Ann: A Love Story Ch. 44

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Every town seems to have one. While national pizza franchises dominate the landscape…and the conscious of the collective consumer, every town has that one local legend that goes against the grain. A place that places far more emphasis on the unparalleled taste of their product, rather than the packaging they put it in. Face it, the uglier delivery box, the better the pizza.

Not only does each town have one…they need one. It could be a dive…or a hole-in-the-wall. Maybe it’s a pub, or perhaps a greasy spoon. But it’s always a place where the pizza is so amazing that it makes the atmosphere, and creates the experience. They don’t need people with sandwich boards standing next to the road, or promises of being able to get it hot and ready just by walking in. They don’t need million dollar advertising campaigns or movie product tie-ins to sell their pizza. All they need is word of mouth. The quality of what comes out of that special oven they have in the back does all the rest.

From the parking lot, this one hadn’t seemed that big. The pizza joint where Dana and Missy had set up the going away party for Ann looked like it wasn’t big enough to hold thirty people. Never mind the 60 to 70 that were supposed to be coming to meet me, and show Ann just how much they cared about her. Yet when Ann and I walked in, I was blown away.

It reminded me of some of the dark caverns I’d been in as a kid in Virginia; it seemed endless. There was the huge main room that we had walked into, and then there were numerous chambers that extended off of it. I was looking around for a tour guide to take us through the place and explain the sights.

Instead, a cute little waitress in a very short black cocktail dress came over to greet us. She stood about 5′ 8″ in her heels, and she had very stylish, cropped brunette hair. The dress was rather conservative, but it perfectly accentuated her athletic legs. Her upstairs was a little smaller than Ann, but her breasts were just a perky.

And by coming over to greet us, I mean she practically ran in her 4-inch heels and hugged Ann. “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD…ANN!” she screamed as she clutched onto her friend.

“Hi Gloria. It’s good to see you,” Ann said, hugging her back.

“You too! I am SO glad Dana and Missy decided to have the party here. I’m sorry I missed the shower, Ann…I couldn’t get the night off.”

“It’s okay, Gloria. I understand. You didn’t miss that much,” Ann said, smiling at her friend.

“Bullshit. I already know I missed the strippers. Where they hot?”

Ann smiled, letting go of Gloria with her right arm as she pointed towards me. “Let me introduce you to hot. Gloria, this is my fiancée, Neil. Neil, this is my friend Gloria.”

I held out my hand and said, “It’s great to meet you, Gloria.”

Gloria let go of Ann and practically jumped into my arms, giving me a huge bear hug. It startled me a little bit, but not as much as when she reached down and grabbed my crotch. I flinched and pulled back, but Gloria didn’t let go for a moment. I looked over at Ann, who had an odd smirk on her face.

“Gloria?” Ann said, looking at her friend.

“Sorry,” she said, letting go and laughing.

I looked over at Ann, bewildered at what had just happened. I tried to make light of it, and said, “Uh…if that’s how the rest of your friends are going to say hello, I’m not sure I want to meet any of the guys.”

“What was THAT all about, Gloria?” Ann asked.

Gloria turned a little red and said, “I’m sorry, Neil. Sorry, Ann…I just had to know if the rumor that’s running rampant in the back was true.”

“Rumor…what rumor,” I asked innocently.

Ann sighed and said, “About you, Neil. My girlfriends are talking about you.”

“What ABOUT me?” I said naively, still stunned that I’d just been groped by a girl I’d just met, right in front of my fiancée in the entrance of a packed pizza parlor.

Ann looked at Gloria and smiled. “Isn’t he just the cutest guy in the world. He has no idea sometimes just how amazing he is.”

“I’m sold,” Gloria said with a giggle as the two of them stared at me.

“WHAT?” I said, still focused on my suddenly bulging crotch.

Ann hugged me and said, “They’re talking about you’re cock, baby. I told you they would be, now that they’ve seen it.”

“You didn’t say they’d TALK about it. You just said you weren’t sure you should have done what you did. And why would they need to talk about it. They already saw it…me!”

“Neil…what if…you and your buddies saw a girl flash her tits? Wouldn’t you still be talking about it afterwards?” Ann asked.

I stood there, a blank expression on my face as what Ann had said sank it. I nodded, realizing she was right. My friends and I would have been talking about being flashed every day for a month…and then we would recount it for years thereafter. I really shouldn’t have been that shocked that Ann’s friends were talking about me less than a couple of hours later. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so surprised, had Gloria shaken my hand instead of my groin. I was still a little casino siteleri stunned that she’d done that.

