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There is no good time to find your way through the arrival hall of a busy international airport. There are quieter moments when the business of collecting one’s baggage from the carousel before taking a chance with the green channel in customs is slightly more civilised and less stressful, but truth to tell this part of modern travel does not have much to recommend it.

It had been a long flight from the other side of the world. I had travelled first class and had been able to sleep for well over half the journey so fatigue would not bother me too much for the time being however I did feel stale and sticky and I wanted a hot bath and a change of clothes. My hair also felt like an ill fitting wig and needed to be let down and brushed out and I thought that I might even give it a wash if the hotel provided a suitable shampoo.

Finally I emerged into the greeting area and pushed my trolley towards the row of waiting limousine drivers. Sure enough there was my name displayed on a card, here was my rescue. I stopped in front of the uniformed driver. ‘Miss Field?’ she inquired.

I stared into dark eyes set into a small oval shaped face surrounded by dark brown curls under a peaked cap. She was much shorter than I, perhaps only five feet five or so, but she filled the uniform like a Hollywood model. A quotation came into my mind from somewhere in memory “Small but beautifully packed!”

‘Miss Field?’ she repeated the question as she nervously licked her lips with the tip of her tongue.

‘Oh yes, I’m sorry I didn’t expect to see someone like you here.’ The words came out before I could stop them and I felt embarrassed. It must have been the effects of the journey, I do not normally flirt at airports with chauffeuses.

‘That’s all right miss, let me take your trolley and we’ll go find the car. It’s just outside in the waiting zone. Did you have a nice flight?’

She was bright and chatty and this served to restore my composure as I followed her outside. I found myself appreciating the sway of her hips and the delightful ripple of the material stretched across her tight rear as she pushed the baggage through the doors into the cold morning.

The journey to the hotel near Hyde Park took the best part of an hour and in that time we broke the ice a little. I mean you can’t really get too friendly when you’re in the back and the other person is driving but she told me a little about herself. She said her name was Alice and she liked being on her own which is why she had this job.

‘That must be a little rough on your boyfriends’ I observed.

She broke into a little laugh.

‘I don’t go much for men, oh, they’re all right to knock around with, socially I mean, it’s like I enjoy going to see West Ham play but as to actually fancying any of them, that’s a different thing altogether. Anyway you must have plenty of admirers Miss, what with your lovely blonde hair and nice slim figure if you don’t mind me saying so.’ She grinned into the mirror as she spoke and I saw the look of interest in her eyes.

‘Well, we should really have a nice long talk about that when we’ve got the time Alice, but I suppose you have to…’

‘Oh no Miss, I’ve been on since last night and this is my last pick up so we could, that is if you really want to Miss’

Her voice faltered as she spoke as though she realised that she might be taking a liberty. I smiled at her. A pick up was just what I could do with and I felt the familiar little buzz of excitement as I watched her respond to my overt invitation.

We arrived at the hotel and the porter took the cases while I went to check in. A few minutes later I was shown into my suite. A nice hot bath would put me in the mood for what I hoped was to come, so after leaving the door very slightly open I stripped off and having filled the double sized tub, lowered myself into the mass of sweet smelling foam.

I was lying with my head back on the rubber cushion, blissfully floating güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in the water’s warm embrace when I heard the soft click of the door as it closed and locked. I opened my eyes and there she was standing beside the bath looking down at me with a shy smile on her face.

‘You look so comfortable in there I feel quite jealous.’ I lifted myself up a little and stretched out my hand. ‘Why don’t you join me, you could do with a soak after all those hours sat in that car. If you like I’ll give your shoulders a nice massage.’

She took off her uniform and sat on the edge of the bath. ‘I’ve never undressed in front of anyone else, not properly that is.’ She was suddenly shy yet I could see the longing in her eyes as she stared at me, her face betraying a delicious mixture of doubt and excitement. I guessed that this was her first time really alone with another woman and that she had often fantasised about moments like this but was very afraid now that it was actually happening.

I let my hand curl around hers then very gently drew her towards me. ‘Just slip into the water as you are Alice, then you can won’t be embarrassed when we take off your bra and panties.’ She gave a nervous little smile then slowly sat down in the water facing me. Her eyes were wide as I leaned forward and took her face between my hands.

