A Quiet Evening at Home? Ch. 03

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Here you were again, staring at your big sister from across the table. Of course, Samantha was looking as radiant as ever. You looked next to her, and instead of yourself, you saw John… yet you couldn’t help but to feel better than him, knowing you’ve fucked his wife twice now. You smiled to yourself and followed where her gaze currently was set. On your little sister, Cassie. Since your escapades with your older sister, you honestly had been thinking about your little sister quite frequently. Did Cassie also have hidden feelings for you? Had Samantha and her talked about them, if she did? Did she know about you and Sam? You had no idea, and were slightly afraid to find out. She was visiting for Christmas holiday, as well as her birthday, from the school she was currently attending. Cassie was turning eighteen today, and the whole family was celebrating her “blossom into womanhood”.

You let yourself stare at Cassie, her smooth and shiny brunette hair, her cute little smile, her slightly rounded face. You looked downward more towards her chest, and further to her breasts. She’d just started developing in the past few months, being an extremely late developer, and you noticed that your little sister was growing up into a woman. You’d envisioned many times what she would look like when she was older, but you decided that her current state aroused you a considerable amount more than imagining what she might become. You wanted to know what she looked like underneath her shirt; you hadn’t been able to see her shirtless since she was a little girl. But you wanted even more to know what her sweet pussy looked like. You were sure she was a virgin, you and your parents were very protective of her and she was just too innocent to have lost that yet. She still had the little girl glow and spirit, but you knew that she was not ignorant, just inexperienced. The thought aroused something within you that you knew wasn’t supposed to be there.

Dinner soon came to a close, and as always Sam and John and everyone else was slowly filtering out. Cassie had opened gifts already and everyone took home an extra piece of cake for their late-night snack. You said goodbye to everyone and decided you would be a nice brother and help Cassie carry all of her gifts to her old room. She still had Barbie dolls everywhere, posters of ponies and things of the sort, things that any normal five-year old would have; since then she had been off at school, except for holidays, which were spent with family, not redecorating. Her walls were baby-pink and her room was actually very cozy. The two of you brought in all of her gifts, and, seeing the time, you let her get to bed. You went into the living room to say goodnight to your parents only to find out that they were leaving for the night to go stay with Sam and John, for some reason that you didn’t really pay attention to. You were just glad to have the house to yourself… well, mostly to yourself.

Saying goodbye to them at the door, you quietly moved to Cassie’s room and opened the door a bit. Her bedside light was on, but she slept with it on. You watched her breathing to make sure that she was sound asleep before you tried anything sneaky and devious. Thankfully she was, her breathing was deep and she wasn’t moving. This satisfied you enough. You smiled to yourself as you closed her door and made your way into the living room, where your computer awaited you. You wanted to have a quick orgasm before heading off to bed, and the Internet was the easiest way to achieve this.

You went to your normal porn site and started browsing, slightly rubbing your cock through your pants. Finding the link to chat with horny women online, you brought your hand up to click on it, and a message came up on your screen within five seconds. The two of you started chatting, you started playing with yourself, and within about five minutes she had you close to orgasm. You were just about thirty seconds away, you could feel the cum in your balls starting to boil, so to speak, when you heard a door shut further down the hallway. Instantly you knew it must be Cassie because no one else was home. Hurriedly, you stuffed your rock hard cock into your pants, leaned forward in hopes to hide your erection, and closed the website, opening up MSN homepage. Thank god for DSL.

“Jake? Are you alright? I heard someone breathing hard, it sounded to me like they were being choked or something and I wanted to make sure everything was okay,” she chirped in her sweet, innocent voice. You tried to go along with it.

“Oh I’m fine, it was just this website that I was at, it was playing a preview for a movie that had sound and I didn’t realize how loud it was going to be. I closed it, though. I’m sorry it woke you up.” Yes, perfect.

“Oh. Okay then. Where’s Mom and Dad?” she inquired, looking around and seeing no one there.

“They went to Sam’s and John’s for the night, they’ll be back tomorrow morning, though, baby girl.” You’d called her baby girl since she was pendik escort little, and you thought that maybe she was becoming too old to have such a nickname, but you liked it. It kept her young in your eyes.