“Well, that’s what they’re doing, baby. They’re sharing, because they know what they saw was pretty damn special.”

“That’s why I grabbed you. I thought they were kidding me, trying to make me jealous about not being at the party. I mean, I knew they saw it…they wouldn’t make that part up. But when Missy handed me my door prize and said you were thicker…I didn’t believe her.”

“Oh…Missy gave you a dildo too?” Ann asked nonchalantly, like it was a normal thing to say in a crowded restaurant. “That’s nice.”

“Yeah. It wasn’t like I didn’t WANT to be there, Ann. I did, more than anything. I tried, but I couldn’t find anyone to take my shift so I could get off of work. But Mack felt sorry for me…so he said I get to work your party, and I don’t have to work the floor…so I’ll get to be with you tonight. Hell, I’ll even get paid to do it!”

“GREAT! I’m so glad you’re going to be with us. It wouldn’t have been the same without you, Gloria. And I really missed seeing you at the shower.”

“And I apparently missed seeing a fat cock,” Gloria said, looking back down towards my crotch.

Ann laughed and reached down and fondled it through the front of my shorts in front of her friend, making my cock lurch a little. “I think it’s showing off for you now,” she said with a laugh. “Aren’t you, Neil?”

“Oh…you’re talking to me? I thought you were talking to my dick,” I said, giving Ann a disapproving look.

I was actually just messing with her. I didn’t care any more that Ann seemed to talk about my cock like it was an individual entity all it’s own. I had actually come to find that a little endearing when she talked about me like that. I was secure enough in my relationship with Ann…I knew she loved me for me. The fact that she loved my cock so much only added to my love for her. And if I were honest with myself, I knew I felt the same way about her hard, sculpted ass. And her tight, wet pussy, and her perfect, upturned breasts, and…hell, any part of Ann’s body. Name it, and I could certainly go on at length about it like it was my possession, and not attached to her.

Still, I playfully scowled at Ann, and she blinked. “I’m sorry sweetheart. I KNOW that your cock is really attached to you. I don’t know why I do that sometimes. I guess I’m just so amazed that you’re mine that I can’t help myself. Sometimes it’s still so hard to believe.”

“And I found it hard to believe what the girls were saying,” Gloria added, trying to lighten what she thought was a tense moment. “That’s why I grabbed you. I figured if I was the only one that didn’t get to see it in person, at least I could be the only one that felt it.”

I smiled slyly knowing that wasn’t true. Dana had felt it. Hell, she’d sucked my cock. But neither Ann nor I was going to bring that up. Instead, Ann just looked at Gloria for a moment, while she continued to squeeze my balls through my shorts, letting those words sink in.

Finally, Ann she looked up at me, her eyes searching for mine in the dim light. Her smile was sweet, and her eyes were sparkling. She was happy…as happy as I’d ever seen her. And at the same time, I saw that familiar little grin start to cross her face. The one that told me she was up to something; the one that told me I should relax and be open minded.

“Baby, I know I told you in the car that I was only going to show myself…and I’m doing that,” she said, moving her hand off my crotch to play with hers. Specifically, she was running her hand through the strip of hair hidden in her tan, and the laces of her open front shorts. “But…I was wondering…”

“Wondering what, Ann,” I asked, watching her bite her lip.

“You did say in the car that I should warn you if I was going to show you off again. But I think it would be better if I asked you instead. Would you mind?” Ann said seductively, almost pouting as she put her hand back onto my bulge and massaged my balls through the material of my shorts one more time.


“HOLY SHIT,” Gloria said as she looked at my raging hard on.

I was on display again, this time in a slightly more private setting than when Ann had removed my cock in front of all of her friends at the bachelorette party. Gloria had led us toward the back of the restaurant, to a small private room they used for intimate parties and overflow capacity. She’d closed the door behind us, and locked it so Ann could play her own special game of show and tell.

Ann was on her knees in front of me, slowly stroking my shaft as she looked up into my eyes, trying to gauge if I was okay with what she was doing. It was another one of those strange, exciting moments where we were pushing the sexual envelope. I was not only okay with it, I had suddenly become so turned on physically when she started that I couldn’t stand. My legs had become too weak.

