Alan’s Beach Party

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I lay on my back, naked as the day I was born and feeling like a teenager in the presence of the man who knelt above me. We were sweating profusely in spite of the air conditioner’s efforts. It was midday on a Tuesday in August and I was on Alan’s bed in the timeshare he owned on the Caribbean island called Saint Maarten.

Alan was the most experienced guy I had ever met. He was like a connoisseur of homosexuality, with a tale to tell on every subject from pissing games to fisting. And I was learning fast.

This morning we had been having a no-penetration session that had involved me licking his ass while wanking him, then him licking my ass while wanking me, and there had been some nice kissing and licking of armpits as he told me dirty stories.

Now he was astride me, his knees beside my chest and he was masturbating. When he came it was going to be in my mouth.

We had done this before and I loved it. Alan was disciplined; he wasn’t going to splash spunk all over my face. When the time came he would lean down, I would open my mouth and he would push his cock in so his sin cream pumped into my mouth and down my throat.

I could feel him getting agitated now, bouncing a little on his knees, and sure enough he adjusted his trim like a plane coming in to land. His balls hung over my throat as his cock head, enveloped by his pumping fist, cruised down to my lips.

“Fuck,” he was saying. “Oh god.”

I opened my mouth at the crucial time and his head slid eagerly into my hangar and then the urgent flood began as his balls sent their precious stuff through tubes and up through his erection and cascading onto my tongue and the insides of my cheeks.

I loved it when Alan came in my mouth, and of course he loved it too.

Although this left him spent I was still buzzing, so I whispered,

“I want to lick your ass.”

“You love that, don’t you?” he grunted as he got onto his knees. “You’re an asslicker supreme.”

“I would lick your ass in public,” I said, and it was true. There was nothing I liked more than to get my face into his buttocks and lick his hole – that hole which so many penises had entered and spat their spunk in.

I got in there now and licked his ass like I was hungry. I licked him and loved the smell and the taste and the sensation of brazen, animal baseness. Then I knelt up behind him and wanked into his crack and my own spunk leapt to the top of the slide and mobilbahis güvenilir mi ran down and I was finished.

“There’s someone I would like you to meet,” Alan said eventually. “Tonight, here. There will be about ten of us.”

“Who is it?”

“You’ll love him,” Alan said with a sly smile. “Big, beefy, big belly, hairy, dominant.”

“Mmm,” I said, my cock already attempting a crash recovery.

“Andrei,” Alan said. “He’s Russian. I met him on the beach yesterday.”

The beach was a nudist one, or clothing-optional, as they called it, and I found it embarrassing to go there because with all these cool, unconcerned men lying around with their cocks getting brown and the sun kissing their asses, I kept getting involuntary erections.

It was widely accepted as the gay nudist beach and women and families kept away.

With all his experience, Alan had no such problems keeping things under control.

“What makes you think this guy and I would…?” I asked.

“Because he’s big, beefy, big belly, hairy and dominant,” Alan said. “And he asked me if I knew a very pale, smooth-skinned guy who liked rimming and was submissive. So naturally I thought of you. In women’s terms you’re a blonde bimbo who likes being fucked. Except you’ve got a brain and a bit too much flesh on you. And you’re not pretty. But you’re very fuckable.”

I took all these things as compliments, because I knew Alan liked me and just enjoyed talking that way.

I spent the afternoon wondering how the evening was going to pan out, then I wolfed down some food, had a quick glass of wine and headed back to the rendezvous.

Alan had a nice big balcony over looking the marina, where boats bobbed and presumably people bobbed within them.

There were nine men there including Alan, all naked except for underpants and sitting or standing around casually. Alan stood talking to a tall, thin man who was the manager of one of the yacht clubs.

I undressed in one of the bedrooms and fetched a drink from the kitchen. There was no sign of a big, burly Russian, but from time to time one of the others gave me a look. I decided I would like to be crushed under the fat, hairless oil executive whom I had met briefly in a bar in town. He was giving me very unsubtle looks and I knew he was fantasising about getting on top of me.

At Alan’s place you could just do that. People paired off, went into mobilbahis a bedroom and did their thing, then rejoined the throng as if nothing had happened.

