Ari’s Ride

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She finished the cold drink in three quick gulps while she looked at the hot, dusty road that cut the tiny town in half. It had been the first stopping place she had crossed in almost three hours of hard riding. The shaded area around the fuel pumps was a relief from the blazing sun that had turned the asphalt soft and scorched the small plants by the roadside.

Her leather halter protected very little of her small chest and tight belly, the low riding faded jeans were stiff with salt sweated from her body. She felt her skin, warm and red from the daylong ride. She swung her leg over the smooth leather saddle and kicked her Harley to life. The few onlookers stared as they had expected some hulking biker to emerge from the little store to pilot the iron horse. The tall, thin girl wasn’t in their perspective as the sole occupant of the big cruiser.

Ari had been riding since grade school, since her father built bikes for a living, and her big brother was right with him. She had little choice, but to pick up on bikes, bikers, and riding. It was her world, and she loved it. It especially thrilled her to ride better, faster, and longer than some of the newcomers to the sport. Those who burned up the balance on their credit cards to become “instant bikers” received little respect from her.

She stretched her lean frame and secured her helmet. She tightened the straps on her half-gloves and kicked her steed into gear. Spraying gravel as she wheeled out of the gas stop she was once again one with the road. Late afternoon sun at her naked back cast long shadows in front of her. Her wheels became long ellipses as she rounded the curves in the mostly straight highway.

Kicked back with her feet on forward pegs, she spread her thighs and let the wind cool her as best it could. The dampness between her legs grew as her thoughts strayed to long nights by lakesides and beaches. How she longed for a companion to share these moments without crimping her freedom.

Ari approached the rolling hills just as the sun was sinking behind her. Her day was long, and she wanted to stop somewhere. Pulling into a small rest stop, she fished a map from her pack to see if there was such a place nearby. To her, anything within a hundred miles was near enough.

Prescott Lake. About forty miles west of where she thought she was. Highway 182 would take her there. The insistent throbbing underneath her was keeping her aroused. She needed to take care of that as well. Too long without another person to share her body with has troubled her mind at times. Her last boyfriend had been a control freak that tried to limit her activities to what he considered “right” for a girl. Ari didn’t take that for long. He had been okay in the bedroom, but that was the only place he would take care of her needs.

‘Damn!’ She thought as she saw the 182 Highway sign out of the corner of her eye. Backing down the throttle quickly sent a shower of flames and noise into the darkening night. She slowed enough to execute a smooth U-turn in the highway and regain her intended route. As Ari cracked the throttle hard, the skies behind her lit up with the intense flashing of red and blue strobe lights.

“AH SHIT!” She said out loud. ‘What the hell does he want?’ crossed her mind. She replayed the past few moments in her mind. Speed limit, turning, lights all seemed ok to her. She eased the bike to the shoulder near the 182 turnoff and shut the bike down. She hoped the cop wasn’t some hick redneck that was going to give her a hassle.

As it turned out, it was a Highway Patrol Motor Officer! Ari had heard of some mounted HP, but never saw one. The uniform stood back from her and told her to dismount. ‘Am I dreaming?’ Ari thought the voice sounded feminine, but deep and gravelly. ‘Probably some baby-faced kid right out of training.’ illegal bahis Ari was ready for a hard time from this cop. Slowly dismounting; she reached into her tight back pocket for her papers.

“Put your hands where I can see ’em!” The officer barked.

Ari froze. She turned slowly and saw only the silhouette of the motor cop. He must have been six feet tall! With a slender build and a very defensive stance, gun at the ready. Ari was shaking, now. “What did I do?!?” She asked.

“That was a pretty high speed turnaround, back there. What are you running from?” The cop didn’t move a muscle.

Ari breathed heavily. Slowly, trying to control her anger now, she responded, ” I missed this turn in the dark!”

“What’s down there?”

“I don’t know! Some lake. Preston or something like that.” Ari was getting nervous. There wasn’t another vehicle on the road and darkness had fully enveloped them.

“It’s Prescott Lake. Ever been there?” The officer asked.


“Nothin’ there. No campsites or any showers.”

” I don’t want any. I just want a quiet place to sack out.”

The officer turned and spoke on the radio. A garbled return, and more talk that Ari couldn’t hear. Then the officer switched off the device. “I’m off duty, now. Follow me, and I’ll get you there.”

The officer walked back to the police bike and started it, waiting for Ari. Not sure about this, Ari reluctantly started her bike and fell in behind the cop. Several miles down the highway he turned off and led Ari to a small pond. Moonlight showed it to be a hundred yards wide, and about twice as long. The cop stopped the bike and Ari pulled away a bit before shutting hers off.