Ann and I had walked into the room holding hands, but she spun be as soon as we cleared the doorway. Pressing her hand against slot oyna my chest lovingly, she pushed me back against a wall. She slowly unzipped my shorts and pulled the opening wide. Her fingers felt electric as her soft fingertips touched the skin of my shaft, making my cock flinch. Ann let out a giggle and asked me if I was sure it was okay. I could only nod as she flashed me a wicked little grin.

“You love me showing you off, don’t you baby?” I said quietly. Her answer came with her eyes, the deep brown irises smiling at me.

I was suddenly in the midst of one of Ann’s deliciously torturous hand jobs. We’d only been in the room for five minutes, maybe less, and Ann had my cock dripping with pre-cum. She was using it to coat the head, occasionally licking the very tip as she flicked her tongue along the tiny slit. When I saw a tiny string of my pre-cum stretch from the tip of my cock, sticking to Ann’s extended tongue in a sexy little rope as she pulled back, my knees wobbled a little. Ann giggled and had me sit in a chair.

Ann had pulled my balls out of the opening, and she was gently playing with them as she pumped me. Gloria was transfixed, leering at my crotch as Ann lovingly worked on me. “God those things are huge,” Gloria said quietly, but loud enough that we heard.

“They’re heavy too,” Ann said as she put her fingers underneath them, lifting them up like she was testing their weight. “And they pack an amazing punch, Gloria. He cums so much it’s like a fire hose going off.”

“I’d love to see that…but I think one of us really should go tell the rest of the people waiting what’s going on. And it looks like you’re going to be busy for a while,” Gloria said with a laugh.

“You can stay a five more minutes, can’t you?” Ann said with a smile.

“Five minutes? Hell, I’ve seen you do that for five hours, Ann. Remember Jesse?” Gloria said before she started laughing hysterically.

Ann smiled and said, “Well, yeah…I could make it take that long if I wanted to. But that was different and you know it. I wasn’t doing it to try to make him feel good, and neither were you.”

The very thought that Ann could keep me on edge for five hours both intrigued me, and scared the shit out of me. On the one hand, I marveled that she was so good at what she was doing to me, it seemed impossible that she could deny me an orgasm that long. On the other hand, she’d done it to me for over an hour when we saw the movie together our last night in Indiana. And when I thought about how amazing that was, and yet how easily she’d been able to manipulate my cock that night to keep me hard and turned on, but keep me from cumming, I had no doubt that Gloria and Ann were telling the truth.

As much as that impacted my thoughts, my mind had quickly moved passed that, to two points that now dominated my brain. One was how excruciating a hand job would be if Ann’s goal wasn’t to make the experience pleasurable. Sure, it was vexing the way Ann played with me, but I’d knew there would be a happy ending eventually. Yet I knew now by the way Gloria had made her comment, and in Ann’s response to it, that there could be an ulterior motive to Ann’s self proclaimed hand job fetish…one that I didn’t want to experience first hand, so to speak.

The other point that came to my mind was…”Who the hell is Jesse?”

Gloria laughed again, and pointed back and forth between herself and Ann. “Jesse was our boyfriend.”

“Oh…okay,” I said at first. But then, I became confused by the inference of Gloria’s statement. I didn’t add up. I shook my head and said, “Wait? You said you saw Ann do this for five hours. How could you SEE her, if he was her boyfriend and then he was yours? Or…well, even if it was the other way around, it’s the same thing.”

Ann looked up at me and said, “Gloria and I…well, she and I were dating the Jesse at the same time. We just didn’t know it at first…and then, we both found out.”

Gloria added, “Yeah. I met Ann at her store one day by sheer coincidence. She was waiting on me, and when I opened up my purse and pulled out my wallet to pay, a picture of him dropped on the counter.”

Ann said, “It startled me for a second, and I asked if that was her brother. When she told me it was her boyfriend, and I knew she meant her CURRENT boyfriend, I lost it.”

“And then I lost it,” Gloria said. “After we calmed down, we ended up meeting up after Ann got off work. We had a couple of beers and became pretty quick friends.”

Ann looked up at me from between my legs and grinned. She winked at me and said, “That’s when we hatched the plan.”


Gloria had gone back to work. She was going to be working at the party that was being thrown for Ann…and for me. After all, there were a lot of people waiting for us to arrive, and many had been for about a half-hour. And since Ann literally had her hands full of a very hard, almost angry cock, we were going to be a while longer.

