A Strange Request from Uncle Harry

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The future direction of this story is to be determined by PM, knowing their interests I have placed this under incest.

Please no comments about editing etc. unless you are offering.


“So what do you say buddy?”

“I’m not sure Uncle it seems like incest to me.”

“No not at all, you’re my nephew not hers and, well the DNA will be close enough to match mine.”

“It don’t feel right though. What does Auntie say?”

“I haven’t mentioned it yet, I wanted so see if you’re on board first.”

“Can I discuss this with Mum and Dad?”

“We’eelllll I’d kinda prefer not.”

“I’ll have a think, this is too much to take in, in one go.”

“Sure thing Bud.” He slapped me on the shoulder then slipped his hand to the back of my head and pulled us together, forehead to forehead, rubbed the back of my head and let go.

Later I met up with my friends at the garage where we were modifying yet another car, this has a big engine and we ran out of battery power to start it for the first time since the rebuild so left it on charge since the night before. Much to our surprise it started straight away and after ten minutes of tweaking it was sounding quite nice.

As always the obligatory six pack appeared, we all opened a can thumped them together and waited for the first suggestion for a toast. Running through my mind was the conversation from earlier and muttered “Aunty Sue.”

The other three repeated “Aunty Sue.” Without question and the latest vehicle from our stable had been named.

“No, no. that wasn’t supposed to…”

“Too late Terry, you know the rules.”

“Yeah but…”

“Anyway why were you thinking about your Aunty sue?” came from behind me.

“Arrrhh, that’s a tricky one.” I took a slug of beer, placed it on the bench and picked up some tools to do some more work.

“Come on Terry, tell.”

“Haaaaarrr… No.”

Simon put his arm round my neck, “You OK Del?”

“Yeah I think so.”

He gently led me outside with our beers. “What’s up mate?”

I looked at the closed door, “Haarrrr… Uncle Harry and Sue are trying for a baby and it seems he’s got a low count.”


“Yeah, twenty.”

“Twenty mill… that’s good isn’t it?”

“No, twenty not twenty million.”

“Jees that’s tough.”

“He’s asked me to help.”


“Father their baby.”

“Wow, and?”

“Not sure about it.”

“Go for it mate, you only have to wank into a jar, job done.”

“He reckons they don’t have the money to do IVF mate.”

“So how then?”

“Wants to do like a threesome.”

Simon crashed cans with me, “Way to go, Del. Fill yer boots mate.”

“It doesn’t seem right.”

“Fuck off, I’ll do her if you don’t.”

“He wants me so halkalı escort the DNA is close.”

“Wow…” he fiddled with the ring pull on his can. “Wow… cool. What does Sue say?”

“He hasn’t spoken to her yet.”

“Where are they now.”

“He’s gone to work till six in the morning, I assume she’s at home.”

“Go speak to her now, before he does.”


“Yup I do.”

“Laters mate.” I passed him my can, stepped out of my overalls and went back inside to clean my hands.

I knocked on their door.

“Hello Aunty.”

“Oh hello Terry what are you doing here? Come in, come on in.”

We kissed on cheeks and without asking a coffee arrived for me.

“What do I owe this lovely visit to?”

“It’s a bit… er.. delicate.”

“Not Mel?”


“Dumped you?”

“Huh?Ooh no not that.”

“Don’t tell me you got her pregnant, oh you silly boy.”

“Huh? Pregnant yeah. Right now that would be an easier conversation.”

Sue looked deeply into her mug, drifting off in thought somewhere else.

“It’s about you Aunty.”

“Me? What about me?”

“Getting you pregnant.”

The look of shock on her face was a bit alarming. “Me?”

“Harry was telling me earlier about his count.”

“Not good news there I’m afraid.”

“He was asking if I could help.”


“Wants to do a threesome and hope one of us gets you up the duff.”

“…N’ No… I couldn’t do that Terry.”

“I don’t think I could either.”

“But I’ve always fancied the arse off you… Terry”

Now it was my turn to look into my mug.

“Oh my God, a crush on his aunty.” She said barely above a whisper as if I were not supposed to hear.

“Don’t mock me Aunty.”

“God no I’m not mocking Terry.”

“What then?”

“I fantasize about you, you have a crush on me… Come here and fuck me.”

“WHAT? Just like that?”

“I’d made up my mind I was going to have you on your eighteenth.”


“But if you remember Harry changed his shift at the last minute and came along.” During those few words Aunty sue had removed her dress to reveal matching black bra and briefs. “Come on.”

Astounded I stood and absent mindedly held onto her outstretched hand, she sniffed in the air. “Shower for you first though.”

“Yah, bit oily. Been in the garage tonight.”

We wandered through the house to the bathroom.

“This is a bit swish Aunty. When was this changed?”

“Oh? June last year.”


The walls look like huge slabs of shiny black marble with loads of sparkling chrome fittings which contrasted with the pure white toilet and twin sink unit, the shower area olgun escort runs right across the far wall from the door.

