Along the Shore Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Boy in the Lake

As I swallowed my cum, the reality of everything had set in. The sensual cloud that made me lick up my own seed had faded and I realized that he wasn’t focused on me like I had hoped. Instead he had focused on the man that was vigorously plowing his sweet hole. I kept watching until they finished, they lay on top of each other until they got up the strength to get up and walk back to their home. Their bodies were both tanned and in shape, and the taller one held on to the shorter with his strong arms. As soon as they went inside I walked back to my bedroom and put clothes on. My routine for the day went as usual; I lounged around the house and did small chores to help get the place into better shape.

I looked at the photos on the bedroom wall. Most were from the early years of our relationship when everything seemed to go so smoothly. It seemed like we had no problems, even the stress that came with his last year of medical school and his residency. I relocated with him to New York, took a job as an editor for a publishing company and we survived. It seemed as though I looked over the photos for güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hours before I took them all down. I put them in a cardboard box and slid it under the bed, hoping that it would help me forgot Mark.

I walked outside to the shoreline and took in the fresh air. The weather was nearly perfect except for a few storm clouds on the horizon, but the light breeze that came with them was pleasant. I walked up to the dock and quietly stepped until I reached the end and sat on the small bench. I dozed off for a while until I heard splashing. There he was, the young man that I had seen earlier in the day. He waded for a little bit until he noticed that I was watching him. My cock grew hard thinking about his toned body getting fuck hard and after a minute he was close to my dock. He grabbed onto the dock and said “Hi”.

I chuckled a little bit at the brevity of the first words to me and replied, “Hey there.”

“So, I noticed that you’ve been…peeking a bit”, he said sweetly. The moment he said those words I started to flush and felt embarrassed about the voyeuristic habits that I picked up.

“Yeah, sorry güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri about that.” I said quietly. There was a pregnant pause before I could cleverly say, “It’s pretty hard not to though.”

He laughed before lifting himself out of the cool water and on to my dock. He was naked and he stood up in front of me. I could feel my cock trying to bulge out of my shorts as I looked over. His chest and abs with smooth and toned glistened in the sun and I quickly looked at his cock. It was larger than I expected, especially for a bottom that was so skilled, probably eight inches when it was hard. I was entranced until he used his hands to lift my gaze to his sweet face. I met his blue eyes with mine when he gave me a quick smile before whispering into my.

“You might want to try a bit harder”, he said quietly. “I don’t think my boyfriend would approve.”

And with he that he walked past me and back to the shore. His tight ass moved up and down and I was going to burst. I decided that it would better to not have anyone on the lake watch me unload so I went back into my house and back into the bedroom. I took of güvenilir bahis şirketleri my shorts and briefs and quickly started working my hard cock. I imagined him fucking my hole, driving it in me and soon I came. My cum flew out and splashed all over my body. I felt exhausted but the thought of sex with this younger man still filled up my mind. I took off my shirt and wiped the cum off of my body and then put the rest of my clothes back on. The rest of the day went rather quickly, just like the storm clouds the soon approached. As the sun was setting I made a cup of coffee and sat on the back porch. The wind was blowing harder than before and I knew that rain would soon pour down. I heard yelling that was coming from the couple’s home, nothing discernible but I could tell that it wasn’t going to end well.

The yelling lasted for about twenty minutes until I heard the sound of a door slamming and a car turning on and then zooming out of the driveway. It reminded me of when I found Mark cheating on me and I walked back into the house as the rain started.

I continued drinking my coffee in my living room while watching some TV. The rain started to pour even harder and sound of the rain hitting the cabin was somewhat soothing. A little bit later I heard a knock at the door. I walked to it, took a breath and opened the door. He was standing there, completely soaked and crying.

“Can I come in?” he asked quietly. I nodded and he stepped into my home.

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