She gasped as the officer removed the white helmet and face shield. Long blond hair shook loose, as it became apparent that the feminine voice was appropriate. Ari could now see the well-developed breasts of her companion. She watched as the officer unbuckled her utility belt and placed it in one of her saddlebags. Slowly removing her shirt and bra, she folded them and put them away, too.

“This feels so much better.” She commented as she rubbed her breasts and lifted them away from her chest. “I come here myself, to get some quiet time after work.” She continued as the heavy boots she wore slipped to the ground. Uniform pants followed, leaving this amazon standing only in very brief panties.

Ari was short of drooling at this amazingly trim, tall woman. It had been some time since she had a girl-girl night, and it seemed that this would be one. Ari slowly unsnapped her halter and freed her A-cup nipples. She almost laughed at the difference between her ‘bee-bites’ and the at least D-cup mammaries of her new friend. At five foot nine, Ari was considered tall, but felt dwarfed next to the cop.

“My name’s Sharon.” The other girl spoke in answer to the unasked question.

“Um….. Ari is mine.” She responded almost shyly.

Her boots hit the ground and she wriggled free of the stiff denim pants, revealing her smooth shaven mound to Sharon’s gaze. The question in her eyes was ended when Sharon removed her panties to expose a light triangle of fur above her slit. Sharon held out her hand and began walking to the water’s edge. Ari took it in her own and felt the relaxed warmth of friendship flow between them.

Wordlessly, they bathed each other in the cool water, exploring each other slowly and deliberately. Sharon’s hands felt so good, rubbing Ari’s breasts and belly, slipping lower to cup the sweet mound between her thighs. Ari sensed Sharon wanted her as badly as she wanted Sharon at this point. Slender fingers spread her labia and entered Ari’s rapidly moistening kitty.

“OHHHH! Sharon!” Ari gasped as her legs buckled. She grabbed Sharon’s shoulders for support as illegal bahis siteleri the larger girl probed deeper into her treasure box. Sharon took one of Ari’s stiff nipples between her teeth and nipped it gently, causing a deep-throated moan to escape from Ari. Light butterfly kisses trailed down Ari’s belly, stopping just above her aroused sex.

“YES! Oh, please! Kiss me there!” Ari begged.

Sharon knelt in the shallow water and tasted Ari’s nectar. “You taste sweet, biker girl!”

Convulsions interrupted any thought of responding when Sharon sucked hard on the thick clitoris of Ari’s kitty.

“GAWD! OHHHHH IMMMMM CUMMMMING!!!” Ari screamed into the night.

She lost her tenuous grip on Sharon’s shoulders and fell back into the water. The massive splash soaked them both and did little to abate the spasms in Ari’s lower belly. Sharon dove on top of her floating body and pulled her almost weightless body to her face. Floating under Ari, she supported her with her firm thighs and resumed her ‘snack’ of kitty nectar.

Ari writhed beneath Sharon’s expert tongue, reaching peaks she never imagined. One crescendo after another, like the waves on the beach, Sharon brought her up and let her down slowly. Ari’s fingers were locked in Sharon’s long hair. Her own hair floated around her upper body as tendrils of soft dark fur. She finally had to push away long enough to catch her breath.

“Oh, Sharon! I have to take a break! My gawd you kiss kitty good!”

Almost blushing, Sharon replied, “I only did what I know feels good to me.” She giggled like a schoolgirl in the locker room.

Ari swam back to Sharon and wrapped her arms around her. She pulled the taller girl close and tentatively touched the full lips of her friend’s mouth with her own. A soft kiss was followed by gently exploring tongue tips. Light feathery flicks, barely parting one another’s mouth. Soft moans from both as lips parted and tongues danced furtively inside the hot caverns.

Hands roamed and simultaneously located aroused kitties with engorged labia and needy clits. Gasping together as each pressed the love button of the other, their mouths locked together as if sealed. Sharon’s hips gyrated forcing Ari’s fingers deep into her. Short, barking gasps emanated from her throat as her first cum took her away. Kissing hot, breasts touching, fingers gripping vaginas the rolled and splashed in the cool water until neither one could hold on. The drifted apart and wordlessly walked hand in hand back to their bikes. Sharon leaned against her police motor and watched as Ari opened her saddlebags to remove a small folded tent and some blankets. She helped her biker girl set up a camp, then gathered sticks for a little fire.