The chub and I were on the verge of doing that when the door opened and an enormous, mean-looking guy entered, wearing a singlet that showed off his hairy arms, chest and neck and loose tan chinos.

“Gentlemen, my friend Andrei,” Alan announced, and a surge of lust burned through me because this guy and I were an arranged coupling.

I continued talking to a skinny, freckled airco engineer but noticed out of the corner of my eye when Andrei went off to get out of his shirt and trousers.

His type is not to everyone’s liking, which is fine as far as I’m concerned. All the more for me. We all drank fairly quickly and by nine o’clock everyone was pretty relaxed. The freckled guy went over to the chub, who suddenly bent over and allowed his ass to be licked. I intended to have that pleasure later, but first, Alan brought Andrei over, introduced us and left us to it. We made small talk about the island and our jobs – he was

suitably vague as to his occupation. Then he put a hand on my shoulder and spoke quietly into my ear.

“Would you like to lie down for a while?”

“Okay,” I said, and he led me by the hand into the master bedroom.

As soon as the door closed Andrei pinned me to the wall. He was overweight but muscular, strong and considered himself to be irresistible. I had no intention of resisting, and he knew that.

He took my right hand and thrust it into his underpants, where I found a large, hard cock and an abundance of hair. He pushed me back against the wall and kissed me roughly.

“You will do whatever I say, no?” he smiled, rather menacingly.

I smiled back without committing myself to any extreme he may have had in mind, but with a list of things I would acquiesce to – in fact I wanted to – which obviously included being fucked.

Andrei pushed me to my knees and pulled his pants down.

“Suck me,” he ordered, and I needed no further invitation. He had a huge erection and I got as much of a thrill from holding his hairy balls and wrapping my hand around his girth as I did from having the thing in my mouth.

We were happily in our sexual trance when the door opened and Alan popped his head around it.

“HI guys,” he said. “We’re relocating to the beach. There’s sun-loungers and mobilbahis giriş I’ve got everything else we need,” he added, brandishing a beach bag.

We all put our trousers on, trooped out and walked quietly though the resort and across the road, then down a little path to where the sea lapped gently on the sand and the moon bathed us in light.

Andrei leaned against a large rock and beckoned me. I knelt in front of him and resumed sucking his wonderful cock and smelling that sharp savory aroma that comes with big fat men.

The other men formed a circle around us, with Alan as ringmaster.

“And now, gentlemen, I think we’d all enjoy seeing Andrei mount young Philip.”

He threw a big beach blanket on the sand and two others smoothed it out and pulled me down, onto my back. One of them smeared lube in my crack, cheekily poking a finger inside me, while the other applied a condom and lube to Andrei’s cock. And then the big Russian lay between my legs and I raised them to the sky.

There was much appreciative murmuring as my top eased himself into my entrance and then began slamming me.

The feeling of his big member up my hole was intoxicating, as was the sight of his sheer bulk on top of me and the feel of his large, strong hands pulling this way and that.

When he came, Andrei roared like a bull as his spunk hosed into the sheath up my tunnel and if we had been in private I might have got a bit romantic. Here, though, we just kissed briefly and he climbed off.

Seamlessly, Alan appeared above me, condomed and ready, and he too fucked me. They all fucked me, on my back, doggy, bending over a rock.

There was just one more to go: the chub, and I could see he was relishing his role as last man standing.

I got on my knees, because I really wanted to be fucked doggy by him. I also wanted to be barebacked, and since all the rest had used condoms and Alan had seen my recent blood tests, the group agreed.

The chub pushed me onto my back so he could lay on top and kiss and crush me, which he could somehow sense I wanted.

Then I got back on my knees and he allowed his body weight to push his cock into my ass. I was sore but tingling and I wanted to feel spunk inside me.

He didn’t disappoint. He came very quickly and very powerfully and copiously. His spunk dripped from my anus and everyone cheered before Alan led us all back to the apartment, where I was put to bed to recover.

My recovery lasted ten minutes before Andrei appeared, asking if I could stand one more.

Of course I said yes. He licked my anus tenderly before descending on me and filling me with his meat. Then he too, bareback, climaxed up my hole and I drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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