An Anniversary Surprise

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For our tenth anniversary my husband gave me a surprise. On arrival home early from work one day when I wasn’t feeling well, I was surprised to see his car in our drive. I crept inside and made my way silently upstairs. Peering in through the bedroom door, I saw him, lying naked on our bed, being ridden by one of my best friends. It might have been childish, but I got a sense of satisfaction with the look on their faces when I burst in, and soaked them with a bucket of ice cold water I had got from downstairs.

I told them both to “go away”, using most of the Anglo-Saxon swear words I had learnt during the past couple of decades. To be fair to them, they did, leaving me in a mid-life crisis of confidence about my self-worth. My self pity didn’t last long. I was an attractive woman, with a couple of extra pounds round my waist which I could easily lose. My job was crap – I was working in a beauty salon doing the nails, massages, facial, waxing whilst the lazy owner took most of the money for hair styling.

I decided on a complete change to my life and left my job immediately. I decided to set up myself. I had a large back bedroom, which we had been using as a study cum spare bedroom cum storeroom. I decided I could afford to put a wooden floor in the room, buy a treatment bed, sun lamps, and all the other paraphernalia that goes with the beauty business.

My last day at the salon was a Friday – followed by a night out to celebrate. A Chinese meal with all my mates from the salon and some of the better customers, followed by a night of drinking and debauchery.

One of my friends spoke to me during the evening before I got too drunk.

“So when are you going to get back in the saddle?”

Another relationship hadn’t really occurred to me. I was so shocked by my husband’s infidelity with a good friend that I hadn’t really thought about it too much. However, her question set me thinking that I did miss close physical contact and that I wanted some……NOW.

The morning dawned and I awoke …in an empty bed. I’m not sure I would have been much good in the state I was in during the evening and my hangover was in need of some strong coffee and equally strong pain relief.

I went to fetch the milk from the door step. One of my neighbours was passing and waved at me.

“Hi!” she said. “How are you?”

We started chatting and I invited her in to share my hangover, coffee and my woes (It’s surprising how therapeutic this is as you get someone sympathising with your suffering, no matter how sincere it all is).

Anyway, I told her all about my marital woes, my career woes and what I planned to do. She was very supportive and gave me a load of ideas about my business. We went upstairs and I showed her the ramshackle bedroom I hoped to turn into my own salon. It was full of clutter – most of it would make its next appearance at our local tip.

I said I didn’t know how I was going to shift all the crap, when she turned and looked at me.

“I’ll send Robbie round!!”

I obviously looked bemused. She explained that her son, Robbie was 18, had just finished his “A” levels and was hanging around waiting to see if he had made a university place. She said he was at a loose end and would be happy to help me move the furniture.

I wasn’t so sure. I vaguely remember the lad. From what I remember, he was a somewhat weakly, uninspiring callow youth who I had perhaps last seen three years ago. I also wasn’t sure that an 18 year old would appreciate being asked to use his spare time helping me. Despite my protestations to this effect, she insisted that he would be ideal and offered to send him around as soon as she got home.

It was easier to give in and agree and I waved her goodbye after an hour of her visit.

I decided I had better shower and dress – I was still in my night clothes – baggy t-shirt, panties, and a towelling bath robe. Well that was the plan!

I had şirinevler escort got to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and stripped off when the door bell sounded.

“Shit” I said. That always seemed to happen to me. I considered ignoring it, but decided against. I put my robe back on, and given the shortness of it, decided to put back on my panties.

I walked down the stairs and opened the door. The sun was now high and streaming in as the door opened. Before me was 18 year old Robbie. Not quite the 14 year old wimp I had remembered. He stood about 5ft 10″, chestnut brown hair, brown eyes and a body which I could have died for. He was dressed in an open necked light blue shirt, and fawn shorts. His legs were strong, and his skin was lightly suntanned. He looked delicious. I stood, open mouthed, looking for the entire world like an idiot.

“My mum said you needed some help” he said.

“Yes” I meekly replied. “Come in.”

I asked him again if he minded helping, but he assured me he was glad to help. I felt very exposed in my short robe and I wondered if he had noticed my legs which I always thought were my best bits.

I led the way. He followed, hopefully eyeing my legs from below. I remember, as we made our way to the bedroom, that I was certainly beginning to feel a bit horny and the telltale signs from my body were evident, at least to me!

God, I was old enough to be his mother! What was I thinking?