“K. I’m going to head back to bed now.”

“Alright. Goodnight baby girl,” you said. You leaned back slightly, forgetting temporarily about your erection, and not really realizing that it would be showing.

“Night,” she said. Her eyes had instantly jumped to the tent in your trousers, but she quickly blushed and ran away.

‘Oh god,’ you thought to yourself. ‘She saw that. Damn! I hope she doesn’t tell Mom and Dad because now she KNOWS I was looking at porn.’ But you shrugged it off, they knew you looked at porn so sitting through the “porn talk” wasn’t that bad of a punishment. Still, it made you a bit uneasy knowing that your little sister saw that. It sort of… aroused you. But no, it couldn’t. Your big sister was one thing, but your little sister? She’s barely eighteen! You shook your head and threw the thought from your mind. You signed off of your computer and decided to go to bed. You needed to cum, but not here out in the open. Walking into your bedroom, you turned on the lights and found Cassie sitting on your bed.

“Cassie? I thought you were going to bed?” you asked, bending down to pick up something off of the floor to keep your now bigger erection hidden.

“I… Jake… well, I know some things,” she stuttered.

“What things?” you asked, standing up fully now, still in your doorway.

“Sam and I DO talk, you know.”

“She told you about me and her,” you half-sighed out, half-stated.

“Yeah,” she replied, blushing and looking down. She may know things, but to you it was arousing that she was embarrassed about admitting that.

“So what do you want? Money? Clothes, shoes? What?”

“I… I don’t want anything. Never mind,” she blushed and got up and tried to brush passed you, but you held your arm across the doorway and stopped her.

“Cassie,” you said quietly, looking down at her. She looked back up at you with the most innocent brown eyes you could have ever imagined; she was not trying to get through the door any longer. “What is it?” She looked at you harder, deciding if she was going to tell you or not. The inner child within her could not hold the secret longer than about fifteen seconds.

“Samantha said you made her feel really good. She said you made her… made her…” she faded off, too embarrassed to finish her sentence. She looked up at you, hoping you understood what she meant.

“I made her cum, you mean?” you interjected.

“Yes, you made her… cum. I, I’ve never… cum… before…” she faded off.

“Cassie?” She looked at you again. “Do you want me to make you cum?”

“Please, Jake,” she quietly said. Her eyes were looking deep into yours, and you saw how nervous and scared she was. You realized you didn’t even know if she’d been kissed before or not. Suddenly the pressure of pleasing Cassie flooded upon you and you began to get nervous yourself. You felt yourself start to slightly shake and didn’t think this was a good idea. What if she told? She seemed to easily tell you about her knowing about Sam and yourself, so who’s to say she wouldn’t tell hers and your parents? You knew she loved you but even if she told by accident, it was extremely risky. The thought shook you up and you almost forgot why you wanted to be with Cassie in the first place.

“I don’t know, Cassie,” her expression instantly slumped. She frowned and her eyes started to get wet.

“But Jake, I won’t tell anyone. I promise I won’t. Please Jake, I really want to… do things with you,” she blushed.

“You want to do things with me? You said before you only wanted me to make you cum,” you stated, questioning her intentions.

“Well, Samantha told me a few things that the two of you did. She told me that you two had sex, and that she… sucked on your, well, you know…” she paused and you were about to finish her sentence for her again but she continued. “… and she said that you made her cum… like really, really hard.”

“Baby girl, you really want to do things with me, don’t you?” Your nerves were still rattling, but you wanted so badly to be with your innocent little sister. Your cock was rock hard for Cassie… but you had to make sure she wanted it and wasn’t just curious as to what it would be like. She needed to want it.

“Y… yes Jake, I do.” You swore if her cute little face got any redder she would catch fire.



“Have you ever been kissed before, baby girl?” You brought your hands up to the sides of her neck and stroked her cheeks with your thumbs.

“Yes, by a few boys my age,” she replied.

“Have you ever French kissed before? You do know what that is, don’t you?”

“You mean has a boy put his tongue in my mouth before?”

“Yes.” çekmeköy escort

“No, I haven’t kissed like that before,” she said, shaking her head.

