All Creatures Ch. 04

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This chapter contains adult language and graphic sex scenes between two consenting adult males. If that is not your thing, then you should probably ready another story.

The wonderful and talented Bert_Fegg once again gave his time to edit this story into a readable piece. I thank him for his efforts! He is awesome!


Chapter 4

I wake up in a haze of confusion with the sun assaulting my eyes. Both my left arm and leg are tingling from where they hung off the couch for hours.

Why did I sleep in here again?

As I sit up, I see the empty whiskey bottle and all the memories of last night hit me at once. I jump up, and make it to the bathroom with seconds to spare.

As regret seeps into my soul, I place my cheek on the cool plastic of the seat, watching the tainted water circle out of the bowl. Somehow Gentleman Jack never seems to like me the next morning as much as I like him the night before.

As I stand and the walls tilt toward me, I realize that I am actually still drunk. I stumble into my bedroom to slip back into a much deeper sleep.


I wake up for the last time at a quarter till two with my bladder full and my cock hard. This has been my conundrum since puberty. Do I relieve my libido at the expense of an uncomfortable bladder, or relieve my bladder at the expense of a wasted erection. After coaxing my penis down enough to aim for the toilet, I turn on the shower tap to let the water warm while I brush my teeth and attempt a quick, even shave. Once in the steam filled shower cubicle, I take a deep breath of the warm, humid air and start to feel better for the first time since my talk with Bill.

We can do this. This is going to be okay.


By half past five that same evening, I have done everything I can to occupy my time. My laundry is clean, the carpet is vacuumed, the dishes are put away, not a do-dad is out of place in my apartment, I have eaten, twice, and I am currently pacing the apartment. After another glance at the clock shows that exactly two minutes have passed since the last time I checked, I decide I need to get out of the apartment for a walk.

After a thirty minute stroll, during which I tell myself I have no destination in mind, I am standing on the porch of a familiar ante-bellum home. A short internal debate ends with my knocking twice on the large double doors.

One of the doors swings in to reveal Adams, his left eyebrow raised into his hairline and a look of disgust on his face. He wears a once white wife beater with Mossy Oak cargo shorts and what I can only hope is a chili stain on his right man-boob.

“Uh, Adams, how are you this evening?”

Adams merely grunts in return as he turns back into the house, leaving the front door open for me to follow.

Where did he learn his Southern hospitality?

I roll my eyes as I follow the uncouth man inside. I find Adams in the den, ass firmly glued to the one recliner in the room, with all his attention on the TV, playing some hockey game with teams from the other side of the country. On the coffee table, beside Adams’ well-worn Timberland boots, is the congealed remains of chili in an oversized bowl.

“So, um, Adams, um, is Bill in?” I stumble over my words, but I am pretty sure anything I say at this point will go in one ear and out the other.


Well, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri maybe he could multi-task. Who knew?

I head up the stairs toward the room we shared two nights ago. As I open the bedroom door, I know something is wrong. The room is empty and silent. The bed is made with clean sheets, different from the ones I slept on. In one last attempt to locate my new found lover, I check the bathroom as well. It too is empty.

I rush down the stairs, adrenalin filling my veins as my panicked mind runs through a number of scenarios that all end with the untimely death of Bill.

Bill must be frying in the gutter, kidnapped by rival packs, tortured for information on the local stock market! Did Adams really not know his employer had not made it to bed last night? What an idiot, an imbecile, an incompetent grunt of a worker!

As I burst into the TV room, Adams head slowly turns toward me with his brow once more reaching into his hair line.

“The other bedroom.”

“What?” I am exasperated and very confused.

“The bedroom in the basement. No sunshine and all that.” Adams meets my blank expression with one of amusement. He tosses his head back down the hall. “Second door on your left.” Then he turns all his attention back to the TV.

“No sun and all that. Of course” I roll my eyes once more and sigh as I head toward my new destination.

After a 90 degree turn in the stair, blocking the light from the main floor, the stairway is pitch black. I pull out my phone and use the screen as a light until I am able to locate a small lamp. After turning on the lamp, the room was still dark, but I am able to make out the occupants sufficiently. The room is huge, probably the size of the entire footprint of the house. A few support pillars are in the middle, but other than that the only other walls are a sizable rectangle cut into the room in the back right hand corner. An entertainment area, complete with large TV, shelves of DVDs, and every gaming console I have ever heard of, and a few I haven’t, is set up to my left near the stairs. Surrounding this area of geek heaven is a large L shaped white leather couch, fitted with recliners and fold down cup holders. Toward the back left hand side of the room I can make out a large four poster bed. It must be specially made, because I don’t think even a California king is that big.

In the middle of the bed, propped up on a mountain of pillows is an alabaster vision of beauty. My heart skips a beat and my mouth goes dry.

Damn it, Mike! Why didn’t you sleep here last night? You could have spent hours playing with that if you weren’t such a damn pussy.

I drift toward the bed without even noticing the movement of my feet. Sitting on the side of the bed, I reach out and touch Bill’s cheek. He is slightly cooler than ‘normal’ but he doesn’t have the waxy, inanimate feel of death that I expected. His cheeks are still slightly flushed and his lips rosy. I note his chest rising and falling with his breathing, slow but continuous. I study his form for a few more minutes before slipping off my shoes and climbing in under the covers. As I settle in next to Bill, I am surprised to feel him shift and wrap his arm around my shoulders to pull me closer to his side. I look up into stunning blue eyes.

“Good morning” I whisper.

Bill chuckles and pulls me into a güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri chaste kiss. “Good evening, Beautiful. What brings you down here?”

Bill’s left hand lightly rubs up and down my spine, over my T-shirt, leaving a trail of heat in it’s wake.

