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It was one of her favourite sounds. The clinking of metal on a man’s belt buckle. She wasn’t even thinking any more, her hands on automatic unfastening his belt, pulling down his zip and reaching into the waistband of his underwear. She was momentarily shaken back to her senses by the hardness of what she felt – suddenly she could not believe what she was doing…



“Okay guys and girls, thank you for today – see you tomorrow – just one day until the weekend!” As her team logged off and grabbed their coats to leave, she stepped back into her office and sat in her leather chair. She leaned back slightly and put her feet up on her dark wooden desk. “Not a bad day” she thought to herself. She looked at the clock on her PC, 5.07pm, just a few reports to sign off and she would be home soon enough. However, she was distracted. The newbie. All hiring of staff is handled by HR – so the first time she had seen her latest employee was 8.50 this morning when he arrived at the office. The first thing she noticed was how young he looked. “Are you sure you’re old enough to be here?” she teased before introducing him to the team. As the most junior staff member, his desk was furthest away from her private office, but deliberately positioned so she could keep an eye on him during his first few days. She couldn’t help herself. Tall, broad shoulders and strong arms, his short sleeve shirt just about containing them. Dark hair messy, but cute messy, the sort that probably takes a lot of time and wax to deliberately look like he hasn’t tried. “I wonder how many girls he’s fucked” she caught herself thinking while on the phone with a client. She had never been tempted by a co-worker but this was different.

The reports would have to wait. She leaned further back in her chair and pictured his upper arms. She could feel her nipples hardening inside her dark blue bra. She couldn’t help herself. Her hands roughly groped at her breasts, squeezing them through her white office shirt, making herself moan gently. She was lost in her thoughts as her legs involuntarily uncrossed. She lifted her hips off her chair just enough to pull up her professional black skirt up her thighs, wearing it round her hips like a belt. Relaxing back into her now reclined chair, her right hand left her breast and moved downwards. She always loved the feel of her lace panties, and as she rubbed herself through them she knew she was too far gone to stop. This had to happen. Her wetness soaked the material as she moaned – caught up in her own fantasy of the office new boy. She pulled the dark blue lace to one side and slid two fingers inside herself with ease. She gasped as her illegal bahis fingers slid in deeper- imagining what he had inside those suit trousers. Her left hand moved down to her clit, rubbing it in unison with her right hand as it continued to finger her. Rubbing her sensitive clit and fingering her pussy, she had to let it out “Yeah! MMmm! Yes! Fuck your boss!” Her chair was rocking back and forth as her hips grinded into the leather seat. Her toes started to curl and she gasped “AAaaahh fuuuuuck!!” as her orgasm hit her. Her hands soaked with cum. “At least that’s out of the way now” she thought…



He arrived home with some beer and a takeaway pizza. A mini celebration after a decent first day at his new job.

“Yes mother, it was fine thanks… not bad i dont think… yeah she seems nice enough, she only said hello and introduced me to everyone, i didn’t see much of her other than that…yep okay, will do, take care, bye”.

He knew his mother would call. Bless her. However that final question about his boss had thrown him slightly. He was hoping for a boring, typical man. Someone he could bond with about football – but ultimately someone who would let him get on with his job. No distractions. However, he had got her. Brunette, super professional and in great shape. He noticed her dark bra showing through her white shirt, it was filled with ample breasts. He guessed probably about 40- something, likely married, and that her black skirt hugged her hips and her firm looking ass when she walked away. He was frustrated his desk was so far away from her office, but it was probably for the best, after all, he was there to work.

She was hot though. An older woman, in authority – a predictable but powerful turn-on. As he undressed to get in the shower, he knew what was about to happen. As soon as he stepped under the hot water, he absentmindedly began to gently stroke his already semi hard shaft. He used his other hand to rub his athletic chest with his shower gel, which made his cock more slippery as the suds got washed down his body. He gripped himself and began to stroke with more purpose. “Mmmmmm” He closed his eyes and thought of his new manager. “What underwear was under that skirt?”, “Has she ever been bent over that desk?”, “What does her cum taste like?” He jacked his cock with both hands, groaning as he unloaded into the falling water. “At least that’s out of the way now” he joked to himself.