“Will you be alright with me teaching you, baby?”

“Please, Jake, show me how,” she pleaded.

You were astounded. Not only was she willing to let you kiss her, but she wanted you to TEACH her how to kiss you back! You brought her chin up and leaned down to lightly kiss your little sister on the lips for the first time. You closed your eyes and felt her soft lips touch yours. You could feel how small her sweet little mouth was compared to yours and the age difference really hit you for the first time in over an hour. You felt your cock twitch within your pants and then you realized how uncomfortable you were becoming. She pushed her lips against yours, and you realized that the two of you hadn’t moved since your lips first touched. You pulled your lips back and kissed her again. She really hadn’t kissed anyone heavily before, or she would have known to do the same thing you did, which she didn’t. You pulled your lips away again and kissed her puckered lips for the third time. When you pulled away again, you tilted your head the other way and licked her lips. You knew she didn’t know what to do, but she got the idea to repeat what you did to her. You melted when you felt her tongue brush your bottom lip. A chill surged through your body and after her tongue left your mouth you pressed your lips against hers hard… roughly. Desperately.

Cassie didn’t really know how to react, so she didn’t. She felt you pull away again and stick your tongue out to lick her lips again. While your mouth was slightly open, and after you licked her lips, you whispered, “Open your mouth, baby girl,” and she complied. She opened her mouth slightly, enough for the tip of your tongue to fit between her teeth. She felt your tongue enter her mouth a little bit and opened her mouth more, to let your tongue explore her sweet mouth.

Her mouth was hot and wet, and tasted like what you guessed was her toothpaste. You licked your tongue gently around in her mouth, and she tried to keep her own out of the way, not knowing what else to do. You could tell she felt really awkward, so you pulled your tongue out a little and let it go just past her teeth. You licked her little teeth and touched her wet tongue with yours. Deciding to take it up a notch, you swirled your tongue around the tip of hers, and she got the hint to do the same. You felt your little sister French kissing you for the first time and you couldn’t believe it. Your sweet, innocent, little Cassie was finally opening her mind to the sexual fantasies you only imagined she’d had before, and at the same time was realizing that those same fantasies can come true.

Knowing that she was probably getting a little ready for a break, you decided to stick your tongue into her mouth a little bit more one last time before pulling it out and kissing her lips. You pulled your head up and opened your eyes. Cassie’s eyes were still closed, but she was licking her lips. You couldn’t decide whether she was deciding if she liked it or not or if she was just reflecting on what just happened. You knew that you were doing the latter. You leaned down to give her another quick peck and then stood back up. She opened her eyes now and was looking up at you with those innocent brown circles that could only belong to the face of an angel.

“How was that, Cassie?” you asked, hoping that you had not been too forward with her.

“I liked that, Jake… I liked that a lot,” she said, blushing again. You smiled and brushed a piece of hair that was in her face behind her ear.

“You’re so cute when you blush, baby girl,” you said. She mumbled a quiet ‘thank you’ and blinked her eyes slowly. “Do you still want to do things with me, Cassie?”

“Yes, Jake, I… I do. But…”

“But what?”

“But you’ll have to… teach me because I’ve never done anything with a boy before besides just kiss him.”

“Alright, baby girl. I would love to teach you,” you said.

“I mean I know what things are, I know about things, I just don’t know HOW to do anything. But I can learn. I can learn real fast, I promise.” My god, this little girl was a slut waiting to be released. Here she was, practically begging you to show her how to become a nympho, your just-barely-eighteen-year-old sister. You couldn’t believe it.

“Okay baby girl, what would you like to do first?” you said, as calmly as your throbbing hard cock would allow you.

“Well… do you think you could… um… do what you did to Sam when you, made her… cum?”

“And what did I do?” Your male instincts were officially kicking in, you wanted your sister to say it. Shyness was only cute for so long. You knew she was a slut inside and wanted her to realize it, too.

“You… you…”

“Come on baby girl, say it. What did I do to Samantha that maltepe escort you want me to do to you, too?”

“You ate her p… pussy,” she finally was able to say, slowly and softly.

“I ate her what?” You wanted to push her just a little more.

“You ate her pussy,” she said, softer than before. There was a pause.

