An Erotic Evening with My Husband

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It is a cold, winters Friday night. My parents have decided to take the kids for the weekend to bake Christmas cookies and other fattening good stuff you eat during the winter months. My husband John is physician’s assistant and I am a medical biller. We met on the job 5 years ago. Unfortunately, word got around of our dating and I was let go. I did find a job nonetheless within a month, and about three months later, John asked me to marry him.

But anyway, John and me’s sex life is great. It has never been dull. We are both very open minded people. We can have passionate, slow love making to a really rough and hot tryst between the sheets that lasts about 30 minutes. Tonight was probably going to be a mixture of both. This is out of the norm since we usually have to have a quickie after the kids go to bed. And our quickies are usually quick and dirty. I had gotten home early from work as we celebrated the holidays at work this week and the doctor I work for let the medical billers go home a half hour early. This was perfect. I didn’t have to wait for my mother, who also works, to pick up my kids. I could drop my kids off at my parent’s house while my dad was home.

After dropping my children off at grandma and grandpa’s, I went home and started cooking an adult meal – no pizza or hot dogs or chicken nuggets tonight! I was making my husband’s favorite meal – steak, potatoes, hash browns, sautéed onions, toast, and a salad. As I was preparing the salads, John came home.

“Hi honey, how was your day?” I ask him.

“It was rough babe. I had a patient that wouldn’t cooperate with us. Then another patient, a child, was so terrified of me and the doctor. But hey, I smell my favorite meal cooking!” John says as he perked up from the odor of the food cooking.

“You know we’re kid free tonight, right?” I say to him.

“Ooh! I like the sound of that. Gives us a chance to unwind,” John smiled and winked.

John then playfully slapped my ass and wrapped his arms around my voluptuous waist. John started to lightly nibble at my ear lobe and whispered some dirty things in my ear, along with some very romantic things too.

“You know you’re beautiful, right?” he whispered in my ear.

I nod my head.

“I just want to take you from behind as you cook my meal.” He whispered lustfully as he bit my ear lobe.

John then started grinding his cock into my ass.

“Mmm babe you’re making me wet.” I moan as I start feeling dampness between my legs.

John then takes his hand and starts to grope my pussy through under my black skirt.

“Ooh god John, you know how I love being groped like that! That drives me wild!” I exclaim.

“Savannah, you’re such a naughty girl…a nasty girl…I like that.” John whispered and then started kissing from my ear down to my neck. When he reached beylikdüzü escort my neck, he started sucking and gently biting. I thought for sure he was giving me a hickey. He knows hickeys turn me on.

“John, I have to get dinner on. We’ll play after dinner. Right now, you’re a big distraction, in more ways than one.” I wink and giggle.

I finish cooking our dinner and John goes out into the living room. About 10 minutes later, I hear soft music playing and smell a few lavender scented candles lit. I peak out into the living room. The lights are dimmed and John is sitting on our leather couch naked, stroking his 7 inch cock. He was an amazing sight. Short brown hair, a cuddly-like-teddy-bear body that made you just want to snuggle into him and be embraced, a little hairy all over his body, but it was enough to be attracted to. John was a teddy bear. He was my teddy bear. John motions me to come over. I lean down and kiss him passionately on the lips, sliding my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues play and I moan into his mouth. It was a perfect moment, but of course, in my world, perfect moments don’t last very long. Our smoke detector went off. Our main course was burning. But luckily it was still edible.

I tell John dinner is ready. I decide to join him naked and I remove my purple silk blouse and black skirt along with my black bra and black bikini panties. John pours us red wine and lights two candles. I begin to sit down and John pulls my chair out and seats me. As he seats me, he kisses me on the cheek.

“I love you, gorgeous.” John says.

“I love you too, handsome.” I reply with a smile.

We sit in the candlelight, sip our wine, have an adult discussion and eat our dinner. Even though the steak was a little burnt, it was still a good meal. It was nice to be able to have a discussion with little ones interrupting or having to say “Tommy, eat your dinner, or SpongeBob will be shut off” or “Sadie, don’t play with your food”. One thing came up in our talk tonight: John wants to get me pregnant again. He loves it when I am knocked up. I think tonight will be night one of trying.

After our meal, we get up and decide to take a steamy shower together. We kiss and grope each other as we walk upstairs to the bathroom. Once we got into the bathroom, John turns on the water. I hop in there and begin to stand in the water, my long blonde hair getting wet. I begin to pinch my big hard nipples and moan. John walks into the shower and kisses me deeply. His hands roam from my face to my tits. He begins to squeeze and rub my 44C tits as he kisses me hungrily. John then pushes me up against the wall and gets on his knees and spreads my legs. His tongue then probes my clit, his teeth gently biting it.

“Uhh…ohh god John that feels so good!” I squeal büyükçekmece escort in delight.

