A Sibling Survival Story Ch. 03

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This story is part of a series, please start reading chapter one before going through this if you are new to it!

Welcome to chapter three of A Sibling Survival Story, sit back and enjoy!

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The snake had made its decision as it slithered towards his prey, feeling threatened by the sudden ruckus the two humans brought to his area that it claimed as its home.

“How you doing Sis? The pockets of my shorts are getting pretty full now.” Said Ben as he looked into his sister’s direction.

Kaitlin held up her thumb to him. “Pretty much the same here! The pockets on my Daisy Dukes are so small that I’m unable to carry much anyway, you will be the provider today little brother!” She responded with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll grab a few more and then we will call it quits!” Said Ben as he leaned forward, reaching the last few bright red berries on the bush.

Suddenly he felt an intense, burning pain coming from the side of his shin. As a reaction he stumbled back from the bush before falling down on his back. “Fuck! Goddamnit!” He shouted as he noticed something darting off under the very bush he was just plucking berries from.

Kaitlin shot up from her crouching position once she heard her brother scream and swear. Without any hesitation she dropped the berries in her hand and sprinted in his direction. “Ben! Ben! What’s going on!?” She shouted towards him, her voice sounding concerned and panicked.

As she came closer she saw Ben inspecting his shin with a pained look in his face. She could see two clear bite marks where blood slowly trickled out off. “Oh god…” Gasped Kaitlin, feeling that her heart started to bump into overdrive.

She quickly sat down besides Ben and started to inspect the bite herself. “Ben… This is a-” She said quietly.

“Snake bite… A goddamn snake bite… Shit, how could I have been so careless!” Interfered Ben. He then felt his sister’s soft hands touching his hand and leg, somewhat countering the stinging pain.

“Ben I have to… I have to suck it out, it might have been a poisonous snake!” Shouted Kaitlin to him, clearly panicking now as she wiped away the trickles of blood with her trembling hands.

Ben looked at her and could see the concern written all over her. Her arms had goosebumps, she was breathing fast and her eyes sparkled with panic. “Like a dice roll…” He thought to himself again.

“Kaitlin look at me…” He said calm as possible, his hand touching hers gently.

Kaitlin looked him directly in the eyes, small tears started forming in her own.

“First we need to calm down, okay?” Spoke Ben. “You know just as well as me that the whole ‘sucking out the poison’ thing isn’t true, if it’s in my blood then… it’s not coming out…”

He could see a tear trickle down his sister’s cheek, her eyes filled with sudden helplessness.

“How can I calm down now Ben…? We have no clue what kind of snake it was, or what kind of poison it might be! We don’t have medical supplies so we won’t be able to do anything! We have nothing! And I… I don’t… I don’t want to lose you!” Shouted Kaitlin at him, tears now streaming down her cheeks.

She lunged forward and wrapped her arms around Ben’s neck, pulling him close to her as she sobbed further. “I don’t… Want to lose you… I can’t lose you Ben!”

Ben gulped before slowly wrapping his own arms around his sister’s body, tightening their hug even further. He could smell her distinctive fragrance as his head was nuzzled against her large breasts, for some reason it numbed the pain of the bite down even further. It was just like when he was younger, Kaitlin would hug him every time he had cried or hurt himself and every time it would calm him down, cure him from his pain.

The siblings sat down like this for a little while. Kaitlin quietly sobbing as Ben too felt at a loss. Was this it? Would this be the end for him? But he had made his sister a promise, a promise to get through this thing together, no matter what would happen.

“We will get through this Kait… I made you a promise and I will never break it… We will get through this thing… together.” He whispered to her as he comforted her, running one hand through her red hair while his other gently rubbed her back.

“I know… Just like we always do…” Whispered Kaitlin back to him after her sobbing had stopped. “We should get back to the shack… We’ll see what happens from there.”

“Yeah… We should.” Responded Ben.

Slowly they both stood up from their emotional embrace. Kaitlin and Ben looked each other deep in the eyes, seeing that they both still had that sparkling gaze of hope. Kaitlin leaned forward and gave a soft but lingering kiss directly on Ben’s lips, surprising him.

“I love you Ben…” She said with a flushed face after ending her kiss.

“I… I love you too Kait.” Responded Ben, feeling butterflies in his stomach after seeing his sister’s incredibly pendik escort rare cute side.