‘You’re very beautiful my love, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, just relax and enjoy everything. Let’s start with a nice slow kiss just to get to know each other.’

She was still staring as though hypnotised as our lips touched, hers were soft and warm like a baby’s skin. Gently I surrounded them with my own, caressing them with slow sensuous movements, drawing the sweet sensitive flesh into a soft clasp of momentary suction before releasing, only to capture them again as they responded with a hesitant searching of their own. I slowly stroked her face and neck and as she discovered the delights of those first tentative caresses, her eyes closed and she sighed into my mouth as she gave herself up to the delicious sensations.

Her lips parted and I allowed my fragrance to steal into her mouth, she took a deep breath and drew it deep into her lungs. It would be rapidly absorbed into her young body where it would create its own sweet pleasure and I matched my respiration to the movement of her chest. Take it deep into you my darling, let it fill your senses with its delirium. Soon you will crave that sweet taste above life itself.

Then I too felt the intoxication as I took her essence into me and my mouth became more insistent in its devouring of her sweetness. Our tongues touched, flirted and then wound together in a slithering winding knot before retreating then each in turn pursued its partner in a flickering dance of desire as old as nature itself.

I cold feel my heart beginning to pound in my chest as we broke the kiss, ‘You taste so nice, my darling, I think we can become very good friends if we carry on like this.’ A lovely smile rewarded my compliment. After guiding her first steps into my garden of delights I knew that her caution was beginning to evaporate in the heat of arousal.

‘I’ve never been kissed like that before. I didn’t know I could feel like this.’

I grinned at her playfully. ‘It’s wonderful and makes you tingle all over doesn’t it. Turn around and I’ll give you that massage I promised you then we can order up some food and spend the rest of the day lazing in bed while we get to know each other really well. Us girls must have lots of secrets to share.’

I could feel the muscles at the base of her neck begin to soften as I worked my fingers into them, paying special attention to the tops of her shoulders then working down the ladder of her spine between the delicate curves of her shoulder blades. She sighed with pleasure as I found the root of the stiffness and smoothed it away with firm sweeping strokes of my palms. She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri didn’t seem to notice when I undid the clasp of her wet clinging bra and slid the straps down her arms. I could feel her lean back into me as I ran my hands over her neck and let my fingers explore her collarbone.

‘You feel so good, your skin is really soft to touch.’ I nuzzled into her neck as I whispered very softly in her ear, then taking the lobe between my lips I let my teeth nibble the delicate flesh. She shuddered and gave a little moan of pleasure. Her breasts were slippery in the foam and almost without trying my fingers found the two nipples already swelling into hardness. Gently now, just the slightest touch of a fingertip was all that was needed followed by the exquisite scrape of a long pointed nail to make her press herself back into my arms and seek my lips again with her eager mouth.

This time I was more demanding, I took her deep into the kiss, forcing her tongue into surrender with the power and skill of my own and claiming her tender breasts with eager clasps of finger and thumb, rolling the now hard nubs into painful ecstasy. Just for a moment I let her experience a touch of the fire within me, a fire that if allowed to grow would demand her complete surrender to its all consuming flames. Slowly I released her and as she stared with wonder into my face I spoke the words that could seal her fate.

‘I want you Alice, I want you very much, but I warn you, if you stay you will never ever be the same again. It can be very dangerous for you if I let myself really make love to you.’

The question was there in her eyes, desire and doubt intermingled, but she was a very brave and willing girl and I could see that she wanted to explore much more of this new world of erotic delight that I had begun to show her.

‘How can you hurt me except by turning away now that we’ve just started to get to know each other?’

I kissed her on the tip of her nose before stepping out of the bath and wrapping big fluffy towels around the two of us.

‘Let’s get dried off and I’ll call room service for some breakfast. While we’re waiting you can be a darling and brush out my hair for me. I want to know all about you, what you like to do when you’re not working, what clothes you like, oh everything Alice, I know we’re going to have such good times together.’

I saw her face light up as I wound my words of enchantment around her, drawing her into an exciting conspiracy of love. She was already beginning to enjoy the delights of her seduction, but I would have to move very carefully if I was to savour to the full the slow inevitable collapse of her defences before I finally took her into me. I had learned long ago to match the speed and excitement of the chase with the slow languorous ecstasy of the conquest.

