A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 02

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I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to RecHiker for his contributions. He has taken a lot of his own valuable time to advise me, edit my story, and give me answers to questions I couldn’t find elsewhere.

I would also like to mention that RecHiker is a Veteran, from a time in this country’s history when returning vets weren’t treated with respect. THANK YOU, RecHiker! For your service to my country.

This story, the characters in it, the events described, and the activities of the characters are all figments of the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to real life, or actual people, is strictly coincidental. Some of the locations mentioned do in fact exist, and most of the inanimate objects are real.

If you are looking for a story with a quick, dirty, sexual encounter, this is not for you. This story is about loving relationships, and builds the characters in what I consider to be safe, loving situations.

The characters that are involved with sexual encounters are legal aged, and capable of making responsible decisions.

If you like the story, tell me. If you don’t like the story, tell me how I can improve it, in your eyes. I’d appreciate constructive criticism. If it’s just not the kind of story you like, don’t read on. We live in a free country, and we can choose our likes and dislikes. I hope you do enjoy it.

References to The Morrisons are from RecHiker’s story, and are used with permission.



Marshall Mitchel woke up on Sunday morning when the wet nose of his constant companion, Wolf brushed the bottom of his foot. Marsh was spooned up to the back of his beautiful sister-in-law, Rebecca Andrews. It felt so comfortable to have this woman sleeping next to him. Marsh had been missing his Becky for almost four years, and Becca was her identical twin. Marsh had not found a physical difference between them. As he opened his eyes, Marsh looked over at Patricia Turner, Becca’s mother. Trish looked like she could be Becca’s sister, not her mother.

Both women were still asleep, so Marsh slowly and silently pulled his left arm from under the sleeping beauty. He rolled over and got out of the bed. “OK Wolf,” Marsh whispered. “Let me brush my teeth.”

After he brushed his teeth, Marsh put on his running shoes and his tactical belt, and then he and Wolf headed down stairs. Marsh slipped the key Jimmy had left with him, into a small pocket in his belt. The tactical belt was custom made to Marsh’s specifications. It was compact but had enough room to carry his Sig, a tactical knife, his Leatherman tool, and any other small items he might feel were needed.

Marsh went through the office, and out the side door. He broke into a jog on the gravel, till he got to the old barn. When he got off of the gravel, Marsh picked up his pace. Wolf matched that pace at Marsh’s left side. Marsh depended on the big dog to listen if he had something to talk out. He also depended on him to alert Marsh if someone or something came into the vicinity of their path. Marsh’s hearing and vision were well trained, but Wolf’s senses were far above his, including a keen sense of smell.

Marsh had taken Wolf to several tactical schools, and he could track, search for suspects, or bodies, and was a pretty good weapons detector. Marsh didn’t want to think about what he would do without the big canine partner.

When Marsh got to the trail junction he turned left and headed up toward the antenna farm that Jimmy had told him was at the top of the hill. The trail wound up the gentle hill and the forest changed back and forth from heavily wooded to several small meadows. Marsh heard a stream flowing down the hill at times, but he never actually saw any water.

At the top of the hill Marsh came to the fenced antenna farm that looked like it encompassed something in the vicinity of two or three acres. There were satellite antenna dishes, directional beam antennas, some tall stick antennas and a couple of microwave antennas. Marsh was impressed with the variety, and wondered where all of the different receivers and transmitters were located.

Marsh jogged around the farm, noted where the road entered through a locked gate, then he headed back down the dirt path. When he got back to the old barn, Marsh explored the inside for a few minutes. He saw the shooting range inside and the tactical course out in back of the building. Both appeared to be built with safety in mind. There were a couple of locked doors that Marsh didn’t bother to even try to open, though he suspected that the code boxes would respond to the code Jimmy had given him.

Marsh and Wolf headed back to the house, and Marsh used his key to enter through the office. Wolf went to his water dish, and Marsh went to the refrigerator. Wolf drank for several minutes and Marsh emptied his water bottle in about ninety seconds.

Feeling better physically than he had in a few days, Marsh ran up the big central stairway, and walked istanbul escort quietly into the master bedroom. It looked like Trish and Becca had not moved since he had walked out.

Marsh walked into the closet and hung his tactical belt on the hook, just inside the door. He took off his running shoes and was about to go in the bathroom to shower, when he heard someone stirring in the bedroom. Stepping back to the closet door, Marsh saw both girls stretching and blinking their eyes, trying to wake up.