As Gloria slipped through the door, making sure it was locked, I turned to Ann and asked, “Are you going to tell me what canlı casino siteleri that was all about?”

“What…what was all about?” Ann said as she slowly stroked my cock, her grip firm and tight.

“Well, I get the fact that you wanted to show Gloria my cock…you didn’t want her left out. But what’s with the whole Jesse thing? You know…the plan…that you said you hatched?”

Ann smiled and said, “That’s a long story, baby. I promise, I’ll tell you later tonight. But right now, we need to get to the party, and we’re never going to get to that unless I get this to go down. And the best way to do that is for me to make you cum.”

“You know…you might as well go and be with your friends, and I’ll be along I a little bit.”

“You don’t want to cum for me?” she said, her lips pouting.

“Ann, I know you said earlier that you could make me cum in five minutes…but I just came not that long ago babe. I’m thinking it’s going to be closer to the five hours you were kidding about.”

“Well, first of all…I wasn’t kidding. It was at least five hours…maybe longer. But we’ll talk about that later, okay?”

I nodded, speechless as I realized for sure that Ann had been serious. In all honesty, I already knew that, but somehow I tried to make myself think that Ann could never be that…well, evil. Then again, I didn’t know the circumstances. I had to believe that Ann would have had to have a good reason for what she’d done. And based on the limited knowledge I had of the situation, I knew I had to give her the benefit of the doubt until I heard the rest of the story.

But that didn’t matter. Not as soon as Ann said, “Secondly, you need to have a little more faith in me, baby. You’re GOING to cum; you’re going to cum a LOT…and you’re going to cum when I WANT you to.”

The look of determination on Ann’s face was a little startling. But the smile she was flashing warmed my heart. She stopped stroking my cock and stood up. Walking over to the wall near the door, Ann turned a dial that was next to the light switch, which turned up the piped in music that was playing throughout the restaurant.

I was stunned by the coincidence of the song being ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ by Duran Duran. My mind quickly flashed to Patrick Nagel posters in Missy’s office from a few hours before, and the Rio album cover by the same artist. Ann, however, seemed to be thinking of the video for the song, and she began moving about to the music. She danced, very provocatively. She was gliding elegantly across the floor, letting the music flow through her body…guiding her movements. It was like she had become a part of the song. Ann was both graceful and sexual…she was dancing exactly like a stripper would at a strip club. And I knew that from experience.

Ann and I had had to endure watching the two male dancers perform at her bachelorette party, and she had described how she felt the artform was much more suited to women. In fact, she gone so far to say that if I was to ever make her watch a stripper again, it had to be a strip club, and it had to be a woman doing the stripping. I wasn’t sure where to go with that at the time, but I had certainly filed it away.

Ann knew what she was doing, and she knew how to do it. I watched her move catlike, slowly and seductively; she looked like she’d just strutted off the canvas of one of those prints I’d admired on Missy’s wall…now one of Nagel’s girls come to life. She was strong and confident. She was independent and sexy. She was making me harder by the second as she twisted and turned across the floor, each move perfectly timed to the music like she’d practiced it.

It didn’t surprise me that Ann was a natural at moving the way she was. Her athletic background notwithstanding, she had also been the best dancer on the high school dance team. It really wasn’t even close between her and the other 19 girls on the squad at the time. But now, she was at a whole new level. And I couldn’t help but wonder if Ann had ever actually stripped before. Or maybe I was fantasizing. Regardless, I was convinced that had there been a pole of some kind in the room, Ann not only would have been using it…she would have been an expert on it.

Ann moved close to me, doing a little pirouette before starting to shake her ass in front of me. I remembered all of those basketball games where she’s dance for me at halftime while I sat at the scorer’s table, watching that magical ass sway back and forth. But this was so much more overtly sexual, and I realized I had been wrong earlier. Wrong when I thought that I couldn’t possibly be more turned on than I was, when Ann was between my legs, stroking the cock. The same cock that seemed to be throbbing in time to the rhythmic bass of John Taylor, and the driving beat provided by Roger Taylor. After all, there was more to Duran Duran than just Simon LeBon.

Then the song ended, and there was a short pause. Ann caught her breath for a moment, staring at me while she waited for another one to begin. She lit up when ‘Rio’ began playing. It appeared the restaurant was playing Duran Duran’s greatest hits. As the first notes played over the speakers, Ann launched into another dance. This time, she started playing with the bottom of her shirt, toying with the elastic that held it tight under her breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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