A Seduction on Stepdad

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Lisa let her silky brown hair loose from a bun she had kept for, for the whole school day. It was a hot afternoon, where the sunset shone in, shining onto her nicely tanned, bronze skin.

No one was home, therefore Lisa didn’t bother to close the door, and undressed herself with the door ajar.

She unbuttoned the buttons in her white blouse one by one, as she stretched her neck around. Suddenly she felt someone behind her. He inserted his hands on her white undies, and felt her very smooth cunt. In which he realized she had shaved. He could feel the wetness of her cunt each time he rubbed her clit.

Lisa turned her head over and saw that it was her stepfather. “Oh, Dad!” she said from the shock that it was him. Her dad, as she had called him ever since she was 7, now that she is 18, she still calls him Dad. Her stepdad is a bald head man with a big beer stomach. In which her mother had married him for for his wealth.

He continued rubbing her cunt as she denied every time, by closing and putting her legs together, but the sensation he had given her was so pleasant that she moaned and was loving it. As he rubbed her clit more and more harder, he began rubbing her pretty nice and firm breasts, which seemed to be a 36C cup, with her blouse on, but then he slipped his hands inside her blouse and began rubbing them hard.

“Lisa, listen! Don’t you dare tell mom know anything about this, or else I will kick Mom’s butt. Do you want daddy to spank mommy?” He whispered in her ears as he grabbed her breasts harder.

“No, Daddy, no!” She said as she moaned from the pleasure and pain he was giving her. She was rejecting him, but on the same time, she wanted his hands rubbing her cunt.

“Oh, Daddy, please don’t spank mommy!” Lisa said with fear. Lisa loved her mother a lot, bakırköy escort and was afraid that he would see another scene of her beating her. She remembered the time he had almost killed her mother with the punches and kicks he gave her. Therefore, Lisa was very afraid that he would spank her mother.

Her stepfather walked towards the chair, turned it around to face her and sat down. He looked at her and said “Lisa, now, Daddy wants you to take off your clothes so that daddy could see your nice body. “

So Lisa obeyed and did as he said. Now, she slipped her blouse to the floor, and unzipped her very mini skirt. Then slid it down her long, beautifully tanned, and shapely legs.

Now, all she was wearing was her white undies. “Now, Lisa, I want you to lay down on your bed, and play with your little cunt. Do you hear me! I want you to put your hands in and out of your hole!” Her stepdad said with command.

Lisa sat herself on the bed. With the afternoon sun shining into the room, her skin looked gold, in which made her stepfather very erected. Lisa spread her legs open facing her step dad, and began rubbing her cunt with her white undies on. Her step dad could see a very clear view of her wetness. He saw that her undies were very wet, and that made him go nuts. Lisa rubbed her cunt with her middle finger harder and harder gasping and moaning “MMMMMMMMMHUHHMMM! Oh, DADDY!” Then she slid her hands from the sides of her undies to feel her wet cunt. As she held her undies to one side with her left hand, she rubbed her wet and cumming clit fiercely.

“Oh, Lisa, Daddy can’t take it anymore! Come, you little SLUT! Put that mouth of yours on Daddy’s hungry dick. Do you know what a dick is?”

He said as if she was a little girl. She was beşiktaş escort a young one, but she certainly did know what a dick was, but she was an innocent one.

“Daddy, you think I don’t know what a dick is? I will show you how I can make that old fat dick of yours explode!” Lisa said with an impudent look in her.

Lisa kneeled down, unzipped his trousers and took out his massive, fat, 10-inch cock out. In which looked like it had loads to shoot. Lisa stroked her stepfathers cock, circling it. Then she kissed the tip of his cock and then hummed as much of that massive meat into her mouth. She moved her head back and forth as she hummed it. As she was humming his cock, she stroked his massive cock with her hands very slowly, in a circular motion, then she speeded up and when she felt that he was about to explode, she went slower. She wanted to make her step dad feel the sensation of exploding, but can’t. She wanted him to suffer from this badly.

“OH!! LISA!! Don’t do this to DADDY! DADDY wants to explode! Let me shoot them, STROKE faster!!” He said nervously and wanting more.

His cock was now very erect and looked as if it has loads to shoot.

“Daddy, close your eyes. ” Lisa said as she gave her step father the last stroke and pulled her hands away from his cock. She put a condom on, in which her stepfather found very weird, he had no clue where she got the condom from.

Lisa inserted his massive 10-inch cock into her very tight virgin looking, wet and smooth cunt!

“UUHHHHHHHHH” Lisa moaned as she pumped herself down towards his cock.

Her stepfather began pumping his body up and down as he grabbed Lisa’s firm butt.

“OH!! LISA!! Come on, ride on Daddy, you know you can! Move it!!” He goaded her.

Lisa beylikdüzü escort SAT ON HIM WITH his COCK in her and didn’t move, in which got on her step father’s nerves a lot as he pumped his body up and down hoping that he could shoot all his load out before he exploded his brains out.

“I told you that I would make you explode!’ Lisa said calmly with a sly smile.”

“You little bitch! Start moving your fucking ass now!” He screamed.

“Oh, so, now, I’m a little bitch!” She said, and now, she pumped up and down up and down, very very very quickly… and then slowed down and began riding on him slow and voluptuously. “UUHH UHH MMMUHHHHM… You want to shoot your load, okay, shoot it all out, because if you don’t, I wont let you go!” Lisa commanded now.

She was riding him uncontrollably, faster faster and faster. HEr stepfather was exploding in both ways. His mind was off, and his cock was almost going to shoot everything, he was feeling very excited and mad at the same time. Lisa, was putting him in great pleasure and pain now. She was riding on him non-stop.

“LISA… LISA!! STOP!! I have to shoot my load…! STOP!” He said, trying to stop her by pulling her tiny body down. Now, she laid down very tired, and he shot all of his load onto her very wet and smooth cunt, onto her nice firm breasts, and around her face. He had so much load that she didn’t know how to take it all. After her step dad shot all his load, they both lay down with their hearts beating fast in exhaustion.

“Lisa, you are one great little slut. How did you learn all of this?” Her step father asked.

“Don’t you know that during the years you left me in the boarding school, my head master taught me a lot of things?” Lisa said with a sly smile. “Well, Daddy, I also have a bad news for you. I recorded everything we did on a camera, therefore, if you don’t give me 2,000 pounds by tomorrow, everyone will know about what happened just now, and you will be in trouble for child harassment.” Lisa said as she smiled.

Her step dad looked at the ceiling, and pounded his hands hard onto the bed and said “SHIT!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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