As Marsh walked towards the bathroom, he invited the girls to join him in the shower. He turned on two showers and adjusted the water cooler from one of the shower heads than the other. After a good run Marsh always liked a cool shower.

Trish was the first of the girls to walk into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and peed, then walked into the shower with Marsh. Trish walked through the warmer shower spray and into the spray with Marsh. “Ooouuu,” Trish moaned and shivered, “this is much cooler than the other one.”

“You got that right sweetheart.” Marsh replied softly. “If you want to share my body warmth you are going to have to stand in the cool shower.”

Trish pushed herself tighter to Marsh, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She stood up on her tip toes and put her lips on his. The warm kiss that followed had the same effect on Marsh, that it had yesterday morning. Trish’s hand made the same response as well. As Trish stroked Marsh’s cock, Becca walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. She was up and in the shower quickly. Becca stopped in the warm spray, and tilted her head to let the water spray on her upturned face.

Marsh looked over Trish’s shoulder. “What a fantastic view,” Marsh whispered in Trish’s ear. “You’ve got a beautiful daughter, young lady.”

Trish turned her head and looked at Becca. “I’m going to have to agree with you, wonderful man.” Trish replied out loud.

“Are you two telling secrets?” Becca lowered her chin and looked at Marsh’s face. “It’s certainly no secret,” Marsh said. “You are a beautiful woman. Everyone who has ever seen you agrees.”

Becca turned red. “Thank you, Becca responded. “But it’s not my fault. That beautiful woman in your arms did it to me.”

Trish turned to face Becca and stepped into the warm water. She wrapped her arms around her daughter, and kissed her warmly. “Not only are you beautiful,” she told her. “But you’re a sweetheart as well. I love you baby girl.”

Becca returned the kiss, and then she replied. “I’ve got a sweet new mother, and a wonderful new boyfriend. They help me try to be on my best behavior. By the way Marsh, thank you so much for the way you treated me last night. I was afraid, and I’m not anymore. That was just what I needed,” Becca paused and then added, “I think.”

Marsh kept his left arm around Trish and reached out with his right arm, and pulled Becca to him. He kissed her, and told her he loved her. “It’s easy to be nice to someone as sweet as you, Becca.”

“What do you say we put a little soap on each other so we can get out of here?” Marsh suggested.

Marsh’s cock had softened to about half staff, and Trish reached down to stroke it again. “I think I have a little job to finish before we get back to business as usual.” She knelt in front of Marsh, and kissed the tip of his cockhead.

Becca watched in fascination, as Trish started to lower her mouth over Marsh’s shaft. “Mother?” Becca asked. “Will you teach me to do that?”

Trish left her hands on the base of Marsh’s cock and his balls. She pulled her lips off his cock with a popping sound. “I would be happy to help you learn to pleasure this man,” Trish said. “You’ll probably catch on pretty quick. It’s easy to want to please this guy, and he shows his appreciation.”

Becca watched as Trish went back to work on Marsh’s rock hard cock. “Mom, will you let me taste his cum, when it comes?”

Trish paused again “Sure baby, do you want to try sucking him off?”

Becca’s eyes got wide. “Can I? I’m afraid I won’t do a very good job. I’ve never done it.”

Marsh smiled at Becca. “Baby girl, for this inexperienced old guy, you don’t have to have a lot of experience. I’m so out of practice, anything you do to me is going to feel fantastic. Having said that, if you want to taste me, you better take your mom’s place pretty soon, ’cause I’m not going to last much longer.”

Trish pulled off Marsh’s cock again, and moved to the side. Becca took hold of the base of Marsh’s shaft and carefully lowered her open mouth over the head. Her tongue lapped from side to side as she lowered her lips. Becca’s inexperience kept her from deep throating Marsh’s cock, but her desire to please him was evident as she wrapped her fist around his shaft and followed her lips up and down.

“Mmmm.” Marsh moaned. Becca stopped mid stroke and looked up at Marsh. She pulled her lips back and off of Marsh’s cock. Her hand was still avcılar escort wrapped around the shaft. “Am I doing something wrong?” Becca asked timidly.

“Oh God no, baby. You are doing great.” Marsh groaned. “You are doing just great.”

Becca put her head down, and slid her lips down the shaft again and again. Marsh started to moan in pleasure again, and had just enough time to warn Becca. “I’m gonna cum, baby doll. Here it comes!”