He then felt her soft hand and fingers intertwining with those of him. She smiled at him before slowly walking off towards the direction of the shack, taking him with her.

After a few steps she stopped and looked back at him. “You can walk… right?” She asked slightly concerned.

“Y-Yeah… I mean, it stings but I… I can handle it.” Answered Ben.

Kaitlin simply nodded and started walking again. Both siblings slowly made their way back to the shack without ever letting go of each other.


“Shall we eat outside today? The sun is behind the rocks now so we have a lot of shadow to sit in.” Asked Kaitlin when they returned to their ‘home’.

“Yeah sure… We can sit at the fire pit we made a few hours ago. I think I still have berries in my pockets, we could eat those together with one of the cans we have, I worked up quite a hunger after everything that happened.” Suggested Ben as he felt his wound burning with pain.

Kaitlin nodded and guided Ben next to the fire pit and helped him sit down. “But before we are going to eat I will take a look at that bite and disinfect it as much as I can.” Said Kaitlin a bit more sternly.

Ben looked up to her and smiled. “Certainly nurse, I’m in your hands now.”

His sister’s face turned red. “I-Idiot… Still joking after what happened…” She mumbled to herself before heading towards the shack.

After a minute or so she returned with the can of food, a bottle of water and a long piece of cloth. She then took a seat besides Ben and started to focus on his wound.

“Sis, where did you get that piece of cloth from? You didn’t have spare clothes, right?” Asked Ben as he observed his sister washing and cleaning his wound with water, wiping away the blood and dirt that surrounded it.

“I ripped it from that tent bag, I figured out that we won’t be needing it much more so this will be perfect to bandage your wound.” She answered without losing her focus on his wound.

Ben remained quiet and watched his sister tend to the bite on his shin. She looked so motherly and caring, just the way she was before she became so distant. Again she managed to make him feel less pain from the burning wound, not only because of her caring kindness but also the fact that her impressive pair of breasts jiggled with every move she made. Ben knew it wasn’t the right situation to look at her like that, but he could feel her curvy, erotic body having an effect on him in more ways than one as his cock started to respond.

“Aaaand done!” Said Kaitlin proudly as she finished bandaging Ben’s shin. “Alright, lemme fill this bottle up with clean water from the stream before we start eating.”

Ben nodded and started to retrieve the berries that were still in his pockets while Kaitlin walked up to the water stream to refill the bottle.

She returned with a full bottle and a large leaf that she placed in front of Ben. “Here, put the berries on this so we won’t lose them.”

Ben did as she told. He then leaned forward and reached into his back pocket, fishing out the pocketknife before handing it over to Kaitlin. “Here Sis, use it to open the can… Or you could use your teeth if you want to try something more adventurous.”

Kaitlin let out a sudden giggle which made her brother smile.

“Jeez Ben… You really know how to stay positive no matter what happened, do you?” She said, followed by another giggle.

“It’s the only thing we can do Kait… Just stay positive and everything will be fine.” He responded.

Kaitlin smiled at him and nodded before opening the can of food. “I call dibs on the first few scoops of food.” She said as she greedily used her fingers to scoop food out of the can.

Ben started to laugh. “Like I have a say in that, you look like a proper cave woman now Sis!”

“Me hungry! Me need food!” Shouted Kaitlin out of nowhere, mimicking a ‘proper’ cave woman as her brother mentioned her to be.

Both she and Ben started to laugh now, both knowing that a bit of humor would lighten up their situation.

The rest of their outdoor diner was quiet but good. Unlike the snake bite, the berries were not poisonous as Joanna had stated in her diary, they were sweet and delicious, something that the siblings thoroughly enjoyed. They broke up the silence and spoke about what they would do if they returned to their real home, among other things. It had been a long time since Ben and Kaitlin had a normal conversation with each other, and they both had to agree that it felt good communicating on this level again.

They decided to stay outside a little bit longer after their diner, looking at the sun hanging just above the trees, a bright orange glow that covered the island as the night came in closer and closer.

“It’s… Kind of pretty, don’t you think so?” Asked Kaitlin, sitting close next to Ben.

“Yeah… It is…” Responded Ben quietly.

The çekmeköy escort silence remained for a bit as the siblings watched the sun go down slowly in the far distance.

