A Night of Partying , Drinking with My Sister

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My sister was home for Christmas vacations from college. She was 20 and I was 18. I had just gotten a car, so she asked me to take her out sometimes because she wanted to party hard like I have done for so many years. I told her that I would the following weekend. I had always wanted to fuck my sister, but I had never had the chance to. She usually wore very revealing clothes around the house, and hardly ever wore a bra, especially at home. When she went to sleep she would always wear a thin, tight t-shirt with no bra and small tight shorts. I always noticed that her nipples were hard but I never did anything about it.

Saturday came, and I told Rosa that we would be leaving to the party at about 9. I told her that I was going to also take my two other friends. She didn’t really care. As we were leaving for the party I got a called from a friend, but I told my sister that it was my friends to tell me that they were not going to be able to go to the party. I had really never invited any friends. I had planned to have the whole night with my sister. She said that it did not matter that my friends were not going.

When we got to the house party I saw some familiar faces, but none of them new that this was my sister, nor was I going to tell them. The first thing my sister asked for was beer. I loved drinking and so did she. We started to drink, and after about 6 for me and like 4 for her, she told me she wanted to dance. I hesitated because I was used to dancing with other girls in a very sexual manner. Of course I wanted to dance with my sister like that, but I didn’t kadıköy escort know if she knew what she was getting into. I said OK, but I decided I would dance a bit far from her. We kept drinking and dancing.

When some real good hip-hop was played, she began to dance more erotic and got me more exited. I decided to go for it, so I pulled her close to me and began to freak her. I was surprised that she did not pull away, and instead she put one arm around me and also began to freak me. I immediately began to get exited. We kept dancing very closely. Next I turned her around and began to freak her from the back as if we were in a doggy style position. This was a usual way of dancing, so we were not the only ones doing it. I was surprised that my sister liked this. I was rock hard by now. Usually I would have tried to hide my erection from the girls while in the dance floor, but this time I didn’t. I left my erection right in the middle of her ass. She immediately noticed it and looked back and smiled at me.

All of a sudden she grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the dance floor. I was afraid she was angry with me. But she looked at me, and I just dipped my head. Suddenly she kissed me in the mouth and I responded. We got real close and kissed. I grabbed her ass with both my hands and pressed my cock to her pussy. She began to moan and gyrate her hips. I grabbed her by the hand and led her to a bedroom. I put her hands on my erection and mine on her ass. She unzipped my pants and gave üsküdar escort me the best blowjob ever. Next I began to suck on her tits and made my way down to her nicely trimmed pussy. She begged for me to eat her out. I took my time to make it right. She was screaming her lungs out.

Without letting her know, I slammed my cock in her tight pussy. She looked at me with wide-open eyes and began moaning and screaming with pleasure. I told her I was about to cum, so she told me to pull out since I didn’t have a condom on. I refused to pull out, even though she was trying to push me out. I came inside her. She was shocked. I immediately began to suck on her tits. Within seconds she was caressing me and rubbing my dick with her hands. I took seconds for me to become hard again.

This time I grabbed her and put her on all fours. She told not to go anal, and I told her that I wasn’t and that I was going to fuck her pussy again. I began to slam in and out of her pussy again. I was just staring at her sweet ass and I really wanted to fuck through the ass. I told her I was about to cum, and she once again begged for me to pull out. She moved forward as if to escape my cock. I grabbed from the hips and did not allow her to move. This time she was almost in tears, although she was still moaning in enjoyment of my penetration.

This time I pulled out. She smiled and got happy. But as soon as I pulled out I slammed my dick in her asshole. She gave the biggest scream ever and was in tears. I just kept my dick in her ass for about five minutes tuzla escort until she was nor crying anymore. Then I began to pump in and out of her. She began to match my strokes, and soon we had a good rhythm going. She begged for more cock. I was about to cum, so I pulled out, turned her around, and released my load on her face. She tried to take as much of it into her mouth as she could. We fucked for about another hour. Then we went back to the party.

We got home at about 3 in the morning. As soon as we stepped in the house, I got aroused just of thinking of what we had done. I grabbed her ass and unbuttoned my zipper. I put her hand on my dick, and she immediately went down to suck my dick. She gave me great head. Nest I took her to the bathroom where I undressed her and began to suck her tits and eat her pussy out. She then undressed me and bent over the sink. She begged to be fucked through the ass. I did. I had to put her panties in her mouth to muffle her screams so that our parents and younger brothers would not wake up. This time I came inside of her ass.

She then hugged me and began to kiss me. She said that it had been a great night and that she looked forward to the next two months of “partying” with me. She kissed me and said good night as she headed to her bead naked, with her clothes in her hands. I was hard again by now. I pulled her back into the bathroom, and but her on the floor. I slammed my dick in her and began pumping. I slipped a finger in her ass and also began to finger fuck through the ass. We both announced that we were going to cum at the same time. She once again told me to pull out. But I did not. By now I had figured that although she asked me to pull out, she did not really want me pull out. I collapsed on top of her and we just kissed and caressed each other for about 15 minutes. We then both headed out to our own beds. I promised to take her out to a party on Sunday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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