Marsh’s cock erupted into Becca’s mouth. She wasn’t quite ready for the flood of hot, thick liquid that flowed up from Marsh’s balls and coated the back of her mouth. Becca swallowed most of the load, but a little bit spilled out of the corners of her lips.

“Mmmmm.” Marsh hummed again. “You’re really good at that already. It must be hereditary. Your mother is a master, and your sister did that really well too.” Marsh lifted Becca to her feet, and bent his face down to kiss her. He licked the drops of cum off the corners of her mouth and his tongue went into her mouth to duel with hers.

Trish watched the two lovers for a bit, and then she spoke. “Becca, you are getting another experience you won’t get from very many men. Most men want you to brush and/or gargle with mouth wash before they will kiss you, after you suck them off. Marsh doesn’t mind tasting his own cum, and shows his gratitude by kissing you immediately.”

Marsh nodded his head and continued as Trish took a breath. “Seems that a lot of guys think it makes them somehow less of a man if they swallow their own cum. I happen to know who I am, and I’m comfortable with my sexuality, so I like to share the whole experience. Seems like if I expect you to do something I should be willing to do it as well.”

Trish and Becca were standing side by side in front of Marsh. His arms were around them both, and they both had their head on his chest. Marsh slipped his hands down in front of the girls, and palmed both pussies. He rubbed each female and his middle finger slid into their slippery slit. “Do we need to get out of here and let me work on these, or should we finish washing each other, get dressed, and get something to eat? We can come up to bed early tonight and I can make sure you both get taken care of.” Marsh looked back and forth at the beautiful faces looking up at him.

Trish was first to respond. “Let’s get clean and dressed.” She suggested. We’ll have more time tonight, to enjoy each other.”

“Good idea, mom,” Becca responded.

Marsh picked up the shampoo and started to massage shampoo into Becca’s hair. Becca put shampoo in her hands and washed Trish’s hair, and Trish stretched a little to reach Marsh’s hair. They each grabbed a wash cloth and scrubbed each other, head to toe, and when they were finished with the washing, each one helped rinse the soap off of each other.

The drying process was the same, with the exception that Trish dried Becca, Becca dried Marsh, and Marsh dried Trish.

When they were all dry, Marsh picked up the blow drier and dried each girl’s hair before running a brush through his own hair. Trish had put everyone’s clothes in the same closet by the bathroom, so they all dressed together, in the same closet. There were two more walk-in closets in the master bedroom, and when all three of them were actually moved in they would each have a closet of their own.

Marsh picked up his phone and pressed the quick call that was set to call Jimmy. When Jimmy answered, Marsh asked him if he had eaten breakfast, or if he wanted to go with Marsh and the girls, to get brunch, somewhere. Jimmy said he favored going to brunch with HIS girls, and if Marsh wanted to tag along, Jimmy wouldn’t object.

“Hmmm,” Marsh observed. “This day started out pretty good, but I think it could go downhill in a hurry, if you’re going to be a grumpy old man.”

Jimmy laughed at Marsh, and told him to get HIS (Jimmy’s) girls to the house, so he could take them out and feed them.

Marsh led Becca and Trish out to his truck and headed down towards Jimmy’s house. On the way he stopped at the shop, and asked the girls to go in and pick a car to take to breakfast. The girls got out of the truck and went into the shop while Marsh drove his truck down to Jimmy’s house and parked next to the porch.

When Marsh got out of his truck, Jimmy walked out of the house. “What did you do with my girls?” Jimmy asked. He had barely finished his question when Becca and Trish drove out of the shop in a ’64 Impala convertible.

“I see,” Jimmy observed. You think since I let you send those girls for a convertible once, you could do it any time you feel like it, eh?”

Marsh looked at Jimmy and grinned. “Would you rather see one of them driving your car, or see me driving it?”

“Since you put it that way,” Jimmy was smiling. “I’d much rather see one of them driving it.”

Marsh waited for Jimmy to walk down the steps before he gave him a hug and said, “Good morning old man. I’m glad to see you on the top şirinevler escort side of the grass, this morning, even if you didn’t get enough beauty sleep. I’m going to have to send you home earlier from now on, so you don’t wake up so grumpy. Mind your manners with these special ladies. I don’t want them to get grumpy, too.”

Jimmy’s smile was big and genuine. “Get in the car you smart mouthed kid. Don’t make me start you off with a special whooping this morning.”

