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After turning on the oven and setting it to 320 degrees Farenheit, she took the thawed chuck roast from the refrigerator and set it down onto the counter.

I’ll have to slow cook it, she thought, and let it get all juicy and fall-apart tender.

Maybe with a few carrots, some onions, and a few stalks of celery. Why is it called a “stalk” of celery? I guess what else could it be called.

The word “stalk” brought to her mind the erect cock of her husband. She put a finger lightly on top of the meat package, feeling the cool wetness of the plastic.

My appetite is whetted today, she thought. Then she said it out loud.

“I’m so wet. I’m so wet for you. I wish you were here right now so I could kiss you and fondle all of your parts.”

Goddammit, how can I ever get anything done around here if all I can think about is fucking my husband?

She wore her black yoga pants, the ones that showed off her shapely thighs and butt, and her husband’s gray button down long sleeve shirt, with only three buttons attached. She was a curvy woman, and she liked to flaunt it, even at home by herself. She ran her hand down her soft belly and in between her legs.

God, it is so good when we fuck. I’m so hungry right now, I could just get into the car and go find my man at work and fuck him right there.

Her husband built houses for a living. He was working across the city from their home, building an incredibly expansive and rambling house for a rich couple who didn’t have any kids, but wanted plenty of space to entertain guests.

I’d casino oyna fuck him right on the ground, right in front of all of his co-workers. Maybe they would all get hot and bothered and start taking off their pants and stroking their big thick cocks , watching us fucking as my big strong husband planted his seed deep inside of my waiting, willing pussy.

The growing ache in between her thighs was getting to be too much for her to withstand. Every curve of her body was super sensitive, hugged and caressed by her clothes. She didn’t want any clothes on, not right now. She wanted her husband’s hands all over her flesh. Her hand moved over her pussy and her finger found her impatient clit, waiting to be petted.

She gave herself an exploratory fingering, and the sensations flooded through her.

Where is he, goddammit? I want him right now.

She decided that she had to get dinner into the oven before she could play with herself, and so she turned back to the counter. She pulled apart the plastic wrap on the chuck roast and rinsed the meat in the sink, setting it on a plate and patting it dry with a paper towel, which she threw away into the bin under the counter.

She put a frying pan onto the stovetop and turned the gas burner up to high. She sliced a chunk of butter with a chef’s knife and plopped it into the hot pan. It sizzled and popped as it melted, and she picked up the roast with a pair of tongs and placed the meat into the pan. It crackled and spit, and she washed her hands and dried them with a towel.

If slot oyna only he was behind me, grabbing onto my upper arms, pulling me close to him. I could feel his hardness in between my ass cheeks and he would cup my soft breast in his hand, running it down to the pulsating crevasse in between my thighs.

She sprinkled sea salt over the beef, and cracked fresh pepper over it.

He would grab me around the waist and hook his thumbs onto my tight yoga pants, pulling them down over my thick legs, exposing my bare bum and pussy for all the world to see.

Her pussy tingled and she longed to be filled with her lover’s hot and hard cock. She walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a couple of organic carrots, an onion, and three celery stalks. She chopped the vegetables up roughly and tossed them into the hot pan with the roast, turning off the gas to the burner. She covered the pan with tinfoil and put it into the hot oven.

I have to touch myself now, she thought, her mind a blur of lust and hunger. She slid her hand down underneath the tightness of her yoga pants and her index and middle fingers found her pussy lips engorged and sopping wet. She slid her fingers inside of herself with a little gasp.

He would put a big strong hand on my neck and push my head down onto the counter. My pussy would be juicy and dripping like it is now. He would grab onto my wide hips and position himself in control behind me. I could feel his hard-on raging underneath the denim of his jeans. He would be hard, so hard for me.

For canlı casino siteleri me. His cock would hunger for me, his mind nothing but a haze of need and urgency.

She got down onto her knees on the hard tile of the open kitchen and plunged her fingers into her pussy once again, ribbing up the slit and circling around her sensitive clit, finding a rhythm and intensity to her ministrations that felt good, oh so good.

Maybe he would just free his raging cock from his jeans and simply plunge straight up into my waiting pussy, slamming his muscled thighs heavily into my soft ass cheeks. I Would feel him sliding his length into me with a groan and another groan as he bottomed out, sunk into my hot depths. He would grab onto my hipbones and slide out ever so gently, every inch of sensation causing us both to sigh and moan, until finally he would slam his meat up into me, grunting like the beast that he is.

As she rubbed her clit she put a hand down onto the cool ground and closed her eyes, imagining her man fucking her from behind as she edged nearer to her own climax. Her horniness was let loose, now, and she longed for some cock to stuff into her pussy and fill her up. She lay her cheek down onto the ground, her round and wide ass high up in the air, her hand fingering her pussy to climax as her thighs began to tremble.

A shock ran through her body when she heard the patio door open and the sound of keys being thrown onto the side table in the foyer.

“Honey, I had to come home to grab a drawing for work, are you in here?” Her husband’s voice was low and tired.

He stepped into the kitchen and found his wife face down and ass up on the kitchen floor, only moments away from an intense orgasm that threatened to overwhelm her entire body.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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