A Visit to My Mother-In-Law

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This story starts out like so many others, a fantasy turned real. I have always fantasized about my mother in law. I like all women, old or young, small breasts or large, but my MIL has always been my main fantasy, and my fantasy finally became reality a few weeks ago.

I don’t travel much, but when I do, it’s often at the last minute. When I was told I had to travel to a client near my in laws home, it was a natural thing to do to give them a call and see about getting together. My mother in law was thrilled to hear I would be coming but apologized for my father in law who had already made plans to visit some old college classmates. Then my trip got a whole lot more interesting. My MIL insisted I stay with her. “We’ve got plenty of room, and I’ll give you better meals than any hotel restaurant.” she said. I told her I’d let her know, but inside I was very excited. I spoke with my wife who thought it was a great idea – little casino siteleri did she know how great it would turn out!

I called my MIL back the next day and said I’d take her up on her generous offer. She sounded thrilled; I’m not crazy enough to think it was due to me, but probably because she would be happy to have company. “Sandy” and I have always gotten along very well. She’s 70 years old, and I won’t lie to you, she’s not firm, or particularly thin, but she’s very sexy. She has great legs, some veins show, but mostly her legs are long and tanned. Her hair is mostly gray and she keeps it fairly short. Her breasts are full and I’ve often tried to catch a peek, but without any luck.

I arrived the day before my meeting so that I could get settled and rested for the next day. Sandy answered the door wearing her tennis outfit and gave me a big motherly type hug and an innocent kiss on the cheek. Now I should tell you that slot oyna I have always thought tennis skirts to be among the sexiest clothing around. I mean those skirts are short on purpose! My hand fell to her lower back as we hugged and I wished I could move a little lower to give her ass a nice squeeze, but of course I didn’t.

She walked me to my room, which was very nice. There was a bathroom just down the hall towards Sandy’s room. “Why don’t you get settled and unpacked and I’ll make us a drink.” she said. “But unfortunately I had already scheduled a tennis match with some of my lady friends, so I’ll be out until dinner time.” I told her that a drink would hit the spot and not to worry about tennis. As we sat on the deck sipping our dinks, I had a hard time not staring at her legs. I’m sure she noticed, but was too polite to say anything.

She went off to her match and I went for a run. We both arrived back at about the canlı casino siteleri same time. We were also both dripping with sweat, another real turn on for me. “Why don’t we both take showers, then we can have dinner?” I suggested. “Yea, I could really use a nice shower she said, but the one in the hall bath is broken. You can use mine as soon as I’m done, while I fix dinner.” she said. With that she went down to her bedroom suite. She had left her door open a crack and I got my first good look at her body as she stripped out of her tennis outfit. Her breasts were unbelievable and her pussy was not nearly as full as I had thought. When she was done, she came out to tell me it was my turn. I nearly dropped my glass, as she was clad only in a towel and the possibilities raced through my mind! How I’d love to have her innocently drop the towel! She reached up as she spoke to me and used a second towel to dry her hair. As she did the bottom of her body wrap rose up nearly exposing her pussy. I don’t think she even noticed, but I sure did and again I think she caught me staring. I figured for sure she didn’t mean to be teasing me, that it was just my libido gone wild.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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