A Set of Calamitous Occurrences Ch. 02

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To understand what happens next you have to know the word empathy. When you see a car accident and think to yourself: ‘I hope no one was hurt.’ You feel empathy for the participants of the accident. When you see a message about a funeral and feel the grief of the family you are being empathic. It is the ability to identify with the someone else’s feeling. It is something most people come into the world with, but not all people. A fine example was Joan, who was born with no sense of empathy, if she had any she would have… well, you’ll see soon enough.

Last we left Ellen, she was running out of Joan’s house in fear. We can try and judge whether her fear was justified or not but there is no need to spend precious time on that. As soon as she reached the bus station Ellen stopped and took a few heavy, deep breaths. As she calmed down her mind started working. The first thing that popped into her mind was Shirley, she left her friend behind. Shirley, as you recall might not have been the smartest girl alive, but she was still Ellen’s friend. Unfortunately, Ellen’s moral compass won’t allow her to leave a friend behind. And so, a plan formed in her mind. She would call the police, no matter what trick Joan has up her sleeve she was no match for the police.

The police car pulled by Joan’s house and Ellen greeted the officer politely, “Good afternoon officer.” The officer was a tough looking woman, about Ellen’s height. The police uniform mostly abstracted her physical attributes but her round face with green eyes were something Ellen enjoyed looking at. “Good afternoon lady,” the officer said, “my name is officer Zona, was it you that placed the call for help?”

Ellen felt relieved, “yes, it was me, please come with me, the futanari who lives in this house is raping my friend!” Hearing this, Officer Zona wasted no time and stormed the house with Ellen. The girls forcefully knocked at the door, it opened. Inside stood Joan, her body covered with heavy splatters of cum, her towering cock still rock hard.

“We are here to investigate a molestation complaint,” Officer Zona stated, “may we come in and conduct a search?”

“Of course, and your lovely friend is also invited” Joan declared as she moved out of the girls’ way.

Ellen was overjoyed with how things turned out as they climbed the stairs. You should know by now that this story has no happy ending. It had a horrible beginning and will have a sad ending with almost no good parts in the middle. Having this knowledge, you can assume what happens next. It is with great care that I recommend that you stop reading if you wish to hold on to the pillars of social norms society taught you.

As the party turned the corner and reached the room Ellen escaped, they saw Shirley. The girl was resting on a car sized balloon full of cum that was once her belly, “Hi girls.” She greeted in her usual blank voice. Officer Zona surveyed the room and spoke back, “Hello, my name is Officer Zona, are you the molestation victim?” Shirley blinked her eyes a few times, trying to understand the question. “Yes, she is!” Ellen broke the silent, she pointed at Joan, “this futanari raped her, arrest her!” it seemed the word rape helped Shirley understand Officer Zona’s question. “Ellen please stop lying,” Shirley said, “Officer Zona, I did it all willingly, it’s really fun and feels great, you should try it too.”

“Can you please do that to me?” Officer Zona asked Joan. Ellen couldn’t believe her ears, she tried to protest but Joan spoke first. “Of course dear, but first I need to have a talk with little Ellen here. would you mind waiting here with Shirley while I talk with Ellen downstairs.

“Sure thing,” Officer Zona said, “Ellen please don’t prank the police anymore, it is a criminal offence. I should take you to jail but because you introduced me to this lovely futanari I am letting you off the hook.”

You can start seeing a pattern of misfortune in Ellen’s life, a pattern that over time will clarify. Empathy, as we said, is the ability to understand another person’s bursa escort emotions. For example, you can understand what Ellen was feeling when Officer Zona and the police acted the way they did. You can also understand the dread Ellen felt as she walked down the stairs behind Joan, doing her best to avoid stepping on the trail of cum the futanari left in her wake. What we can’t do, is understand what moves Joan and her ill-natured heart, I have spent many years trying to find this missing piece of the puzzle.

Joan crashed on the sofa and gestured Ellen to sit, “I won’t bite, yet.” Ellen acted out of the fear that filled her heart again and sat down opposite Joan. The futanari looked Ellen in the eyes and took a deep breath before speaking. “Seems like we got off on the wrong foot, Ellen. It means I gave you a bad first impression.”

“I know what it means,” Ellen abruptly broke Joan’s sentence, “How did you convince Officer Zona? When did you have the time to bribe her?” Joan seemed surprised by the question, “bribe her? I had no need to bribe her, like I had no need to bribe Shirley, women just want to have sex with me, is that so hard to believe?” Ellen thought about and even though it made sense her mind told her something was wrong, her mind still screamed, “RUN AWAY!”