As if they had done all this before, the two made camp and a meager, but filling dinner. They remained naked as they ate, washed the few utensils, then settled near the small shelter on the blanket. Sharon ran her fingers through Ari’s almost dry hair and combed it around her soft face. Lightly, her fingers grazed Ari’s little breasts and she watched the nipples stiffen under her touch.

“I wish mine were this small, sometimes.” She said softly, bending her face to kiss them lightly.

Ari laughed, “Sometime I wish mine were as big as yours!”

They giggled together at the common thought. Ari leaned over and began kissing Sharon again. “This feels so good.” She whispered.

The fell over and twined their legs so that each was rubbing her vulva against the other. Clitoris pressed against clitoris, the rocked in sync to reach a mutual orgasm. Nectar flooded their gaping holes and drenched their thighs. On some unspoken signal Sharon rolled around and placed them in a sixty-nine position with Ari on top. Hungrily they devoured each other and brought on canlı bahis siteleri another wave of release.

Hips bucking and crying out into the night it sounded like a mating frenzy of some unknown woodland creature. Grunting and moaning, slurping and gasping they ate like starved animals until both collapsed trembling.

“Oh, Ari! That was so good! The only thing missing is something inside me right now!”

Blushing in the flickering firelight, Ari spoke quietly, “I can fix that, if you want.”

“Huh?! What did you say?”

“I …. uh … well, I was planning to be alone, so I did bring my ‘little friend’ with me.”

Without waiting for a reply, She rose and padded across the pine needle carpet and retrieved a small bag. From it she produced several small toys and a strap-on penis. Sharon beamed with glee and took up the strap-on.

“May I?” She asked.

“Let me do you first.” Was Ari’s response.

She slid the toy around her waist and fastened the straps tight. The latex toy was a good eight inches long and fairly thick. It bobbed obscenely from Ari’s belly, looking somewhat out of place on her smooth body. Sharon knelt in front of her and took it in her mouth, getting it wet and giving it a reasonable mouth job. She lay back on the blanket and beckoned Ari to enter her.

Ari slid between Sharon’s tight thighs and with her help slipped the wet latex into Sharon’s needy kitty. She moaned softly as Ari penetrated her slippery hole, burying the plastic deep inside her. Sharon pushed up to meet her downward thrust and they began a slow lovers dance. Each playing a role, pumping and thrusting like two animals in heat, Ari fucked Sharon to a crashing orgasm.

Sharon unbuckled the strap-on, still embedded in her body, and motioned Ari to raise up. Ari pulled up on her haunches and watched as Sharon stroked it in herself a few times before removing it and licking her own nectar from the slick toy. She put it on her own body and indicated that Ari should kneel like a dog.

Ari knelt and pushed her butt high in the air, giving Sharon easy access to her well-prepared kitty. She felt the latex start to split her opening and enter her quivering slit. Moaning as Sharon pushed steadily deeper until Ari felt Sharon’s belly against her trembling butt.

“So full! Ohmigod, Do IT! FUCK ME!” Ari cried out.

Sharon pulled back and used the strap-on well. She pounded hard and slowed. Sometime gently, sometime rapid ‘bunny strokes’, Sharon gave Ari’s body a thorough fucking. Ari thought of the few times a man had treated her body this way, making her wonder if it wasn’t better with a girl. No, she decided, she missed the heat of real flesh inside her. The toy filled the space, but not her feelings.

Soon, she could last no longer, especially when Sharon reached over her and stroked Ari’s clitoris while shaking the phallus inside of her. Ari bucked and shivered through a body trembling cum. Whimpering like a small animal, she felt her insides clutching and sending heat waves all through her belly.


Sharon slowed her thrusting and held Ari tightly. They rolled to the soft ground and lay panting, still ‘locked’ together. Unlike a man, the latex didn’t soften as they dozed off to sleep. Hours later, Ari woke, feeling the hard toy still inside her. She was dry in there, now. It was almost painful to slip away from the intruding rod. Sharon stirred as she felt Ari moving and helped remove the strap-on. Ari’s kitty was swollen and red. She rubbed it gently and felt a slight burn from the chafing. Digging into her toy-bag, she got some lubricant to sooth her tender flesh.

Sharon took the tube and softly applied the soothing ointment for her.

“I’m sorry. I should have pulled out, but I fell asleep, too.”

“It’s OK, now.” Ari replied and kissed Sharon gently on her soft lips.

They returned to the tent and slept the rest of the night curled together, dreaming of the new day and what it might bring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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