We all have to fully accept and enjoy what we are, and that includes the prey as well as the predator. Oh yes, Alice would find paradise in the fate that was in store for her. I would see to that.

The hot croissants and coffee arrived together with an open bottle of champagne. We curled up on the bed and I poured two glasses of ice cold luxury.

‘Here’s to us my darling, just the thing to start the day when you’re in bed with your lover.’

I let my gaze roam over her body, it was only half concealed by the towel and her curves played an inviting peek a boo through the gaps. She was staring at the cascade of fine golden hair splayed in abundance over the pillows.

‘How do you manage to keep it so lovely, I’ve never seen anything like it and it feels so nice as I’m brushing it, it’s sort of clinging to my hands as though it’s alive.’

‘Perhaps it is Alice, after all it is part of me and finds you just as desirable as the rest of me does. Now drink up and then we can have some of this lovely breakfast.’

The sharing of food can be one of the most erotic instruments of seduction güvenilir bahis şirketleri there is. If done skilfully, it generates powerful feelings of arousal through the subliminal connections between the acts of eating and lovemaking. After all the same lips capture and enfold, the same tongue touches and tastes, the same sharp teeth seize and hold fast and the same hands present the delicious morsel to the devouring mouth.

It seemed only natural to break the crusty bread and offer each other the tasty morsels knowing that expectant lips might trap willing fingers while agile tongues teased the offerings from them with wet sinuous caresses and that any straying crumbs might be removed with soft delicate kisses. So we played as we ate and willingly she followed me into the warm sea of bliss that surrounds the smouldering eternal fire.

As we finished the food and the hot coffee I felt an easing of some of the tension within me. The digestive process would help to prolong the pleasure that was to come. I knew from long experience never to get too close to anyone when I was really hungry, unless it was an enemy in battle when I needed all the ferocity of my kind.

I poured another glass of champagne and held it in front of me. Alice watched me then as I smiled at her she reached out to take it but I lay back on the pillows and held above me it just out of her reach. She grinned and slid across the bed until she was leaning over me laughing as she finally took the glass. I gazed up at her. ‘Are you going to share it with me then?’

For a moment she looked puzzled then as I slowly licked my lips I saw understanding come into her eyes.

‘I would love to give you some of my champagne’ she whispered. She put the glass to her lips and took a big mouthful then she slowly lowered her face towards me.

I let my lips part in anticipation and felt the familiar stirring in the tissues that lay deep under my tongue. Her mouth moulded itself to mine as it opened and let the sweet fizzy liquid cascade into my throat. I grasped her head in both hands as I teased her tongue into the thick sugary fluid beginning to ooze from those secret glands. I held her fast as she tasted me. She shuddered as she felt the effects of the powerful agent and struggled vainly to escape but holding her securely I sucked her writhing flesh deep into the wet churning pool of venom.

It only took a few seconds before I felt her body relax under the narcotic spell and with a final lingering lingual caress I released her.

Her face was flushed and her pupils were dilated from the effects of the kiss and I knew that her thoughts were now struggling to hold their form in the warm haze that was now filling her senses.

She was drifting as I must have drifted when I had first… That seemed so long ago yet I could remember every precious moment of my own seduction. I would make sure that Alice was transported as I had been. A soft drawn out sigh almost beyond hearing brought me back to the ecstasy of the moment as I came fully alive to wind myself around her.

I held her tightly against me while the battle between her immune system and the powerful agent I had fed her came to its conclusion. Finally she collapsed in my embrace. Carefully I turned and laid her beside me. She looked so small in repose, her eyes were closed and I could barely detect the gentle rise and fall of her breasts. This was the period of waiting.

If all well went then there would be plenty of time to enjoy the slow intimate melting that would lead to a delirium of fulfilment for us both. If however there were an adverse reaction I would have to take her very quickly. We do not feed on dead meat.

Either way I had to prepare. I carefully removed our towels and hung them up in the bathroom. Then I rinsed my mouth of all traces of food. Looking at myself in the mirror, I could see the subtle changes that always accompanied these moments. My pupils had elongated into vertical slits, and the surrounding opal green now held the sparks of ruby fire. I opened my mouth wide and observed the four ivory needles rising obediently from their pink sheaths then subsiding again as my jaw muscles relaxed. With a quick flick of the tongue I moistened my eyebrows and closed my mouth. I was ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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