“I don’t really know. I just needed to see you. I didn’t even plan to come, I just ended up here. Adams let me in.” I feel myself falling off the edge and beginning to babble.

Bill’s lips on mine stop me before I could go on to explain the whole upstairs bedroom fiasco. His tongue gently traces my lips until I separate to allow him entry. At the first sign of weakening, he shifts our weights so I am on my back and he is poised over me, deepening his kiss and exploring my teeth, lips and the roof of my mouth with his tongue. While the battle of our kiss continues, his right hand begins to trace across my side, over my stomach and to the edge of my shirt. The first touch of his hand on my bare skin is electric. I can feel it behind my eyes, in the pit of my stomach, and straight through my now fully erect cock. He slides his fingers through the hair below my belly button and traces over and around my navel. My penis jumps in response and Bill smiles against my lips.

“So easy to please, my young one.” I’m not sure how I like the new pet name or attaching easy and sex as modifiers to my personality, but that is something to think about later.

Bill’s hand continues up my abdomen, pulling my shirt with it and exposing my hot skin to the damp chill of the basement room. His fingers flit over my now hard nipples eliciting a moan from deep in my throat. I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations that he pulls from me. Gently, Bill undresses me, removing my shirt and pants, leaving me in only a pair of dark green briefs. My penis is straining against the material, with the head peaking out of the elastic waist.

Bill settles directly over me and continues his oral assault as his hands roam over my now exposed body. He touches behind my ears, my neck, my nipples, the inside creases of my elbows, the backs of my knees. He shows me erogenous zones I didn’t even know exist with his slow massage of my body. As Bill’s mouth begins to follow the trail first blazed by his hands, I am free to pant and catch my breath. When his tongue traces the junction between my right thigh and groin, my eyes pop open, my balls pull up, my hips jerk forward, and I let out a feral moan. Bill quickly pulls back, severing all contact and successfully delaying the imminent orgasm. My moan this time is one of frustration.

Why? What evil is this man playing now?

“Please” I whimper at the ceiling.

“Trust me, Beautiful.”

Bill’s tongue returns to its ministrations. Completely ignoring my weeping cock, his concentration is now focused on the perineum. His tongue is held rigid as he licks me from my anus to my balls, in one long, slow stroke. This has my knees like jelly and my legs flopped, butterfly style, to either side of my body. With each pass of his tongue over my sphincter, I attempt to raise my hips into him, craving a little more stimulation. With the sound of a pop from the lid to a bottle of lube next to my head, Bill shifts his weight and his tongue travels up my balls and finally begins the ascent toward the head of my red, engorged dick. As his wet mouth settles over the güvenilir bahis şirketleri head, two fingers covered in cold lubricant push past the sphincter to enter my body. I sigh in satisfaction at the sensation of being filled and possessed by a man I have come to trust so completely. The ability to let go of all my stress and relax into the dual stimulation of Bill’s cool wet mouth sliding slowly over my cock, and the deep but equally slow penetration of his fingers has me lost in oblivion. It is not enough to push me over the edge, but just enough so that I am completely unaware of anything except the feeling of sparks dancing along my spine to the rhythm of Bill’s fingers filling my ass and the gentle suction of Bill’s mouth on my cock.

Once Bill has me in a state where a whimper escapes with every thrust of his hand, Bill slightly adjusts the shape of his fingers and the angle of his entry. As his two fingers roll firmly over my prostate on the first sweep in, my eyes dilate and I emit a long high pitched sound somewhere between a moan and a whine. He doesn’t speed up on either my cock or the penetration of my ass, but now, every pass in and out, includes a firm stimulation of my prostate, causing waves of pleasure, originating deep in my groin, to radiate out and flash behind my eyes. As this continues, my body tenses and I have the strong desire to flip over and fuck something, Bill, my hand, hell, the pillow would do at this point. I just need release. But Bill’s weight has my hips pinned to the bed. I know I am now at his mercy. He continues his slow assault, pulling me toward the edge. All my conscious thoughts are now concentrated over a six square inch area of my body. Nothing else exists. All the feeling consolidates behind my balls and moves toward the base of my cock, resulting in a release like I have never experienced, I pump all my cum out of my shaft in great bursts of semen.

I close my eyes and enjoy the depth of peace and calm that only comes after release. As I slowly open my eyes, I see Bill with a satisfied smile resting his head on my thigh.

“Thank you, you were right.” I whisper lamely.

Bill grins, kisses the tip of my flaccid penis and hops out of bed.

“No happy ending for you?” I ask.

“No time right now love, I’ll get mine tonight.” Bill winks at me as enters the closed off room on the other side of the basement.

I follow Bill over to investigate this new area of the house and find a gorgeous bathroom. The entire room is floored in a dark grey slate that continues about four and a half feet up the wall. A huge white Jacuzzi tub dominates one corner, big enough to accommodate at least three grown men. A walk in shower covers the other corner, with a large waterfall shower head from the middle of the stall in the ceiling and additional wall mounted shower heads aimed into the center. One side of the room had another door way that leads into an enormous walk-in closet. More clothes than I have owned in my entire life were neatly hung in the room. Everything from casual shorts to designer suits in a range of colors. The collection of shoes themselves must have cost more than my wardrobe. Hell, more than everything I owned together probably.

Bill slipped past me, fresh from a very quick shower to grab a clean pair of jeans that tightly clung to his damp skin, and a sky blue, V-neck, short sleeve T-shirt. After slipping on a pair of sneakers, he gave me a quick kiss.

“Why don’t you clean up and meet me upstairs? The others will be here soon. We need to finalize our plan today and I want your input. Tonight is the attack”

Right. Werewolves.

I give Bill a wary smile and turn to hop in the shower.

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