John continues to flick his tongue back and forth on my clit. Just as he begins to suck on my clit, he slides a finger inside my twat. His finger slowly pushes in and out; I begin to feel weak in the knees. I don’t know how much more I can take. I scream in pleasure. As I’m about to have an orgasm, John tells me not to cum. He then slides in another finger and begins to lick my pussy, darting his tongue into my hole. Two fingers and a tongue…it felt like heaven.

“John, I can’t take much more of this…I need to cum!” I screamed.

“Tell me how much of a slut you are and how bad you need to cum and maybe I’ll let you orgasm.” John says.

“Mmm John…I…I…just need to cum…I love your tongue and fingers in my slutty cunt. I want you to cum in me and make me pregnant. Oh John…” I begin to say as he interrupts me and kisses me hard on the lips, shoving his fat tongue into my mouth. I start sucking his tongue and tasting pussy and begin to cum. John then spanks my ass.

“Naughty girl! I told you not to cum!” John yells at me.

“I’m sorry babe.” I say.

I then get on my knees. I begin to start sucking John’s hard 7incher. John moans and runs his hands through my hair.

“Good slut…” he says.

John then starts fucking my face. He begins to shove his thick cock down my throat, which makes me gag. He then pulls it out and begins stroking his cock. I move down and start to suck on his balls. I then had a wild idea pop in my head.

“Hey babe, how about I try something different…” I say.

“What do you want to try?”

“Well, I’d like to suck on your cock and put a finger in your ass, would that be okay?” I ask.

“Hmm…that could be fun for a change. In my college days, I did fool around with my ass hole quite a bit.”

I then slide his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue all over his shaft, taking inch by inch into my mouth. I then slid my index finger into his tight, moist hole.

“OH GOD!!” John yelped.

I quickly pull my finger out of his ass hole and pull his dick out of my mouth.

“Are you okay hun?” I ask him.

“Yes, it just took me by surprise.”

“Gotta love the shocker…although that’s probably not what they call it when a woman fingers a man…” I laugh.

I continue to suck on John’s manhood and slide my finger slowly back in, easing into John’s ass.

“Uhhhh yesss…that’s it…” John moans.

A few minutes later, I slide in another finger slowly as I begin to deep throat him.

“Mmmm god baby, that feels so good…keep doing it…” John softly moans.

I deep throat John once the finger is finally inside John’s ass. I gag, but continue cevizli escort taking his cock. John then pulls his cock out of my mouth.

“You keep doing this and I’m going to cum…I want to cum when I give you a good fucking.” John says as he helps me off the bath tub floor.

John then kisses me on the lips. We decide to then just soap each other up and get out of the shower. Our water bill is probably going to be high! John then pulls me into his arms and takes the bar of soap and lathers his hands. He then begins to slowly rub the soap up and down my body, caressing my breasts, slowly moving his way down to my stomach. As he rubs me down with soap, he whispers in my ear.

“How would you feel if I shared you with a young, bisexual woman I work with?” he whispers as he rubs circles on my stomach.

“Mmm…that does entice me. What does she look like? How old is she?” I inquire. I feel myself getting even more turned on than I already was.

“She’s about 5’5″, long brown hair, blue eyes, about 150 pounds. and she told me she found you beautiful. She knows about our sex life even a little.” John replied.

“Mmm..she sounds delectable, and my type.” I smile.

John then proceeds to kiss my neck. I turn around, and we share a passionate lover’s kiss. John then takes the shower head and helps me rinse the soap off my body. It was my turn to lather him up with soap. I rub his neck, shoulders, and back. I then begin to rub the soap all over the front of his body, working my way down to his cock. I start stroking John’s cock and I feel him get stiffer and stiffer. I then take the shower head and proceed to rinse him off.

After rinsing John off, John lifts me up, not wiping me down. He carries me to our bedroom. He then lies me down on the bed, crawls on top of me and gives me a deep, hard kiss.

“I am so fucking turned on right now. Take me, John. Please take me.” I whisper in his ear.

John then starts to slowly rub his cock all over my shaved pussy. He begins teasing me.

“I’m going to make you beg for it baby.” John looked down at me, smirking like he was pleased with himself.

“Oh please don’t make me beg for it. I need it so badly. I love your cock, John. Please fill my wet, slutty cunt. Make me pregnant,” I breathlessly moan, “give it to me!”

John then rammed his cock as hard as he could into my dripping wet pussy. He started to pump away at me. I then begin to scratch my nails down his back as he kept fucking me. John then leaned down while thrusting into me and bit my neck. The bed was shaking and I was in ecstasy. Then all of a sudden, John announced he was cumming.

“Mmm fill me up, please. Give me your load baby.” I moaned.

John then collapsed on top of me. We kissed and John then rolled off of me.

“So should I tell Stephanie that you’re interested in the threesome?” John asked me as held me and caressed my belly.

“Sure, I think it would be a good time. ” I smiled and kissed John.

The next thing I know, John and I are out like a light and John’s seed was inside me. Hopefully a baby is going to develop! If not, more time for that threesome!

The End?

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