Suddenly Ben felt an all too familiar feeling on his hand. He looked to his side and noticed that his sister had placed her hand on top of his, holding it tight but with her sisterly, gentle touch.

He then took in the full picture; his beautiful older sister being blessed with the orange tint of the sun. She had a small smile on her freckled face, a face that said that everything would be alright in the end.

Kaitlin noticed from the corner of her eyes that her brother was admiring her. She felt her heart beating faster again, simply because he was looking at her with a gaze full of love.

“B-Ben can we si-… C-cuddle, like we used to do?” She asked shyly after a while.

Ben knew what she meant in an instant and started to blush. “Y-Yeah… We can if you want to.”

His sister turned her head to him and smiled. “I… I want to.”

Ben nodded and spread his legs, opening himself up so his sister could snuggle up with him between them.

Kaitlin pushed herself unto her knees and crawled between her brother’s legs before she turned around and laid back against his chest. “It’s… It’s been a while, you know, like this…” She said to Ben.

“Y-yeah.” Was the only thing he said as he felt his sister’s curvy body pushing itself against him, her fragrance roaming around him again like some sort of perfume.

“Ben… Can you… Can you hold me?” Asked Kaitlin again, feeling her body reacting to being close to her younger brother.

Without a word from her brother she felt his strong arms crossing her waist and pulling her even closer to him. The simple feeling of him holding her made her body react even more extreme. She could feel her nipples harden and her pussy tingling with excitement.

The same thing happened to Ben, his cock starting to harden and throb because she, the woman he had a crush on, was close to him.

“Does it still hurt… Your wound?” Asked Kaitlin to focus on something else.

“It still stings but… But thanks to you it isn’t so bad, I can handle it.” He responded.

“G-good.” Said Kaitlin quietly as she snuggled even tighter against her brother.

And then they were silent again for a while. Both of them enjoying each other’s presence and touch as they watched the bright, orange glowing ball of heat sink down further and further.

“I meant it Ben… I meant it what I said back then… I can’t… no, I won’t lose you, no matter what happens.” Whispered Kaitlin to her brother out of nowhere.

Ben could feel her body tense up as she said her words, knowing that she wasn’t lying.

“I… I…” Mumbled Ben, not knowing how to respond to her.

“I love you Ben… I love you so, so much…” Whispered Kaitlin again, meaning every word of it.

Tears started to well up in the corner of Ben’s eyes. Her words and being together with the kind, loving sister he had missed for so long became too much for him.

“I love you too Kaitlin, I love you so fucking much.” He whispered back to her through his sobs.

Kaitlin also felt her emotions taking their toll. She placed her own arms over her brother’s and held him even more tight, not wanting to let him go.

Both siblings sobbed as their bodies cuddled together, grasping at each other for love and comfort. This moment they were one again, just like they used to be, how they should be.

Darkness rapidly overtook the island once the sun had disappeared into the ocean. This made Kaitlin and Ben decide to go back into the shack and call it a day, both tired and exhausted from everything that had happened.

Ben already laid down on the spread sleeping bag, barely managing to keep his eyes open. He watched as his sister started a small fire on the fire pit inside of the shack, she felt more comfortable falling asleep with a small light source present instead of the total darkness.

“Kait… I’m going to sleep now; I can barely stay awake.” Yawned Ben to his sister as he wiggled himself into a better sleeping position.

Kaitlin looked at him with a smile. She then crawled to his side on her knees, giving him a full view of her cleavage as her breasts jiggled side to side like pendulums.

“It’s okay Ben, go to sleep. I’ll be awake for a little bit longer and then I will join you.” She whispered to him with a gentle, motherly like voice.

She leaned forward and gave her brother a short but passionate kiss on the side of his lips. “And no snoring mister! Otherwise I’ll use some drastic tactics to make sure you don’t!” She said to him jokingly.

Ben smiled at her before reaching his arm up to her face, he swept a few loose strands of her red hair behind her ears and caressed her cheek for a bit, making her eyes sparkle with a look of love.

“Goodnight Sis… See you tomorrow.” He managed to say with his remaining maltepe escort strength before his arm drooped down and his eyes closed, drifting off to sleep immediately.

