An Adventure in Home Depot

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Not long after my Master and I first met, he gave me an assignment. I was to go to Home Depot and buy the rope he would use to bind me. While there, he wanted me to put in my anal plug and cum in the store, in front of all the clerks and tough construction guys. He wanted me to feel how much he owned me, even when we weren’t together.

It was still raining and windy when I left my house at about 4:30, and it was just getting dark. I was wearing jeans, no panties, a v-neck sweater and bra. I had the anal plug wrapped in a cloth in my purse. Despite the weather the parking lot was crowded, but I managed to find a spot not too far from the entrance so I wouldn’t get soaked. I do have an umbrella but given, my assignment, I didn’t want to have to be thinking about keeping track of too many things.

As I went in I grabbed a cart, so I would have something to hold on to. I wandered up and down the aisles for a while, I wanted to find the rope on my own without having to ask someone. But I wasn’t having any luck. It wasn’t where I thought it logically should be. I must have looked unsure because a young male employee asked if he could help me. I think I blushed. Guilty conscience. I asked where the rope was and he said he’d show me. He showed me a row where they had all different kinds of clothesline, both cotton and polyester, sisal rope, tent rope, rope for kids’ jungle gyms, etc. I figured we didn’t want anything too thick, because it would be hard to tie knots in, but not too thin either, because casino oyna it would be too hard to untie the knots. I ran the different fibres across the inside of my wrist, the most delicate skin that was readily available. The sisal was completely out, that would have left horrible rope burn and been incredibly itchy. The cotton clothesline felt nice, soft, pliant and plain white. It might get dirty easily. Then I saw some polyester “all-purpose” rope. It came in lots of different colors; black, red, blue, green, purple, yellow. It felt just as smooth and soft on my skin as the cotton and would be easier to keep clean. I tried all the different colors against my skin, it came down to either the black or the purple. Holding the rope against my skin, thinking about him using it on me, that intense look in his eyes, I started to get aroused.

So I headed for the ladies’ room. I left the cart outside and went in. I went into a stall and took down my jeans. I had brought some lube with me, because it’s a little difficult for me to get something in my ass by myself, especially since I couldn’t lie down or really even sit down on it. I do have a little thing about cleanliness and there was no way I was going to put it on the floor of a public bathroom and sit on it. So I put some lube on a finger and lubed up the rim of my asshole. Then I put some more lube on the plug and reached around and started pushing it in. I was trying to be really quiet, because there were other women in the rest room. But I had to push slot oyna fairly hard to get it all the way in and I did gasp as it finally shot home. My pussy was soaking wet and when I pulled my jeans up I could feel the dampness through them. The jeans held the plug in place.

I was really glad I had the shopping cart to hold on to, because there would have been no way I could have walked straight with that plug in. I had to lean pretty hard on the cart. It required all of my self-control to keep from cumming. I slowly found my way back to the rope aisle, trying not to look too odd. Fortunately, the rope was pre-packaged, so I didn’t have to ask anyone to cut a length for me. I’m not sure I could have spoken in a normal voice. As I stood there, making my final decision, thinking about what the rope was going to be used for, I felt the last shreds of my self control slipping away. I hung my head down over my arms on the cart and let the orgasm wash over me. It was like a tide of lava, coming from my ass and clit all the way up my body to my head and back down. I knew my face must be very flushed. I gave myself a few seconds and then started to straighten up, but another wave overcame me. I couldn’t help wishing that it was his cock instead of the plug and that my hands were already bound behind me as he fucked my ass, deep and hard. I know there were other people in the aisle and I’m sure I looked like I was ill or something, but at that moment, I really didn’t care. I wasn’t there. I was in my bedroom, canlı casino siteleri under his control, at his mercy.

Finally, I got my self-control back. A little dazed, I couldn’t make a final decision. I didn’t want to pick something he wouldn’t approve of. So I got 2 options. I got 200 ft of braided cotton clothesline and 100 ft of the all purpose poly rope in the purple. I liked how it looked against my pale skin. Maybe I should have gotten the black, but I liked the purple. I headed for checkout. Didn’t trust myself at the self-checkout, so went through a line with a clerk. When he saw what I was buying, he looked at me a bit oddly. Or maybe I was just imagining it. Anyway, I gave him my brightest smile as I ran my debit card through the machine. I put the bag in the cart and made my way out of the store, struggling not to cum again as I walked. As I left the store, I looked back over my shoulder and saw the clerk still looking at me. I smiled back at him again.

When I finally got to my car and sat down again, the sudden pressure of the plug pushing deeper into my ass made me cum again. I was worried that this might be against the rules, since he had only told me to cum in the store, and also I knew I couldn’t drive home with the thing in my ass. So I pulled my jeans down (it was full dark now) and removed the plug, gasping as it came out. And then I just sat there, with my head back, and regained my composure, hoping I had been successful and he would be pleased with me. When my breathing was finally normal again and my hands had stopped shaking, I started the car and drove home, ass tingling, looking forward to handing the rope to my Master for him to use on me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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