked at me and then, with a sexy cat like strut walked towards me. She put her hand on my crotch and started rubbing, it only took a few seconds for my cock to harden again. Her other hand pulled open her dress, unveiling her amazing tits. I stood there staring at them in the mirror for what seemed an eternity before realizing my cock was out of my pants and she was stroking it.

At that point I gave in and turned around. I kissed her hard and wanting. She squeezed my shaft in her hand, pulling my hard cock. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against me, her chest heaving in anticipation. Her large full breasts pushed against my suit jacket while I kissed her neck and upper chest. The sounds of our shoes juggling for balance on the slick floor filled the air.

She let go of my cock and pushed me against the sink, leaning back so my head was touching the mirror she began to lower herself towards my rock hard dick and without a word she slid it into her mouth. I undid my pants and let them fall to my knees, watching her take my cock into her mouth. She looked up at me while she worked, sliding her lips up and down my shaft, my dick began to glisten with her saliva. Her mouth felt like heaven and it took everything I had not to lose my load right there and then.

Her head began to bob back and forth faster and faster, taking a little bit more dick every time. I grabbed her head and pulled it away so I could take a breather, I didn’t kaçak bahis want to finish this way, but at the rate she was going, I was about to explode. I picked her up off the floor, just as some voices were approaching the bathroom, and we went into a stall. I picked her up off her feet and pinned her against the wall, the slit in her dress giving me access to her pussy and letting my cock find it’s place between her legs.

I pushed in and out came a loud moan, there were other people in there by then and she knew it, she didn’t care. I heard people’s hushed whispers as I pulled and pushed in a slow rhythm, letting her tight pussy adjust to my cock. I pushed in more and more each time, savoring every moment of her. I looked down to see my shiny cock glisten with her juices as she moaned in pleasure. I built up speed as her ass began to slam against the wall.

After a few moments I really started to drive it in. Ramming her soft, velvety pussy until she let out a loud guttural moan. With her legs shaking and her body quivering and tensing she came to a climax. I held her there until she caught her breath and then set her down. I wanted to finish her from behind as she bent over, but she had a different idea. She knelt down and took my cock back in her mouth, this time she worked it feverishly and it didn’t take long to feel pressure building up. She could tell when I was about to explode, as she took my dick out of her mouth and jerked every last drop of cum onto her tits. I stood there admiring her cum covered tits and noticed her big smile. As she stood up, she pulled her dress back over her tits, still covered in sticky cream, and walked out of the stall.

She stopped at the mirror to check her hair and makeup before adjusting her dress one more time and then walked out. Me, with my pants around my ankles stood there in a daze as she sauntered out, the clacking fading away in the distance. I put myself back together and headed back to our table, as I walked through the hall I felt everyone’s eyes on me, like they knew what we did. I reached the table, we finished the luncheon together and went our separate ways afterwards.

There were only a couple weeks left of the semester and I graduated afterwards. I never saw or heard from her again, but that day remains a constant thought in my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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