“Towels, body wash, shampoo, soap.” Sue pointed to each item as she listed them.

I hesitated for a moment until Sue jerked into action and turned towards the door. I stripped naked, grabbed a bottle of shower gel and moved the wet area of the room. The water felt good, hot and powerful unlike the pathetic instant thing in my en suite at home.

I felt four hands washing my hair and when I turned my attention to the rest of me there seemed to be two additional hands there too, as I washed my chest there were two hands rubbing my nipples and two nipples rubbing my back. One of the extra hands reached for some shower gel then the two of them moved to my groin, one circled my cock and swiped up and down a few times and the other reached right down to cup my balls. Between them they gently massaged and all the time by back was being massaged by some lovely soft mounds topped with rock hard points.

Oh yes this feels good, it was the first time I’d shared a shower, well apart from after sports at school. For that matter it was the first time I hadn’t had a struggle to contact bare flesh and I was starting to feel a bit worried that I’d not last much longer.

I think Aunty Sue got that feeling too as she turned me round and tried to feed my boner into her fanny, it really didn’t fit as I’m so much taller than her. No it really didn’t fit, not only due to my height but more importantly the black shiny floor was now covered with a layer of soap laden water and as slippery as hell.

Nothing for it, doggy position was the order of the day and it didn’t take Sue long to cotton on to my actions, she turned, dropped to all fours and mumbled “Come on big boy, fill my fanny with your man juice.”

I didn’t catch it all due to the noise of the powerful water jets but I got enough to understand. My knees soon found contact with the warm floor and looking at Aunty Sues tramp stamp… “oh my god… my aunty has a tattoo.”


I reached out to run my finger over the, quite splendid, artwork of a fire breathing dragon carrying a trident and a dagger.

I tried to imitate the noise of the fire, “Hhhhharrrrrrrrhhh.”

“Ibiza oh-eight.”

“Cool Aunty.”

“And I made a healthy profit on the bets.”

I continued the stroke of my finger past the tattoo, down towards her arse cheek, then to her fanny and hesitantly to her labia. For the first time there was no interruption, no interference, no barrier, just a big wide open pink and brown flower. By the time my other hand got there the first had moved on and found the flowers şişli escort stalk where the other end of her labia come together by her clit. Oh yes her big, well big by my peers standards, her big hard clit.

“Come and give me a baby Terry.”

I continued rubbing around her clit then manoeuvred my hand to a better angle to allow me to run a finger right inside.

“Cut it out Terry, I’m ready for this and waiting, just fuck me.”

“O, right.”

Simple I twisted round, knelt astride her legs and positioned my cock by her fanny with the head just touching the wide opening.

“Shit Aunty.”

She took me by surprise by ramming herself hard onto my cock.

“Just do it sweety.” She was doing short fast pumps against me. “Come get me pregnant. Quickly.”

Now I’d spent the last few years trying to get in this position of rubbing my cock off inside a hot female fanny but the last thing I’d ever wanted to think about is the ‘P’ word. Suddenly the whole purpose of this escapade is the ‘P’ word, that’s pregnant and not pleasure by the way.

“Come on get on with it, I need those little swimmers of yours right up inside me.”

OK I got the message and started humping.

“Quicker quicker quicker.”

OK I got the message and started humping quicker, then quicker again, started on the rapid short strokes and flooded my Aunty Sues fanny with my hot sticky gunge.

“Good boy, now stay in there.” Sue dropped her shoulders to the floor with her arse still up high, we stayed there with the hot water playing on our bodies for fully fifteen minutes, my cock had gone completely soft but I just knelt there and left it plugging Aunties hole to stop the water washing her clean. Neither of us spoke or moved for that eternity until Aunty Sue eventually groaned, “Ooouuchhh, knees.”

“Mine too Aunty.”

As soon as I tried to move the pain was horrible but I managed to get on my feet and wash my cock with more shower gel then turned off the water.

Aunty Sue was still on her knees and shoulders but had moved round away from the water and had used some towels, which I’d passed her, for padding against the hard floors surface.

“Do me a favour Terry.”

“What’s that?”

“Keep this to yourself.”

I was confused, “Why’s that Aunty?”

“If this works I’d prefer it if he thinks it’s his work, at least for a couple of years.”

“Sure thing.”

“Now go put the kettle on, will you?”

I continued drying and dressed, made a pot of tea and had sat at the breakfast bar waiting for Sue to find me. I didn’t hear her coming but rather liked the way she stood behind me as I sat on the bar stool, snuggled in close with her arms round my torso and kissed my neck.

“Thanks Aunty.”

“No. thank you Terry.”

I could feel her breasts squashed against my shoulder blades and her hot breath against my neck. I managed to raise one hand to cover hers on my opposite arm and she squeezed my arm.

“I hope it gets me pregnant but judging by the look of that thing,” she moved her free hand to my freshly erecting cock, “I reckon we’ll never know.”

“How’s that?”

“I’m ready for round two, aren’t you?”

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