Feeling sleepy herself, Kaitlin carefully moved over her brother and laid herself onto the sleeping bag next to him. She let out a long yawn and felt her eyes getting heavier with each second.

The only thing she heard now was the fire crackling softly and the jungle animals in the far distance. She looked up at the ceiling of the shack and went through everything that had happened in her thoughts. The biggest problem on her mind was the snake bite that her brother got earlier today, would he be alright? He seemed to do okay for now, so that was a tiny bit of relief for her. Still, she could feel that something was going to happen sooner or later, whether it was good or bad she did not know, but one thing she knew for sure is that she would be there for Ben, no matter what would happen.

She then slowly drifted off herself, unable to keep her eyes open any longer.


“Kait? Wake up Kait… It’s time.”

He waited a few seconds before speaking again.

“Kait? It’s time to say goodbye.”

Kaitlin slowly opened her eyes, seeing Ben standing in the middle of the water stream.

“Say goodbye now Kait… Before it’s too late.” Said her brother again.

“Ben? What is this? Why are you… What is going on?” She asked him as she woke up, lying on the ground outside of their shack.

“It’s time for me to go Kait… I just wanted to say goodbye before I go.”

“Stop this Ben, it’s not funny!” Said Kaitlin as she stood up from the cold jungle ground before walking towards her brother.

“Just say goodbye Kaitlin! Stop being so fucking stubborn for once in your life and show me that you care about me!” Shouted Ben back to her with an aggressive tone.

Kaitlin tried to shout back at him, that she did care for him and that she loved him. But the words did not come out of her mouth, her lips moved but she made no sounds.

She could see the sadness in her brother’s eyes as he assumed that she wouldn’t show that she cared. He slowly turned himself around and opened up his arms.

Kaitlin did her best to talk to him, to move into his direction but everything was futile. Her body stood frozen just a few meters away from him.

She then noticed the giant snake’s head that came into view through the dark foliage of the nightly jungle. It came closer and closer to her brother as he stood there. The giant head opened its mouth, showing its terrifying poisonous fangs. And then it lunged forward towards Ben.

Ben turned his head back to Kaitlin before speaking his final words to her. “Goodbye… Sister.”

And then he was gone… Kaitlin was alone now, all alone…


“Ben!!” Screamed Kaitlin as she violently woke up from her nightmarish sleep.

She breathed heavily while sitting up and scanning her surroundings. She was still in the shack, on the sleeping bag where she fell asleep. The fire pit was still smoldering a bit, barely lighting up the inside of the shack.

She let out a huge sigh as she realized that she just woke up from a horrible nightmare.

“Shit… It felt so real…” She thought to herself as she slowed down her breathing. “I better check on Ben to see how he is doing…”

She poked his body next to her a couple of times but got no response from him. She could hear him breathing but it was awfully rapid. The inside of the shack was almost pitch black so she couldn’t see him either.

Kaitlin carefully stood up after a few seconds and walked towards the small table that stood against the wall. She picked up the pocket flashlight and returned to their makeshift bed.

She turned on the flashlight, lighting up the inside of the shack in the process and then proceeded to check on her brother.

Ben started to mumble as she carefully pulled him onto his back.

“Just checking on you, sleepy he-”

Kaitlin grew silent and her eyes widened, her hands started to tremble as tears started to form in the corners of her eyes.

The part of the sleeping bag under Ben was soaked with his sweat, his eyes were half open and his pupils darted from left to right. He breathed in fast, short bursts while his body shuddered every few seconds. The snake that attacked him had indeed been poisonous and now the results were starting to show.

“No… No!” Shouted Kaitlin as she started to panic, not knowing what to do.

She looked around the shack trying to find something that she could use, but they had nothing. No medical supplies, nothing.

“Ben!… Ben!!” She shouted again as her tears started to run down her cheeks.

“Please don’t… Ben!… We must be together! No matter what!” She sobbed as she held his body tightly while swiping the sweat from his brow with her hand.

Suddenly a loud beeping sound came from the entrance of the shack.

Kaitlin yelped and buried her face against her brother’s chest, scared and confused of what was going on.

Open me, save the boy… Open me, save the boy… Open me, save the boy. Repeated a strange, deformed voice over and over again.

Kaitlin slowly looked up with her teary eyes to see a small case of some sort lying just in front of the entrance door.

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