Being a girl, I enjoy cum as much as the next girl. I assume that, reading this horrible story, you know what cum is and have encountered it before, most men cum about a spoonful or two. Some rear individuals can cum more. Joan, as you noticed, was a very special individual and her cum production was as out of the ordinary as she was. Her sitting position brought Joan’s balls to Ellen attention, the two orbs looked huge, they filled Joan’s scrotum and pulled the skin to its limit. Joan moaned and Ellen heard cum flowing in her ball sack. “I think I need to cum again, can you please be calmer this time Ellen?”

“Cum again?” Ellen asked in amazement. If you dislike the sight of someone losing their innocence please avert your gaze, Ellen, being sexually experienced, is going to understand how inexperienced she is compared to Joan, who will now rub her of her innocence.

“Yes, your dreadful yelps of panic stopped me from fully enjoying Shirley, I had to end my orgasm very early,” Joan explained, Ellen’s jaw dropped to the floor. “Seeing as you won’t give me your womb and don’t care about my pain,” Joan went on, “I’m going to give your part to someone else. The question is, can you keep calm this time? I don’t want to cut my pleasure short again.”

Ellen was at a loss for words, a phrase which hereby means not knowing what to say. “I’ll take this as a yes,” Joan kept going, “Cum dumpster!” she yelled at the top of her lungs. One of the doors to the living room creaked open, behind it hid a skinny blonde. Her slim, pale body had a charm Ellen couldn’t ignore. She crossed the living room and dropped to her knees before Joan, the futanari’s cum dripping from her cock and landing on the girl’s head freely. “Yes mam!” the blonde said sharply. You may be asking yourself what is a cum dumpster? it is a compound noun formed by joining two nouns together to form a new word. In this case the word cum, a slang for semen, and the word dumpster, a place where you dump stuff you don’t need. If you haven’t figured out why Joan called the mysterious girl a cum dumpster yet, please finish reading the next few paragraphs and then close your browser and forget about this sad tale.

“I am very full Cum dumpster,” Joan explained to the girl, “Ellen here didn’t want to help me empty.” The girl turned her head to Ellen, a frown of disgust filled her face, “you should be ashamed at yourself Bitch.” She sneered at Ellen, “Joan offered you a blessing and you turn her down?”

“There, there Cum dumpster,” Joan pulled the girl’s focus off Ellen, “can you help me?” The girl nodded her head vigorously, “which hole do you want?” Joan thought long and hard and finally answered, “Let pussy decide.”

The pale blonde turned her head back at Ellen, “which bursa escort bayan hole?” Ellen didn’t understand, “excuse me?” she mumbled. “Which of my holes do you want Joan to use?” Ellen was again at a loss for words.

“She’s too stupid Joan, can you please take my pussy?” The blond asked. “With pleasure,” Joan answered and lowered her massive cock, “it’s all yours.” The blonde wasted no time and stood up, turned her back to Joan and backed her firm ass towards the futanari’s pole. Carefully, she aimed her wet, shaved pussy at Joan’s tip. The folds of her pussy looked relaxed and slick, Ellen understood why someone would think this weird girl is sexy.

“I am ready miss,” the girl proclaimed.

“carry on,” Joan approved and the girl started moving back, the huge cock parting her lower lips right before Ellen’s amazed eyes. The girl’s flash showed no resistance and her face remained a blank mask even as she took more and more of the trunk of a cock. As the girl moved back the outline of Joan’s cock made its impression on her abdomen. Before too long the girl reached Joan’s base and sat on her lap, the cock lodged deep in her outstretched womb. The girl placed her hands on the massive balls below her, “you’re really full, you’re so mean pussy.” She said as she looked at Ellen again.

“She is, but I know you’ll do a great job fixing that,” Joan said as her cock started flexing, its movement along the girl’s stomach visible, “enjoy it while I talk with Ellen.” The girl moaned with pleasure as an orgasm took her awareness away and her womb started inflating very slowly with a massive ejaculation. All the while Ellen watched, her mouth wide open with shock. Ellen would hate to admit it but I can tell you Joan’s sexual charm is impossible to resist, looking at the display before her Ellen’s cunt started getting very wet, she lost focus.

“You probably think I’m an evil person” Joan said, a clear undertone of pleasure in her voice, “you are right of course, but you need to understand something, I’m no rapist!”

Ellen tore her eyes off the girl’s beach ball sized tummy and looked deep into Joan’s eyes, “how can you do this? How is this even possible?” she was astonished.

“What do you mean, you don’t know how to make someone ejaculate?” Joan asked in a shocked voice, “come over here. I’ll show you,” Joan ordered and tapped the sit next to her with her hand. Ellen didn’t mean to ask that but something deep inside her told her to do as she is told, she got up and moved over next to Joan. “Good girl, now listen, to make a cock ejaculate you have to stimulate it. Most cocks can only deal with one orgasm but lucky for you, I can have more than one.” Joan grabbed Ellen’s hand and directed it at the base of her cock, just below where the girls outstretched pussy rested, it was slick and wet with juices. “Now you have to play with it,” Joan instructed and moved Ellen’s hand around her cock. Ellen reluctantly proceeded rubbing the pulsating beast as more and more cum moved from Joan’s balls into the girl’s womb, inflating her to the size Shirley was.

