A Special Connection Emerged

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Picture us sitting on my sofa. The tv is on but we are caught up in our conversation to care.

In the middle of laughing, something you said, we look at each other, silent vibes of passion is flowing between us. There is this special connection between us. Ever since that first encounter. We both have acknowledge it. You move closer to me, our lips meet.

Our lips open & our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. MMMMM you taste good. I run my hands up under your shirt & over your stomach. You let out a quiet moan as I reach up & play with your nipples. I break the kiss & pull your shirt over your head.

I lean down & take a nipple in my mouth. I run my tongue around your nipple & bite it gently. You moan again. I slowly move my lips up your chest. I kiss your chin, your cheek, your ear, neck. Before you know it I’m straddling you on the sofa. I lean your head back this time running my tongue along your neck, planting kisses all over your face, jaw, & under your chin.

I stand up & tell you to stay on the sofa & watch. I stand in front of you, away from your grasp. With my back to you I take my shirt off & fling it in the air, pendik escort letting it go it falls in front of you.

I unhook my bra & pull the straps down my shoulders, one side at a time. Without taking my bra fully off, I turn around & face you. As I step closer, I pull my bra off & drape it across your shoulder. There I stand with my full round breast & I shake them in your face. My nipples are hard & firm. I can tell you like this show.

I turn around again, walking away from you, over-stating the sway in my hips. I stop, lean forward & shake my ass at you with a smile.

I stand up & pull my skirt/slip down & turn towards you. I pull them all the way down. I step out of them & fling them at your feet.

I walk over to the living room chair & stand behind it. You can’t see me. I peel off my panties and throw them at you. Yes you can smell my scent. I am wet & HOT for you. I walk around & sit in the chair, placing one leg over the arm while I’m facing you.

I put my finger in my mouth & I run the wet tip around my nipple. It gets even harder. I trace my finger down to my pussy . I use the other suadiye escort hand to spread my lips wide open to make sure you see how wet I am. MMMMM so pink, moist. I insert one finger in my pussy, sliding in all the way. God this feels good. I place a 2nd finger in my pussy, this even feels better. I use my thumb & rub my clit, making my pussy even wetter. I am fucking my pussy & getting hotter by the minute realising you are watching me do this.

I look up at you, You have a hugh hard-on. God how sexy is that. I love knowing I can do that to you. I lick my lips & lean my head back. I’m sliding my fingers in & out, in & out, slow, full strokes. Fucking my pussy with one and, I use my other hand to cup my titties, squeezing my hard nipples. I start to fuck myself harder, faster. Knowing you are watching makes me that much more aroused. I arch my back. I start to scream in pleasure. Yes I’m going to cum . Yesssss

Cumming down from my orgasm I look up & you are coming towards me. I stop you in front of me & kneel on the floor. I run my hands up your legs, pausing at your thighs. I move my hands up to your ass. acıbadem escort I pull down your pants & your underwear. I let you step out of your pants. I run my hands up the front of your legs to your waist. My fingers lightly brushing your balls as I move my hands to your ass. I lean in & kiss your stomach, planting little kisses around your belly button.

I wrap my right hand around the base of your hard cock while I kiss the tip. I put my left hand under your balls & run my fingernails very softly around your pelvic area. I cup your balls fully as I take all your cock in my mouth, running my tongue over the tip. I love sucking & licking your cock.

You spread your legs a little & I play my fingers behind your balls. I use my hand to stroke your cock while I move my mouth to your balls. I let my hot breath flow across your balls as my tongue roams over them.

I move my mouth back to your cock. I put my hands on your hips, holding you as I take all of your hard cock in my mouth. I start moving faster, tasting your precum & I suck lightly. I feel your leg muscles tighten and I stop at the tip, running my tongue around the edge.

You put your hands on my shoulders as you cum…moaning loudly, arching your back. Yesssssssssssssssssss… I swallow your cum from base to tip, extending your orgasm. I cup your balls and the last of your orgasm erupts against my throat. I swallow deeply and make sure I get every drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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