“Careful how you threaten him dad,” Trish laughed. “You promise him a whooping and he might just like it and push for more.”

Jimmy chuckled. “You kids these days. “What’s a father to do?”

Marsh got in back with Becca and Jimmy sat in the front passenger seat. This time Becca slid over to snuggle with Marsh.

Marsh tapped Jimmy on the shoulder. “Hey old man,” Marsh asked. You said you were taking your girls out. Where are we going to eat?”

“I have no idea.” Jimmy stated easily. “I’m going to let the driver decide.”

Trish quickly responded. “I’ll surprise you.”

“Uh-oh,” Becca lamented. “We may be in trouble.”

Marsh turned to Becca. “I’ve heard a rumor, that you haul Jimmy around the world in a G650, is that right?”

Becca just nodded.

“How many pilots do you need in the cockpit? And what ratings do they need?” Marsh asked.

Becca turned and looked seriously at Marsh. “Does this line of questioning have a purpose, or are you just trying to figure out how good I am?””

“Oh baby, I know how good you are and you’ll only get better. But, if I’m going to be of any value to this outfit, I need to know what I can and can’t get away with. I’m guessing there needs to be two pilots at or near the controls. I suspect that for purposes of this organization, the pilots should have a commercial, multi-engine, instrument rating at least, as I understand part 91 and part 135, you don’t necessarily need ATP. Oh yeah, a Type Certificate would probably be a good idea as well.”

“You’re good, pretty boy. And to think, I thought you were just another pretty face. Did they teach you that in medical school or have you been perusing Wikipedia?” Becca replied with a snicker.

“Huh! I had to take some remedial courses in kindergarten. My school didn’t have quantum physics at that level, so I had to settle for airplane stuff.” Marsh put on an indignant air.

“Oooooo, did somebody get their nose out of joint?” Becca couldn’t keep a straight face.

Marsh got a little more serious. “OK beautiful, if, you had somebody with all of the above except the Type Certificate, how long do you think it would take you to get that somebody checked out? I know the kid would have to finish kindergarten, but after that….?”

Becca got a surprised look on her face. “Would that somebody, be anybody I know?”

“Do you need to see some documentation? You’ll have to wait till we get back to my truck, ’cause I keep that paperwork stuff hidden.”

“You’re serious.” Becca sounded surprised. “How,… ah,… where,… when did you have time to get a commercial pilot’s license?”

Marsh smiled. “Well, when I finished kindergarten,” he paused. “OK, I always wanted to fly, as long as I can remember. I took ground school in high school, and got my private before I graduated. I went to a college that had an aviation program, and got my commercial and my instructor certificate early, so I could earn money while I took all my pre-med stuff. I flew myself everywhere I needed to go, in med school, and then when I got involved with the SO in San Bernardino…, ah, well, let’s put it this way. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has the largest non-military air force in the world. I had friends in the aviation division, and got rotor and multi-engine time with those guys.” “Are you rotorcraft rated Marsh?” Becca asked. “Yeah, don’t sound so shocked. You said it yourself; I’m not just another pretty face.” Marsh sounded a little smug. “How many pilots do we have on call?” Marsh asked. If I got my Type Certificate, it would cut down the need, and possibly give us a little more flexibility. Not to mention I could have some privacy when I want to take just my favorite girls to dinner in San Francisco.”

Jimmy slipped into the conversation. “Wait just a minute there buster. Who says I’m going to let you use my jet, to date my daughter and my granddaughter?”

“Hey old man,” Marsh tapped Jimmy on the shoulder. “Do you want me to take this job without any benefits? You want me to buy my own jet and hire your pilot? You want me to hire your hotel manager to work as my stewardess, on my jet. Don’t tempt me.”

“Well I guess if you’re going to play hard ball, I better have you on my team.” Jimmy conceded. “Where were you when I needed someone to negotiate a deal with the chief pilot I’ve got now?”

“Jimmy. If I had known this pilot was available, you would never have gotten a chance to have her as your pilot. I’d have gotten her by hook or by crook. Consider yourself fortunate to have her at all.”

“Damn Marsh! It’s a good thing you’re on my side. If I hadn’t brought you back here to work for me, I’d be SOL.” Jimmy admitted.

Trish turned into the parking lot at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant. “Anybody hungry?” She asked as she parked the old Chevy across from the entrance.

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