Looking down, Joan noticed Ellen’s pants, a huge wet spot clearly visible between her legs. “I can see You are having fun pussy, now it’s my turn, Cum-dumpster brace yourself…” Joan said as her orgasm began. The cock in Ellen’s hand exploded, bigger than ever before, pumping a ludicrous amount of cum into the expending girl. The word ludicrous here by means, bordering on funny, ridicules. In mere moments the girl’s belly grew from the size of a small car to something Ellen had no ability measuring. You may ask yourself why is this funny as the word ludicrous was used, but sadly the only one who knows the answer to this question was the girl Joan referred to as Cum-dumpster, because as Joan’s second orgasm subsided the girl moaned and giggled with pleasure.

“Do you understand how to cause an ejaculate now?” Joan asked, Ellen was still as shocked as before. “Are you ok Ellen?” the futanari wondered as even more cum left her still. “How can you escort bursa cum so much?” Ellen finally blurted.

“That’s just how my body works, I have no control over it, but let me promise you one thing, I won’t harm you.” Joan promised. After reading this far I know you, dear reader, understand what those words mean. I am also sure that if Jan said them to you the first thing you’d do is run out of the house screaming in panic, any sane person will act no different. Unfortunately, Ellen found it hard to think logically about what transpired over the last few hours and all she could think about was an alarming need to sleep. And so, she made a horrible mistake, “Thank you Joan,” Ellen said, “can you please give me a bed for the night?”

Joan smiled lovingly, Ellen couldn’t tall with her foggy mind but let me assure you there was no love in that smile, just a sexual need of a heartless futanari. “Glad to hear you came to your senses,” Joan pulled her cock out of the still laughing girl and got up, her balls still looked as full as before, “follow me.”

The girls walked into a room on the first floor, it was a rather nice room, “I hope it is to your liking,” Joan said. The bed looked so inviting that Ellen didn’t even bothered talking, she just crushed on the bed, she heard Joan tell her to sleep well before closing the door. In the darkness of the room she could hear Joan walking upstairs and talking to officer Zona.

“let’s start,” Joan declared, “Zona, you first.” It sounded like the conversation was taking place right above her room. Before she had time to focus on locating the sound she could hear the officer’s screams as she guessed Joan penetrated her womb. Shirley’s voice could be heard over the commotion, “I envy you so much Zona, it looks like so much fun having such a huge pole inside you, feels much better than any man, right?” her voice had a tone of excitement. “YES,” Ellen heard officer Zona yell before her voice was lost under the sound of the gargantuan amount of cum pumped into, what Ellen imagined, was the woman’s womb. As time went on, Ellen found calmness in the sound of flowing fluid and wood board creaking under the strain of immense amounts of cum, the sandman came to visit her.

A sense of wetness woke Ellen up, she felt wet and sticky all over. “Wow,” Shirley’s voice could be heard for the second floor, she sounded exhausted “you are a goddess.”

“I know,” Joan said. Suddenly Ellen felt something hit her head, it was wet, her bed soaked and squishy. Fumbling around she found the light switch and turned the lights on, the room brightened and Ellen’s eyes became accustomed to the strong LED light. She noticed the ceiling was leaking heavily, she wanted to dismiss it as a broken water line but something was off, the liquid was pearly white and felt warm on her skin.

Putting one and one together is an expression meaning deducting something, for example if we look at the clock and it says the time is 8 AM, at the same time when we look outside we see the sun is out we can put one and one together and deduct that it is now morning. Similarly, Fear filled Ellen’s heart as she connected the color, temperature and texture of the liquid and deducted its nature. She was probably ovulating and was at her most fertile.

Covered in the strange liquid she made her way to Joan’s room, in the living room rested the girl Joan filled, she was still huge with cum. Ellen walked upstairs, a trail of the white liquid in her wake, she stormed into Joan’s room. Inside, Shirley and officer Zona slept on cum filled bellies bigger than Ellen. The whole room was covered with crazy amounts of cum and smelled of Joan’s musk, she stood in the middle of it all, her cock flaccid, still leaking cum, “how are you doing Ellen?” she asked in a cocky voice.

“Why did you do this to me?” Ellen said in shock.

“Did my cum leak from the flooded room into your bed, covered you and possibly impregnated you?” Joan said in a condescending voice, “I’m so sorry, it was an honest mistake.” She finished with a sarcastic tone. Empathy, as we said, is something Joan didn’t have, and from here on out things only escalate, so once again, leave this story along, go outside, enjoy the fresh air and forget you ever read this atrocity, just look away.

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