We made it to the bedroom. The back bedroom! As we surveyed the scene, I pointed out which items were to go. Which were to be stored and which could go to the tip. My car was quite small, so there would need to be some breaking up of the old wardrobe and a large dressing table that I hated. The carpet would also need to go.

He immediately took charge. He decided that between us we could move some items. The wardrobe was the biggest item and we lifted it between us. It wasn’t as heavy as I feared, although its bulk posed more of a problem. We moved it to the top of the stairs and he instructed me to put in down.

I suddenly realised that the act of moving the wardrobe had opened my robe and as he turned he was staring at my exposed breasts. He did stare too. Instead of closing it, I waited a few seconds before replacing the robe fully around my body.

“I think I should put something on before we go any further” and I went to my bedroom, but left the door slightly open, leaving a small gap. I removed my robe, and found another old baggy t-shirt. I didn’t want to put too many clean clothes on before my shower, and I thought that this was ok. The t-shirt had a v neck and did show off some of my cleavage as well.

When I returned he looked at me and smiled

“Is that what’s called a perk of the job” he said cheekily.

“Well” I replied “it not the only perk you’ll get if you work hard.”

Our mutual flirting seemed to have quite an effect in his shorts as I noticed a bulge. I felt myself getting moister between my legs and wondered if he could see my reaction on the white material of my panties.

He seemed to remember where he was and what he was supposed to be doing as he told me how we were going to get the wardrobe down the stairs. He went first and we lowered it so that it slid easily down the staircase with him directing operations from the bottom. We righted it and were able to lift in out to the garden for him to break up.

Returning to the bedroom, we continued to move the heavy stuff. The banter between us subsided, but I got the impression it wasn’t far from his mind. I encouraged him with an occasional pat on his bottom, which he seemed to like. When I nearly dropped a chair on his foot, he returned the favour, but his hand seemed to linger on my cheek for a little too long.

After about an hour the room was clear. We rolled up the carpet, and he carried it downstairs over his shoulder. şerifali escort

The temperature was now in the high 70s and we were both hot and knackered.

“Drink?” I offered and I took out a couple of French beer bottles I kept in my fridge. He took one, twisted the top and took a long drink.

“God, that’s good” he said as he drained two thirds of his beer. I struggled with mine and he took it from me and opened mine with his strong hands. We stood, getting our breath and looking at each other.

I was trying to work out how to lure this hunk into my bed (although I sensed that this wouldn’t be too difficult). I had decided that a shower might be the best course of action – offer him the chance to wash my back.

As I was about to suggest it, he shocked me totally.

“I have to go now.”

I almost cried. But I kept myself together as I thanked him for all of his help. He turned to me and put his hand on my waist.

“I have to meet a friend now. I can help you tomorrow morning to break this lot up and take it away”.

“Ok” I replied. “Thanks for all your help”

His grip on my waist tightened and he pulled me towards him. I leant forward and pecked him on his cheek. We looked into each others eyes. Our lips met in a soft touch. Then he kissed me. Really kissed me. He pulled me to him, our bodies close together as our tongues danced together. His hand lowered to my bum. He massaged my butt, covered only with a brief pair of panties. We kissed more deeply, and his hand found its way to my breast, covered only with a cotton t-shirt. He massaged it as we hungrily kissed each other.

I returned the favour, quickly locating his erection within his shorts. I felt his shape, hard and pulsating, and I wanted him. Urgently.

“Do you want a shower?” I asked as our mouths separated for a second.

“I gotta go” he said. And with that he was out of the house and on his way.

I stood there for an age. What the hell was that, I thought. Tears welled up in my eyes. I had made a complete fool of myself. I wandered upstairs and stripped off, this time diving in the shower without a moment’s hesitation. As I soaped my breasts and belly I started to once again feel horny at how close I had been. My fingers soaped the tender area between my legs, and my finger slipped between the folds of my lips. My clit was waiting for attention. I fingered myself to a hot and torrid orgasm.

I dried myself, and lay down on my bed. I was soon fast asleep, and I slept soundly till early evening. I threw on some clothes and ordered myself a pizza. I went to bed late, thinking about the events of the day.

I awoke late and decided on a slow, lazy, and pampered day. I came down and cooked a full breakfast – eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, fried bread, washed down with lashings of hot tea. The kitchen looked like a bomb crater when I’d finished, but it was glorious.

