Audra Ch. 02

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Audra scrunched her hand around her ropes of golden brown hair.

They traversed the length of her long, silky strands holding onto each other thanks to the water’s effect. From her scalp to the blades of her shoulders, her tiny white hands cooperated to massage the peach-scented gel into her mop.

She ran her fingers through her oaky tresses one last time before closing her eyes and ducked her head into the water’s stream. The shampoo trickled down her wetted hair, feeling gravity’s pull toward her breasts and back. She rolled her head beneath the faucet, moving the water around.

As she rinsed, she heard the door to the bathroom open.

“James?” she called, pulling her head away from the water’s flow. She swiped the front of her face and brushed her hair from it. “Honey, I just started.”

Through the frosted glasses, she saw his blurry image approaching.

The door swung open. There stood James, dressed the same as the moment he was born. Audra drank him with her eyes — the dark hair, firm shoulders and tender belly. Her eyes continued down, looking at the part of him that moments ago was giving her such intense pleasure. She unconsciously licked her lips.

As her naked lover opened the door, he admired her feminine splendor. She turned her head to look at him and they locked eyes briefly. A few strands of her wetted brown locks matted against her round, cute face. A smooth neck that rested upon petite shoulders. Firm, young breasts that provided an adequate handful. Her slender figure gently curving outward at the hips, revealing two plump, gorgeous cheeks. All supported by slender, freshly shaved legs.

He stepped into the stall, closing the door behind him. His arms reached out to pull her in.

“Let me help,” he said, wrapping his arms around her waist, nuzzling and kissing her neck. She rocked her head to the left, closed her eyes and enjoyed the simultaneous sensation of the water dripping onto her and James’ mouth’s maneuvers.

As a hand slid up to squeeze one of her breasts, James’ other hand reached for the shampoo. Even though he smelled she had already cleaned it, he knew she loved it.

She turned around to face him, watching as he squirted a shot of the bottle’s contents into his hand. Her mind flashed back to the minutes before the shower.

She watched him as he swabbed his hands with her shampoo. She reached out and stroked his arms.

“You are a naughty boy, James,” she said. She was trying desperately to be coy, but she knew all too well that James saw right through it. Perhaps he even enjoys, it, she thought.

“Turn back around, Audra,” he said.

Audra did so, now facing the stream of the faucet again. She closed her eyes as James’ hands landed on her scalp. He stroked and pressed in the shampoo, his fingers streaming through her honey tresses. Her thin lips failed to conceal her pleasure.

“Mmm, that feels nice, honey,” she said.

James observed her with quiet awe. He was so smitten, but he dared not show it to her. Just looking at her trembling for him was beginning to arouse him again. He stared at the little curled casino oyna locks of hair, wet and nestled upon her neck and shoulders. They ended at her shoulder blades, giving him ample excuse to rub her back and glide his hands back up to the top of her head.

“Rinse, Audra” he said, watching her lean forward. His hands continued to stroke her locks, helping rid them of the gel.

Audra still was rinsing her hair when she felt a slippery rectangle of soap glide across her naked belly. In circular strokes, the shape and the hand pressing it worked into a bubbly lather which the water saw fit to wash away as quickly as it appeared.

Another hand, from the opposite direction, slowly slid from the top of her head down, tracing the wetted hair’s path toward her breast. It stopped at her heart and pressed into her flesh. She knew the palm felt its thudding, and the hand’s source was helping quicken its throbs.

The foreign hand repositioned, fingertips now relocating in a pattern of investigation of the nearby nipple, which protruded to seek out its visitor. The nipple’s owner tossed her hair backward with a sigh as she melted inside the moving hands and arms.

She cooed as he touched her, now gently squeezing the nipple and the flesh on which it sits. The soap-holding hand stroked her left thigh and around to her rear. Audra rubbed relentlessly against the soap-holding hand when it made its move to her backside.

“That feels good, doesn’t it, Audra?”

The young woman let out a low, lengthy moan to show her agreement. Though it had been visited already this evening, a sweet, tingling hunger grew between her legs.

She loved being inside his arms. She was fiercely independent, almost stubbornly so at times. It’d cost her previous romances. But there was something so familiar she struggled to comprehend about how right she felt.

As his hands roamed freely across her bare flesh, curiously avoiding the area she was begging for them to visit most, she rolled her head to the side. Her hips pushed her ass back at him, feeling his growing hunger for her between his legs. She captured the evidence between the globes of her shapely bottom and began a twisting motion, sliding the man’s organ up and down in the valley between.

“James?” she cooed. “Is that for me?” She flashed a smile he did not see.

His hands slid to her hips, the soap bar still in the clutches of one. Clamped onto her hips, he thrusted between her cheeks with a deliberately slow, torturous pace as the faucet’s warm water continued to soak her.

“You mean this?” he said as he continued.

Audra moaned as she arched back at him with each stroke. She craved this man’s touch on her, in her. It was a phantom yearning she felt she’d known for years but could not achieve satisfaction until now, as though he were its antidote.

James’ hands slid around her waist. Her white skin was so creamy and soft. Her digits wrapped on top of his, not wanting him to let go, as she stood back upright.

