A Walk in the Woods

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Quite a few years ago I was staying at a friend’s cabin in upstate NY. I had wanted to get away for a while and this was the perfect place. No phones, radio or TV. Just peace and quite for a week. The nearest neighbor was several miles away. There was a nearby lake which you could go swimming in..

To get to it you had to go through some dense woods for about a half a mile. It was a walk I always enjoyed. It was a hot summer day and I decided to go to the lake for refreshing swim. Little did I know that I would find more than just a swim in the lake.

So off I went trunks and towel in hand. I would change at the lake. Being so isolated changing was never a problem. Rarely was anyone else there. About half way there I heard a noise in the brush. I knew it was not an animal so I went to see just what it might be. Quietly I went towards the source of the sound. Then through the trees and bushes I saw her. A lovely young woman, about 5′ 4″, slender with flowing auburn hair and full breasts. 38C I would guess. She was wearing shorts and a halter top. She seemed to be looking around as if she was lost. It was clear she was unaware of my presence. I was about to move closer and say something to her however her next action froze me dead in my tracks. She started to unbutton her shorts and take them off, revealing a sexy pair of red panties. I was transfixed. I didn’t move. By now my cock was growing hard at the sight of her. I realized that my hand was on top of my cock, gently rubbing in through my shorts, pre-come making quite a wet spot on my shorts..

She then pulled down her panties and took them off dropping them next to her shorts. She had a neatly trimmed pussy that looked so inviting. Once again she looked around. Then as she faced me, she squatted. She stayed like that for a moment, her slit very visible to me. She closed her eyes and then started to pee. I very nearly lost it then. I could not believe what I was seeing. It turned me on so much seeing the pee pendik escort flowing from her pussy. From the expression on her face she seemed to be enjoying the release. I know I was. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. As she peed she brought her hand to her clit and began to rub it, her other hand squeezing her breast. By now I had my cock out and I was jerking off. As she finished peeing a soft moan came from her and her hand rubbed her clit faster and then all of a sudden she slipped her fingers inside of her. “Ohhhhh Now….” as an orgasm over took her. I, too, was cumming…shooting my cum on the ground. I tried to be quiet, but then she looked up, straight at me, and this time she saw me, my own moans giving me away.

“Too late, you already saw me”

she said smiling, still squatting. By now I had put my cock back. “Could you hand me some tissue from my pocket in my shorts?” she asked. I got the tissue and handed it to her. “When you got to go you got to go” she remarked as she wiped herself. She then stood up and looked at me. “Peeing always seems to make me horny.” she said. Then she saw the wet spot on my horts. “Did I do that to you?” “Yes.” I told her. Those were my first words to her. “Let me see what you have there, after all you’ve seen me, it’s my turn.” With that she unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock was so very hard. “That’s a nice one! Can you come again?” she asked gently playing with my hard cock. Her hand felt so good on my cock it’s a wonder I didn’t come right then. “If you’re not careful I’ll come all over your hand.” I told her. “Watching you pee was so damm exciting..”

She smiled at me stroking my hard cock. She was still naked from the waist down. I took my hand and placed it on her pussy. She seemed to jump a little at my touch. “Inside me, put your finger in me!” she whispered. She was so wet my fingers slid in easily. We stayed like that playing with each other and kissing, no words being said. She stopped playing with escort pendik my cock and quickly removed her halter top revealing her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were so very hard. I bent to suck them. By now she was thrusting her hips against my fingers moving inside of her. I could not believe what was happening to me and it was about to get better.

She kissed me hard and then nibbled on my ear driving me wild whispering, “Fuck me..now! I want your cock in me!” Who was I to argue?

She pushed me away breaking our contact and then quickly made short work of my clothes.. Next thing I knew I was laying on the ground, naked, my cock sticking up in the air wanting so badly to be in her. She squatted over me and reached down between her legs and grabbed my cock and brought it to her very wet opening. For a moment or two she rubbed it up and down her slit moaning as she did. She was so wet. The feeling was so good…I almost came.. She seemed to sense this. “Don’t you dare come yet…I want you in me when you come..I want your sperm in me!” and with that she lowered herself onto my cock.

Oh, what a feeling that was sliding into her wet pussy. I can remember that so clearly. Soft, warm and wet…and so tight. I started to thrust into her. She leaned down so her breasts came to my face. I took a nipple and began to suck and as I did I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock. She rode my cock hard and fast and I met her thrust for thrust.. She was so tight and so wet…..She kept moaning as she fucked me..” My reasts…play with them “she said as she took my hands and placed them on her breasts. She would go fast on my cock and then slow up trying to make it last..

Every so often she would lean down and kiss me deeply…it was a wonder I didn’t come when I first slid into her, the feeling was that good. All of a sudden she leaned her head back and moaned quite loudly, “I’m going to come..Fuck, I’m going to cum….fuck me harder…! ” I was about to burst as well..I pendik escort bayan could feel it building in my cock. “Come with me…oh please shoot it in me, I need it so bad.” Her eyes were closed as she yelled “Ohhhhh…now, now!” and her orgasm hit…her pussy clamping down on my cock…Then all of a sudden I felt something wet flow over my balls and I realized she was peeing as she was comming. It was warm and so wet.

That did it for me, I came hard, shooting my sperm deep within her. I thrust as deep as I could within her as I continued to come. “Oh..I feel you coming in me…don’t stop…!” She moaned pushing down on me to get me deeper in her. I wanted it to go on forever…so did she. We lay there out of breath in the afterglow, my cum leaking out of her, mixing with her pee as my cock was still hard inside of her. It felt so good inside of her. It was special..

She looked at me with a warm smile as we still were connected. “I can’t believe that you are still hard!” she said as she brushed her hands over my chest. “And I can’t believe you peed on me!!!” I responded. She laughed. “Did you like it??” she asked, “I sometimes do that when I come. I can’t explain it but it always feels so good when I do.” “Damm straight I liked it!!!.” I told her..

We lay quietly connected for a short while and then my cock slipped out of her, wet from her pussy. My cock was already missing her warmth. By now she had gotten up and was starting to dress. I got up as well and began to get my shorts on. As she slipped her halter top back on I started to ask her name. She place her finger on my lips. “No, it’s better this way. Then it will be special, something we can always remember. ” I started to press the issue, but then thought better of it. She came next to me and kissed me, taking her hand and squeezing my cock thru my shorts..”Thank you..I really needed that.” and then she turned and walked away. I went on to the lake for my swim. I never saw her again although I looked for her when ever I went there. To this day I don’t know her name or did I ever see her again. But she was right. That happened over 10 years ago and it remains a special time, and a woman, I will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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