I decided on a deep hot bath, with lots of bubbles. I undressed in the bedroom, and then remembered that I had a little unused toy hidden away. It took me a few minutes to find it, but I soon discovered my large pink “rampant rabbit” which my ex-husband bought for me on a romantic trip to Paris, somewhere near the Moulin Rouge.

I lay on the bed, and opened my legs. I squeezed a tube of KY jelly and smeared a handful of the lubricant over the wonderful pink rubber of the vibrator. The rest I rubbed up and down my pussy. Two fingers ensured that my deepest crevices were nice and receptive to my lovely vibrator.

I switched it on. The buzz of the clitoral stimulator was electrifying. The second button started the beads within the main shaft of the toy. I rubbed the rabbit’s ears against my clit. My lower regions suddenly were charged with an energy I had not felt for ages. I manipulated the head up and down my pussy lips, and gasped as I slowly inserted the şişli escort large pink head inside my waiting pussy.

I started to fuck myself with my toy, and loved the feeling of warmth as my pussy was filled with the rhythmic throbbing of my rabbit. It seemed like seconds, maybe minutes before I was engulfed in a supreme orgasm.

It was so good. I stood, unsteady on my legs and toddled to the bathroom, looking forward to my bath.

“Shit” I said once again as the doorbell interrupted my lazy day.

I pulled a bath towel from the hook on the wall, and wrapped it loosely around my naked body. I walked down the stairs and opened the door.

I had completely forgotten his promise to return. In fact I thought he would never return. I stood, almost transfixed.

“Robbie” I eventually managed.

“Mrs Hills. I’m sorry. I couldn’t stay yesterday.”

“Please don’t call me Mrs Hills. It makes me sound like 60. Call me Jacqui.” I said.

He entered the house and he looked at me. “I’ll start to break up the stuff at the back.”

I suddenly realised he was talking about the furniture we had cleared the day before.

“I was just going to take a bath.” I said.

“I can do it while you have your bath” he said.

I smiled.

“Or you could help me bathe” I said.

He obviously wasn’t sure what I meant. I decided to take some decisive action. I dropped the towel and stood in front of him totally naked.

“Like what you see?” I asked.

He didn’t actually answer. I dropped to my knees and put my hands on the top of his jeans. I opened his top button and pulled down his zipper. I looked at his eyes, wide open with surprise and joy, as I pulled on the denim exposing a nice pair of boxers. I then pulled them down, over his ever expanding cock. It was so beautiful. Not the biggest, but of ample girth. He was circumcised and as his cock rose to the occasion it took on a wondrous shape.

I slipped it into my mouth and slurped it deep into my mouth and throat. His moans spurred me on. I got faster and faster, cupping his hairy, heavy, sperm filled balls with my hands. His forceful orgasm, which filled my mouth with his hot salty cum was truly splendid.

He dropped to his knees and we kissed, his hands treating themselves to my breasts. We fell on the stairs and he pushed me onto my back. He removed his tshirt in one movement and kissed my breasts and nipples. His breath was hot and as he suckled on my tits I began to start to experience hot flushes of pleasure around my lower body. His kissing and sucking grew in intensity and he started a slow, but satisfying journey down my body, with his target of the soft spot between my legs.

His tongue on my navel was superb, but was nothing as I experienced his hot breath on my labia. I opened my legs wider, and he dropped his head to my sex, licking my outer lips from top to bottom. He occasionally dipped his tongue deep inside my pussy, then slowly traced the line up to my clitoris. As his tongue hit my sensitive spot I came, intensely and loudly. I pushed his face deep into me and he brought me to a mini-series or orgasms. I could stand the direct manipulation of his tongue on my clit no longer and I had to push him away.

“Fuck me” I quietly, but urgently ordered him.

Instead of fucking me there, he lifted my and carried me to my bedroom. He was surprised to see the wet, gleaming vibrator on my bedroom table, and he seemed unsure what to do. As he lay me down, I pulled him to me and started sucking at his cock again.

“Fuck me” I repeated and opened myself for him, my legs high in the air.

He needed little other persuasion, and penetrated me with his thick cock. He fucked me for ten minutes before his balls exploded and he pumped me full of his young, vibrant sperm. I held him close as he groaned out his orgasm. We kissed. Deeply. Quite lovingly.

We spent the rest of that Sunday in lovemaking. I was his first. I could hardly believe that I had introduced him to the art of sex. He seemed such a natural.

Robbie became a regular for me. He had his girlfriends of course. But he always knew that he had an available, loving pussy whenever he wanted it. We had some great times. And not just with Robbie!

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