A Phone Call from My Girlfriend

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I was alone at home on a Thursday night, as I am most nights. I’d been divorced for three years and I had dated at times but I had not “dated” if the past six months. I did have a girl that was special but it was primarily a long distance relationship. Sarah was a younger girl, in college, and we visited during breaks and on occasional weekends. In between visits, we talked on the phone on a regular basis.

She had not called the previous night, as I had expected, and I really wanted to hear from her tonight. Sarah was supposed to be in town this weekend and I really needed to see her.

I saw sipping on a Scotch around 10:30 pm when my phone rang.

“Hey,” she began, “I had an exam today and I was up late studying last night. I hope you’re not too upset by me not calling last night.”

“No, sweetie,” I assured her, “I’m not bothered but I was a little concerned. I was worried that maybe something had happened to your plans for this weekend. . . . You know, it’s been almost a month since we were together and, well . . . sex isn’t everything, but . . . I’m so fucking horny for you I can’t hardly wait for you to be here Friday night.”

“Me, too,” she immediately chimed in. “You know I’m not seeing anybody else. I wouldn’t do that to you. The only sex I’ve had since the last time has been with my battery operated boyfriend and that just doesn’t compare to having you inside me!”

“You are going to bring your toys with you this weekend, aren’t you?”

“Why? What do you wanna do with my toys?” Sarah was using a teasing voice that told me that she wanted illegal bahis to have me use those toys on her. “Do you wanna do the same thing you did the last time?”

“Every time I’ve jerked off the past month, I’ve fantasized about doing that to you again! Didn’t you get off on that? It sure sounded like you did.”

“Yeah, when you slid that vibrator in my ass, I was a bit surprised but . . . holy shit! I’ve never had a double penetration before, uh . . . well, I don’t mean like a threesome, ’cause I’ve never ever done that, but . . . I’ve never had a guy play with my butt either, so . . . I mean, I don’t really think I’m inhibited about trying things, but . . . I just never had anybody else try something like that. Most of the guys my age don’t have enough confidence to try that unless they get a girl drunk, so . . ..”

“Baby, when that vibrator touched your asshole, your pussy started squeezing my dick and you came so hard I thought my dick was gonna explode when I came inside you.”

“Just talking about it makes me wanna get fucked right now!” Sarah exclaimed. “Maybe tomorrow night, you can change it up, stick the vibrator in my pussy and fuck me in my ass. I’ve actually been dying to try that since the last time. I never had anything in my butt until then but, holy shit did I cum hard! So maybe your dick in my butt would be even better. You know, I wouldn’t let just anyone try that but you know I trust you.”

“Baby, keep talking and tell me what you want. I need to jerk off while I hear your voice. . . . Are you alone now?” I asked.

“My roommate’s illegal bahis siteleri here but I’m in my bedroom with the door closed.”

“You are such a sexy girl! How are you dressed now?” Asking what she was wearing sounded like such a caricature of a bad porn movie, but I wanted to visualize exactly what she was wearing.

“Well, I was getting ready to take a shower so I had undressed and all I’m wearing is my panties. They’re lacy little low-cut white bikini panties. What are you wearing?”

“You know I live alone so, once I come home, if I don’t need to go back out for anything, I just strip down to my boxers. Put your hand in your panties and touch yourself,” I instructed her.

“You’re too slow. My hand’s already in my panties and I’m playing with my clit. I’m wet and I’m not gonna stop ’til I cum! Is your hand in your boxers?”

“Yes, and I’m stroking myself thinking about being in your pussy. Take your panties off!”

“Okay, but you take your boxers off, too!”

“Okay,” I responded and then complied with her request. “Do you have your panties off now?”

“You know I do! I do whatever you tell me to do. I’ve always been a good little girl.”

“Okay, do you have your vibrator in the drawer of your nightstand? I want you to get that and have some lube handy.”

“Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it,” she said meekly.

“Turn the vibrator on and put it in your pussy, then keep playing with your clit. I wanna hear you cum hard!”

“I wanna hear you cum hard, too! Are you jerking your meat thinking about me? Are canlı bahis siteleri you thinking about my little girl titties? Are you thinking about putting your dick in my tiny little-girl asshole?”

“I’m thinking about cumming in you every way I can! I wanna cum in your hand, in your mouth, on your tits, in your pussy, on your ass, and in your ass!”

“I’m rubbing my clit and fucking my pussy with the vibrator! I’m getting close!”

“Good, little girl. Now I want you to put some KY on your middle finger on your left hand, and I want you to finger your asshole.”

“That’s such a nasty thing for a good girl to do but . . . I’ll do whatever you want. . . . Okay, oh . . . my asshole feels so good. Oh, I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, it feels so damned good!”

“Keep going, baby! I’m gonna cum, too. Here it cums! Baby, I wanna cum in your ass so bad!”

“Tomorrow night, daddy! You can pull down my little panties and fuck me in my ass tomorrow night!”

When I finally caught my breath, I said to her, “What time will you be here tomorrow?”

“Around 5 pm,” she said.

“Okay, you’ve got a garage door opener, so put your car in the garage and shut the door. I don’t want your mom driving by and seeing your car here.”

“Okay, daddy. . . . Daddy, you know it’s not just sex that I want from you, right?”

“Yeah, me too, kiddo! But the sex sure is hot. But, I know what you mean. Next time, I’ll come to Gainesville and take you out to the best restaurant in town and maybe we can go to a concert, too. I want a companion and you’re the best!”

“Daddy, I want a companion, too, but after that concert, I wanna go back to your hotel room and have you eat me ’til I explode on your face!” She started laughing.

My daughter certainly had a great sense of humor!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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