Friday was always a busy a day in the office. The combination of the impending weekend and the stress of the day made everyone try to leave as promptly as possible. By 5.02 the office had emptied. Apart from the illegal bahis siteleri newbie. He’d been given a project by his boss and was eager to make a good impression with it. Unbeknownst to him, she’d deliberately given him something he will need her personal assistance with. She had watched him all day. Wondering if he’d come to ask for help, or try to stick at it. She admired his dedication in wanting to complete it without her help, but she knew it was inevitable. At some point he would need to come to her office for some one on one help. Each time he got up from his desk, she tingled between her legs, only to be frustrated when he wouldn’t come to her. As everyone else had just left the building and it was time to go home, he had no choice. He nervously approached her door.

“Ummm hi, excuse me, sorry i know its late, but this project i’ve been working on…”


“Well ive been trying all day, but i can’t really make sense of it.”

“Do you need my help?”

“umm, yes please. If its not too much trouble, it can wait until Monday if you like?”

“I’m in no rush, let me take a look..”

She moved from her chair and walked round to join him on the other side of the desk. They stood side by side looking at the paperwork that was now spread out. He glanced down at her, he could see the electric pink of her bra underneath her black shirt. Needlessly, she bent over to get a closer look at the spreadsheets he’d produced, and he got a great view of her hips and curved ass in her tight skirt. He now had a problem. He could feel the stirring in his underwear. And she knew it too.

“Okay, I think i see the problem”

“You do? that’s great” – he was relieved this could be sorted quickly and he could get out of there.

“Unfortunately though I won’t be able to sort this for you until I’ve had your cock inside me” She started up at him. With a completely serious expression on her face.

“Ummm… sorry?”

She was done talking. He obviously wasn’t going to take charge. So she would do it herself. She sat on the edge of her desk and pulled him in front of her. She opened her legs, her strong thighs either side of his. She reached up and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him in for a hot passionate kiss. She had wanted this all day and untucked his shirt as their tongues fought with each other.

“I made myself cum thinking of you yesterday” she just about managed to say coherently between kisses.

“I wanked over you last night. I wanna know, mmmmm, what you taste like.”

“Fuck, mmmm, well find out then” – she placed her hands on his broad shoulders and pushed him down to his knees. She leant canlı bahis siteleri back onto her elbows on her desk and pulled up her skirt. He was enthralled by her matching bright pink panties. Now he felt in charge. He kissed her inner thighs as she moaned softly. He placed his nose and mouth against the material of her knickers, before licking her through them. She could feel his tongue pressing the cotton inside her lips as her head fell backwards and she laid back on her desk. He slid her underwear down her legs, sneakily putting them in his pocket, and then grabbed her thighs. His tongue hungrily lapping at her pussy, deep purposeful licks inside of her, tasting her. She leant forward and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him closer and grinding herself against his face. He had obviosuly done this before, his tongue swirling inside her, but he knew he had a special trick for her. As her moans grew louder, he stopped fucking her with his tongue, and gently nibbled on her clit, her legs wrapped around the back of his head and her back arched off her desk before slamming back down, as her climax hit her.

After a few seconds of trying to manage her breathing, she sat up and kissed him again. His face was covered in her cum. The kissed messily, as she started to unbuckle his belt. It was one of her favourite sounds. The clinking of metal on a man’s belt buckle. She wasn’t even thinking any more, her hands on automatic unfastening his belt, pulling down his zip and reaching into the waistband of his underwear. She was momentarily shaken back to her senses by the hardness of what she felt – suddenly she could not believe what she was doing…

“I’d be fired for this” she said as she stroked his rock hard cock

“You wanna stop?”

“Mmmmm, fuck no. I need it” – she held his cock as she stroked it. Holding it so the tip was just pressing against her wet pussy. She looked him in the eye and laid back on her desk, inviting the newbie to have his way with her. She wasn’t kept waiting, as he held her hips and slid inside her. “Ohhhh wow, yeah fuck, mmm” was all this professional executive could say. His thrusts became faster as he fucked his new boss on her desk. She wrapped her legs around his waist as if to try to pull him closer. His thighs slapping against her ass as he began to pound her as deep and as hard as he could.

“Fuuucking hell i’m gonna cum”

“Ah, Mmmm, yeah. No, not inside me. Please. On my face. On my face babe.”

That was all he needed. He pulled out of her dripping pussy and she dropped off the desk to her knees and opened her mouth.

“Aaaaaaaahhh fuuuuck” he groaned as he unloaded across her face, she took him in her mouth to clean his cock and get every last drop she could.

“Fucking hell. Mmmmm. I’m glad they hired you” she joked as she started to clean the cum off her face, “i’m glad we got that out of the way – we’ll finish this project on Monday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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