A Stairwell to Heaven

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“Hello, I’m here to see Mr. Watson?”

“Yes, dear, you can go right on in, he told me he was expecting you for lunch.”



“Hey, sweetie-pie, give me just a second to close this up and log out.”

“Does your secretary know who I am?”

“Patty? No, but even if she did, she’s very discreet, she looks out for me. She’d never get either of us in trouble.”

“So it’s OK if I kiss you when I come here? If she caught us it wouldn’t matter?”

“I don’t think there would be any problem with Holly, but Mr. Bohn might not like it if he found me fooling around with a pretty young thing.”

“Haha! Your boss’s name is Mr. Bone?”

“Bohn, yes, and it’s very appropriate. Not only is he a horny old goat, but if I cross him or disappoint him in any way, believe me, I’m boned.”

“Then we better get you back in time. Let’s go, Daddy. But first you have to kiss me.”

“Mmm. You’re a frisky little kitten today, Jenny.”

“I always am.”


“That’s a pretty dress, is it new?”

“Yeah, it’s cute, right? It’s summery.”

“Shows a lot of leg, and they look great, especially with those heels.”

“Do you want to touch them?”

“Your shoes?”

“No! My legs!”

“Just kidding, kitten. I’d love to, but we should wait until we get a little more privacy.”

“So let’s anadolu yakası escort take the stairs down.”

“Uh oh, this sounds like trouble …”

“Yeah, the good kind. Come on.”

“All right, I suppose no one’s going to pop in on us here.”

“I want to feel your hands on me.”

“You feel even better than you look, sweetie. And you look delicious.”

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you.”

“Haha, oh really.”

“Does anyone ever use the stairs?”

“I don’t think so. I see lazy bastards taking the elevators just one floor all the time.”

“Then let me please you. Right here.”

“Please me? I think it might please me to get us out of here when you’re in this kind of mood.”

“I think it pleases you when I’m dirty, Daddy. And what would be dirtier than making you cum in my mouth here in this nasty stairwell when I’m dressed up so pretty?”

“Not a good idea, Jenny.”

“Don’t lie to me Daddy, you want it. See, I can feel your cock getting harder already. You know you love it when I suck it.”

“Of course I do, kitten.”

“Just lean back against the wall and let me be a good girl and please your cock.”

“Well you’re the best at that, Jenny.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”


“God, I can’t believe I’m letting you do this.”

“Don’t ataşehir escort just let me suck it, make me suck it. Pull my hair and use my mouth the way you want it.”

“Ah, yes sweetie, like that.”

“Oh, fuck, tell me what a good cockpleaser I am for you.”

“God, Jenny, I can’t believe how good it feels in your mouth, you’re so good.”

“I’m a good cocksucker?”

“God, yes. So fucking good.”

‘Look at me, I love seeing how happy you are when you fuck my mouth.”

“You’re so beautiful, honey, so beautiful with a big cock in your mouth. Take it all now. Down your throat. Yes.”

“Ahhhh. Do it again, grab my hair and pull me all the way down on your cock. Mmmr.”

“Shit, the door.”


“Oh, excuse me. Just heading to the Art Department.”

“God, I’m sorry Shelly.”

“No worries, Mr. Watson. Enjoy your ‘lunch.’ And you too, dear.”


“It’s not funny, Jenny.”

“It’s a little funny. I think she thought it was too. Is she cool?”

“Yeah, I think it’ll be all right. But we should definitely go now.”

“Then you should definitely cum now.”

“I don’t know if I can after that!”

“Yes you can, you’re still hard for me, and I want your cum all over my face.”

“Jenny, you can’t walk out of here dripping ümraniye escort with cum.”

“Why not? You don’t want people to see what a good little slut I am for you? Haha, don’t worry, I’ll lick it all up. Just close your eyes and let me make it feel good.”

“Licking my balls a little would feel good. Just stroke it slower while you do that. Oh, yes. … Oh no, Jenny, stop … Mr. Bohn!”

“No no no, Watson, DON’T make her stop. I’m QUITE enjoying the view. Yes, DEFinitely enjoying it.”

“I … I’m sorry … it was …”

“You don’t have to exPLAIN yourself, Alan. I can easily SEE why you couldn’t even wait to take her out to the alley behind the building. She MUST be quite a TEMPTing piece of ass. What’s your NAME, girl?”


“JENny. I’m Wesley Bohn. I can see you’re quite CLOSE to Alan here, so I’m sure you underSTAND that if I’M not happy, HE’S not happy. DO you understand that?”

“I’m pretty sure I do.”

“WONderful, Jenny. You ARE a lovely young thing, where EVER did you find her, Alan?”

“She … uh, she …”

“RheTORical question, Alan. PLEASE do stand up, Jenny. Oh, a TALL one. And quite lovely inDEED. TELL me, have you ever serviced TWO men at once, Jenny?”

“Oh, a nice girl doesn’t kiss and tell, Mr. Bohn.”

“I suppose not, but I RAREly see a NICE girl on her KNEES with a mouth full of COCK in the STAIRwell.”

“Welllll … I did have four guys in a hot tub once.”

“Oh my, a LOVEly mental image, Jenny. I HOPE we two will be enough for you today.”

“Well I think that might be FABulous, Mr. Bohn.”

“GOOD girl, Jenny. SO, do you think you would like a JOB here?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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