Anally taken

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I got home from work around 5:00 P.M. and he wasn’t home yet so I went to take a shower and I heard a noise so I called out “Is that you?” just as the bathroom door opened quickly and he grabbed me. He picked me up and carried me to the Bedroom where he tied me to ceiling restraints and continued to tell me he was going to do whatever he wanted tonight. I was a little scared.

He got down on his knees and kissed my pussy lips intently only taking breaks to tell me he was going to take my ass tonight. I immediately turned to him and shouted “NO. you know your to big to go there.” He just giggled and put a couple fingers in my mouth to keep me from talking. He kept telling me softly that I better make them really wet cause I knew where they were going. He kept nipping at my cunt and clitoris while I sucked and spit all over his two huge fingers. He then pulled them out of my mouth and went straight for my asshole, without illegal bahis hesitation he jammed them right in to the second knuckle. I screamed out in pain, but he didn’t stop. He then started moving them in and out with little regards to how I felt.

Soon I felt the anal ring relax and then I moaned out loudly with every thrust. He then stopped everything!! He got up and walked to the T.V. and pushed play on the VCR. When it started playing I saw a girl getting a huge Black Dildo shoved in her pussy while another of equal size was deep in her pussy. He then walked over to his briefcase and took out the presents he had bought her. When he took it out of the bag my heart started beating really fast at the size of the few dildo’s he pulled out. I told him, “NO please there all to big to go in my ass!” He softly said “Shut Up, You have no choice” He then placed the smallest one and put it in my mouth telling me to hold it there illegal bahis siteleri by sucking hard. He then places one into my pussy filling me. Then I watched as he lubed up the third knowing exactly where it was going. “I tried to mumble NO, stop but I knew if I let that dildo fall out of my mouth he was going to make me pay. I feel something at my pussy lips enter and within seconds he had jammed that huge dildo into me til it couldn’t go no further and I SCREAMED out in pain but he didn’t stop. He just kept ramming it in and out and in and out till I screamed put in pleasure and pain. He then held the huge dildo in my pussy while standing behind me I felt something at my rear entrance. I said no but knew arguing wasn’t going to change his mind.

He then took the one out of my cunt dripping wet with my juices and replaced it with the unused one. I’m guessing to put the lubricated one in my ass. At that moment canlı bahis siteleri I felt it again at the rear entrance. This time trying to enter ever so slowly. The pain was horrible as he slid it in inch by inch. He then told me to relax and I’d enjoy it. He told me to take deep breathes so I did. The pain slowly subsided. When it was all the way in he was still for a minute or two while I got used to it. He told me he liked how it looked in my ass. He slid his hand up from the dildo that is in my wet pussy and rubbed my clit hard. It didn’t take long to get to my orgasm with the dildos double penetrating me and him rubbing my clit too.

He slowly removed the dildos and moved behind me. I knew he was going to stick his 10 inch cock in my ass, and when he did it didn’t really hurt. He slid in with ease and started pounding me. I never thought I’d like it but all I could do is cum and cum again because it turned me on so much. I begged him to fuck my ass harder and with kittle hesitation he did just that. He then came and I could feel him cumming in my ass.

He then walked away telling me he was far from being done with me for the night.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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