“May I teach you a new word, Cassie?”

“A new word?”

“Yes. Do you know any other word for ‘pussy’ besides the scientific term?”

“There’s another word?”

“Yes, baby girl, there is indeed.”

“What is it?”

“Cunt,” you smiled evilly. You wanted your sister to say it and you knew that she would repeat it.

“Cunt? That’s a funny word.”

“That word turns me on, Cassie. It makes my cock real hard when I hear that word. I want you to say that word from now on, instead of ‘pussy’. Alright, baby girl?”


“So, would you like to rephrase what you said, Cassie? I ate Sam’s… what?”

“You ate Sam’s cunt, Jake.” She smiled this time, knowing that she had done what you wanted and stepped up in the sexual world. She could rule the world now. She beamed up at you, excited now instead of nervous.

“That’s my baby girl. So tell me again what you want me to do to you.”

“I want you to eat my cunt, Jake,” she said, with full confidence now.

“Mmm, it would be my pleasure, Cassie.”

You grabbed your little sister’s hands and pulled her over towards your bed. Your bed wasn’t made so you just threw your top cover off the bed so your sheets were the only bundles left on your mattress. You asked her to lie down and she did. She was dressed in her pink cotton pajamas, long pants and long sleeves, with a button down top. You weren’t sure if she was wearing anything underneath but you were dying to find out. You watched her get comfortable, scooting the pillow underneath her head and stretching her arms out. You could tell she was tired, but you were going to soon awaken things in her that she had never dreamed of before, and you knew it. You stood in front of her, at the foot of your bed, and she leaned up on her elbows to look at you. She smiled and you saw this… glow she had that you had seen somewhere before. Ah, in Samantha. Of course. You knew in that instant that she would grow up to be like her, look like her, act like her. They were sisters, after all. For a moment you just stared at her and almost didn’t want to take this innocence away from her. But knowing that you let this opportunity slip between your fingers would have been more torture than any guilt you might have felt in the future. And plus, knowing that there was a sexy, young, willing girl in the same house as you that you hadn’t had yet would drive you insane.

Then Cassie looked at you and said, “Well, are you going to eat my cunt, Jake, or not?” and giggled in her sweet little girl voice that still came out naturally.

“Yes, of course, baby girl. Let me take your pants off.” You reached down and pulled at the cuffs of her pants, then realized that her pants were tied tightly around her hips in a drawstring. Smiling at yourself, you leaned further down and lifted up her shirt with your hands. You leaned down and grabbed one of the ends with your teeth, and pulled it, untying the bow. Looking into her eyes, you watched her face go red again but this time she was smiling in a different way. She wanted it.

When her pants were untied you stood up again and reached for the cuffs of her pant legs, finally able to pull them down. She had to lift her cute butt up off the bed to take them off successfully, but otherwise they slid off her legs easily. You brought your attention back to her and let your gaze burn into her skin, starting at her ankles and then moving all the way up to her panties. They were pale pink and cotton, you guessed to match her pajamas. You took in the sight a few more seconds before you looked up into her eyes and she was looking at you as if asking if you approved or not. She pulled her right knee up slightly and to the side, trying sneakily to hide her panties after she thought you didn’t like them. You needed to reassure her. She was beautiful.

“Baby girl, don’t hide from me, you’re my little sister. And your little panties are so… sexy, Cassie. You are so sexy.”

“No, I’m not,” she replied, half trying to get you to disagree, half really meaning it.

“Yes you are. You’re my sexy little sister… right, baby girl?”

She just smiled in response.

“Well, how about this to prove it, huh?” You leaned over the bed and allowed your knees to land on your mattress, scooting yourself up. Dropping your hand down to rest on her panties, your middle finger found her tiny little slit and you ran your finger up and down it. After two strokes, both up and down, your finger slipped in between her folds and you knew instantly that you found her clitoris because she gasped and pushed your hand away so fast that you didn’t have time to think to try to stop her. You knew then that she’d either never masturbated before or never found her clit before, because she didn’t know what she had just felt. She didn’t understand.

“What… was that?” she asked you, shocked. She had bolted upright and pulled herself up away from your invading finger.

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