She’d come to live for these moments with James. They had been seeing each other for three months now slot oyna and she still couldn’t get enough. She didn’t give a shit about his money. She knew he slept with other women, too. She didn’t like it, but, in continued moments of weakness, she convinced herself that a little time with him was better than not at all. But the hunger continued to grow now. No amount of time in his company seemed like enough.

He stopped his thrusting, breaking her daydreaming. His hands returned immediately to his lover’s thighs and swooped back up to her chest, where they kneaded those needy breasts.

She felt his warm breath hover on her shoulder as his mouth now approached. Touch down resulted in the first of a series of sweeps, flutters and caresses from his tongue and lips.

Audra swung her head to meet his. Their lips met, with hers parting to accept his tongue. The two tongues rolled one over the other, fighting in a race to the bottom, dancing against each other.

Between their mouths’ meeting and brief separation, James lifted his hand to his mouth and wetted it with his saliva. Reaching down, he cupped her pussy and began gently massaging.

“Oh, fuck, James,” she whispered before his mouth greeted hers once again.

James’ hand rubbed gentle circles on her. Her right arm reached up behind her to feel her man’s shoulders and head, while she slipped the other against the hand rubbing her clit, urging her lover’s palm to continue its course.

James watched Audra’s lips contort shapes as he touched her. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, then let go, her lower jaw quivering. It drove him wild that he did this to her. He rocked her clit back and forth. Now parting her lips, he pressed a finger into her that twirled and matched his thumbs rhythm. He seemed determined to make her cum again.

Audra once again captured his member with the cheeks of her bottom. She ground against him. James bit his lip, which she did not see. It took every ounce of concentration not to match her ass’s invitations.

Audra whimpered. She felt that warm tingle between her thighs spreading through her body. She rubbed against his organ and tried to push his hand against her.

But James knew what he was doing. He pulled his hand away. Audra emitted a helpless whine of displeasure.

How cruel, she thought.

But James was far from finished. He grabbed Audra’s wrists and guided her opened palms to the tiled wall, arching that sweet, juicy ass directly at him. He saw the glistening dampness between her legs. He felt his member twitch.

“Close your eyes,” he said. He turned off the water as she complied.

Audra wiggled her ass at him. She grinned before biting her lip and prepared for him to enter her. She felt that phantom stab of his tip pressing at her entrance, aching to invade her.

But her expectations betrayed her. James’ hot, wet tongue met her, fluttering around her inner thighs. The switch was such a surprise, causing Audra to yelp with excitement.

“James! You naughty boy!”

James licked her like a kitten at a bowl of milk. Every inch of her was passion to canlı casino siteleri him and deserved pleasure. Soon, his tongue darted inside and flicked at her before morphing into a sharp stab, jabbing her as his thickness would.

His hands, meanwhile, found other sources of pleasure. One reached forward and rediscovered her excited clit. The other he used to wet a digit with her own juices.

Audra gasped as he slowly dipped into her warmth. Her hands moved to the shower handle and the water spout for some sense of control. She pushed back at him, itching for more.

She was practically mounting his face. Suddenly, his finger found the right spot.

Audra bucked back at him, her moans evolving into squeals and groans.

Using her palms, she used her position against the wall to force her hips at his face, eager to never lose his touch.

The fire spread through her uncontained. She arched herself at James as his fingers and mouth worked their magic. Her every gasp and moan was music to him.

She felt the intensity building, her wet body racing.

“Don’t stop! … Don’t stop! … Yes, James! … Yessss!”

Audra dangled her head below her body, looking back to her lover as he tasted her. Her breasts bounced as quick breaths filled her lungs. James felt her grow warmer and wetter.

When she was within a breath, Audra closed her eyes. She pushed herself at his face, now wildly cautioning him that she was about to arrive.

James licked expertly, enjoying the flavor of her juices. Her bottom had swallowed his digit and was showing no desire to let go.

Her gasps grew louder and faster. He strummed her clit wildly now as she ached for him.

James’ tongue and fingers worked in concert, driving in time with the rhythm of Audra’s thrusts.

Audra felt it nearly there. She bent her knees and kept pushing her pussy at him.

In a flash, Audra felt the bubble burst. She howled with reckless abandon, as if she wanted to be heard by his neighbors.

James, for his part, showed his lover no quarter, licking and fingering without mercy now. He fed on her taste, lapping up the evidence of her pleasure.

Audra’s legs shook now. James was exquisite. As his tongue flicked, fluttered and sucked at her tenderness, Audra gave herself over to her body’s demands.

She had stopped speaking words. There were only squeals and sharp, breathy grunts of pleasure.

As she finished, she began to slowly slump to the bottom of the tub. She sank to her knees.

Her lover greeted her and scooped her into his arms, falling backward toward the stall’s door.

“Ohmigod,” she panted. “Oh my fucking God!”

She closed her eyes and worked to catch her breath.

“Fuck, that was soooooo good.”

James watched her chest heave as she struggled to regain her breath.

“You don’t know,” she began, with a pause for breath, “what you do to me.”

James gave her a wicked smile.

“I have an idea.”

She laughed. She felt the clear evidence of his continuing arousal against her back. She reached up a hand and stroked his cheek. She kissed him, tasting herself on his lips.

“Hey,” she said, wiggling her back against his erection. “Is that for me?”

They both laughed.

“Why, Audra,” he said, tilting her face to see his for another kiss. “You naughty girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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